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Raw Chocolate?


Posted : 11/06/2012 7:08 am

I am no way a chocoholic, but I do like it occasionally but I will no way have any milk chocolate or regular chocolate from most places.

I have seen the site called the raw chocolate company and I have read before that raw chocolate can be beneficial.

I just want to check that the ingredients of the bars I want to buy are safe before I order...


Organic fair trade raw chocolate pitch dark 72%:


Ingredients: organic fair trade cacao mass, organic coconut palm sugar, organic fairtrade cacao butter.


Vanoffee Dark:


Ingredients: cacao butter, coconut sugar, cacao mass, lucuma, vanilla (0.2%)


Posted : 11/07/2012 4:14 am

I eat chocolate. No breakouts :)


Moderation is key.


Posted : 11/07/2012 2:13 pm



You're right about these companies and their biased research data.


Typically a bunch of really terrible marketing language.


Posted : 11/08/2012 4:12 pm

I make my own homemade chocolate at home.




Organic cacao powder (whole foods or organic section of grocery store)


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Raw Honey


Sea Salt


Organic Vanilla Extract


How to/Portions:


I use a cup of cacao powder, a cup of raw honey, 4 tablespoons coconut oil, 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract


The easiest way to make this is to, on very low heat, melt the coconut oil and honey separately. And when i say melt, i mean heat until you're able to stir it. The honey doesn't have to be liquid. Just enough to where you can work with it. I set a couple small glass containers about a cup in size in a bit of water, held inside a lager pan. Basically so you get even heat while 'softening' the honey. The coconut oil will become liquid, and that's fine.


Anyway, simply add all the ingredients together and stir like crazy. Then you simply pour it onto wax paper on a cookie sheet and store in the fridge. Cut to desired shape/size and enjoy. You can also add things to the chocolate like peppermint extract or orange extract. Or even raspberries. Basically, anything you could do with chocolate can be done with this