• I discuss the treatment and aha product by acne.org. I have had great success with them.


  • My Current Acne Regimen: Acne.org Clarisonic PMD

    Erica BrittanyXo

  • i've been following the regimen for 3 or so years. its has dramatically simplified/improved my life. 4 products, a few simple rules. done. Facescrubs...gone Pro-Activ.......out! 10% benzoyl.....done. i've used Anthony logistics, Mensscience, Lab Series, Kiehls, Jack Black. I'm telln you, easily couple thousand. Everytime I was out, try the new thing. and the real bonus? this forum. everything from shaving to getting product outa bottom of bottle (love that) . Dan, if ur ever in South Philly, believe me , i'll get you fed like nothn you ever saw. I'm a lil pushy. so any chance of makn body bar soap??? try ignore double chin in picture. only get thin in this city is jail.

    tuddyt philly

  • I just have to share my success story with you. I am ever so grateful with your treatment... the only way I had ever succeeded in having clear skin was through antibiotics or Accutane which only made me feel ill and once I stopped using them my acne only came back with a vengeance. Being on Acne.org's regime wasn't easy for me in the beginning because of the irritation, dryness and flaking of my skin, but I was consistent, persistent and very determined. After about a month I started to see improvement of my skin and the treatment didn't feel as harsh as it did in the beginning. I watched and educated myself with all of Dan's videos. The cost of the treatment is super low compared to everything I have tried out there.

    I highly recommend Acne.org regime!

    Debbie F. San Diego, California

  • This is not a sponsored video at all. I bought this product after see all the good reviews about it and I decided to try it myself. For me, I having a trouble almost on my entire face. My forehead have those little pimple which is annoying and both of cheek have those redness from the pimple before. After I use the product for a couple weeks, I notice a BIG difference such as my face become much more flawless than before. Even my boyfriend who touch my face say how come my face can be really soft and no pimple at all. For those who never try yet.. Its your time to shine!!

    Mega Indonesia

  • I am so thankful to acne.org, and all it has done for my skin. Watch my review to hear the details of how acne.org worked for me.

    Brigina O'Bryan Pasadena, California

  • My "Holy Grail" skin care product| Acne.org

    BrittTheBombshell Unknown

  • Dan,

    Thank you so much for your selflessness in making this website.
    Im a 21 year old male and I've been dealing with acne since I was 14.
    About a year ago, I stopped my perscription creams and pills because of lack of improvement. I regularly had 2-3 small pimples and thats how it stayed. After about 5 months off my old regimen, my acne came back with a vengeance. In a matter of weeks about 50 % of my face was covered with acne. I was devastated because not only did I want to hide, but my job requires me to work in close contact with people.

    I didn't know where to turn but prayer. I asked God for a solution to my affliction and in a few days I stumbled upon your website. I could see that you where an average bloke willing to help people and I was drawn to your sincerity. I went to the chemist and bought the materials. Within two weeks on the regimen, I saw a little improvement. I continued on the regimen until at four months, I was finally clear. At times it was very hard to continue and many times I felt like giving up. But through your guidance, continued prayer, and the success stories of others,I prevailed and am so glad with the results.

    I can now focus on what I truly enjoy, turning others to Jesus. You see I'm a lay missionary for the Catholic church. Me and my team are constantly having people over and running faith studies. I'm also required to get up an speak in front of hundreds of people to tell them what Jesus means to me. Through this new confidence, I now feel free to be myself and not hide in my room. I feel free to get up in front of a crowd without the fear of people looking at my acne instead of hearing what I have to say.
    Thank you so very much Dan for your dedication and sincerity,
    I will continue to pray for you and your awesome work,

    Drew R.

    Drew R.

  • The photos on the left were before I tried The Regimen. I started using suggested products, not the actual Regimen itself, two weeks before. I wanted to try and see how my skin will react to the products before I placed the order. After a week using it, I was pretty happy with the results. So I went ahead and ordered them. I started using The Regimen on July 4 and since then I am very happy with the results.