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Best products for sebaceous filaments for skin that is dry, very sensitive, gets red easily and i have eczema..


Posted : 04/18/2020 4:09 am

Hey everyone!


Right now i have these Sebaceous Filaments that fill up all the pores covering both my cheeks and all over my nose, jaw line hair pores, lower forehead: basically t-zone, all in my scalp.


Now i have eczema, i have extremely sensitive skin on my face and i get redness very easily, My skin is very dry and dehydrated.

Due to this i really don™t use any products on my skin at all, i wash my face with cold or sometimes luke warm water only and i moisturise with cerave, i use no cleansers or nothing because i™m scared they™ll make me more red for the day which just looks worse.


The photo below is my skin, as you can see the filaments, but, this is after i had been extracting lots of them, normally every single pore on my cheek will be filled with a filament.


I™m basically looking for some product recommendations that would be suitable for dry, sensitive, dehydrated skin that gets red easily.
I mean i should imagine leave on chemical products will always cause issue? Would there be a good gentle cleanser?? i dont know..


if i fully extract a filament then its guaranteed to fill up a few hours later or the next day so with that in mind, would any product (Like AHA/BHA for eg) have the same issue? It gets rid of it but will just fill back up anyway? is there products that keep them away longer??


i am based in the uk.


thanks everyone, i really hope you can help!985769508_Screenshot2020-04-17at23_39_52.png.581c24e856cf95791d0f46ee968bbb3d.png


Posted : 06/02/2020 6:31 pm


My name is Amanda and I am a licensed esthetician. So since you have eczema and dry irritated skin I recommend using neutrogenas gentle cleaning lotion ( hydroboost) once a day at night. Use CeraVe at night. Only use two pumps of cleanser. Also, for the filaments, I recommend something with niacinamide in it or a very mild alpha hydroxy acid, like eucerins extra thick aha thick moisturizer, and stay away from the 10 percent niacin serums- too high for eczema. Also stay away from fragranted products. That will help with barrier repair! If this doesn't help I would speak with your doctor to get a prescription. They may prescribe a calcineurin inhibitor (anti inflammatory) drug to help or a topical corticosteroid. Hope this helps!