• I'm a 24 year old woman from India. Have been following the regimen for about 2 weeks now. My skin looks fantastic.:) I use dove soap before I slather on the BP(In india, the only 2.5% BP I've seen comes in a small tube that lasts for 2 weeks max. It costs about Rs 60 and it is manufactured by galderma). I have very dry, sun-sensitive skin and I follow up with Oil of Olay SPF-15 moisturizer. Works like a charm. Like most Indians, I have light brown skin. The first 2-3 days of BP made my skin rough, and there was a mild bleaching effect in patches. I was a little hesitant to continue. People at work even asked if I had a vitamin deficiency (If you've suffered a long time from acne, you realise that the average person isn't too big on tact).

    But I decided to give it time. I've suffered from moderate-severe acne for about 8 years now with limited success in treating it. I've tried retino-A, clindamycin, oral antibiotics(doxycycline, tetracycline - they were terrible. Felt like throwing up all the time. They really messed up my tum). I've also tried BP in the past, but probably didn't apply it effectively. This is brilliant Dan. You're doing the world a great service. Keep up the good work, and god bless.

    Anamika India

  • Hello. I am a 14 year old male from Indiana. I just started getting acne a couple of months ago. I didn't think much of it untill everyone at school and even my friends started making fun of the serverenes of it. So... I started surfing the net to see what I could do about my problem. When I found your site, I did what it said...my face is starting to really clear up! I used to think whenever I was talking to someone, they would be staring at the red dots all over my face. It irritated me alot. Thank you for giving my life back! Feel free to put this e-mail on your site!


  • I have to say this... I am a long-time mild acne sufferer. Definitely not severe, but just enough acne ALL the time to drive me CRAZY. I tried Retin-A, but that failed miserably...I was on that for nearly 9 months and saw no improvement at all.
    Then I found Dan's regimen... I bought his BP cream, and 6 weeks ago...and literally have been completely clear for 3 straight weeks now. I have NEVER had completely clear skin. EVER. I used to get bad breakouts around my "time of the month" and the past 2 months, I got NOTHING. No pimples...no breakouts...nothing but beautiful, clear skin.

    Here's what I use: Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar (Morning and night), Neutrogena Healthy Skin Moisturizure-SPF15 (Morning), and FULL index finger worth of Dan's BP at night. I don't use the BP in the morning, and don't moisturize at night. It's a beautiful thing.

    THANKS SO MUCH DAN. This stuff is amazing.

    Stephanie Alexandria, VA

  • Hi Dan,

    I used to have pretty bad stress-related acne that started when I was about 22, right up to 27 - 4 months ago when I tried your program!

    I had a little peeling for a week or so when I first started, but I stuck it out and 4 months later my skin is the clearest it's been in 5 years! I don't need to wear makeup anymore unless I _want_ to. No more needing to spend 20 minutes putting on makeup in the morning just to look human! No matter what I do or eat, or how crazy my job is, or how little sleep I'm getting, my skin still looks great. The occasional spot (and I really do mean occasional... wheeeeee!) vanishes within 1-3 days.

    I honestly never thought I could have skin like this, and that people who did have skin like this were just 'the lucky ones'.

    And best of all, it's so affordable - cheap really! Especially compared to spending hundreds of dollars at a dermatologist for methods that may not work, or if they do, work only in the short term.

    Thanks ever so much from Singapore. It's such a wonderful, generous thing you've done creating and maintaining this site.

    Warmest regards,

    JD Chan

  • I'm now 28 and have been bothered by acne for over half my life. For almost as long, I've seen more than my fair share of dermatologists and been on just about every acne prescription out there. For me, the only one that completely worked was accutane, which of course has side effects that were hard to cope with. And unfortunately, the benefits of accutane wore off after a year. The effects from a second round of it were similarly short-lived. In my early twenties, after accutane failed to cure my acne, I conceded defeat and let acne rule my life. Not surprisingly, I sunk into a deep depression.

    Recently, I regained my determination to live life on my own terms. First, I tried proactiv and then some expensive microdermabrasion and extraction treatments. These were only slightly effective, and very unkind to my wallet. Two months ago, I was almost ready to give up again. Then I came across your site. I immediately went out and bought some recommended BP and moisturizer, and for the last 6 weeks I've completely acne-free! My skin looks just as good as it did right after my accutane regimen--but of course your regimen is cheap and without the nasty side-effects. Thanks Dan for all your dedication to helping acne-sufferers everywhere!

    Let me also say that as a medical student, you've influenced my sense of the ideal doctor-patient interaction. My personal doctors were so quick to write prescriptions without first seeing whether cheaper alternatives (which I was not aware of) would work. They also were too busy to explain how to correctly apply the products and which moisturizers were best for acne-prone skin. You, on the other hand, guide us through the regimen, so as to leave no doubt how to correctly follow it. I try to emulate your deliberate approach as I learn how to interact with patients, regardless of the particular malady.

    Sean Nashville, Tennessee

  • dan,

    i cant thank you enough for taking the time to post this clear-skin regime online. i have been on menocycline for about 4 years now, and have tried differin, retin-a, and countless over-the-counter products. my last system worked somewhat but was inCREDIBLY complicated. this is so simple and works 10 times better than anything else ive ever tried. i actually have clear, even skin and ive been using it for only a week. its a breakthrough. ive been telling everyone i know :) thank you because i read it just in time for my senior trip to california...granted, i had a lot more fun this way.

    Rachel Louisville, KY

  • Hello!

    I began using the Regimen in April 2010. I really don't want to tell my whole life story, but I want to make sure to give a huge THANK YOU to Daniel Kern and his products!

    I have fought acne since I was in middle school and I am now 34 years old. I have tried everything. I have very fair, sensitive skin. These are the first products that actually work for me. I use the Cleanser, Treatment and Moisturizer and the Jojoba Oil.

    Thank you a million times over… It’s the greatest feeling to have clear, beautiful skin! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Oh… one more time… THANK YOU!

    Ginger Williamstown, KY

  • Dear Dan,

    I want to thank you for devoting your time to your wonderful website. I am 23 and have suffered with mild acne since my pre-teen years.

    Like many other acne sufferers, I tried many treatments, both over the counter and prescriptions. Nothing helped. While my skin wasn't 'terrible', I was very unhappy with my mild acne. I work in a doctor's office and patients were always telling me, 'You look like you are 15 years old.' I know this was partly due to my acne because it definately made me look like a teenager. When I came across your website, I definately thought your regimen was worth a shot.

    Within just two days, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. By the end of week one, my skin was completley clear. I have used this for several months now and have been acne free.

    Like I said, I work in a doctor's office. I am very close with the physicians I work for and I told them about your website and how it helped my skin clear more than any other medication. Working in family practice, we see patients of all ages. Before referring to patients to a dermatologist for acne, our doctors try to treat them first.

    Thanks to your website, for patients with mild acne, the doctors I work for now suggest your regimen to our patients. They also give out your website and tell the patients it has plenty of helpful information.

    Words cannot express my gratitude for your website. It has literally changed my life!

    Jeanette Sacramento, CA

  • Hi. I am a 24 YO male and ever since I was 15 or so I have had either mild or moderate acne. I always had at least 2-3 pimples. There were always people that had a much more severe case than I, but the amount of pimples that I had still bothered me. Over the years I have used Retin-A, erythromiasen (<-spelling??) and salicylic acid. It worked, but not that well. My face was never completely clear.

    About a month ago I found your site and decided to try your regimen. I got the soap, the moisturizer and 5% bp. I got the 5% because I could find no 2.5%. Within 2 weeks my face was all the way clear. A couple weeks later it was time to get some more bp and this time I found some 2.5% so I got that and within a day I got some breakouts. So I looked for some more 5% and found none. I had to choose between 2.5% and 10% so I got the 10% since the 2.5% did not work for me. Within a day I was clear again. I have been using the 10% for a few days now and this stuff does not seem harsh at all. I have been applying the 10% bp 2-3 times daily and washing before each application and I don't even need to moisturize to keep clear, healthy looking skin. During the first couple weeks with the 5% stuff I needed to moisturize...but now that I have adjusted to the bp I need none.

    Steve Oregon