• <p>Hi Dan,</p><p>I just wanted to write and say thank you so much! I've suffered from sporadic pimples since my teens (I'm 36 now), and the only thing that halted the misery was Roaccutane. About six months ago I started breaking out again, but with a vengeance this time. I've tried a range of different products, and even went on antibiotics for 2 months, only to have everything flood right back when I stopped. My skin was a mess and not only covered in whiteheads and raised red weals, but brown scarring where the previous ones had healed. Even the Benzoyl Peroxide was so-so. But it turns out I just wasn't using it properly... :)</p><p>I've been using your regimen for four days now, with steady improvement, and this morning I have tight, but perfectly smooth skin. It's awesome. I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting up this site and sharing. </p><p>Cheers,</p>

    Fats London

  • <p>Hi Dan,</p><p>thank you so much. You have no idea how awesome you are!I had a baby 3 months ago and ever since then my face erupted crazily along my jawline, chin and neck. I have had acne before but never in that area. And these were in clusters!I tried Proactive- it made it worse, it had helped me in the past but did not this time. I tried your regimen with 'neutrogena on the spot' but couldnt stick with it because the white residue would never go away and I started dreading the application of BP. I then went to the Dermatologist and paid $105 (this with excellent insurance) to get antibiotics and two topicals, needless to say nothing positive happened, I was still getting fresh breakouts every 2-3 days. It was ugly. I am so thankful for your website! Because I kept reading it and reading it and thinking so many people had good results I have got to give it a shot. So I ordered your BP and I love it and it is SO working! I received it on March 14 and today is the 21st-I have no new "would be" pimples. The 2 huge clusters that I had have smoothed out and I have this super happy thought that two more days and it is totally going to go away. My neck and chin area is not painful anymore- the pimple army has totally retreated/subsided. 85 % of my face is smooth- I did not really feel it happening but today when I looked in the mirror I suddenly noticed that the reason I wasn't noticing it because it was getting BETTER! Please whoever is reading this to decide whether or not to give the regimen a shot-please please do and do it with Dan's BP. Your BP Dan is AMAZING- no white residue ! I am so sticking with this. I did get dryness around my eye and Brandy had a good suggestion and I moisturised extra carefully and gently and its quite a lot better. Thank you Dan from the bottom of my heart! You are getting so much good Karma and blessings. If you were here I would take you out to dinner right now!! thank you thank you!</p>

    Jya Denver

  • <p>I have suffered from acne since I was a teenager. I am 27 and was still dealing with it. I thought I would grow out of it. I have been to several dermatologists. Nothing would get it under control. I don't remember how I found this site, but I was amazed that it was suggesting something so simple. I read a few success stories and thought, "What do I have to lose?" I already had all of the stuff that it said to use. Within 1 week my face was clearer. I now have it under control. I very rarely break out anymore. I alternate now, one night I use treatment and the other night is moisturizer only. I am so thankful for this site. I wish I had known about this when I was younger. Thanks!!! Oh yeah, I used over the counter oxy10, oil of olay face wash, and nivea moisturizer.</p>

    Nikki Atlanta, Georgia

  • Charlotte

  • <p>I only wanted to let you know how much i'm loving your products and to send a big thank you. I'm using the benzyl peroxide and glycolic acid and they're working like nothing else i've used before, and i've used everything in the past 10+ years. They're thoughtfully formulated products and very effective, i love them. Plus excellent prices. I'm just back on the site to repurchase. By the way I was also delighted that shipping is so quick - it took less than a week to deliver to Ireland last time. Thank you so much and i'll be back again and again to repurchase.</p>


  • <p>This product works incredibly! After 2 weeks, my acne was under control. I have been fighting acne since i hit puberty at 12 yrs old. Not only is my acne difficult being a young woman with hormones but my endometriosis makes it so much worse. I'm also a manager working crazy hrs in various conditions and down here in the south, the weather and humidity is horrible on my skin. I was able to walk out in public with little to no make up after using this product. My only negative comment is the price. Its so difficult to keep using it when i can't afford it. I hope that soon I will be able to afford it again so I can use it more. It has saved my skin! I love it!</p>

    Dazie Chauvin, La

  • <p>Dear Dan, I cannot express enough how much your regiment has meant to me. It has been a month now and my face looks great. I am 30 years old and my acne started at 22. I have heredity acne. My mom's acne started at 22 as well and finally ended when she turned 52. The first step I took to find a solution was to go to a dermatologist. He gave me Retin A which was the worst cream I've ever put on my face. My face just broke out worse. I vowed never to go back to a dermatologist again because they offered no help. Over the years my mild to moderate acne got worse. At times I had cystic acne which made me very self-conscious about my appearance. I tried taking herbal vitamins to control the breakouts and avoided all junk food but I did not get the results I wanted. Just before I found your web site my face was breaking out badly and I just prayed to God to help me. Dan your regiment truly is an answer to prayer. Thank You so much. I mean 8 years of feeling ashamed, embarrassed, upset, frustrated, depressed, and worried. Now I don't feel that way anymore. Thanks Dan for not giving up with your acne, thanks for sharing the regiment, it just goes to show that one person can make a difference. Thanks again Dan and God bless you and your family.</p>

    Keisha Bronx, New York

  • <p>Wow, what can I say but THANKS!</p><p>I have struggled with acne since I was 14 -- and have tried what I thought was everything including diet changes with only limited success.</p><p>At almost 30, I am now so excited that my face is finally clear. My acne was fair to moderate, but my face was always SO oily... I had to blot my face almost every couple hours to be shine free. It was exhausting and so embarrassing.</p><p>I am so excited that your product has eliminated my acne and oily skin. It took a while for my face to adjust to the product, but after the initial period, my skin is so happy. </p><p>Thank you again! This has totally changed my confidence level. To anyone contemplating buying the product, please do yourself the favor! With a guarantee like this -- and super low price, you have nothing to lose. I'm on my second order now. :-)</p>

    Courtney United States

  • <p>I want to say a big THANK YOU to Dan! The first few weeks I was on the program, I was skeptical because I have very sensitive skin and my skin was red and itchy. But I kept it up, and about a month and a half later I'm very thankful I did, because today my skin is PERFECT. I was so worried about my acne because I'm a teacher and I didn't want to start a new semester with the same old stress-related acne--but now it doesn't matter how stressed I am, my skin is still clear. I feel much more confident and beautiful--and whenever I look in the mirror I smile. Anyone who has been on the program for just a few weeks and is skeptical, keep at it!</p>

    Elyse Chicago, IL