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Facial Redness


Posted : 08/16/2023 8:14 pm

15 Male; I have not experienced any acne on my face. For about a year, I've gotten these red cheeks that haven't gone away. I now have this blushing look, even if I'm not exercising, or embarrassed. It's all a solid redness, no veins, bumps, and they really pop out. Haven't recently went to a doctor and my mother said it costs too much. They have really effected my self esteem

I'm not sure what to do. They're the bane of my existence.

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Posted : 08/18/2023 12:32 pm

Do you have Chat GPT? When it comes to questions like this, I often go there. Here's what it says when I asked for you:

I think it's not rosacea because that affects only people over 30 normally. And don't get too scared about the other things it lists. But it's an interesting place to start thinking about what it may be and doing further research.