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L-Tyrosine cures my body acne!


Posted : 01/05/2022 7:25 am

(Pardon my english, hope its not to noticeable)

Ive had recurring back and chest acne since I was about13 years old with one exceptionwhen I was 19 and was one the pill (gave me rash instead though but thats a whole differentstory). I consider it being hormonal since it get worse after ovulation.

Fast forward to 2020when I was stumbled over a blogpost about hypothyreodism and Its impact on your hormones and menstrual cycle. Didnt really think much of it then- but at this time I started supplementing iron for my fatigue and was reading about L-tyrosine for increasing dopamine. Was living my life and 2 months later I noticed my acne was almost completlygone. Still got 1 or 2 during that time of the month but it was gone!!

Fast forward again to a couple of months ago, my tyrosine run out and I was thinking i should take a break. My period was acting up a little after the covid vaccine and I was a bit more spotty than usual but it continued getting worse, and worse, and worse..

I took a bloodtest showing I had vitamin D deficiency so the last 3 weeks I have supplementing and is reading everywhere its compact on hormonal acne.. and also its impact on your thyroid. The bloodtest also showed that my TSH (thyroid) was 2,5 (normal), still unsure if I dont have a underfunction going on.

But yes, havent noticing any approvement from the vitamin Dyet but still hoping. Yesterday I was having it and started supplementing tyrosine again so im updating how it goes..


Anyway, ive tried searching for more acne relatedtyrosine experiences but cant find any! What do you think?
Any experiences around thyroid acne in general?

Member Admin

Posted : 01/19/2022 8:54 am

I hope someone chimes in on this. I'm curious to hear how it goes for you and how others have seen acne change with tyrosine stuff.