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Dutasteride finally cured my acne. Regimen inside.


Posted : 01/12/2021 7:38 pm


I have been a member here for a long time and I tried pretty much every topical, diet, laser, etc. treatmentdiscussed on here, including Accutane 4(!) times.... Accutane worked great, it stopped my cystic acne, but *regular* acne came back like 6 months after finishing Accutane.

I am a 32 years old guy (struggling with acne since I was 17), with a family history of male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia, few years ago I started taking finasteride which made little to no difference to either my hair loss or acne, about a year ago I switched to Dutasteride and about 3 months into treatment I noticed that my skin was not oily anymore and I was not getting any acne whatsoever, I could literally go a full day wearing face masks, eating and drinkingwhatever I wanted and ... 0 acne. I also work out and did a SARMS (LGD4033) + Prohormone cycle recently along with Clomid as my PCT, which about 2 years ago would leave me with a *pizza face*, but now my skin did not worsen at all. Only Dutasteride side effect that I experienced is higher estrogen levels, but my total testosterone levels also increased, since inhibiting DHT(hormone responsible for androgenic issues like Acne and hair loss) also increased my total testosterone levels. Estrogen levels can be easily lowered, in my experience, with a cycle of Formestane or 6-bromo. Other than that, no side effects, no change in libido, ED, etc. I believe my acne was caused by elevated DHT levels in my body, I recently got my blood test resultsand my testosterone was within the normal range, but DHT was way below normal range, which is why I believe Dutasteride cured my acne.

Only skin care products that I use are Bioderma sensibio micellar water + Bepanthen (Panthenol cream) as my moisturizer.

I hope my experience helps someone on here.



Posted : 02/12/2022 11:31 pm

What dose dutasteride? Ive been on finasteride for almost a year with no help for the hairloss and also have oily skin.


Posted : 09/04/2023 11:53 am


Your experience is very informative. I am about to try dutasteride .5mg a day but I may drop to every other day to keep oestrogen levels normal. I am a menopausal woman age 65 experiencing the return of acne and now hair loss, this is my last chance , wish me luck.