• My acne exploded at possibly the worst time of my life. I was struggling with some mental health/body image issues at the time, and the onset of adult acne did not help to say the least. I had stopped eating at the college cafeteria because I was so afraid to show my face in public. I would hide in my dorm room all day, and feel like I had to hide my face even from my roommate/best friend. I was skipping class all the time because it was just too much trouble to spend hours picking at my face/piling on enough makeup to muster up the courage to face other people. Trying to deal with these other issues on top of acne was frustrating, and when I was finally able to take control of my skin I felt like I could start taking control of other aspects of my life. So thank you acne.org, because helping me clear my skin was just one small step in helping me get my life back together, but it was the first step. I feel happier and healthier than I've felt in over a year :)

    Karen USA

  • I've had persistent acne ever since I was 13 years old. I'm almost 23 and I can say that I'm finally clear. I tried everything under the sun except for accutane because I was too concerned of the side effects. It took me about 2 weeks to see results from starting The Regimen. It was amazing to see my progress over the year. I kept a blog on acne.org (my user name is CeruleanCity) to share my experience. Thank you Dan & acne.org crew for curing my acne. The products offered are straight forward, simple, affordable and best of all - it works.

    Kimy Orange County

  • This review is long over due. (no rhymige intended) I have been on the acne.org regimen for over 1 year now. 1 year! That is such a huge deal to me, y'all don't even understand. I started this regimen like most, with no hope left. I've had acne since I was about 11, I'm now 21. I tried all the over the counter products possible. Not so much luck. Doctor prescriptions helped temporarily, but still weren't good enough. My jaw and cheeks were covered with painful cysts and bumps. I could hardly open my mouth without it hurting! I had all the drugstore essentials Dan reccomened, so I got to work on my face. The beginning was pretty bad. It defintely got worse before it got better. But after about 4 months, my acne was pretty much under control! 1 year later, I still use my BP day and night (reduced amounts) and now I'm taking care of my actual skin and not just my acne! Thank you for all the great tips and advice Dan and everyone here on acne.org!


  • Dan,

    I will never be able to put into words how thankful I am for sharing with all of us what worked for you in clearing your acne. I grew up having such terrible skin and low self esteem that often comes along with having severe acne. Going through different products and ending up with them failing is a hard process to go through every time, especially when you want it to work so bad.

    When I did give in to trying the regimen, it wasn't the easiest process to start. It was difficult and rushed and uncomfortable. But I'll be the first to say that it was the best decision for me to stick with it. I got clear and have stayed clear for a little over a year now. There really are no words, but hopefully a thank you will do.

    Thank you, Dan.

    Nic Cebu City, Philippines

  • To Dan,
    hi.I am shehrzad,a twenty seven year old mom of two.I had acne ever since the age of 13.I tried everything from detox to antibiotics.After 7 years of struggle I was seriously thinking about retinoids but luckily I came across acne.org.I had been prescribed Benzoyl peroxide in the past too but hated the redness.However,watching the tutorial and the guide I decided to give it a go.Thank God I did it.My face cleared up in 6 months and I tried it on my back which cleared up in 4 months since I used 10 % on it.
    I wish I could show you some before photos.My acne was so bad that I used to avoid face shots and never had any photos without makeup.However,the after photos of my cheeks and forhead area are enough to show what havoc acne once wreaked there.
    Now thank God I have been acne free for the past 7 years.Occasional blackheads and bumps yes but nothing major.Whenever i see my face in the mirror i thank God and send a prayer Dan's way because he is the one who did a very kind thing by sharing his regimen with people like me.
    If you are also a victim of acne which is scarring your self esteem I would say do give this a go.A try wont hurt anything.However,persistence,patience and following the regimen to the last dot is the key.

    Shehrzad Pakistan



  • I have been on the regimen since just before Christmas. I have always had terrible acne, and EXTREMELY sensitive skin. Both my mother and father also had severe acne. I was lucky when I was younger to have Acutane, however now I am in my early 20's and it began to come back full force. It came back slowly until it just exploded last November. I had just begun a relationship, and stress from working too many hours and school was overwhelming. That mixed with the acne, made me become a complete recluse. I made up lies so I didn't have to meet people on the really bad flare up days. I began to get huge PAINFUL and itchy/irritated bumps around my lips, so that I felt my acne with every facial twitch.

    Finally I stumbled onto this site. The regimen has almost cleared my skin, except for a few small stubborn bumps that come back. I am so greatful! I found myself becoming more obsessed with other "defective" parts of my appearance, which made me stop and think that for once I was confident enough to leave the house without always obsessing over my face. I still wear too much makeup (hopefully I can force myself to stop).

    What I use:
    - walgreens brand 2.5 benzoil
    - neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer
    - neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser
    - plus my clindamycin gel

    For other women: I had an IUD for over a year, it caused me to gain weight and grow coarser hair around my mouth (which I think caused the mouth area erruptions). I had it removed, and am now on daily birth control. My skin and weight has improved.


  • My first two weeks on Acne.org Regimen acne treatment system


  • Acne.org 2 months/Face update

    Kat De Love