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  • ACNE.ORG process(works after 2 weeks!!!)

    miss jazell

  • I have literally tried every product out there to heal my skin. I get painful cysts that are impossible to cover or hide with makeup. I'm an Esthetician (skin care specialist) so having cystic acne was not very good advertisement. The acne.org regimen has cleared my skin and I am so grateful! Thank You Dan for making these wonderful products that actually work :)

    Candace California

  • I started the regimen on August 12, 2015 and today, about 4 months later, I can say that my skin looks awesome. My acne was really gross and bad and getting severe. There were definitely times when I wanted to stop the regimen because I thought I was getting no results, but I stuck to it. My advice to anyone having doubts is STICK TO IT! Nothing else helped me, and I tried so much. I My skin hasn't looked this good since 6th grade, and I am a junior in high school. Thank you so much for all of the help, Dan and others. Everyone has been telling me that my skin looks really good. I thought that this whole site was a scam, but I was so embarrassingly wrong. Stay patient and persistent, guys. Good luck! (but you don't even need luck with this regimen, trust me).

    Logan Los Angeles, CA

  • This is a three month transformation picture, but I have suffered from acne for over ten years. My acne was painful, sensitive and embarrassing. It was so frustrating to find anything that works. I tried so many different creams, cleansers, chemicals, dermatology treatments and expensive spa services. I've finally found something that works for me. I'm still dealing with scarring, but I am so happy that my face no longer hurts to touch!

    Sarah New York

  • I have had issues with acne for a while and it got really frustrating going through products such as noxzema, clean & clear, clearasil, and yes even proactive. I tried a product that claimed to be all natural and it irritated my face so bad that when I went to visit family they thought that I had poison ivy on my face!! I could not understand why my face was breaking out so badly I took good care of myself I excercised washed my face (not too much) and ate a very healthy diet (more so than anyone else in my family and I was the only one having issues). I was looking for more things to try and stumbled across this system and have almost been using it for a month now and I have already noticed a huge difference. I am trying my best to follow the instructions closely and am looking forward to see more improvement in the future.

    Alex Illinois

  • My name's A-A-Ron. When I was in high school, I usually had worse acne than anyone else there. Then when I was 16, it got really really severe. My family members and friends would look at me funny. It was a serious fight to stay positive and not go anti-social.

    I wish I had good before-pics! My acne was worse than ANYONE'S that I've seen in person. I made myself depressed. OTC Acne Meds didn't work and I started to despise them. I researched diet, cut out all my sugar intake, stopped eating bananas and other random things (haha), but none of that had a noticeable effect after months. Then I found the Regimen and Acne.org. It looked very promising, so I decided to try it. I admit I put on WAY too much of the Benzyl Peroxide to start, but I could see the results almost immediately from then on. I had another breakout 2 weeks into using it, which I heard was to be expected. It took 5 weeks of diligently applying the regimen (not skipping steps) before all my active zits were gone. All that remained were red marks and scars.

    Happy as I was with the results, I still made myself depressed about the red marks and wondered if they would go away. I did a ton of research on it. I tried using Apple Cider Vinegar and a bunch of other random things. They didn't noticeably affect my skin. After about 5 months, my skin got a lot better on its own. With prayer I was also able to kick my habit of being depressed.

    4 years later, I'm still happily using the regimen. It's the ONLY thing I know of that's reliable for clearing acne fast.. except for Accutane, but I don't want birth defects ;)

    Aaron Iowa

  • How I Cleared My Acne and Hyperpigmention

    Brady Florida

  • I discuss the treatment and aha product by acne.org. I have had great success with them.