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Huge Picked Cystic Bump


Posted : 12/17/2018 9:46 am

Hey yall, Im new here andhoping I can get some help with my acne. Just a little background information: I have always had acne, sometimes worse than others, but my skin has always been bad. Now that I have gotten older its turned into more cystic acne.I havetried everything under the sun to help get rid of itbut nothing has worked for me. Im also a picker, which makes it worse.When I see a spot, even justcoming up, I HAVE to squeeze/pick/pop it. Its like I cant help it and its awful. I have tried so many times to quit but I just cant. I even bother ones that are under the skin,(I know, AWFUL AWFUL) which brings me to my problem.I had a spot come up a little over a week ago under my eye, on the area of my cheek where I would usually get sunburned (I dont know exactly what that part of your cheek is called but the skin right over your maxilla bone.) It had no head and of course me being me I squeezed it. Well, after it started healing (nothing ever came out of it), I was left with a dark spot that kind of looked like there was blood trapped under it. This bump got really hard under the skin, it kind of felt like a bead under there.Well, I know I shouldnt have and I dont know why I did, but last night I just had to see if something would come out of it. I poked it, it hopes that the blood would drain or pus or something, I just knew something had to be in it. I squeezed and bothered it so much that the swelling spread up to under my eye and this morning I woke up and it looks like Ive been punched!! Its gone down from last night but its still swelledand the spot has turned into this very unsightly scab/injured area. Its so red and its just awful. Its the worst I have ever had I think, and Ive had a lot of bad acne. So here are my orders of business:

1. How do I get rid of this place, keep it front getting infected,and at least reduce the scarring?

2. How do I stop myskin picking habit?

3. And last but definitely not least, does ANYONE know of ANYTHING(preferably natural) that seriously gets rid of acne.

This was a long post but I am just needing some help, and I would really really appreciate some advice.May God bless you!

-Romans 10:13-


Posted : 12/22/2018 1:21 pm

Accutane (Isotretinoin), it is the most effective drug to get rid of acne, 90% of people are ENTIRELY acne free after taking the drug, a course typically lasts 6 months. Many consider it a permanent cure, as it permanently shrinks the sebaceous glands.If you are getting cysts then you need to get on it asap. It can only be prescribed by a derm, but if you are getting cysts I doubt he will hesitate writing you a script.


Please please see a derm, I could have taken accutane but I didn't know about it, now look at my face... It can be fixed but why wait and spend thousands on scarring treatment when you can take a drug for 6 months.

Use hydrocolloin bandages on active breakouts to reduce the chances of scarring, but most importantly don't pick or touch your face. I never did and I still got moderate scarring, think what would have happened if I picked and scratched. Please see a derm.


Also [removed] has lots of useful information. See the sidebar for info for noobs.