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Burning/peeling after 10 years on the regimen


Posted : 02/18/2023 9:41 am

Hi, I used the regimen for 10 years while I was in the UK with great success (acne.org BP). Recently I moved to a another country (Vietnam) and after 2 months I started having reactions to the BP. I am talking about burning, swelling and peeling. Has anyone experienced this and if yes, please can you share a solution.

Note that recently I have tried other things (tretinoin, azelaic acid) but none have worked .

I really want to get back to the regimen please help. Really desperate.

Thanks all.

Member Admin

Posted : 02/24/2023 8:46 am

Hmm. I wonder if it's the weather down there? The product is 100% identical as always.

Also, did you buy the Acne.org BP from Acne.org? Beware of anybody selling it second hand. It might not be the real stuff.