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Posted : 10/09/2017 11:17 am

I'm 23 years old and went through a major breakout this summer! I went through countless of products to try and help with my acne, but nothing seemed to work! Apparently it just kept on getting worse and worse and I kept on going to different stores to try and find a miracle product which will diminish all of my acne! Which included cystic acne! With no other options I decided to look from within and researched a lot of facts on what can cause acne and little did I know that one major cause of acne can be from Dairy products! Which makes so much sense because as my acne got worse during the summer a so I've consumed a lot of dairy products protein bars, ice cream, cookies, milk shakes, and ranch dressing!

I know right a shocker what seemed so simple took me so long to figure out! I'm here to tell you guys this to save other people who went through major breakout like me! Cutting out dairy can save you from having anymore acne! Trust me cutting out dairy has saved me from getting more pimples! My whole face is finally flat now I just have to deal with the hyperpigmentation which in treating my face each night with (50/50 Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water tonerwhich helps tremendously with my Acne, restoring Ph balance to my face) and(50/50 Aha mixed with moisturizer)

i know now it's hard for most of you, but if you want nice skin in the next couple of weeks or months make changes to your lifestyle this includes drinking more water, stop eating unhealthy fried foods, instead turn to more vegetables, grilled or broiled foods!

Most importantly cut out all sorts of Dairy from your diet this includes pizza, ranch dressing, bread(turn to breads that aren't made with milk), muffins, cookies, ranch dressing, ice cream , milk shakes, protein bars, etc! If you're unsure if the product contains dairy read the food label if it does don't eat it!!!

Disclamier: This is working for me and hopefully it will work for you! Much love