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    • By Adderall For Sale in Buy Adderall Online Without Prescription 0
      How to buy Adderall online?
      When you buy Adderall online, you get a prescription medicine that is taken to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD or as sleep disorder medications or sleeping disorder treatment. Along with that, the prescription tells you a lot more than you know about the medicine, including how it can affect you positively and negatively. However, there are times when changes in a person’s personality are seen when he starts taking the medicine like mood swings. All these things will be known to you if you read everything about the medicine, including the side effects, and then buy the medicine from an online pharmacy.
      Adderall Precautions
      Before you buy Adderall online and start its intake as a treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder –ADHD or as sleep disorder medications or sleeping disorder treatment, you need to follow a precaution which is that the medicine should be taken within a gap of every four hours and not beyond that every day. Therefore, if you buy the medicine from an online pharmacy, be rest assured because you’re going to be provided with a prescription along with the medicine. This prescription will not only help you in proper intake of the medication but will also tell you what to do in case of a medical emergency.
      Uses, Side Effects, and Abuses
      Before you buy Adderall online, you must know that the medicine is mainly taken as a treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD or as sleep disorder medications or sleeping disorder treatment. However, there are few side effects of the medicine as well like diarrhea, dizziness; mouth starts repeatedly dying, headache, change in appetite, mood swings, stomachache, finding it difficult to sleep, and vomiting and weight loss. Other than that, Adderall had been categorized as a Schedule II controlled substance by the DEA because of the higher risk of people getting addicted to it. Therefore, you should be careful in selecting where to buy the medicine from, and the best option is to buy Adderall online and from an online pharmacy which can provide you with a prescription.

    • By Nikitasha in Help!! 1
      Benzoyl peroxide is making my pimple look brown and dark what should I do should I quit using it?? Hellppp!
      If you are reading this please comment I need your help afasp thanks
    • By TheeGrace in My journey 0
      I've been on Curology, Spironolactone, and using zinc soap by Nobles for over 2 years now. My skin is still really clear! Praise God! When my acne was bad it was really tough, because it just...felt terrible! I'm off of Birth Control right now and am taking less of the Spiro. I only take 25mg of Spironolactone in the am now, and my face is still clear! I had one large zit between my eye brows lately, but I'm pretty sure that was from wearing my tight goggles while doing woodworking. Anyways... I wanted to post and say that hey, it's still working!
      You can use my link to curology to get a discount!
    • By Kimberly2201 in Kimberly's Skin Care 0
      Today we will make a little journey into the fabulous and amazing world of gems and, in particular, we will talk about 6 gems for Flawless skin that few know about.
      First of all, the term gems includes any material appreciated for its rarity, transparency, color, brilliance or other characteristics of aesthetic value. Among the gems are all those species and mineral varieties (rocks, minerals and organic substances) which, susceptible to cutting or polishing, can be used for the production of ornaments and jewels.
      The use of gems dates back to prehistoric times, to a time when ornaments and jewelry even preceded the use of clothing. So let's start our journey and discover these fabulous but (almost) unknown gems up close.
      1.       Rhodochrosite
      It is one of the most attractive carbonates for its magnificent color. Isolated and almost transparent crystals are rarer and more sought after. Rhodocrosite is found in hydrothermal vents of medium temperature associated with copper, lead and silver sulphides and in altered manganese deposits.

      This beautiful stones promotes kindness, comfort, love and compassion which is why it can make you beautiful inside and out.
      2.       Spinel stone
      The term spinel refers to a family of oxides, comprising 3 groups which, depending on their chemical composition, belong to 3 minerals: magnetite (containing iron), chromite (chromium) and noble spinel (aluminum).

      The name derives from the Latin "spina" and refers to the narrow and pointed shape of the crystals. The real spinel is bright red but, depending on the degree of impurities it contains, it can take on various shades of red, blue, green-blue, green and violet.
      This stones Is great for the skin and you can even use derma-rollers to get the full power out of this stone. Make sure you always keep it close to you and you will radiate beauty everywhere you go.
      3.       Chrysoberyl stone
      The chrysoberyl is present in various shades of yellow, greenish and brown due to the presence of traces of iron, titanium and chromium at the time of crystal formation. The name derives from the Greek χρυσός chrysós "golden" and from βήρυλλος bḗryllos "beryl".

      This stone is perfect for those who have oily skin. You can massage your face by using this stone, together with a light foamy face wash to get all the oil and dead skin cells from your face.
      4.       Amazonite stone
      Effect of the stone is the reduction or prevention of anxiety and depressive moods. Especially with this stone, the effects on soul and body are very close to each other. Because many physical weaknesses express a disease of the autonomic nervous system and can be mitigated at the same time.

      Al of these positive effects are going to make you glow inside and out, so keep this stone close to you when you need that extra beauty effect.
      5.       Blue Aventurine stone
      Stimulates the physical growth of children and adolescents. Blue aventurine [mod edit: hyperlink removed | reason: no blog links] elixir for external use can be very useful to combat juvenile acne and rosacea, due to its anti-inflammatory effect. It can be used as a lucky charm to prevent some problems related to circulation or the heart or to bring luck during an operation related to the cardiovascular system.

      It helps the body in a much more generic way because it promotes body regeneration and therefore face cells regeneration as well. You can use it if you try to conceive a child or if you want to prevent urogenital problems. You can also use it against migraine.
      6.       Sodalite stone
      The sodalite [mod edit: hyperlink removed | reason: potential advertisement since you can make purchases on the site] supposedly works particularly well on the lungs. He may also be the right treatment for sore throat and laryngitis. Because vocal cords and hoarseness, voice loss and asthma can absorb forces from the stone.
      The entire respiratory system including the lungs can be associated with this stone. The lymphatic system can be strengthened with sodalite, and high blood pressure and fever disappear. Supposedly, the stone can detoxify the body and regulate blood sugar.
      Its effect on the pancreas should be strong. This is above all a hope for diabetics, as the pancreas produces insulin, which is important for the healthy metabolism in the body.

      The sodalite is said to promote courage and endurance. He is also said to increase self-esteem. Guilt feelings and bad habits can be discarded. He should also help to pursue goals better and to find the inner balance.
      To heal your face or to simply make it a bit glowier, simply use the sodalite stone as a derma roller or massage your face with it every couple of days. This way you are going to see quick results after just a couple of weeks.
      And there you have it. All of these gems can be used on your skin to promote its healing and to make it glow. Wear these stones close to you or simply massage your skin with them every couple of days, to get the full power out of their healing effects.
    • By neyney1203 in New Enviroment = Breakout 1
      I recently moved to anew place. Some place very hot and humid. 
      I have very oily skin and also don’t have an AC to help stop oiliness and sweating. In exchange, I drink lots of water and have a constant sleeping schedule (Sleep at 10 - Wake at 6). Not only that, I work out. I have the same diet as I’ve had for all my life but this is the first time I’ve ever had THIS SEVERE of a break out. 
      I started using Cetaphil Daily Cleanser. I apply it on my DRY skin, a method I learned from youtuber Alexandrasgirlytalk. I also have begun applying generous amounts of Benzoyl Peroxide, but honestly, I don’t see a difference in my skin at all.
      Most of my acne is on my forehead. 
      I don’t know what to do! I’m desperate and need help!

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