• ACNE.ORG BP TREATMENT GEL (this has changed my life!)

    This is by far, the most amazing skin care product I've ever used

    xCherryBo0m7x USA

  • Dear Acne.org, Daniel Kern, and all of the wonderful helpful people,

    Thank you. Thank you for giving me my life back. I've been struggling with acne since 5th grade and have not lived my life to the fullest because of it. I've tried everything for ProActiv to grocery store brand to organic to just water, because I've wanted to get rid of this pesky bumps that are ruining my life. Come freshman year of high school, I stumble upon Acne.org, and little did I know that my life would be changed forever. My mom didn't let me order the kit, as we are not the wealthiest people, but I saved up every nickel and dime (and penny) to buy myself the kit, and I did it. At first it was too intense, but over time, with a lot of patience (and jojoba), I finally got my skin close to where I want to be.

    Granted, my skin isn't perfect, but you have given me the confidence to go out into the world and be who I can be. I now have a beautiful girlfriend who I have been with since freshman year and scholarship to play college baseball, and the best friends and family anyone can ask for. Is that because my acne is gone? It is because my confidence is back.

    Now we still don't have the most money, but let me tell you I have multiple bottles of every product you offer laying around the house, completely empty, with the ends cut off because I love to, and need to, squeeze out every last drop. My sisters use the cleanser too, so that disappears the quickest, although they deny they use it. But how could they not love it.

    As I'm heading off to college this August, I fear I won't be able to continue the regimen as my family and I must pay hundreds of dollars every month for college, plus car insurance, food, and other necessities. But I'll find a way, because to me the Acne.org products are a necessity, and this wonderful community has been by my side this entire time. So once again, thank you. I could not be more grateful for what you have done for me and my future.

    Christian N Westminster,CO

  • Hello,

    My name is Sam W. and I have had acne since seventh grade. My parents have spent over thousands of dollars for medical treatment from dermatologists. All of the trials and medications they prescribed to me had eventually caused more acne. Let me remind you at one point I was consuming orally two capsule pills twice a day, on top of the topical ointments.

    Throughout school and even today, I have many friends and will always have little problems meeting new people. Despite that great characteristic, having acne has still caused me to develop little self esteem and sometimes even self confidence. Often, I feel like people look at my face in disgust, and could possibly even question my hygiene. I am a very cleanly person, especially for being a 20 year old, male, college student.

    I wish I would have taken the time to do my own web research on acne six years ago, when it all began. Through my numerous educational expeditions, I learned more about acne; what it is, how its caused, and how to treat it, more than I ever did an any of the countless, $300 dollar dermatologist appointments. I have been using your products, and following the Regimen for a half week now. Already, I see greater results than I ever have.

    I hope Dan reads this, and I also hope that Dan contacts me in regards to promoting his products and The Regimen through advertisement. I haven't done thorough research about the company, but I do recall at one point reading that you do not pay for advertisement. This needs to change, because kids out there need an effective, affordable solution that will save their skin from scarring -like mine. I have a quiz in the morning, and took the time from studying for it to write this message. Please respond to it, whether it is by a reply, or hopefully an action of promoting The Regimen. Time to go put on my Treatment.

    Thank you!

    Sam W. Bloomington, Indiana

  • I started using Dan's Regimen about a month or so ago. Before I started using the Regimen.

    I have combination skin and am EXTREMELY sensitive. I have a skin condition called dermatographia. My skin frequently breaks out into red, itchy and sometimes blistery hives. The hives are caused by a sensitivity to scratching (sometimes just touching or light pressure).

    On most days this does not affect me, but since I have struggled with acne, any *picking* I did or anything I tried to do to prevent/treat acne never quite worked. I may rid myself of *some* acne but in the mean time had irritated skin, redness, puffiness, or just broke out more...I had my acne "under control" but...it was never really "great."

    About a week before I ordered the Regimen I made the mistake of purchasing the wrong foundation powder (makeup). I thought it would be fine, I used it, and I broke out horribly. I guess I had habituated to my old makeup and this new product was seriously adversely affecting my skin.

    I was desperate for a new product that would clear me up without making me WORSE, first. I came across acne.org while reading reviews for a product I saw on a late night info-mercial. The reviews convinced me that THAT product wasn't the way to go but also gave me hope in Dan's Regimen.

    Within a week I noticed a difference. As I said, it's been about a month and I think my photo speaks for itself! That was taken after a whole day at work when at a club at 11 PM with NO makeup left! It's really just me! I can't remember feeling so good about my skin that I let someone take my pictures, and that close! And with a flash! And without editing it before posting! I was *amazed* when I saw this.

    Even better, I *never* experienced adverse reactions - I never got worse. I noticed some *slight* pinkness to my skin but it turns out that is my skin tone when I don't wear makeup! Who knew!? I LOVE Dan's Regimen. I recommend it to *everyone*. I am *never* without it. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this.

    Dana Sherman Oaks, CA

  • I really didn't feel right putting such harsh chemicals into my body.

    After stumbling upon your site a few months ago, as a last ditched attempt before i succumbed to the accutane treatment, i decided to give it a go. I wasn't expecting a miracle or anything - i tried to be realistic about how well it might work... but boy, WAS I SHOCKED! Within two weeks of following the regimen using your products my live literally began to change. My destroyed skin started to heal. After using a really "good" exfoliator for so long I never realised that i was doing so much damage to my face. The moment i read your articles on the regimen, someting clicked. It wasnt the food i was eating... it wasnt just stress... it wasn't lack of care.... it was as simple as treating the skin from the outside... giving it time to heal. I look back know and really wish I had been educated years ago.

    Now for the first time in 10 years, I feel gorgeous again! I feel that people can see the real me. I dont have to spend hours putting on my makeup - and i dont reapply it three times a day. My skin is pretty much totally spot free and the red marks are also vanishing. My skin has never been so smooth. The confidence and pride i have now make me radiant! As a graphic designer my life is spent anaylsing how things looks... and i became my own biggest critic. I often couldn't bear to look in the mirror.

    My relationship with food has also totally turned around. I don't feel guilty anymore about eating food - i had always thought that food was causing my acne, but now I can savour so much without questioning its impact.

    So - thanks sooooo much!! I'm so glad i found your site and took a risk..
    thumbs up the whole way!!
    Stacey x

    I read an article on your site from another member about drinking redbush tea to help aswell, and you know what - it works amazingly well! I drink two cups every single day and it definitely boosts my body in the healing process!

    Stacey London

  • I struggled with hormonal cystic acne on my chin for years.
    Since I was as young as 13 I remember having large, painful lesions on my chin. I would only have one or two at a time, but they would be huge and red and last for a month or more! I sort of just dealt with it through high school, trying different cleansers and spot treatments from the store and thinking it would go away as I got older. In college, I realized nothing was getting better after all these years. I also started having issues with ovarian cysts.

    I started to do some research and read about different areas on your face being affected by different areas on the body, which I absolutely believe. I realized the two might be connected, so I started a long journey with visits to dermatologists and doctors. I'm not a candidate for hormone therapy because I suffer a few other health complications. I had an allergic reaction to Spironolactone and I couldn't keep down the Doxycycline. They kept pushing Accutane on me, and I kept saying no. Finally, frustrated, I said "I'll think about it" and brought all of the materials home to go over with my parents. The Accutane book scared me, I couldn't put something in my body that was so frightening. I sat down with my mom and we spent two hours searching the internet together on our laptops, showing each other articles and websites.

    I finally came upon acne.org and at that point I said "what have I got to lose? I already have the acne, it can't get worse." I noticed results really early. My face always felt clean and within two weeks a cyst that would have taken a month to go away was a tiny red speck on my face. I've had one cyst in the 6 months I've been on The Regimen, and any other acne spots I've had are my own slip-ups in the routine but getting back on schedule heals them quickly. I've never been so happy with my face, and I didn't think clear skin was something I'd ever see on myself.

    Thank you for giving me clear skin, and the confidence that comes with it.

    Alexandra Boston

  • Your video was awesome at showing us how to clean her face. All your no-no's we were doing on a daily basis! Thanks so much for helping us.

    After one week, her face is nearly cleared up!


  • Would I do it again?... Absolutely. I think everybody says that who does reviews on this product. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

    DM Makeup

  • I just have to share my success story with you. I am ever so grateful with your treatment... the only way I had ever succeeded in having clear skin was through antibiotics or Accutane which only made me feel ill and once I stopped using them my acne only came back with a vengeance. Being on Acne.org's regime wasn't easy for me in the beginning because of the irritation, dryness and flaking of my skin, but I was consistent, persistent and very determined. After about a month I started to see improvement of my skin and the treatment didn't feel as harsh as it did in the beginning. I watched and educated myself with all of Dan's videos. The cost of the treatment is super low compared to everything I have tried out there.

    I highly recommend Acne.org regime!

    Debbie F. San Diego, California