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Low GI diet


Posted : 10/22/2018 1:19 am

Hi, im a new member to the forum, although I have read discussions on here over the years. Ive recently been trying a low GI diet for acne control and thought Id share my experience.

Some background on me, Im a 34 year old woman and have suffered from acne since the age of 15 (ish). I have hormonal acne characterised by large painful cysts along my jawline and, as it gets worse my neck and sides of face. Ive been on that many meds I cant remember them all. Antibiotics, gels, creams, Ive tried all sorts of home remedies, facials, light therapy. Ive been on the pill (dianette) numerous times, which clears it up until about 6 months after Ive stopped taking it. Ive been on roaccutane 3 times high also clears it up until aboit 6 months after stopping it. The acne always comes back. The doctor has never once mentioned diet to me.

Now that I am considering starting a family the above treatments are no longer an option to me and being that my acne has gotten severe its motivated me to finally try the low GI diet. I have read about this a lot of times but have never 100% given it a go as always seemed easier o take medication.

I can tell you that after 3.5 months on the diet it is working. My acne has 70% cleared up and is now mostly scarring and not many new cysts. I wish Id have given this a proper go earlier rather than suffering the awful side effects of the pill and Acutane.

Im no expert on it and have done research myself so its probably not 100% spot on. Ive cut out all processed foods and sugar. I eat as much natural foods as I can, loads of low GI fruit and veg, changed to mostly organic (when I can afford it). I drink plenty of herbal teas (green, nettle, mint). Ive limited dairy and opt for almond milk and coconut yoghurt instead. Im still eating eggs. Im eating plenty of brown grains and have cut out white pasta and bread. Its a slow process and takes dedication and it has taken 3 months to notice a difference but its definitely worth it.

I always knew diet was a factor in hormonal acne but I am amazed at the difference its actually made! So thought Id share my experience to maybe help people going through the struggle that I have done for 20 years.


Posted : 11/11/2018 9:04 am

Thank you for sharing this Miss! I'm about to give diet changes a try as well.