• Dan, I have to write you to thank you for your site. Even if you didn't provide the regimen on the site all the information you provide is well worth the visit. Your site is also very easy to navigate and find the information you need. Anyway, last year I began having an acne problem for the first time in my life. I never had a problem as a child, a teen, or in my 20s. But last year (I was 33) I began having an acne problem. Nothing I did seemed to help. In fact, some of the things I did seemed to over dry but the acne still got worse. Then one day while doing searches for more information about acne I found your site. I had a hard time understanding why I was having a problem with acne all of a sudden at my age. Upon reading your site, I learned that it probably wasn't my diet. I read about your regimen and viewed the videos. Immediately I went out and bought the supplies you recommended (On the Spot, Purpose Bar, and some of the Neutrogena Moisture). I really didn't have much hope that it would work. But within 2 weeks of using your regimen, my skin had cleared. I am very thankful to you for putting your regimen on the site free of charge and all the information on the site. I later found that the main reason I began having an acne problem was a skin exfoliating towel I was using on my face. After reading on your site how sensitive the skin on your face is, I stopped using the exfoliate. Within a few months of using the regimen, I felt confident that my skin was much healthier. I now still wash twice a day with the Purpose bar, but I only use the BP when needed. Since I wash twice a day, I can usually catch pimples early and as soon as I feel a bump I use On the Spot and it does the job. I also use the regimen whenever I know I will need my skin to be at it's best (like before presentations, etc.). So this is my long overdue note of thanks to you for the info on your site. Thanks again,

    Randy Columbus, Ohio

  • I'm 21 years old and have suffered with acne on my face since I was about 13. I have tried a million things to cure it. When I was about 17 my parents decided it was time to take me to a dermatologist as it was affecting my daily life and confidence. I was prescribed minosil which had great immediate results with which i was delighted with, it never cleared it fully however it was a major improvement. I was on and off these tablets for about 3 years,the doctor told me i had to stop taking them after every 3 months for 3 months during which time my face would go back to being awfull. then in the 3rd year of taking the tablets they stopped working, my face looked awfull consistantly, this was very upsetting as it had been extremly expensive and now was worth nothing. I felt like we had run out of options.

    Thank god my mam didnt and kept looking for a cure, i cannot thank her enough for finding your website . At the start I was extremly doubtfully weather your regimen would work but i was willing to try anything. so i started following the regimen doing EXACTLY what you said to do! The first week was awfull. my face was red sore extremly dry and slightly tight. I had seen on ur page that these were common side effects so i decided to stick it out, a week and a half later i was EXTREMLY glad i did cause i have never before had results as good as this. my skin is close to flawless. and i truely enjoy having my picture taken for the first time in a long time. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this page as it has given my confidence back. when i look in the mirror now its a good feeling a very good feeling, i hope writing this lets people know its worth trying. I only wish I had a photo of my old face so you could see the improvement, unfortunately I was not a fan of photographs when my skin looked bad.

    Laura O Dublin Ireland

  • My name is Jodi. I'm a 25 year female who is new to the world of acne. I've always had perfect skin and i've always been complemented on how beautiful my skin was, up until about 6 months ago. I'm not sure why it happened to me & could not figure what I was doing differently that was causing such a severe breakout. I tried everything, the most ridiculous products & treatments. I was desperate & nothing was working, in fact it seemed to be getting worse. I was one day away from a dermatologist when I came across your website. I have a hard time trusting any advice or products that come from the internet as I have been scammed before, but after reading the free advice you give & how you offer the information that the products can be purchased at your local drugstore, I was convinced that this wasn't a scam. So I went out & bought everything you told me & followed your instructions exactly. All I have to say is THANK YOU! I noticed a difference the very first day. I have almost no side effects to the Benzoyl peroxide. The only thing I noticed is my skin is a bit dry, but thats a small price to pay for the results I have received. I recommend this to everyone. And to show my appreciation & support of this website, I will from now on buy my products from you. I think this is a wonderful & helpful site & I thank you again for making me feel & look beautiful again.

    Jodi Easton, Pennsylvania

  • Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone that puts this site together. Months ago, I was on your site atleast once a day seeing what i can learn, and what to expect from a dermatologist i started seeing. Since then, i've been on a few different antibiotics and am almost 100% clear, and have been 100% clear a couple times in between. Your site is so resourceful and gave me the hope i needed, emotionally by being able to see what other people are going through. It's embarassing to talk to friends about this when they dont go through what you are, or dont necessarily understand. Thanks again and great work on your site.


  • I am so glad to have found your website. The benzoyl peroxide solution works great and I have made one tube last for almost a year! It's amazing and affordable! I love it! Thank you so much!

    Corri AZ

  • Hey, Dan!

    I just wrote to you a little over a week ago, saying 'thanks' for having such a great website for all of us. I never, ever imagined that your regimen would work INSTANTLY the way it has for me. It's incredible. For 20 years I've tried so many types of medications and herbs and have finally found the solution to the problem. Thanks for caring enough about others enough to put the info out on the internet! I'll always be indebted to you.

    Iris Gallatin, TN

  • Hey Dan,

    Just wanted to give you a huge thanks for the regimen and especially the site, which has helped me so much! Not only am I (nearly) clear now after a few months on the regimen, I have learned so much about skin care in general. Not only am I in love with your BP (I had run out and was waiting for my next bottle to reach me in Canada, and was so upset until it arrived today!) but am excited to try out some of your jojoba oil, and have also found out about a ton of other great makeup products through other users on the message boards.

    I'm also so impressed with your commitment to cruelty-free and organic products, which was always a big reason I chose to shy away from many treatments. Please keep it up!

    I only wish I had been more active in seeking out solutions for myself earlier when the advice of others wasn't cutting it; had I found the website earlier, who knows how many years I could have had with normal skin! That being said, I will do my best to pass on the website to others once they ask me about my lovely complexion!

    So thanks again, and keep at it!


  • I love your products! I never really suffered from acne, in fact I had super clear skin all the way up to September of 2008. My acne was mild, but going from no acne to mild acne was still a huge deal to me, and it was hard not to reminisce about my once blemish free skin. While googleing acne products, your website came up and I decided to check it out. I bought your products and about after a few weeks, my acne was all cleared up!! I love your products because they aren't harsh on my skin. I've tried things like Clean And Clear, and the moisturizer even seemed to dry out my skin. But your products are awesome! I like how the face soap and lotion is mild, and even the acne medication itself is only 2.5% benzoyl peroxide! So thank you for creating something that works and that isn't harsh on my skin!!

    Kaleigh Texas

  • Hi! Just wanted to jot down a quick note to thank you for the great site! I'm a 27 year old female that has been pimply to moderately pimply since puberty. Mom told me to scrub harder, use a rougher washcloth.....and so forth. Your site re-trained me in a sense as to the myths of good skin care, and the importance of topical treatment. It's been exactly 1 1/2 weeks, and am so happy with the results. The benzoyl peroxide is clearing me up so fast, no new pimples, compliments from friends and co-workers, and for the first time smooth skin! Didn't experience to much dryness, and am going to stick to this forever! Even suggested it to my 13 year old niece, and she seems to be getting results. also! Take care and keep up the great site.

    Heather C. Colorado