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i need help


Posted : 04/14/2023 6:25 am

I hit 26 on coming May. as long as i remember I always have acne off and on since I was 15. But they were mostly white comedones and most are on my forehead. I have consulted with a lot of dermatologists. They help me clearing up my acne but the acnes always come back. Back in 2019, I was on accutane for the first time. I always have irregular menstruation so I wonder if i have PCOS and did USG. I had a ovarian cyst which is haemorrhagic and big so I have to undergo laproscopic surgery. After that ironically, my skin is clearer than ever tho it is not perfect for 2 years. At the beginning of 2022, the acne came back. But they are not white comedone and more nodular, pustular in nature. They are more on my cheek. My forehead is clear unlike in my teenage years. So I drank doxycycline for a month and they calm down. But 2month later, they come back. So i tried birth control pills and my skin is worse than ever. I always wake up with new pimple on my face. They all are nodular or pustular. They are itchy sometimes. I know that I have to wait for at least 3month if the pills are for me or not. But whenever I see my face, I dont want to meet up with people nor go out. I just want to be myself. this is getting affected to my mental health. what should i do now

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Posted : 04/19/2023 11:41 am

Acne is so frustrating! However, I've seen the regimen clear up exactly the type of acne you have. Follow it precisely and add in AHA+ after 1 month. It works very well.