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Coffee Ground Scrub
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Coffee Ground Scrub


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Coffee Ground Scrub

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Coffee Ground Scrub

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True miracle for my skin!
Reviewed on January 13, 2018

20 years of persistent acne, 2 roacutane cycles and it's vanished simply scrubing used coffee powder when I take a shower. My skin still continues oily (far less now) but TOTALY FREE FROM ACNE and ultra soft and glowing like a movie star! I discovered the oil liberated through coffee contains 16% of dexpanthenol and this is probably what cured my acne. EVERYBODY MUST TRY THIS! Virtually no cost, easy and simple to do! All I can say it's a true miracle!

Coffee with Honey as mask/scrub
Reviewed on September 3, 2017

It felt great on the skin though it's a hit/miss mask. Sometimes it does well on my skin and other times it doesn't really have any effect.

Coffee and cetaphil scrub
Reviewed on August 17, 2017

I used the coffee with some cetaphil and it left me skin feeling soft and moisturized. Note that I didn't scrub too much because I do get red easily and use a little more moisturizer than you usually wold because the skin is a little raw after exfoliation and it will get dry, I use coconut oil.

black coffee as face mask
Reviewed on June 29, 2017

One of my favorite method. Cleanse your face first. Apply every night before going to bed. 3 tablespoon black coffee, 1-2 tablespoon water. Leave it onto your face for 15-20mins then rinse with water.

I like to use this to remove my makeup.
Reviewed on March 31, 2017

I add some coffee grounds, some aloe 100% vera gel, and a little bit of organic coconut oil. The coconut oil dissolves makeup, the coffee exfoliates and the aloe soothes the skin. Not drying at all and it smells great!

Coffee and Coconut oil mask
Reviewed on October 22, 2016

I used this for the first time today and for someone who has sensitive skin I really liked it. I'll post back tomorrow or in a couple of days to see if maybe it takes longer to work. I probably also should use it a bit more before posting aswell.

But here's how I used it: I mixed 1 teaspoon of ground coffee with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and mixed it together with my hands. I put it on using my hands and rubbed it in, in circular motions very gently. I left it on for 15 minutes and then gently removed it.

My initial thoughts though are that I really like it. My face feels really clean but also kind of moisturised because of the cocout oil. I did moisturise and put on sunsreen afterwards because you're still exfoliating and this used to always be my mistake in my skincare rountine, forgetting to moisturise.

Not only do I feel moisturised but because of the coffee I feel it really cleaned my skin deeply and gave my skin a lovely glow. One word of advice is that although it is mild and didn't irritate my skin be careful when applying and especially removing the mask. Use plenty of water to remove it and don't use the coffee granules to scrub your face, it could end up damaging your skin.

by Island_Princess on 12/20/2016 22:15
Were there any negative effects after a couple more uses?
Frank Body Scrub
Reviewed on September 19, 2016

I haven't made my own mix but I've bought 3 different coffee scrubs from [link removed] and they work amazingly for a variety of skin issues. The biggest thing I got out of them was a decrease in discoloration > more even skin tone, and very moisturized, supple skin! They're only ~$14 and lasts at least 4 months

Reviewed on August 12, 2016

This stuff is awesome. First time I tried it it was a miracle. I mix it with coconut oil and sugar, like I saw in a video and it works great. I put the mask on for about 10 minutes and wipe it off. Immediately I see a difference. My skin is brighter, my sits have reduced in size an lost some redness. But make sure that your mask it fresh every time you use it. I have tried putting it in a container and using it the next day, but I do not get the same result. But still. WORKS WONDERS.

it really mademy face red and blotchy..
Reviewed on July 3, 2016

I am sitting here with a bright red face after making a facial scrub out of coffee grounds, green coffee, agave siroup and a bit of green tea.

I have used coffe egrounds befor with oils, it was always quite good, so I am not sure what went wrong today (maybe the green ingredients?) but after 5 minutes my face was itching like crazy. After about 8 minutes I washed it off and my face was covered in raised spots and red blotches :( never doing THAT again!

amazing scrub
Reviewed on February 26, 2016

i use this stuff as body scrub. i mix it with coconut oil and sugar it works wonder. my skin is super softer and brighter and it cleared up of my acne on my back and chest its amazing

by JazzyJazzy on 03/25/2016 15:49
What type of sugar did you use? What type of Coffee did you use? What type of Coconut oil did you use? Please help, Thank you <3
by Noora7939 on 06/09/2016 19:09
How long did it take for you to get rid of your acne?
by Noora7939 on 06/09/2016 19:09
How long did it take for you to get rid of your acne?
by Noora7939 on 06/09/2016 19:09
How long did it take for you to get rid of your acne?
by Noora7939 on 06/09/2016 19:09
How long did it take for you to get rid of your acne?
by Noora7939 on 06/09/2016 19:09
How long did it take for you to get rid of your acne?
by Noora7939 on 06/09/2016 19:09
How long did it take for you to get rid of your acne?

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