• <p>Dear Dan, Thanks to your regimen my 16 year old son's face is clear! We have tried everything - the dermo ( expensive anti-biotics and creams). Two weeks ago I took him off all of his prescription drugs and gave your treatment a try! For $15 at Wal-mart - why not? After just 2 days we saw improvement - and now his face is almost clear! Thanks again so much.</p>

    Lynn Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • <p>I'm a 55 year old women,in menopause, and has had acne since 15. Thank you for creating your products, with the regimen, works for me. I use all.(cleanser, BP, AHA,moisture,jojoba) Waiting for your<br />salicylic acid. Under control. Thank you!</p>

    Linda Caldwell

  • <p>Hi Dan, I have been battling acne since I was 12 years old and I am now 36. I've tried everything to get rid of my acne. It was severe cystic acne and was very upsetting. I finally used acutane and that clear up most of it except for a mild case of acne left on my cheeks and chin. I have tried Retin A and had the worst case of dry skin I've ever seen. No cream could sooth the dry skin and when I used it every other day I broke out. I finally just accepted the mild acne as something I would always have until I tried out your Regimen. It worked wonders. I did not have to use the moisturizer because I have oily skin but the 2.5% Benzol Peroxide was amazing. It cleared my skin within a few days and left it feeling soft. After just a week I noticed that the redness which I thought I'd have is starting to fade. Thanks so much for your website! Take Care,</p>


  • <p>Dear Dan,</p><p>You have no idea how much you have changed my life. My name is Jen, and I'm am your stereotypical teenage girl. I am very self-conscious about my self-image and started getting minor acne in 7th grade. It wasn't bad at first, but then it began spreading all over and everything I tried did absolutely nothing to stop it. I contacted a dermatologist who told me I would grow out of it. My family told me I was perfect, but I just couldn't see it. All I saw was my flaws.</p><p>One night exactly a month ago, I was browsing the web and stumbled across acne.org. I was convinced it was a scam until I saw something that said you could substitute the Regimen with drugstore products. That's when I knew I had to try this. I started that night, and I have to say, the first week was hell. So much acne on my face that I was scared that I'd made a mistake. People told me to stop doing what I was doing because it was making things worse. But I continued on.</p><p>Now it's the 4th week and my minor acne is gone. Sure, one tiny whitehead now and then, but nothing compared to the 15 daily ones scattered all over my face from before. People compliment me on my complexion daily, and I feel comfortable to go out with no makeup on daily. The Regimen has saved my life!</p><p>Dan, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everyone doubting on whether or not this works, please try it. If you listen to the website and Dan, then you will see results.</p><p>Thanks for making me feel confident and boosting my self-esteem a thousand times over,</p><p>Jen</p>

    jenjen182 CA

  • <p>I just have to thank you. My acne was so bad that I could not touch my face without it hurting. I have tried accutane, tetracycline, harsh face washes, voodoo... Anyway, your regimen worked. Not only is my acne virtually gone, but my skin isn't scaly and gross. I'm smooth and soft! Thanks!</p>

    Shawna Williamsburg, Virginia

  • <p>Okay.. I wasnt going to write but I have to. As alot of you I had tried everything. Even the prescription meds... then i just gave up... nothing was working and it can definietly get expensive... My husband comes home one day (about 3 weeks ago) and says we have a signal ball to go to. All I could say was NO!!! and all I could think was.. BALL GOWN?? there is no way I can wear a gown with this STUFF all over me.. I had it bad.. on my chest, on my back, and of course all over my face. I was scared that i wouldnt be able to find a dress that would hide it.. anyways i went to google, put in acne and your site came up!! I thought well its not like it is that expensive so i will try it. My dress was very low cut and completely open in the back!!! AND the best part is i didnt even wear foundation on my face. After like two days I noticed a dramatic differene.. my co-workers even asked me what NEW type of foundation I was wearing because you couldnt see it!! guess what?? I wasnt wearing any!! :) I have not wore foundatin since I started the regimen. this is the best thing ever!! I am so glad that i found the website. OH.. i almost forgot.. I have a birthmark on my face that I think i forgot i had... you know when i would look at my face all my eyes would focus on was the horrible acne... I can see my birthmark now and I cant even begin to tell you how nice it is to have!!! **smiling**...Again thank you sooooo much... I am going to try and find some pictures of the bad times and then i will send them to you!! Thanks Dan!!</p>

    Frances Kapolei, Hawaii

  • <p>Hi Dan,<br />Your regimen cleared my skin in time for my wedding over a year ago. After my BP ran out many months ago, I quit the regimen, but in the past 3 months my acne came back with a vengence and was worse than ever. I've suffered with mild to moderate acne since age 12, and now at 36, am experiencing severe and potentially scarring cystic acne. I kept meaning to get more BP but as my acne got worse, so did my hopes of having clear scar-free skin again. I'd never had such stubborn acne in my life. These large pimples were painful, deep, and slow to heal. Attempts to relieve the pressure and speed up the healing process only resulted in more outbreaks. Finally enough was enough, and I purchased another tube of Neutrogena Acne on the Spot and got back on the regimen. My skin is super oily, and altho there is some redness from the BP, so far I feel I'm better without extra products on my face. I've been on the regimen for a week now, and am using the full amount of BP, and then some, !<br /> and have increased applications to twice a day. With one week of being back on the regimen, my acne is GONE!!! No signs of new outbreaks so far, knock on wood. And upon examining my skin, what I thought were permanent scars were just the telltale red marks. I should be back to my healthy clear smooth complexion in just a few months. I'm so happy and relieved that there was no permanent damage!!! I'm only kicking myself a) for every stopping the regimen and not getting more BP when it ran out, and b) for not starting the regimen as soon as my acne returned. This time I'll continue treatment and never stop. My mother is in her 60's, and she said she only just recently stopped getting periodic zits. I guess acne is in my genes and here to stay, so better stock up on BP. Anyway, thanks Dan for all the help your website provided to me. So glad it was still here when I went looking for it. :-)</p>

    Debra Milford, CT

  • <p>Dan,</p><p>My story is eerily similar to yours except in high school and college I used to waste my time and health taking an oral antibiotic. Much like you, I always new that benzoyl peroxide worked because all of that expensive prescription stuff that my Dermatologist prescribed throughout the years always had some level of benzoyl peroxide in it. After I found your site, I was finally able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I have a new lease on life for the past twelve months.</p><p>It must feel good to bring so much confidence back into people's lives. You are a truly good person and I just wanted to say thank you.</p>

    Dave Royal Oak, Michigan

  • <p>Dear Dan, My name is Yuval I'm 20y/o from Israel. I've been suffering from acne since I was 16y/o. After reading the information and methods in your site my face has changed and became smooth and clean. I just wanted to say 'Thanks a lot man'. Thanks,</p>

    Yuval Israel