• <p>Looking back at old pictures from this past year, I am completely amazed. It's hard to believe that one simple regimen could change things so much for me, but it has! I have been following the Acne.org Regimen using the 2.5% BP since last September, and I now have completely clear skin. The beginning was rough - I had to battle through flaky, dry skin and redness and there were plenty of times I felt like quitting. It definitely got way worse before it was able to get better. Standing here today, I am so glad I persisted through those hard times. It feels so good to be comfortable in my own skin without any make-up on. For all of those out there who are questioning whether this will work, I suggest just giving it a try for 5 months or so. It may feel like a long time, but that's honestly when I noticed the most changes - with consistent everyday use over the span of those months. You have nothing to lose, and the end results may surprise you. Stay strong - I know the hopeless, isolating feeling acne can bring but power through it as much as you can. I'll be rooting for you! Thank you so much to Dan and all of those at Acne.org. This has changed my life and renewed my sense of confidence in myself :)</p>


  • <p>I am from Brownsville,Texas. A place where humidity is awful and the water is pretty dirty. I suffered terrible acne throughout my high school life, and at some points gave up total hope.I figured because I was a three-sport athlete, that I was just destined to have acne from sweating all the time. I had exhausted myself trying to treat my acne. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I saw some of my friends and envied their clear faces. I'm not sure how or why I stumbled across Acne.org, but I am extremely glad I did. After reading a couple success stories, I said why not?! I didn't notice major results until about a week or two later. The results at first were very small and hard to notice. I would consider these as small battles won. I started to get a few compliments that my face was looking better, even though I couldn't tell. Finally, after flowing the regimen precisely for a few months I can happily say my face is 100% clear. It's now been my 1 year anniversary since starting acne.org, and I felt the need to finally tell my story. I hope this can help tip you into purchasing this product because it really does work. If you have any questions or concerns about acne.org please feel free to ask me anything. This really does work!</p>

    Cole Texas

  • <p>Watch my Acne.org Regimen Review to see if it is the best acne treatment for you or not.</p>

    Pat The Practicalist

  • <p>Hello Everyone! </p><p>I wanted to share the wealth and disclose what helped me clear my acne and acne scars. This is not a sponsored video, but tell them to send me more products so I can save my coins for next months. LOL.... </p><p>This regimen is the bomb! As you will see I tailored the regimen after 2 months to fit my skin needs. I have sensitive skin and mild acne so using the Treatment twice a day was way too harsh for my skin. However, I recommend if you have severe acne to use the Treatment twice a day as instructed on Acne.Org. </p><p>The key items to me in this regimen is the Treatment(Eliminates break outs) and AHA - Glycolic Acid - Helps brings new skin cells to surface.</p><p></p><p><br />Please try this for at least 2 months, I promise you will see results. Do not give up - just follow the instructions correctly and you will glow up honey!</p><p>Remember you are in control! If you don't like something - CHANGE IT.</p>


  • <p>Hi guys i struggled with acne a few months ago until I tried acne.org and it changed my skin. If anyone is on this regimen do not give up it takes time. And it gets worse before it gets better.</p>


  • <p>ACNE.ORG|| http://www.acne.org</p>


  • <p>I discuss the treatment and aha product by acne.org. I have had great success with them.</p>


  • <p>My Current Acne Regimen: Acne.org Clarisonic PMD</p>

    Erica BrittanyXo

  • <p>I just have to share my success story with you. I am ever so grateful with your treatment... the only way I had ever succeeded in having clear skin was through antibiotics or Accutane which only made me feel ill and once I stopped using them my acne only came back with a vengeance. Being on Acne.org's regime wasn't easy for me in the beginning because of the irritation, dryness and flaking of my skin, but I was consistent, persistent and very determined. After about a month I started to see improvement of my skin and the treatment didn't feel as harsh as it did in the beginning. I watched and educated myself with all of Dan's videos. The cost of the treatment is super low compared to everything I have tried out there. </p><p>I highly recommend Acne.org regime!</p>

    Debbie F. San Diego, California