• Hi Dan, I wanted to drop you an email and say 'thank you'. I was browsing the Internet back in early January looking for remedies for acne. I had have had mild acne since my late teens (I'm 28 now) but all of a sudden I had a rather severe breakout underneath my mouth. I was horrified. My company's biggest sales meeting of the year was the next week and I was slated to meet several Vice-Presidents. Thankfully I was doing a ton of reading and came across your website. My story is much the same as other people's. I thought hmpf...$15 maximum...might as well give it a try and I did. I went to the store and bought the Purpose soap and the Neutrogena cream and watched your video. The NEXT MORNING I noticed improvement. I started your regimen on a Monday evening and by the weekend before the sales meeting, I was virtually completely cleared up. I was astonished and so happy. It's been almost 3 months and I've maintained almost completely clear skin. My face feels much more healthy than it used to feel. In addition, I've gotten the confidence back to ask women out and am dating healthily again. I truly believe that God puts people on Earth to help other people and you certainly have helped me out. Thanks again,

    Bryan Atlanta, Georgia

  • Dan, Thank you thank you, Your ance regimen works!! I have suffered with acne for years. I started your regimen about two weeks ago and my face is so clear. I can't remember the last time when my face was this clear. I no longer hide from mirrors. I would like to ask you a question. When I put on the Purpose moisture some of the dry skin is comming off . I don't mind it becouse it is making the scars shallow and some have gone away. My question is has this happened to anyone else using your regimen? So again thank you so much for helping me and so many other people.

    Michael Newport, Rhode Island

  • I'm 21. I've had acne since the age of 11. It started small but blew up by the time I was 12. Ever since then I've had to battle with 1-4 pustules plus tons of tiny little bumps and proto-zits that eventually crop up every single day.

    I've tried nearly everything. I have spent thousands:

    - Did the laser light treatment thing- $3000
    - Subscribed to Proactiv for two years- $400+
    - Tried almost every over the counter treatment- $200
    - Various perscription treatments- $200
    - Birth control (made my face worse)- $60

    As you can see, i've spend nearly $4000 on acne treatments. I stumbled on your website one day after a particularly frustrating bout of acne and decided to order the BP gel and your gentle facewash. I started the regimen when they came in the mail and my face was noticeably clearer within three days. I'm continuing and every morning I wake up to clearer skin.

    Per your advice I have stopped picking and this has also done wonders.

    God bless you. Seriously. Thank you for offering an affordable solution THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. It's a godsend.

    Liz CA

  • First off, let me start by saying THANK YOU for your regimen! I'll tell you my story before asking the questions:

    I started the regimen with eucerin daily skin lotion, and got BAD reactions from it. My face felt like it was on fire, and I turned red. People constantly asked me if I had a sunburn (I'm pretty pale normally). My skin also flaked out and all the old dead skin cells showed! It looked a mess! Discouraged but not defeated, I kept going with it, and after 2 months, it stopped hurting my face and the redness cleared a bit...but my skin was still flaky with dead cells! It looked gross! I started using more lotion, and that kept my skin looking fine, but oily. My acne (moderate) started clearing up everywhere but my chin which was as bad as ever. I figured this is the best it's going to get, so I may as well stick with it.

    Fast forward a few months later. The burning was completely gone, and my skin looked REALLY good except for my chin (which was kind of a mess) and flaking was minimal and controllable. However, one day I thought about this dead skin around my mouth. I wondered if there was any connection between the dead skin cells around my mouth and the acne around my mouth/chin...

    I know this completely goes against your regimen instructions, but one day I figured I'd try to take a washcloth and scrape all the dead skin off. After about 10 minutes of good scraping, I got all of the dead skin off. My face was red, but that cleared up after a few hours. Every day from here on, I scraped any excess skin off my face (after soaping but before applying BP and lotion)...

    Fast foward again another month. My chin (and now my whole face) is completely CLEAR! THANK YOU SO MUCH! The only extra tidbit it took was exfoliating all the dead skin cells!


  • I am 28 years old and have had mild to moderate acne since I turned 20. I have used every mask, scrub, lotion, medication (prescription and OTC) on the market and have had less than desireable results over and over again. I found your website about 2 weeks ago and now I don't have a single pimple on my face! (I even grabbed the old concealer this morning to cover up as usual and I stopped because I looked at my face and there wasn't anything to cover!!!) My complexion is nearly flawless and even most of the red marks have faded away. I have really sensitive skin, so I only did the regimen once a day for the last two weeks and I am so pleased with the results! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

    Becky Minneapolis, MN

  • Hi Dan,
    I've know you've probably heard this a thousand times, but your program really works.
    I've had adult acne for almost ten years. I've tried lasers, peels, doctors, estheticians, diets, medication...nothing worked! I found your book in the public library and in less than a month my acne cleared!
    A year went by and I was still happy. Unfortunately, because my skin was so clear, I started to lax on the regime. This caused me to break out again and I even developed a few cysts that left scars. urrrgggghhh!
    Well, I went back on your program and the acne cleared again! I got some treatments for the new scars (needling, saline injections) and they are improving. The needling is amazing!
    So I learned a valuable lesson here, not to get lazy, esp. with something so simple that could have saved me a lot of grief. But I'm back on board and I tried not to kick myself to hard anymore for falling off.
    You've inspired me so much, I want to become an esthetician (with needling skills for scars) and help as many people as I can.
    If you are ever hiring and looking for a employee to help spread your word, please contact me.


    Kathy Los Angeles

  • I don't have any before or after pictures. I probably should have taken some. My daughter has suffered with acne since she was 12. She is now 16 and has some minor scaring. We have tried just about everything except for Accutane, which I was trying to avoid. She is now almost 100% clear only after a few weeks. Even the scarring is diminishing. I asked her this morning how her face was and she said she hardly had to put any makeup on. I am so grateful that I finally found something that works.

    Thanks you!
    I plan on sharing this new system.

    Amy Ritchie United States

  • For the first 3 months i was skeptical, but after 9 months of using DK products I would have to say nothing works better. My social life has improved dramatically, and I love going out w/o wondering whether people are staring at something on my face.


  • Dan, I cannot express my gratitude enough to you! You are someone who actually cares about helping other people, and do it selflessly. I can't believe I'm actually getting to write my own success story, after years of struggling with acne and trying product after product with false hope. About 6 months ago, my acne had gotten to it's worst, and one night I desperately was searching the internet for a cure and stumbled upon your site. I am so grateful that I did! I went through a really depressed time, when I wouldn't even go out of the house unless I had to for work, and would need pounds of makeup on. All I could think about was my acne, and I would look at everyone else's skin around me and think how lucky they were and didn't even know it.
    After 6 months of being on Dan's regimen, I am completely clear! I still get the few stray pimples here and there, which are very small and infrequent. I have quite a few red marks left over that are fading slowly, but surely! I am now so much more confident and can finally ENJOY life without worrying about how my skin looks in certain kinds of lighting, or someone standing too close to me that can see my acne close up. I will be continually visiting your website to check in. The support is great to have, and to know that you are not alone in the struggle with acne! Thank you again Dan, you are wonderful, and I will be sharing this website with everyone I know!

    Amber Michigan