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Posted : 04/01/2017 1:53 am

I bought the regimen kit in september 2016. I really really break out. Totally bad break out. There were times that i kept squezzing my acnes and made me so so so sad and loat hope to clear up my face.
Imagine my face that had a lod of avne and dark spots from squezzing it on my left and right cheek.
I started using it right away when i received it. So, I read and followed the instruction given. I was really hoping to make my face clear and disappear my dark spots.
so i waited and waited for the changes. 
On the first time I applied it at night, in the morning my face seemed bright. So, I smiled and kept using it two times a day am and bedtime.
October, i stopped having bad or big pimples.
November-oh m g!!!!!
December,  no more break outs. I am so lucky that these products reduced the dark spots and hoping more to totally zero dark spot. 
January-March 2017 still no break out but i still have some dark spot but its not that bad.
Pictures are attached for  evidence