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Do these products which are said to prevent spots and all that actually do anything. I mean do the companies actually want you to get rid of your acne, the longer you have acne the better for the companies as the more money they will get.

Just a thought as I have run out of cleanser and have just been washing my fash with cold water instead and its not made my skin worse in fact its probably better.

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Ah, it's the old conspiracy of the product companies hey? I believe that it makes your skin FEEL nice... maybe smoother, or fresher... but how well it prevents acne... hm, now there's a thought

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Good point. The longer you have acne, the more products you will buy, and the more cash all the companies will make.

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are the advertised products on tv as effective as they all claim with crystal clear examples? hell no

are the products just placebos to get us to part with cash?again, no

im sceptical about the big brand stuff, ever since i tried freederm which did nothing. but i think it does help some people, however if you want a proven acne fighting product the best place is to get a doctor to give you a prescription.in my opinion anyway :D

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Yeah I believe you should use a very light cleanser a natural spot treatment (look for my post in the holistic board: "for those who dont use chemicals) and not much else. All this crazy chemicals people put on their skin destroys its natural ability to heal itself and makes your skin more prone to acne, Making you dependent on it forever more; even if it clears it up.

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