• Thanks for creating these products and the full line.

    The past year and a half my skin was absolutely out of control. My doctor said that I had acute cystic acne. I have using your products for months now and it has amazed me how long they last, how much clearer my skin is as well as how well your products are priced and their quality.

    Keep it up! Thanks for giving an option to Proactiv and other lines.


  • This regimen is terrific! I can't believe how well these three simple steps work. If the regimen isn't working well for you at first, don't worry - it took a couple months for my acne to completely disappear - I was getting a couple of new zits even into the second and third months. My skin was also red and dry for a couple of months before it got used to the bp, but its gotten much better as my skin has gotten adjusted. If you can stick to it and do all 3 steps twice a day, the regimen is great!
    I wash my face with cetaphil cleanser, use a pump and a half of dan's bp, and use cetaphil lotion with a little of dans aha+. I also take omega 3 pills.


  • I was reading over your success stories, and of course, I am unlike all the others. I am now 30 years old and never had acne until about 3 or 4 years ago. (even through puberty I didn't have acne) I had tried everything, but it only made it worse in most cases. I was browsing through the internet and came across your website. I have been on the regimen now for only a week But my complexion hasn't looked this good in years. Thank you so much for your information. I will never use anything else again.!!!! And I will definitely recommend your website to anyone who asks.

    Ingrid Boulder, Colorado

  • As I have gotten into my 30s I have developed acne. I have tried a million products and spent a ton of money and nothing has worked until now! I never write reviews but am so happy how The Regimen has made my skin! It really works. I recommend it to anyone. I have oily and sensitive skin and this has worked like a charm!

    Erika Tampa

  • Hi Dan,
    I have been on your regimen now for over three years and I will never look back. I am continually impressed in how you strive to help the customer like with the larger bottle sizes of treatment, updating of the website, etc. You are truly in the business for the right reasons and I don't know how to thank you enough for your dedication.
    Thank you!


  • I used to be so frustrated with my acne; having friends with perfect skin didn't help. It came to a point where my acne was taking a toll on my self confidence; that was when I decided I had to do something about it. I tried various products, but never quite found the right ones. Desperate for answers, I typed "acne" in to google, and found acne.org. At first I was suspicious that this might be a scam to make money, selling products that don't work. But, they provided a version of the regimen using over-the-counter products, so I figured I would try those. I've found that using a aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser, nutrogena on the spot benzoyl peroxide cream, and olay complete moisturizer work best for me. I have been using the products for a while now, and I am very happy with my skin. I still get the occasional pimple here and there, but for the most part, I'm glad I found this site. Thanks Dan!

    Kirstin Los Angeles

  • Dan,

    First off I just want to say that you have done an awesome thing with this website and sharing your knowledge, along with creating and providing the EXCELLENT products. My treatment history is strikingly similar to yours, including acne returning after accutane. Even took a second course.

    I actually discovered years ago that proactive cleared me up and was a long time user. That was until I came across your site and started using your products and following your advice. My skin went from clear to AMAZINGLY clear. And for way less $$! Way to go.

    For reasons I still don't understand, I recently decided to give retin a micro a shot. Guess I was just so used to being acne free, and wanted to see what would happen. What a mistake. Stuck with it for a few months, but alas, I'm back on the Regimen. Learned my lesson.

    Keep up the good work, and please NEVER stop selling your products! They are absolutely the best anywhere..


    Dustin Oregon

  • God Bless You for sharing your story. My 17 year old son has suffered too many years from acne. Two years ago he started with a dermatologist and has been on many antibiotics - NONE of them working. In desperation I typed in the word 'acne' on in the internet and stumbled across your website. Within 24 hours of starting your method there was an improvement. And now its only been seven days and his acne is almost gone! He doesn't cringe when people look at him anymore. With each passing day his self-esteem is improving. THANK YOU!!!! Sincerely,

    Darlene Peterson Inver Grove Heights, MN

  • You have heard it before, but I am going to say it again!!!
    I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE. All the antibiotics (even Accutane), all the creams and gels (prescription and non-prescription), all the herbs, and all the vitamins, for nearly 20 years. The only thing that has always worked for me is Benzoyl Peroxide. But, it never fully cleared my skin 100%. After some of my own research (trail and error), I found out that the skin's pH level may be a crucial part of my problem. This may be the problem source for other peoples breakouts and stubborn skin as well. So I took a step back and realized it may be my daily cleanser that was the source. I've tried every soap and cleanser you can by at the store. Plain soaps, natural soaps, body washes, salicylic acid washes, benzoyl washes, you name it. All the crazy gimmicks and regimens just never worked more than a few days. I wanted to try a daily cleanser that was as basic as it gets and didn't contain any harsh chemicals or crazy acids and oils to help my pH. I couldn't believe it when I came across the "Cleanser" offered by Dan. This was exactly what I was looking for. I have been using it as my daily wash in the shower and as a shampoo (since those were a problem source also) and it is a miracle worker. Doesn't clog pores, doesn't dry the skin, and doesn't have an offensive odor. My skin feels fresh, clean and "normal" 24/7. I was right. My skin's pH is the problem and I have found that perfect balance. Please promote the "Cleanser" more. I know it will help others too. It was that secret ingredient for me, in addition to the daily Benzoyl Peroxide. Don't ever stop making it. If this was sold in stores, they wouldn't be able to keep it in stock. I wish someone had told me sooner about the importance of the skins natural oils and pH. I suppose Success is built on Failure, and I have had many failures. This is a true success story and I have been waiting a long time to tell my own. Thanks again to Dan and Acne.org!

    Jay Tampa