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Can I transfer benzoyl peroxide to a travel-size container?


Posted : 01/03/2018 11:25 pm

Quick question- I have the 8 ounces of cleanser, treatment, moisturizer, and I also have the jojoba oil. I am going on an international trip in a week, and I just realized that we can only have carry-ons. This means that these 8-ounce containers are too big. I don't have time to order the travel-size kit before then, unless I pay for super fast shipping which I simply can't afford. Is it safe to transfer the benzoyl peroxide to a clean, 3-ounce container? Will it still be effective? And can I do that for the cleanser, moisturizer and jojoba oil too, in other containers? I really need an answer because I can't just stop using the regimen for the 10 days that i'm gone- seeing as I'm almost going on a month of using the regimen and I think I might be finally starting to see some results.

Answers are very appreciated- thank you!


Posted : 01/04/2018 2:00 am

I have done a lot of travel. I can personally attest to the jojoba oil holding up well in an alternate container.

Cleansers are forgiving in the containers they are transferred to so it is okay also. The benzoyl peroxide and AHA have some harsh chemical components that may interact with the lining of lower-grade travel containers but I doubt it. Even if it did, I feel it would be negligible.

Just be sure to thoroughly wash and rinse your travel containers before storing things in them to avoid transfer of any chemical residue during the manufacturing process.

Regardless of what happens in the travel containers, something of the regimen is better than nothing. Im sure it will be great.

Happy and safe travels.