• I'm thirty seven years old and have struggled against the embarrassment of acne and the expense of acne treatment since high school. I have quite literally tried every kit, both high end and drugstore, every natural oil and mud based product, every clay, every combination of drugstore stand alone product, every pill and panacea, and spent an unnamed but certainly obscene amount of money experimenting on treating this problem. The worst experiment was Retin-A, about which I was so optimistic, but which left me with red, dried up, hard on the surface cystic acne and permanent scars. I am now on your regimen for about two months and my skin is clearer and calmer than it has been EVER, even through two menstrual cycles (a biggie for us gals). I am using Cetaphil cleanser, the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Moisturizer with AHA, and the Neutrogena 2.5% BP On The Spot Treatment Cream. That's it. Twice a day every day. Now my skin isn't perfect, but it's loads better than it ever was. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and so does my husband because I'm not spending scads of money on new and generally ineffective product. You're a Godsend.

    Nicole New York, NY

  • I just wanted to post and say that this has been a gift from God. Although my acne is far from clear, it's coming along very well. When I started the Regimen, my skin was pimpled, and bright red. The acne really stood out, and I don't use make-up; so it was really embarrassing. I stumbled upon this website. Since starting the Regimen, my redness has mostly disappeared, although my acne is still here, it's less noticeable and rapidly disappearing. Thanks sooo much for changing my life!


  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge of what works. I've been on your program for two weeks and it's very effective...the purpose soap is the best.

    Al New York City

  • Hi Dan,

    Just a thank you for your website and concern. Last year, my 12 yr-old son had begun to suffer with mild acne. It was beginning to progress with each month that went by. After trying prescription medicine and OTC acne products,with no success, I found your website. The success stories gave me confidence to have my son try out your products.
    It took a full three months (even though his acne was mild it was resistant), but his skin is now basically clear. What a difference! He is a very happy teenager now.
    I want to encourage new members to persevere with the products. My son had difficulty at first seeing results and keeping exactly to the regimen. He had some setbacks learning what would work for him, but I encouraged him to not give up. Family and friends are now complimenting him on how clear his skin looks.
    Again, thank you Dan, for caring for people hurting with acne. You will be in my prayers.

    A joyfilled mom

    Michael United States

  • I'm 21. I've had acne since the age of 11. It started small but blew up by the time I was 12. Ever since then I've had to battle with 1-4 pustules plus tons of tiny little bumps and proto-zits that eventually crop up every single day.

    I've tried nearly everything. I have spent thousands:

    - Did the laser light treatment thing- $3000
    - Subscribed to Proactiv for two years- $400+
    - Tried almost every over the counter treatment- $200
    - Various perscription treatments- $200
    - Birth control (made my face worse)- $60

    As you can see, i've spend nearly $4000 on acne treatments. I stumbled on your website one day after a particularly frustrating bout of acne and decided to order the BP gel and your gentle facewash. I started the regimen when they came in the mail and my face was noticeably clearer within three days. I'm continuing and every morning I wake up to clearer skin.

    Per your advice I have stopped picking and this has also done wonders.

    God bless you. Seriously. Thank you for offering an affordable solution THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. It's a godsend.

    Liz CA

  • Dan,

    I normally do not ever take the time to post about products I have purchased online, but The Regimen deserves an AMAZING review. My acne has never been horrible. Usually, I would have a few cystic pimples pop up here or there... the problem was they would always last for weeks! Not only did they last a long time, but they left awful hyperpigmentation as well.

    My friends thought I was being over dramatic about my acne, however, we all know that people with perfect skin do not understand the emotional toll even a few pimples give us! I never felt comfortable leaving my house without make up on because of my lingering red marks and uneven skin tone. I had lost all hope in my skin. One night when I was feeling down I youtubed acne success stories. I watched about three videos and they all led me to you! That night I had done all the research I needed and I purchased the Regimen. In a week, my skin tone was already better...and has been getting better every single day since. I am more confident because of you.

    I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you put in to your website, your products, and everything you do to help others.

    Truly, you are a blessing and I am inspired by your passion!

    Johnna Feneck Stockton, California

  • Daniel,

    I want to thank you first, for your product.

    I'm almost 19 now, and I've had to deal with acne probably since I was around 15.
    Before this I've tried everything from Proactive, to herbal and all natural products, to any brand on the drugstore shelves; with no successful results.

    And of course the increasing acne led to the use of more and more cover-up and concealers. That never helped, but by then I was trapped.

    So finally I discovered your products from a friend who had visited. I noticed how nice her skin looked since I last saw her, about two months, (she had acne too) and she said she used the stuff from acne.org. Just the benzoyle and moisturizer.
    Long story short, I followed closely your tips and directions and after just the first night of using I noticed a difference! It wasn't perfect yet of course but never had I been witness to such results. And from then on I knew it was only going to get better.

    Now I don't have to wear any concealer, coverup, foundation, or whatever to hide anything. I can workout, hangout, go to work and feel completely free.

    And I even got my sister to use it too, though hers is barely noticeable.

    I just use the treatment now with a different moisturizer but its the only product I will remain loyal to. So you can bet that I will continue to recommend this to anyone who suffers from acne mild or severe, because it WORKS.

    I think it’s a blessing that you came up with this and are able to help so many people, including myself.
    Please don't change your product ever!!

    Your customer for life,

    Hannah California

  • I am a 40 year old mother of three that has been dealing with cystic acne for years.

    I was at the end of my rope with my skin and it was getting worse every day. My chin area would break out so badly that it would physically hurt to smile. I found a video on you tube talking about the acne.org and was excited to see the girls result. I was a little hesitant because I have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on other skin care programs that just didn't work. I had no other options so I figured why not. I will never look back. My skin cleared up in DAYS!

    I have had a few breakouts try and ruin my day but they cleared up within 24 hours. That has NEVER happened to me before. For the first time in years, I am excited to wake up and look in the mirror and not see huge, painful acne. Thank you Dan so much for breaking the code on acne.

    I am forever in your debt.

    Regina Missouri

  • I never really had any acne problems when I was a teenager, it wasn’t until I started working for at a coffee shop at the age of 21 that my acne started. I’m definitely not an expert on the composition of the skin, but I think the bad airflow from the coffee shop may have altered the pH in my skin, it’s the only reason I can think of why it started around the same time I began working there...
    Anyways, it was pretty awful … my whole face was covered with acne. When I left the coffee shop, I went to work at a spa. The estheticians loved to work on my skin since it needed so much work. They tried everything, from glycolic acid peels to microdermabrasion, facial after facial. Nothing worked. I felt awful, ugly and I never wanted to go out of my house. Then one day, in my frustration, I started crying and I prayed. The next thing I knew, I felt I had to go online and just type “acne” in the search box. I did and the first site that popped up was acne.org. I read everything on the web site and ordered the supplies to begin the regimen. One month later, my skin was completely cleared up.
    It’s been 2 years now and I still use the regimen. I get an occasional pimple once in a while, but it usually clears up within 1-2 days. I am so thankful for this regimen! And I’m really happy to see all the new products coming out. I have told so many people about this website and will continue to spread the knowledge.
    Thank you SO much! :-)

    Kristelle Raleigh, NC