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Hyperhydrosis is ruining my life

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Anyone suffer from hyperhydrosis? I was just out playing tennis with my girlfriend the other day and I was working up a sweat in the sun just standing there. My face was drenched and my bp was stinging my eyes. I went to wipe my forehead with the ends of my tshirt and my shirt ended up getting bleached. I got home later that evening and there were no visible breakouts but the following morning I woke up to some big red inflammed hills on my forehead and temple. I know its totally related to my sweating. In cooler climates my skin clears right up and when it becomes humid and I begin to sweat or when I hit the gym and sweat excessively I have to suffer later on. This is total BS! I guess I will sit around and do nothing and have my gut expand.

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Hey man, I know exactly how you are feeling. I live way down in Houston, and the only consistency I can count on in the weather is the extreme humidity. What I would do is consistently pat my face down with a towel or something frequently, before a lot sweat or anything could build up and start dripping into my eyes. Just be careful though to be real gentle when wiping the sweat off and just use gentle pats. That's what worked for me anyways.

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