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Please help me identify what the issues are with my skin


Posted : 05/12/2022 1:46 pm

At a loss for what the problem is exactly with my skin. At first, I thought it was acne, but it looks more like red marks underneath the skin? Or just flat red marks? It's not raised at all and if i were to touch my forehead, i wouldn't feel a thing. But it looks very rough and the red marks in the pictures actually look very shiny in person. I've tried, nizoral, I've tried BP, i've tried differin, I've tried Stridex, I've tried lotrimin, I've tried honey masks. clay masks, selaninum sulfide, azelaic acid, mandelic acid, all these things hoping one would work and would also help me identify exactly what the problem is but nothing seems to work at all on the forehead marks. Those forehead marks are also on my upper cheeks and nose and run down my hairline on the side of my face.
Please, any sort of insight or advice would be very very helpful.
Oh. and I've gone to three derms. First one gave me tret, and although I was doubtful tret would help i did try it for a month and all it did was make me very very dry and the red marks still persisted, second one gave me differin, and third one said its seb derm and told me to put steroid cream and lotrimin which i tried and didn't work.

IMAGE 2022-05-12 1453.jpg

IMAGE 2022-05-12 1410.jpg

IMAGE 2022-05-12 1414.jpg

IMAGE 2022-05-12 1423.jpg

IMAGE 2022-05-12 1439.jpg

Member Admin

Posted : 05/13/2022 11:07 am

Don't know what you are referring to. The black moles? Something else? I don't see anything else that stands out.


Posted : 05/16/2022 8:29 pm

Basically nothing wrong. Some slight textural on cheeks possibly, some overall normal marks on forehead and around your nose many people have that it's blood vessels and/or a more active oil/pores possible there. Overall you really have practically nothing wrong or abnormal at all. You 'could' use tretinoin 2-3 days a week if you want to attempt to clean up the texture up to u.


Posted : 05/23/2022 10:25 pm

I think they're just moles, basing from the picture.