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Dan Kern

Acne.org Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

After a long battle with acne, I started Acne.org in 1996 as a not-for-profit way to share my skincare regimen that finally cleared up my skin. Once I realized that almost everyone who followed the same regimen precisely also got completely cleared up, the scientist in me got curious. I hit the books and started thoroughly researching acne to figure out why my regimen works so well, and to also delve into anything else that might help people clear up. 

After 20+ years of this research--now with my team of MDs, PhDs, writers, illustrators, and fact checkers--acne.org has become a place to learn the truth about just about any topic related to acne, based on science. 

I believe that the more minds we get involved, the better and faster we can end the struggle of acne, so I opened up acne.org as a platform for people all over the world to share their experiences and opinions via our forums and product & treatment reviews. Please join in. 

Why do I sell products? Acne.org was entirely not-for-profit for the first 8 years and I never thought I would sell anything. However, acne.org members asked (or more accurately, demanded) that I produce a larger size 2.5% benzoyl peroxide to use with The Acne.org Regimen. With help from volunteers here at acne.org, we developed the very best benzoyl peroxide gel in the world, and that led to the development of the ideal cleanser, moisturizer, glycolic acid, and jojoba oil for use with The Acne.org Regimen as well. I sell everything in giant bottles and tubes at the lowest prices I can so people can really take control of their skin. 

Help spread the word: I have no marketing or advertising department. I rely on you guys to spread the word. If you get cleared up on The Acne.org Regimen or think anything else on the site will benefit other people, please tell a friend who it might help, or use social media to get the word out. YouTube and Instagram seem to be great places right now to share things, but whatever platform you choose is great.

Our Philosophy

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Book

People sometimes wonder what inspired me to start Acne.org. It all started in 1996 when I read a book called "The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra. In the book, Chopra asks the reader to ask him/herself the two questions, (1) "What are my unique talents?" and (2) "How can I use these talents to best help people?"

As it happens, I had just figured out how to clear up my skin using The Acne.org Regimen. I figured this was my "unique talent." I decided the way I could use this talent to best help people was to put the regimen online and see if it worked for other people. It turns out it works incredibly well for anyone who follows it precisely.

Since 1996 when The Acne.org Regimen first went online, the website has grown and we are now a team of people, but we all keep asking ourselves the question, "How can we best help?" This way of working is freeing and fun. It means we do not need to think of money first. Rather, we just ask ourselves how we can best help. As it turns out, this way of working has helped our company stay successful and strong since its inception.

Be Part of the Team

Our team of MDs and PhDs

Combing through every piece of information ever published on acne is no small task, and this is where our devoted team of MDs and PhDs (biology, microbiology, and chemistry) come in. Many MDs and PhDs apply to work on this team, but very few are chosen. Nothing less than a relentless pursuit of fully-referenced truth is allowed when it comes to research at Acne.org, and we never cut corners.

Are you an MD or PhD (biology, microbiology, or chemistry) with a passion for acne?
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Our team of medical writers and illustrators

We also work with professional medical writers and illustrators. Their job is to help relay the complex research provided by our MDs and PhDs in a digestible way. Ultimately, Dan edits every article and works closely with our medical illustrators to ensure that every word of every article as well as each graphic is scientifically reliable.

Are you a medical writer or illustrator with an advanced degree?
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Our team of fact checkers

No matter how thorough our raw research, and how careful Dan stays with editing every article and graphic, mistakes can happen. This is why every article is painstakingly fact checked for accuracy by our fact checkers. If you find any factual inaccuracies in any of our articles, kindly contact us so we can have a look.

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