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I'm A Male College Student And I'm Putting Makeup On - Help!


Posted : 09/01/2012 9:29 am


So we just had a 4 month vacation and I want to come back as a "new" person face-wise. I want to try putting makeup on. I have moderate acne and acne scars--I have several bumps here and there but I have two maps of carved acne scars on both cheeks. I'm thinking if it could at least minimize the redness I'd be good.


I've watched so many makeup tutorial videos and I think I know my shit.


My choice of products:

  • Yves Rocher Ultra-Matte moisturizer


  • Smashbox primer


  • MAC Studio Finish concealer


  • MAC Studio Tech foundation (it's neither powder nor liquid - it's somewhere in between. Think of your powder foundation but with oil?)


  • Makeup Forever HD loose powder



Those are pretty good right? They're pricey that's for sure. I just have a couple of questions:


1.) Will my classmates notice my makeup? I go to school in Canada so the lighting is fluorescent. Will it be noticeable?


2.) Do you guys use Dan's BP with makeup? I've been on the regimen for 5 years and I noticed my acne scars look better when my BP has dried. I'm thinking the BP can act as primer to smoothen out the appearance of acne scars, no?


3.) How can I prevent my makeup from looking MELTED? I went on a trip to Europe and I was outdoors most of the time. When I looked at the mirror I was SHOCKED when I saw my face looking literally like melted chocolate cake!


4.) Can I mix colored (light shade) setting powder with the transluscent powder just to give my cheeks a little color?


5.) I tried buying makeup brushes but they were expensive so I'm just using the foundation sponge already included in the foundation. Is this good or bad? Will it make a difference if I use a brush?


6.) Should I stick with this foundation or switch to the liquid one?





Posted : 09/01/2012 10:23 am

Yes they'll notice with that much stuff on unfortunately :(


Also, make up is the worst thing for breakouts, it definitely made me break out way worse.


Just use a light liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, and then a natural powder to control shine, and just tiny tiny bits of each.


Nivea's tinted moisturizer is good, use a bit of regular moisturizer first, then apply a tiny bit of the tinted moisturiser all over your face, then get a good powder, maybe a Minerals one, and dab a tiny bit everywhere - helps really well with shine and stops melting a bit.


You won't have 'perfect' skin, you'll still see your pimples and scars, but they'll just look way more faded, and definitely more natural than if you were to wear all that make up.


I promise you, wear that much make up, your pores will clog and breakout worse than anything.

Hope this helps a bit mate.


Posted : 09/01/2012 11:30 am

Heavy makeup can look good but it requires a lot of practice and constant maintenance. Basically the stuff you're suggestings is enough makeup for a professional photo shoot. They retouch makeup every 5 if you're going to school all caked on you better be checking your compact mirror at least every hour.


It will be easier to just use a tinted moisturizer and accept that you won't get full coverage but it will hide your scars somewhat.


If I were in your position, I would probably ditch the makeup and save up my money for a laser treatment to take care of the scars.


Posted : 09/07/2012 10:48 pm

MAC made me breakout really bad... Have you looked into the ingredients at all to make sure they're not irritating? Or have you tried it at least to see how your skin reacts to it? I think if you are going to go the makeup route you should try BB cream, it is kinda like a tinted moisturizer and it is supposedly helpful in fading redmarks as well. It goes on really smooth and just kinda matches your skin somehow even though it only comes in one color, but people like me (fair with pink tones) all the way to tan with yellow tones are able to wear this stuff.This is the brand that I really like:


Posted : 09/08/2012 3:22 pm

I would highly recommend Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - it stays on like glue! I've never had a meltdown even when I've been at the gym or sun bathing. It's pretty strong coverage to! But who cares, why shouldn't boys wear makeup if they want to? Do what makes you feel comfortable and work it.


As for whether makeup breaks you out, it can certainly aggravate your acne, but it's not the root cause of it (at least, not things like cystic acne) and therefore isn't going to dramatically effect it if you choose an oil-free non-comedogenic makeup and remove it properly. People often like to blame their acne on things. But the fact of the matter is, it is more often than not as a result of something internal rather than makeup itself. If makeup was to blame, ever person in Hollywood would suffer chronically from it - which evidently, they do not. Haha!


Just be careful! Do your research! MAC has a reputation which eclipses the quality of it's product.


Posted : 09/30/2012 2:56 pm

Please don't use make up!!!! trust me, people WILL notice especially if you're a guy..not trying to be ignorant or anything btw


Posted : 09/30/2012 4:01 pm

Dude do not buy and MAC products if you want to clear your skin. I hear Make Up For Ever is noncomedogenic but even the gifted ladies with no blemishes get acne from MAC.


Posted : 10/06/2012 2:49 pm

Hey there,


Any kind of foundation you use will be noticeable during the day which obviously is not what we want as guys. I suggest covering up the spots with concealer and letting it dry. Then follow (using a very light touch) with a tinted moisturizer. Dr. Dennis Gross has a great one that no one has ever noticed, even in direct sunlight if you apply it correctly. So i cover up and then even it out. Looks really natural.


Good Luck!


Posted : 10/06/2012 3:04 pm

Using foundation all over will be noticable. Even if you aren't right in someone's face, you'll look "made up". Spot conceal, and then lightly go over your face with powder that has light coverage, using a brush(mac studio fix for example. A cheaper option that I use is Lorael true match powder which is great.) If this leaves your face looking a little too powdered and girly, buy the structure definition blush from Male Species, which is pretty much a bronzer, and basically does what it says, puts the male definition back into your face. A little on the cheek-bones and you're good to go.


Don't try to make your face 100% perfect. It will only make it look worse. Less is more when it comes to male make-up.