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Dan your site is wonderful!!! Im so glad I was on the internet that day and found it. Ok I thought there was no hope that I wouldnt have nice skin again. I always had 1 or 2 pimples to deal with but after awhile, I really started to breakout. I dealt with it for a few years. Just yesterday I went buy a store and this person said hi to me and that he remembered that the last time he saw me, I had the chicken pox. I said no it wasnt that. It was my awful acne. He said oh ok but I was glad because it shows my skin was clearing up. and last year, I remember going to a Mc Donalds and the lady at the register mumbled to the other woman "Aww poor girl. She looks like she has a really horrible skin problem. Look at her face!" She probably thought I didnt hear her. I felt bad :( I tried covering up with a lot of makeup, but that day I didn't put any at all. I tried so many products. I realized that if I just follow these simple steps that Dan explained, I was really gonna see a change. I wash my face with a simple cleanser that's not harsh (Neutrogena Fragrance-Free face bar) I use a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. And a moisturizer that Dan recommended as well (Oil of Olay for sensitive skin). I realized that I'm not the only one that deals with acne. There are many people that go through this. I saw many commercials and different advertisements, that just seem so fake. With this site I read about many people and there acne problems and solutions. I get to see them as they go through the process step by step. Thank u all for sharing your stories and information that has helped me too. Dan, u made me believe in myself again. Thank u so much!!! I admire and appreciate how u have helped many people out there!!!!!

Amanda Rivera, Astoria, NY

When I was a kid, my face was always as clear as a bell. When I got into my mid-twenties, and as my endometriosis worsened, everything went downhill!

I have been through several phases of terrible breakouts. I thought this last one might endure forever. It lasted for over a year. I couldn't clear up my face to save my life. Then, suddenly it took a terrible turn for the drastic worse. I was beside myself. So beside myself that I decided to Google "acne." Score!

After two months of religiously, copiously following the regimen, I was seeing only slight progress. I came back to and got the advice that led to my victory:
1. Don't quit too soon and
2. Stop wearing makeup.
Giving up the only thing that hid my disastrous acne was hard and yet freeing.

I am 100% acne free and have remained so for about five straight months.
I love you! I love you! Thank you forever!

Allison G., Los Angeles, CA

Hi Daniel!

My story is simple: I was living inside my head all my life, unable to communicate my inner-most feelings toward my family, I internalized everything and the anger and frustration eventually made it's way onto my face. It was strange to me at first that nowhere else on my body had I broken out. It took me years of over cleansing and depression before I addressed my emotional distress.

I found your website when I was finally ready to simplify my regimen. I found results for the first time in ten years with a mixture of your methods and the confidence I needed to succeed. With a regimen for my skin and a new-found empathetic approach to my life, I've allowed my true self to emerge and I am excited about the world I'm able to meet with eye contact and authenticity.

Thank you for your work Daniel. You've helped me so!

Love and Admiration,

Ashley , Richmond, Va

Dan, Where Do I start?

Just like everyone on this site, I was looking for a cure for acne. I have never had acne until about 6 months ago. I started breaking out, mainly on my cheeks. I became so self-conscious and didn’t want to go out as much. I would put so much make up over it, but it still showed. My coworker told me about your Regimen and shared her story with me . I was VERY hesitant because I thought, just another waste of time for my face. I would read the success stories and think; will I ever be able to write one? I started the regimen. I stuck to it to the T and never missed a morning on night… It was quite a roller coaster though In the beginning. My face was flaky I went through a purge, and was dry. By the second month, my face started to calm down a bit. I do have a lot of scars, but I do see them lighten up. I also switched to Bare Minerals makeup that helped me A LOT. Right now, my skin is the clearest it’s ever been in the past 6 months. Yes, I have scars, but they are VERY easy to cover up…I don’t spend hours trying to cover it up…I have people telling me, wow your skin looks great, what did you do? I can’t believe I am sitting here writing my success story. I always wondered if I was going to, because I just didn’t know what would work for me. This did. I am so thankful for your regimen. I use a Natural Face wash, your BP, Cataphyll Lotion, and sometimes add your AHA. People who are reading this, DO NOT GIVE UP…STICK TO IT. I am finishing my 3rd month and that’s when the results started to show. I know you will have the urge to give up at times, but don’t! GIVE IT AT LEAST 3 months and if your ever feeling down about it, come on the site and read the message boards and communicate with people who are going through the same thing. I can’t thank Dan and everyone at that has helped me so much. I still can’t believe I am writing a success story, when I use to read them every night before I went to sleep to motivate me!


Marcella, California

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to thank you for this website, your amazing generosity to not only share your finding, but also make it so easy for everybody to do the same!!

I never had problems with acne as a teenager...then i got pregnant haha and again, and again, and again, and again. After having 5 children, my skin was horrible. I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed me with cystic acne. I ended up having a horrible allergic reaction to the antibiotic he prescribed me, twice! I also burnt my skin to the point of peeling with the strong cream he gave me as well...

My husband found your page. I had lost hope and i told him that it couldnt be this easy after the pain i went thru. haha He ordered the treatment for me because i wouldnt do it... After doing the regimen for about 2 weeks, I started to see less and less acne, but also, my scars were disappearing.

My sister in canada was also having cystic acne. I told her about your regimen and she ordered the kit from your site the same day. she does not speak English, so i had to guide her thru it, and it worked for her and she is SOO happy!!! she is a gorgeous woman... absolutely beautiful, but that acne was destroying that for her.. she felt ugly and unattractive...especially in her field of work! I felt ugly too... feeling that people couldn't see my face because it was covered with red patches. haha

we are both so happy... to have our faces back!! and its an amazing feeling. It took me to be 31 years old to feel pretty again. haha I have more compliment about my looks now than ever, and i know its only because people can see me now... i wish i knew about this regimen in my 20's! i am attaching pictures of us both NO acne !!! i dont have pictures of before simply because i was too embarrassed to take pictures.

lisanne, cincinnati, ohio

Don't hesitate to order. It WILL WORK! It is a miracle!

I can't stress enough how THANKFUL I am for the products and Daniel Kern's Regimen!

I have tried EVERYTHING. I started using the regimen and in 2 days NO JOKE I was almost Acne FREE!

Today has been 1 week since starting and I don't have to wear foundation anymore... It has made my life so STRESS FREE when it comes to worrying about my skin.

Jamie, Houston

I've been suffering with severe acne for quiet some time now and I swear I tried everything there was to try you name it i tried it but nothing came even close to helping me. My acne really took a toll on me I started to isolate myself and distant myself from friends and family I felt horrible my self esteem was gone but after reading about I didn't try it right away because I thought to myself well here's another product with big claims but boy was I wrong I finally ordered the travel size from amazon and I can honestly tell you that im so thankful 2 weeks later and my face has cleared tremendously i will continue to use this product I feel like I'm getting my life back.

Alyssa, Philly

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for sharing your story and helping others. My only regret is not stumbling upon The Regimen ages ago. I have even used your website so many times to find reviews of other products, but didn't think BP would work! (until I read further detail). Anyway, I have been using the regimen for about two months, and everyday I'm still amazed. I keep waiting for the acne to come back like it has with all other products (even rx), and I'm still clear! Now I'm just watching red spots fade. I am 31 years old and only wish I had this info 15 years ago. Oh well, better late than never! I used to avoid any overnight functions to a fault because I was so embarrassed to be bare-faced in front of others. Now I could care less! I still wear a little make-up, but a girl always will I think. :) Thank you so much for creating your own products (I've tried the BP) in relevant sizes. I can't believe that doctors continue to prescribe dangerous drugs when all they need to do is tell patients about the regimen. Just wanted to say thank you again. You have no idea how much of a life-saver this is! (Or maybe you do because you've been there.) Please never quit spreading the word and keep selling your products!



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