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I was taken off of a strong antibiotic for my acne (Solodyn) because it was too dangerous to take for more than a year. I was put on a much weaker and much less efficient antibiotic. My skin started looking the worst it has ever looked, even though I was on Tazorac and Aczone as well. Marks, horrible texture, cysts, dark spots, and breakouts regularly. Finally, I was put on the Sulfacetamide skin wash, and over the course of 6 months, all of those problems have practically vanished. None of the other products helped me as much as this $15 skin wash has. I have found that you HAVE to make sure you exfoliate every once in awhile, or else the product works a lot less. I still use Doxycycline, Tazorac, and Aczone, just because my acne is so severe, but part of me thinks that I might not even need to be on those anymore.

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