• <p>Thank you so much Acne.org.</p><p>I have battled acne on and off for the past 15 years. I have African American, Mexican American skin so it's not easy to treat. I started having acne at 15 years old and I tried everything Proactiv, Retin-a, Murad you name it. Living in southern California, I had the opportunity to go to a top dermatologist featured in Extreme Makeover TV show. I went to several doctors and after underwhelming results I almost gave up. Then I started researching online and I gave your regime a shot. I used your regime with acne script and my skin cleared up. After finishing acne script, I continued with the regime products only and I have been testing to see if the results last. I'm happy to say it's been a year and my skin is finally not a concern. Dan Kern has finally let clear skin be an option for everyone and the price isn't outrageous. </p><p>Thank you so much! Just try it and you will never go back.</p>

    Rene San Diego, CA

  • <p>Dan, I wanted to drop you a line just to say that your treatment really works!!!!!! I have started three days ago and already notice a difference in my face. It feels so good after taking all the steps, and it feels incredibly clean. After going to a dermatologist and he perscribing me meds that did not work, I felt it made it much worse with overdrying, reddness and irritation. I was just wondering if you are a Dr. and if not how did you know what treatment worked for you? Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone who comes across this on the net!!!!!! It even helps the blackheads!!!</p>


  • <p>I've had mild acne since I was 14 which was predominantly on my forehead. I would cover it with fringe, but I knew it was there. When I was 17, I got on birth control and it controlled my acne very well for a long time, but regardless of which brand I switched to, it wreaked havoc on my emotions and made me severely depressed. So a year ago, I finally decided to stop the BCP and not be depressed anymore. </p><p>Just weeks of getting off BCP and my emotions coming back in check, the persistent acne I had as a kid came back, only worse than ever. No longer being depressed on BCP, but becoming depressed with the severe breakouts, I don't know which was worse! I rode it out, thinking it'd get back to normal after a few months. It didn't. It just got worse! I even got a few cystic acne spots which I never had before! I then read about your regimen and went to the drug store to find 2.5% BP only to have to settle on a small bottle of 5%. It worked within 2 days and by the end of the week, I was completely clear. So I immediately got 2 tubes from you. I ended up giving a tube away to an 17 year old friend who is suffering from acne because I'm recommending this to everyone, and so here I am ordering another 3 tubes because I'm moving to China and I don't want to be left stranded without it!</p><p>Thanks Dan. This has helped wonderfully.</p>

    yumiko Toronto, Canada

  • Manasi Fairfax, VA

  • <p>Sorry I don't have any pictures or video. I have avoided photso for years...my skin was always very dry on my forehead and blotchy red on my face since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 15 years ago. I started natural hormone replacement a year ago due to exhaustion. My skin got worse. Acne was worse than when I was a teenager. Tried Mary Kay neutrogena, et. Nothing worked. I didn't wear makeup as it always made things worse. I came across your products and though 'give it a try'...in 2 days my face was soooo much better. In a week my skin is even colored, even toned..no acne, no dryness...it feels GREAT...and it works....I am afraid to try anything else....and for the first time in years I am not afraid of pictures...I may even try makeup again...thanks or a great product....</p>

    Amy Keeling Runnells, IA

  • <p>At first I was skeptical about trying the regimen. I just said to myself one day girl get over it and just order the product and sure enough I did order it and believe me when it arrived the third day I started on the regimen. Two days later I noticed my face started to clear... Thank you so much !!! This is a miracle product.</p>

    JB maryland

  • <p>I am a 45 year old mother of three. I have had mild to moderate acne my whole adult life. I kept thinking someday I would grow out of it. Then, I got an ithchy rash around my nostrils that looked like small pimples. I was so embarrassed and frustrated! I didn't want to go the expensive route of seeing a dermatologist for the rash or the acne around my chin and occasionally on my forehead. I found your web-site through Google and thought I would give it a try. What a huge difference!! I feel so much better about my appearance. The rash and the acne are gone! The thing I love most about your products is that they don't smell and the bottles are a generous size. I was seeing results after only a week. My skin looks fantastic. Thank you!</p>

    Rhonda Washington MI

  • <p>Hi Dan. You can add me to your success stories. I have had acne since I was in 7th grade and I am 31 years old now. Like many other people, I have tried so many things and have been to countless dermatologists. I was so desperate that I did not care what Accutane did to my body as long as it cleared my skin, and it did. I had two cycles with the drug and it was wonderful, but I knew I could not use it forever. Especially since now I am trying to get pregnant. One day I glanced through your website but ended up looking at other options. I started using Proactiv and kept on it for a year. And although it helped, I still felt it did not give me the full results that I wanted, especially after Accutane did such a great job. So I went back to a dermatologist, like an idiot, and his medicine made me worse! I was so mad at myself for doing that. I had to go back to holding my head down and being embarrased. I hated going out because I would see so many people with perfect skin, even teenagers, and was ashamed when they looked at me. And I even felt like I was not worthy of my husband, even though he still loved me. So I decided to try your regime and it has been 2 weeks today and I am almost all clear again! The redness has subsided, but my face is still dry and peeling, but the moisturizer helps me not to look so alligator like. I have ordered more products through your website so that you can get the 10% to help maintain the website since you have done so much for so many, including me. And if I could collect all of the money I ever spent on all of the worthless dermatologists through my life, I would be happy to send you that big check. I vow never to go to one of them again. Thank you so much for helping me get my confidence back and I will give you another update in a few months....</p>

    Kathy Seattle

  • <p>Thank you for sharing your treatment. I am 36, I never had more than an occasional once-a-month blemish. My skin dramatically changed over the last two years, I would like to think it was stress related from my divorce. My whole face was breaking out continually, when I thought it was going to clear up, I would wake up with one, two, three more. I went to the dermatologist, took oral antibiotics, creams, Retin-A, washed and scrubbed, used every over the counter acne treatment, except BP. Nothing worked, I even went to a plastic surgeon to see about a chemical peel for $1800.00. Fortunately, I came across your web-site before I did that!! I bought exactly what you said, and within a week my face was clear, I came back to your web-site to re-read the success stories and realized how much I relate to so many, I also learned I need to use more, I have a small blemish this morning, but I'm confident it will go away quickly and I'll start using a lot more BP to correct that. I had such low self-esteem from my divorce and then I went for months without looking in the mirror because of bad skin. I am now feeling stronger and better about myself, confident and pretty again. I have started my 11 year old daughter on using the skin care treatment, she was just beginning to start with breakouts, just think how you have saved her self-confidence at such a young age and mine to start my life over again. Thank YOU!!</p>

    Melody Florida