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Witch Hazel
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Witch Hazel


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Witch Hazel

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T.N. Dickinson's All Natural Astringent For Face and Body, 16 oz
updated: 05/27/2016 05:26 UTC
Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Organic Aloe Vera Formula Toner, Rose Petal, 12 fl oz
updated: 05/27/2016 05:26 UTC

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Witch Hazel

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like it
Reviewed on May 13, 2016

I like this. I use it instead of a toner to help with my oily skin and let tell you ever since ive been using it not only is my skin less oily. It also is wonderful to have as a first aid ingredient for small irritations and insect bites etc. as it can help with inflammation and itching.A great product to have around.

Reviewed on June 11, 2015

I am female and 25 years I have absurdly oily skin I'm talking 2-3 hours from now I could take a paper napkin wipe my face and you can see through it kinda oily skin. Needless to say A) I have hated it for most my life and B) it helps my more hormonal based acne flare ups flourish into vicious patches on my jawline and near my ears / neck that make me want to put my face in a paper sack when I go out. I have tried every major brand over the years with minimal improvement ( my doctor finally put me on birth control which helped enormously) recently I've been going through a bad break out patch like I haven't seen since like the 7-8th grade *ugh* however I took a stack of paper towels cut them in half and put them in 2 old grocery store celery Tupperwares I added a cup of distiller water, 1/2 - 3/4ths a thing of dickinsons witch hazel a splash of tea tree oil and let this all absorb. I leave one on my desk for when I am doing hw, gaming, Netflix, etc. the other is in the bathroom every couple hours I reach over open it up grab a towel and wipe my face, neck, cleavage, and shoulders ....basically whatever I can reach. I find this to have helped immensely the redness has gone down and the pimples shrank my skin looks much nicer. Something to be aware of though it is going to bring pimples underneath your skin to head so to speak... so sometimes it look a little bad before it gets better but it will clear it up / make it less bad or at least it did for me and my extremely oily skin. I didn't find it to be overdrying nor the smell to be offensive.

~update almost a full year after original review I still use this method and find it very helpful I even got a spray bottle to use on my back after showering and before bed. I did end up going to a dermatologist who told me given that my acne was locate almost primarily on my lower jaw/neck area and given its appearance it was not regular acne instead it was an issue with my hormones which was why while I was achieving results decreasing the appearance of my acne it was not going away completely. I was treated with doxy-cycline for a few months and it cleared up beautifully now I use my witch hazel combo on my regular acne and it works wonders on making it dry up and go away. ( The Dr. Was kind enough to tell me that nothing I could have done would have helped clear it and nothing I was doing wrong was causing it. This made me feel better than you can imagine. I wish I could post pictures because there is literally almost a year of my life where the thought of going out in public almost made me cry because I had this red rash on my neck and people would actually ask me what is wrong. Now I am back to my occasional oil and or hormonal outbreaks that are easily combated with my witch hazel it dries up the oil and acne and at least to me is helping to slowly decrease the appearance of my acne scaring on my jaw although that could be the tea tree oil in it. Point being try this if you have oily acne prone skin but if it is bad enough also known as it actually hurts and looks like a rash or just is making you miserable I'd recommend seeing a dermatologist sooner rather than later it took months to get in to see mine.)

by Sukibear612 on 08/21/2015 22:54
I seem to have the same skin type and problem areas as you do. Screw those oil blotter sheets I could go through a whole pack of those things in a day, so I know what you mean when you say you can take a napkin to your face and have it turn see through. I love the Tupperware idea and definitely have to try it with your homemade concoction. Thanks so much for the tips!
Doesn't work well with my skin
Reviewed on April 4, 2016

I used T.N Dickinson's witch hazel for just over a week, I'd say 6 months ago. This witch hazel actually made my face break out quite moderately. But I don't think it felt too harsh on my skin when I applied it. I'm not entirely sure, but it may have activated the moderate-severe acne that I have right now (but I don't think it was the real reason why). This witch hazel only contains 100% Distilled Witch Hazel and 14% Alcohol. I am actually suspecting the alcohol made me break out more so than the witch hazel, because I recently tried a new cleansing gel and cream that had alcohol in the ingredients and it also made me break out, after my skin was already doing so well! At least now I know what I should stay away from. Probably would have been better if I used an organic/natural witch hazel, alcohol-free. Nonetheless, witch hazel might still work for you. Remember to be observant about what your skin likes and does not like, good luck!

Pretty great!
Reviewed on February 21, 2016

I got the Dickinson's witch hazel bottle the other day from my local Walgreens. I have to admit, it makes an amazing toner make sure to put it on a couple of times a day, and it will definitely clear your pores and get rid of excess oil! It's not a miracle product of course, but it really improves the quality of your skin :))

Preparation H with 50% witch hazel.
Reviewed on January 22, 2016

Hello. If you like witch hazel, try Preparation H Cooling gel, which is 50% witch hazel and phenylephrine .25%. The phenylephrine helps reduce blood flow to a pimple or cyst, thus reducing the redness and pain. Witch Hazel also has these properties. It is a gel, so the witch hazel will stay where you put it, and penetrate better. Use it for spot treatment, not your whole face. The name says cooling but there is no menthol. Try it. It seems to reduce the life of the pimple, while reducing redness. Only buy this specific type of Preparation H. The other creams or gels don't have witch hazel. I know this product is not specifically for acne, but I've read on other sites that people had some success with this, so use at your own risk.

Diluted and paired with tea tree
Reviewed on December 5, 2015

I have Humphrey's brand all-natural witch hazel. I've been using this mix I made of half water, half witch hazel (making about 1/8 cup together) and a couple drops of Desert Essence undiluted tea tree oil. The mixture contains oil, so it needs to be shaken/stirred well before each use.

I think one of the main reasons witch hazel doesn't work for a lot of people is because they don't dilute it. When it's diluted, it can be used daily: morning and night.

Of course, I apply this mixture after cleansing my face, drying it, and applying moisturizer. I apply the mixture with a cotton swab only to the problem areas.

I have combination skin that is very sensitive. Oily almost everywhere except my cheeks and my forehead. The mixture I made of water, witch hazel, and tea tree is very gentle on my skin yet very powerful at keeping my acne at bay and getting rid of it. It doesn't dry out my skin, and the tea tree, along with adding more bacteria-fighting properties, adds a lovely scent.

God bless, and happy healing.

*thumbs up*
Reviewed on November 12, 2015

I really like witch hazel.

I mix it in the cleanser I make at home and spritz it on my face and cotton swab .

Clean and refreshing.

It might work for you
Reviewed on September 22, 2015

I have mixed feelings about witch hazel. At first I bought the thayers alcohol free aloe Vera toner and it cleared my mild acne up wonderfully. I kept using it and my skin got super oily (it's already oily enough...) and my breakouts came back worse. So I stopped using it and my skin got less oily and calmed down a bit. I decided to try the dickonsons distilled witch hazel to see if it would work better. It cleared my skin a lot and made my red marks pretty much disappear, but my forehead was still constantly broken out in little pimples. I kept using it for weeks and then I was washing my face in the shower and it felt so...rough... And bumpy. I think it might've been the alcohol. its been a few months since then and I decided to try it again. Same thing happened. I would suggest using this maybe only a few times a week and not religiously like i was. I love the smell of witch hazel and it has great healing properties so just give it a try if you feel like you've done everything. But I have purchased a new thayers

product (alcohol free rose scented) and it's working a lot better.

Used it for a month - it doesn't really do much.
Reviewed on September 15, 2015

Unlike most people who leave reviews after 2 days, I decided to try drug store witch hazel for 3-4 weeks to see if it legitimately makes a difference. The answer is "kind of, but not really".

When you use it, it feels really nice. You get used to the smell, and it does feel refreshing. Its also cheap. However: a) it contains alcohol, which, for acne prone skin, is even more drying/irritating; b) it doesnt actually reduce pimple size much.

How do I know this? Because since I started using WH, I had to deal with about 2 large whiteheads, none of which were "reduced" in size due to WH like many other people claim.

This is not a negative review; rather its meant to tell people that for the love of god, do not take a review at face value when the person has only tried a product for 2 days.

Witchhazel is good as a"refresher" - as a toner, I'd probably recommend something without alcohol that will do the exact same job.

by Jkout on 11/28/2015 20:32
Try using Thayers brand, or any other brand without alcohol. Drugstore witch hazel is mostly alcohol and probably only 10% very low quality witch hazel.
Try it..
Reviewed on July 23, 2015

So I decided to use this product after the lady who did my eyebrows recommended it to me. I guess she saw how bad I was breaking out and told me that it helped with the inflammation. I decided to pick one up at my local drug store and used it that night. I didn't see a big difference the first day but after two or three days my skin got way better. It doesn't totally get rid of all my pimples but it does make it look less gross and less red.