• I've had acne since I hit puberty and I had an early puberty. Yeah I hit it hard. I had really bad acne and I just hated it. My mother told me it was a phase and I'd get over it. I was so self conscious that I just hated getting my pictures taken and everything. My mom would also make me Chinese remedy to help my acne (didn't work too well), took me to the doctors (the drugs didn't work), many over the counter acne cleanser and what not (went through a lot), I even ordered Proactiv and I thought "Hey, for all skin...maybe it'll work" Just made my skin more irritated and didn't work. I just gave up and somehow I came across this site and said "Well...might as well give it one last try."

    I'm a soon to be 19 year old, first year college student and I started January 7th, and so this is my 4th week into it and my skin is CLEAR! For the first time, I took a picture of myself, took it into photoshop, fixed the colour of the picture (since my camera isn't the greatest) and for the FIRST TIME I didn't have to air brush my skin. It looks GREAT! Other than the few scars I already have (which I don't mind) My skin is CLEAR. You MAY get the occasional pimple but they disappear in a flash. The regimen really works and I can say nothing more but THANK YOU DAN! This really boost my confidence and I just feel great with clear skin.

    Allison London, Ontario, Canada

  • I started getting acne at the age of 15. At first it did not bother me. When i turned 16 i had terrible acne. I tried a lot of products like proactiv, clean and clear, clearasil, benzac, detox diets, and many more. Nothing worked i became so depressed. I remember one morning i was getting ready to go school. I looked in the mirror and just started to cry and I did not go school that day and many days because I was so embarrassed. Hours after hours of research about acne. Until one day i found a site called ACNE.ORG. And I could not believe the amount of great information one this site. I looked at the videos and read Dan’s blogs. I was so blown away about a man who was so driven to help people with acne prone skin. Once I realized that Dan was selling products I just had to try it. I quickly told my mum and she order it. Once I tried the products it was OUTSTANDING!. Everything was so right so perfect. Well I’m 17 now and I still have clear skin from then. Back then i was depressed, angry, and confused. Today I’m happy not confused and not depressed.

    I was trapped in a maze for years Dan showed me a way out!

    Thank you Dan my teacher from far!

    Zynal S. New Zealand

  • Hi Daniel,

    I just want to thank you for changing my life! The last few years I have been studying and doing some part time modeling, but for some reason I began getting acne prone skin. I have trying ALL of the skin treatments out there and I have literally spent thousands on those products and NONE of them really worked...

    Until I tried your products, my acne literally disappeared in 3 days!

    I am currently using your face wash, Treatment, and AHA+; it is doing wonders for my skin!

    Thank you once again! For saving my career and my life!

    Schalk J. South-Africa

  • After using the regimen for only 2 weeks these are the results ive gotten. Im going to continue to use this treatment since it didnt cause redness and cracking of my skin. The results ive gotten for a 2 week period speak for themselves. Thanks for making a great product :)

    Alex Diaz New York

  • Thank you for saving my life!

    I was experiencing so much pain from my acne, physical and mental. My face actually hurt to the point of tears. I can not believe I have pretty skin now! After I was on the regimen for about 3 months, I was completely clear. I still get a few blemishes (Not painful pimples, small red blemishes!) around that time of the month, but Dan's AHA clears those right up over night. Everyone always tells me, "You are glowing!" or "You are so pretty!" now.
    I never had such confidence.

    The regimen is so cheap, easy to follow, and effective!

    Cary Kessinger Denver, CO

  • I've had mild to moderate acne ever since high school. I've tried product after product and have probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars trying to get rid of it. I tried Proactive - didn't work. I tried minocycline - didn't work. I tried the Vichy line for acne-prone skin - didn't work. I tried the Neostrata line... well, you get the picture. I've always had to wear makeup because I was so self-conscious about my acne. Again, I probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on that stuff too. So, come this past summer, I happened to come across this website. I was hesitant at first because I had tried so many products in the past without any success; however, I decided to take a chance and order the regimen (the face wash, BP, moisturizer and I decided to the throw in the jojoba oil for good measure).

    I started the regimen on October 7th and it's now December 29th. Guess what happened? It worked! This is the first time in 10 years that I'm completely acne free! I no longer feel self-conscious about leaving my house without any makeup on. I still have a bit of hyperpigmentation left behind from my acne, but it's going away.

    If you have mild to moderate acne, then you should definitely give the regimen a try. I started out doing the regimen both morning and night, but I discovered that I only have to use the BP at night and it's been working great (I was paranoid about bleaching any of my clothing). I have two suggestions to anyone thinking about starting the regimen: Invest in a good eye cream because even though I steer clear of my eye area with the BP, I think that it migrates to that area a bit. Also, the BP will migrate down your neck a bit, so what I do once I'm on the moisturizing step is dab moisturizer on my upper neck, then all over my face, and then, starting with my neck (because there's no BP there), I rub in the moisturizer and then proceed to my face.

    In closing, I just want to say one last thing: Thank you Dan!

    Jennifer Niagara Falls, Canada

  • Dear Dan,

    I really would like to thank you for all the effort you've put into this website and the production of the amazing BP treatment!! I am 22 and have had mild but persistent acne since I was 13. That's 9 years of bad skin - not fun! Prior to using the regimen, I had found products which gave me false hope but invariably they either stopped working after a while or made me break out even more! As a result I was always buying new products and over the years had spent a fortune on things that did *not* work. I must admit I was at first sceptical when I stumbled across Acne.org and your regimen. However given the price of the products and after reading all the information available on the website, I reckoned it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. I started the regimen in January, 2009 using your BP and over-the-counter cleanser and moisturiser. The results were almost immediate. After about 2 weeks I KNEW it was working and not just a fluke!!! It's now been 4 months and my skin is looking great! I've posted pictures on the forum (with the alias mackoo0524... you have personally commented on them and I'd be more than happy for you to use them) as well to encourage people who are thinking of going on the regimen. I can't even begin to describe how much more confident having clear skin makes me feel... I can now go places without having to pile on a ton of foundation! Everyone close to me has noticed a difference and asked me what I've been doing differently. My sister who's always had perfect skin started breaking out recently and I got her to try the BP and so far it's working really well for her too! I really would recommend this to everyone. Dan thanks again for your hard work and please please please don't ever discontinue the amaaaaaazing BP!!!

    Best wishes,

    Kayee UK

  • I wanted you to see the difference that this regimen made in my life.

    I must admit a few years back I was reading about the negative effects of skin oxygenation and I came off of the regimen because of what I read online. This proved to be the worst thing I could have done. After I came off of the regimen, my relationship with the regimen has been on and off for the past several years. It was difficult starting again each time. I tried to get back on it but my skin felt way too dry and I didn't push pass the difficult beginning stages because of the flaking or dead skin that would accumulate. This regimen is the only thing that works for me. I've tried a million other things it seems like, some of which made my acne 10 times worse.

    I'm back on the regimen, this time for good, and I'm working through the dryness. I just believe that my skin will get used to it and I will be ramped up to the full dosage soon. I don't have any active pimples just hyperpigmentation and brown spots from old acne.

    Anyway, I'm grateful for this regimen. Thank you so very much, for helping me to gain my confidence again. I've attached pictures.

    Thanks again,

    Sheri H. GA

  • There are a lot of other videos about this subject but I want to share with you guys because I have had acne since I was thirteen and I tried everything. Basically, the regimen is a combination of benzoyl peroxide, moisturizing and cleansing. It is pretty straightforward and it absolutely works.


I have been doing this same regimen for about ten years now and I think my skin looks pretty nice for my age, in large part because I always wear moisturizer with sunblock.