• I struggled with hormonal cystic acne on my chin for years.
    Since I was as young as 13 I remember having large, painful lesions on my chin. I would only have one or two at a time, but they would be huge and red and last for a month or more! I sort of just dealt with it through high school, trying different cleansers and spot treatments from the store and thinking it would go away as I got older. In college, I realized nothing was getting better after all these years. I also started having issues with ovarian cysts.

    I started to do some research and read about different areas on your face being affected by different areas on the body, which I absolutely believe. I realized the two might be connected, so I started a long journey with visits to dermatologists and doctors. I'm not a candidate for hormone therapy because I suffer a few other health complications. I had an allergic reaction to Spironolactone and I couldn't keep down the Doxycycline. They kept pushing Accutane on me, and I kept saying no. Finally, frustrated, I said "I'll think about it" and brought all of the materials home to go over with my parents. The Accutane book scared me, I couldn't put something in my body that was so frightening. I sat down with my mom and we spent two hours searching the internet together on our laptops, showing each other articles and websites.

    I finally came upon acne.org and at that point I said "what have I got to lose? I already have the acne, it can't get worse." I noticed results really early. My face always felt clean and within two weeks a cyst that would have taken a month to go away was a tiny red speck on my face. I've had one cyst in the 6 months I've been on The Regimen, and any other acne spots I've had are my own slip-ups in the routine but getting back on schedule heals them quickly. I've never been so happy with my face, and I didn't think clear skin was something I'd ever see on myself.

    Thank you for giving me clear skin, and the confidence that comes with it.

    Alexandra Boston

  • Your video was awesome at showing us how to clean her face. All your no-no's we were doing on a daily basis! Thanks so much for helping us.

    After one week, her face is nearly cleared up!


  • Would I do it again?... Absolutely. I think everybody says that who does reviews on this product. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

    DM Makeup

  • I just have to share my success story with you. I am ever so grateful with your treatment... the only way I had ever succeeded in having clear skin was through antibiotics or Accutane which only made me feel ill and once I stopped using them my acne only came back with a vengeance. Being on Acne.org's regime wasn't easy for me in the beginning because of the irritation, dryness and flaking of my skin, but I was consistent, persistent and very determined. After about a month I started to see improvement of my skin and the treatment didn't feel as harsh as it did in the beginning. I watched and educated myself with all of Dan's videos. The cost of the treatment is super low compared to everything I have tried out there.

    I highly recommend Acne.org regime!

    Debbie F. San Diego, California

  • Hey... i just want to say thank you.

    Dan you are a genius. if anybody knew the battle i had with my skin over the years with derms potions and lotions and pills from the age of 11-22 (my current age)... this is the only thing that has ever truly worked... I've come off all tablets, and my skin is clear and its only been three weeks! just left with a few red marks... your site has educated me so much about acne, and i tell everyone about you're site! i feel blessed to have come across it and i'm eternally grateful...

    My advice to anyone struggling with you're skin, try Dan's regimen... believe me i'm the last person on this earth that thought id be able to come off silly tablets that i always relied on for years... good luck!


    nathalie-jean England

  • At around age 12 I began to notice moderate acne. I would follow my mom's instructions of just washing my face twice a day with whatever product she purchased for me at the time, and putting on some makeup on my trouble areas to go to school.

    Through most of my teen years I had an oily T-zone, would get cystic acne on my chin and nose, and smaller whiteheads on my forehead and cheeks.

    I tried using a BP spot treatment from spectro and quickly realized that it really helped. The only problem was that it only came in a tiny bottle.

    I did more research and ended up here at acne.org. I thought I would give it a try.

    After a few days my oily skin dried up (and flaked a little) and my whiteheads disappeared. Overtime I stopped getting cystic acne and my face cleared up!

    It feels amazing to be able to go out without makeup! When I smile I no longer have to feel zits, scabs and sticky makeup moving along with my skin. I don't have to worry about people staring at my zits during conversation. I feel confident, beautiful and free!

    Thank you acne.org for helping me to change my perspective on my face, and my life!

    Johappy Waterloo, Canada

  • Had one super terrible summer of a face that I would not leave the house with. I was on this site every single day. I tried everything on my face possible from lemon juice and peels and everything you can imagine. It was as if my face just became a monster out of nowhere. I had red marks that I thought would never ever go away. After I gave in and tried your BP.... 2 or 3 months later i was clear. absolutely clear. it's been a year now and my face is still clear. I wishhhh i took pictures of my horrible face before i started your regimen. I literally would not leave the house. I called in sick from work. I model and it hurt me more than you know. I use my own gentle face wash and your BP and i'm free. I walk out of the house with no makeup now where I used to take hours to apply and reapply layers of makeup. I'm finally free.

    Thank you for your site and for everything you've done and for your product. It literally saved me =) I used to be scared that people would see my ACNE.ORG bottle in my house- but now go ahead and look at it everyone cuz my face is CLEAR. I'm not embarassed. You rock- thank you for saving me!

    Cara Maria Boston

  • Dear Dan,
    I wanted to tell you my story, I am a 35 year old father of three and since the age of 15 I’ve been ‘spotty’. My family and I recently moved and on registering with a doctor I decided to have yet another crack at sorting out my acne. The doctor prescribed oxytetracycline which I knew wouldn’t work as I had tried it so many times before. I allowed myself to be persuaded as she said my physiology had probably changed over the years and it may now give me good results. It did very little and with the stress I started to get nasty systolic zits right across my face as well as zits on the top of my head (a new one for me!). Long story short – found your site, did the regimen, sorted out the problem once and (fingers crossed) for all. I wanted to share with other sufferers some things I’ve learned over the years:
    - Acne sufferers are the healthiest people alive because they assume that breakouts are the direct result of ‘that cake I ate yesterday’. So they tend to eat really well, exercise, drink loads of water.
    - We learn a deep sense of humility from the way society sees our condition as self inflicted (and trust me, it does!)
    - We are terrified of cameras and see the proliferation of camera phones as our worst nightmare.
    - We tend to dress really well because self image becomes very high on the priority list – if we can’t have clear skin, then these jeans had better look amazing
    - We fall well short of our potential in life or we compensate by being over-achievers (usually both; if you do well at work, your friendship circle is a disaster and vice versa)
    - When we feel really low, we can’t understand that other people love us and don’t care about our skin. We simply don’t believe them.
    - When we’re clear, we’re unstoppable, on top of the world with the years of waiting and anxiety behind us, we are equipped to take on anything.
    READ AND LEARN FROM THIS SITE PEOPLE, professionals and companies will never take you seriously, they just don't understand

    Alex Shropshire, England

  • Dear Dan,

    What can I say that hasn't already been said before. My story is like to so many others on here. I am 37 (turning 38 on Saturday). I have been battling acne since... well it feels like since birth. And I was resolved to the fact that I would be battling it until the day I died. I tried everything before your regimen. EVERYTHING!

    I have been on the regimen about a week and a half. In that time, I feel like my life has changed. I feel like I have a new hope that I will not wake up everyday depressed over what has grown on my face while I slept. I am not worrying about if I will be able to go out or how much make up I will need to apply or how ridiculous I will look. I don't contemplate re-doing my make up or not going at all. And I haven't cried looking at myself in the mirror in the last week... now I smile!

    The texture of my skin has also changed already. My skin doesn't hurt anymore and I feel like a normal person; a person with normal skin.

    You have done more than cleared my complexion, you have changed my life. You have alleviated this enormous burden of non-stop stress over pimples.

    I have three words: I LOVE YOU! Thank you Dan! Thank you thank you thank you thank you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!!

    Keep up the amazing work! If there's anything I can do to help the cause please tell me. I have already started spreading the word!!

    Graciously and sincerely,

    p.s. my pics are not great. I realize that to many my "before" doesn't look that bad, but that's because I was cooping myself in the house for weeks before the holidays in the desperate hope that not wearing makeup and applying 10% BP around the clock would help. It helped but also made my skin worse in other ways. My after shot was a few minutes ago... not my best look, but you get the idea :-)

    Jennifer Sarasota, FL