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Apply moisturizer before BP?


Posted : 10/24/2017 1:31 pm


I think I've found why my face was still peeling after week 4, it looks like my moisturizer (Proactiv green tea moisturizer) just sits on my face instead of soaking in. I think the Dan's BP product is blocking it somehow or heavily reducing the amount that gets through. I really don't wanna use the moisturizer because I've read alot of recent bad reviews. So can I just apply the moisturizer first? How long should I wait after applying it and then applying the BP?

Any help is greatly appriciated!

Edit: Another question: Does bp NEED to dry out the skin first to be effective or does it not matter?

Member Customer Service

Posted : 11/02/2017 2:25 pm

Hi VogueWitness,

I'm sorry to hear about your skin. We would recommend that you use the Moisturizer along with the Treatment on your skin. The burning or stinging sensation when using the Moisturizer is actually caused by dryness hen using the Acne,org Treatment.

To avoid any dryness and irritation, use two full pumps of the Moisturizer twice a day or as often as needed. You may also add 5-6 drops of the Jojoba Oil to the Moisturizer for additional moisture.