• You have heard it before, but I am going to say it again!!!
    I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE. All the antibiotics (even Accutane), all the creams and gels (prescription and non-prescription), all the herbs, and all the vitamins, for nearly 20 years. The only thing that has always worked for me is Benzoyl Peroxide. But, it never fully cleared my skin 100%. After some of my own research (trail and error), I found out that the skin's pH level may be a crucial part of my problem. This may be the problem source for other peoples breakouts and stubborn skin as well. So I took a step back and realized it may be my daily cleanser that was the source. I've tried every soap and cleanser you can by at the store. Plain soaps, natural soaps, body washes, salicylic acid washes, benzoyl washes, you name it. All the crazy gimmicks and regimens just never worked more than a few days. I wanted to try a daily cleanser that was as basic as it gets and didn't contain any harsh chemicals or crazy acids and oils to help my pH. I couldn't believe it when I came across the "Cleanser" offered by Dan. This was exactly what I was looking for. I have been using it as my daily wash in the shower and as a shampoo (since those were a problem source also) and it is a miracle worker. Doesn't clog pores, doesn't dry the skin, and doesn't have an offensive odor. My skin feels fresh, clean and "normal" 24/7. I was right. My skin's pH is the problem and I have found that perfect balance. Please promote the "Cleanser" more. I know it will help others too. It was that secret ingredient for me, in addition to the daily Benzoyl Peroxide. Don't ever stop making it. If this was sold in stores, they wouldn't be able to keep it in stock. I wish someone had told me sooner about the importance of the skins natural oils and pH. I suppose Success is built on Failure, and I have had many failures. This is a true success story and I have been waiting a long time to tell my own. Thanks again to Dan and Acne.org!

    Jay Tampa

  • THIS WORKS! I feel like I'm repeating everything that has already been said, but honest to God this is the ONLY thing that has worked for me. I, like thousands of others, have spent obscene amounts of time and money, desperately trying to find something that will clear up my skin and God forbid, do what it says it does. I'm 36 years old and didn't have any skin problems until I reached the age of 30 and then all hell broke loose. My skin is perfectly clear now!! All of the little bumps that I had under the skin, as well as the monster pimples I once had are completely gone!!! I cannot thank you enough for creating this website. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Thank you so much for sharing your story and putting together these products.

    Since I work out every day, it seems like I'm always sweaty. I tired other products on my back and nothing seemed to help clear it. Finally after using the back regime kit, it has drastically helped... I rarely get a break out but I use the regime religiously!

    I feel free to wear any kind of top now.

    Thanks again,


  • I have tried almost every expensive prescription known to try and fend off my acne. I have had acne since I was 12! My acne started to wear off once i started college, but still every now and then I would get break outs. Ever since my first year of college i have been using clindagel, a prescription that works great for my face. However my back started getting HORRIBLE cystic acne. I tried a prescription pill, and it worked but then the acne came back and came back strong. I have been so horrified by it, i never wear halters or low cut tops because i have little acne on my chest as well. I started the regimen only last week and i see GREAT results! No new huge pimples have been on my back, it seems to be recovering from the scars left behind from the other one's. My chest is also recovering as well, no new breakouts so far! My face has gotten WAY better however my skin is usually dry so it just got even drier. I would recommend for girls to get a moisturizer that suites them best. The moisturizer i use that works wonders is clinique and its for very dry skin. I was using a regular moisturizer found at any store and it wasnt doing much. I just want to say how wonderful this regimen is! Im 21 years old and FINALLY seeing the results ive been waiting for

    Stephanie California

  • HELLO. You people are amazing! I followed the regimen for about 2 weeks and my almost all the visible acne went away. After that, it started flaring up again, but only cos I started picking at my face. heh. But i'm back to the regimen again and I'm so so sure my skin is going to clear up with enough discipline! Thank you for making this thing, never found anything that works quite like it (:

    Jess Singapore

  • Hi - I just wanted to write you an enormous thank you for resolving my skin problem and also that of my two teenage step-daughters - result!

    I am 44 and about 18 months ago started to get little bumps under the skin - bizarre - I'd never had spots before. Apparently it was over active sebaseous glands. Visits to the dermatologist and undergoing dermabrasions (at £100 a time and 1 per month) did nothing to improve the situation and, pathetic as it may sound, I started to get a little depressed. Thinking medication was the only way ahead I started to do some internet based research and came across your website.

    I tried the benzoyl peroxide 5% and within 3 days my spots had gone. I couldn't believe it (and costing about £3.50 for a tube which will last me months) was rather peed off with my dermatologist.

    Since then I'm like a religious zealot - my step-daughters both had acne - not any more thanks to BP. So I'm definitely in their good books!

    I have never written on a blog before but felt so strongly I made this a first.

    Anyway, I just can't thank you enough. Spread the word! Julia

    Julia London

  • i would just love to say thank you so much for all you do! You really deserve it. I started getting acne my freshman year of college and have tried everything( ProActiv, Exposed, supplement pills, every face cream at the drug store) the past 6 years. I have very sensitive skin and was to the point that i had 2 options: slight acne with a rash from the chemicals, or moderate acne and no rash. wasn't a big fan of the rash so needless to say i have had the moderate acne for about 2 years and just grew to having it as part of my life. until the patients at work, im a nurse, started commenting about it and i started trying more products again without success. i stumbled on your website and was skeptical but thought why not atleast the products were fragrance and dye free and i wasn't going to get a rash. i've been using the produts for 3 days and my acne of 6 years is almost clear and my face feels great. my co-workers and patients have noticed the remarkable change. i just sing your praises. please keep up the great work your a life saver.

    Megan Missouri

  • Dan, you are truly an amazing person for sharing your regimen. It took a while for it to work, but now my skin is much better than it was before. My advice to someone who is thinking of trying this regimen: keep using it no matter how your skin looks, if it doesn't work right away it WILL WORK eventually, give it sometime. Wouldn't you rather wait a while for something to work, rather than trying something else and irritating your skin even more? Anyway, thanks again Dan.

    Taryn Alberta, Canada

  • Dan and Brandy,

    You guys are amazing! I can't tell you how much this site, your products, and the Regimen have changed my life. I had tried everything over the counter and many prescribed treatments, and nothing ever worked for me until I began using this regimen. My acne struggles began when I was 13. I am now 25 and, for the first time since childhood, I have clear skin. The thing that's so amazing about this site is that you not only tell people what products to use--you give specific instructions about how to use them. You tell people basic dos and don't for keeping your skin clear--for example, the tips on how to shave properly when you struggle with acne. I never had any dermitologist tell me how to shave in a way that keeps my skin from flaring up. Another example is your advice not to use any type of harsh scrubs (or the like) because they do nothing more than just flare up any existing acne that you have. Nobody ever told me that until I came to this site. I'm now convinced that part of my problem for so many years was using products that were way too harsh and just aggrivated the acne that I had. It is so helpful to hear from others on this site who have had the same problems and stuggles that you've had. I could go on and on about how you guys have given me more helpful practical advice for keeping my skin clear than any dermitologist ever has, but I'd be writing for a while to list all the examples. I am pretty sure that most any acne sufferer could come on this site, follow the regimen steps precisely, and come away with clear skin. I can tell you that I struggled with acne about as much as anybody that I know, and it worked for me when nothing else ever would. I am so greatful to y'all that I felt compelled to write this message just letting you know what great work you do and how much you have directly impacted my life and many others as well, I'm sure. I cannot thank you enough!

    John Jackson, MS