• <p>Hi Dan,</p><p>I post as headswapop on acne.org. My names kev and i'm a 24 year old from leeds in the UK.</p><p>I basically wanted to personally thank you for sharing the regimen with the world, i have suffered moderate acne for about 6 years now and had tried (unsuccessfully) lots and lots of different acne treatments only to be let down time and again. As an acne sufferer yourself you must know how much it impacts your life, i was constantly checking my skin in the mirror, thought about it constantly and missed lots of social occassions.</p><p>Well..... things have most definiltly changed now, it's been 8 weeks on the regimen and i have been 95% clear for the last 3/4 weeks, it's had a huge impact on my life and i just feel so much happier and more confident. You did that dan and believe me when i say i just can't thank you enough.</p><p>I am always telling whoever will listen how i managed to clear my skin and about acne.org. I just hope the regimen continues to work for me. Anyways thanks once again dan the world needs more peolple like you :-}</p>

    kev UK

  • <p>dear dan, my daughter has had acne about 4 years. she is 11 years old. she has what i think is severe acne. i was on the internet looking for a dermatologist to make an appointment with and found your website. well of course i was like everyone else , figured it was not going to work but thought well it is only going to cost $15 to give it a try. well she has been using it for 17 days now and i would say she is probably cleared up 75%. she says people do not call her zit face any more. now she is in middle school and lots of other kids have acne and now she is getting hers cleared up thanks to you. thanks for the free information and we will be back with you in a couple of weeks to let you know how things are going. i am sure you have changed many peoples lifes and the way they feel about themselves. thanks so much again, you should feel good about yourself for helping so many people.</p>

    Rose North Carolina

  • <p>I've been meaning to write this for ages-i'd never suffered with acne throughout my youth, but when i decided to come off the contraceptive pill to have my daughter I suffered with a really severe bout of acne. It was described by the doctor as severe pustular acne and if I wasn't trying to conceive, the doctor said I would've been prescribed accutane. I tried just about everything else including 10% benzoyl peroxide which the doctor prescibed (which hadn't worked) so when i came across your regimen i was sceptical to say the least but i was desperate and so i thought i'd give it a try. Initially i suffered with some dry skin which even flaked a little, but i persevered and i must say i'm glad i did.....within weeks my skin was improved and after about 6 weeks i no longer had spots just red marks and scars (because i couldn't resist picking the spots!!). I still use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide when i feel any spots coming up but my skin has definately improved 100%, so i just wanted to say thank you and i hope that this might encourage other people to try the regimen. Unfortunately i don't have any pictures to prove it because i wouldn't allow anyone near me with a camera when my skin was at its worst-i just hope people take my word for it!!!</p>

    Maria Manchester

  • <p>Dan,<br />All I can say is God bless you! I actually started using your regimen in 2002 out of desperation for one last try before reluctantly returning to the dermatologist. I figured you had to be legitimate because your regimen was simple and you weren&#x27;t trying to push a particular product. Well, all I can say is it WORKED! The first 2 weeks, I was peeling and red. After that, I found that I actually did have beautiful skin afterall. But I did have to stick to the regimen or my acne would come back. I had a relatively clear face for the next 4 years.</p><p>Well, at one time, I decided to try some natural alternatives -- I had heard of tea tree oil having the same corresponding percentage strength to benzoyl peroxide. I found a tea tree oil lotion that seemed to work okay... for a while. Then I added a big stressor into my personal life, and my stress levels skyrocketed. Consequently, my acne flared up again, and the tea tree oil product was not keeping my face clear. I had acne again. It wasn&#x27;t as bad as it used to be in the first go round, but it was bad enough to be noticable and very annoying.</p><p>After almost a year, I got myself out of that stressful situation and into a situation that was more carefree. I also started your regimen again. I honestly know my testerone levels were elevated due to that previous stressful situation (I had blood tests done in the midst of it all), and just based on how my face responded to the regimen, it took a while for my testerone levels to get under control again. But sure enough, within a few months or less, my face was back to being ACNE FREE! Thank God! I&#x27;m 28 years old and still have adult acne. I am so thankful that you shared your regimen and that you finally offer your own product, as it is totally SUPERIOR and CHEAPER than anything else out there. All I can say again is, God bless you, Dan. PS - No touch ups were done on this pic, no make-up either! - just the REGIMEN!</p>

    Inga Nashville, TN

  • <p>I randomly started breaking out last year. I used to have almost perfect skin, the only problem being an occasional pimple or black heads around my nose. I tried every single product out there. You name it, I tried it. Nothing helped...from proactive to neutrogena ; but nothing seemed to get rid of those blasted zits. I saw a dermotologist who prescribed differin, not only was it expensive, it also made my acne worse than ever. Finally, I gave up on everything flushing my self esteem down the drain along with my hopes of having better skin. Finally, I stumbled across this website and well just figured there is no harm in trying? it cant get much worse than it already is. In desperation, I ordered this and patiently awaited the package. Now I have been using this product for approximately 2 months. All I get is an occasional zit from time to time, other than that THANK GOD my skin has cleared up. Only a few old acne scars thats it. This is seriously a miracle product. I LOVE !<br /> YOU DAN KERN! haha amzinnnnnnng stuff!! dont hesitate people, just get it because it REALLY REALLY does work.</p>

    Zeezee TX

  • <p>Hi Dan,<br />After YEARS of struggling with acne I came across your website. I am a 27 year old mother of two and a registered nurse. I have tried everything from tetracycline to toothpaste. After reading your site I went out to buy the nutrogena on the spot cream. It worked really well but it was so thick and made my skin itch, not to mention I can't wear makeup over it. I ordered the 2.5 gel from your site and it arrived yesterday. Let me just say my skin is so soft and smooth. It leaves a fresh feeling and my makeup looks great!!!! My skin has never been so clear!!!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart you really have made my life great again!!!!!</p>

    Kelley Houston, TX

  • <p>It began with the blossom of terrible skin as I entered puberty at age 12. For years I have suffered with bad skin. In high school I started going to the dermatologist. Several medications and different doctors later I felt I was running out of options. I was so hopeful and relieved when my dermatologist talked to me about Accutane. Finally, the miracle cure I had been waiting for! That was when I was 17. My early 20s found me beginning to have bad skin once again. After the side effects of Accutane (severely dry skin & diminished night vision), I was hoping to not resort to such a drastic measure again. When I was around 24 I started to use ProActiv. At first I thought it was working. It probably reduced my acne by about 10%. I was just glad to see a reduction. Well, after using it for over a year I felt like my skin was not benefiting from it really at all. At 26 I went to the dermatologist yet again (after a 9 year absence). He was the same one I went to in high school. After an awkward encounter I left disappointed that he offered the same "solutions" that hadn't worked in high school. Hadn't this field progressed at all? I started using Retin-A and my moderate acne became severe! I thought it might get worse before it got better, but after 3 weeks my face was enflamed and in pain. It was the worst acne I had had in 13 years! Next I began using birth control. After a couple of months I was again disappointed that no positive change was occurring. My last resort (last I don't know why now) was to use the benzoyl peroxide. After only a week I could feel it working. It just felt like my skin was healing. That was about a year ago. My skin is not perfect today. But it is about 85% clearer than it was than before I began this regimen. I usually use it about twice a day. I have to use moisturizer after each time since I realized it just irritated and dried out my skin too much. Though my skin isn't totally clear, this regimen gave me hope as no other treatment had.</p>

    Katherine Kentucky

  • <p>My story is similar to Dans. A course of accutane, and then moderate acne returned a year later. </p><p>The regimen has cleared me up 99% (i get the odd small spot now and then) and as a result completely changed my life. I was so Self-conscience of how I looked before and now I have confidence in talking to girls / confidence in my career. I owe Dan a lot, he is a legend. </p><p>The only drawback of the regimen is my skin complection isn't great - generally red, sometimes flakey but its definitly worth it for having a spot free face. Maybe in the future my skin will become more used to the BP and i will be less red.</p>

    Wilson Bristol, England

  • <p>Thank you, thank you, thank you. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I found this website. I have to admit I was very skeptical at first. The regimen just seemed too easy and too good to be true. Within the first 3 days on the regimen, I noticed a difference in the appearance in my skin. It was less oily, and I was happy that I didn't develop any irritation or discomfort from the benzoyl peroxide. I am a very impatient person, so when I didn't see desired results within the first couple months, I sent an email to your website, and within hours had a response from a real person not just some automated mass email, which I was very happy about. The girl told me to stick with it, and I would definetly see results. Well long story short... I did stick with the plan, and my face looks fantastic!!!! As an experiment I decided to skip the regimen for two days. In those two days I had 3 large and painful pimples, which I haven't gotten in about 6 months. I will never stop the regimen now. I no longer suffer from Acne!!!! I feel liberated and like a new person. My confidence has sky rocketed and I feel like I can meet new people with self assurance that I'm putting my best face forward. My family and friends have all noticed the difference. Not just in my skin but in my overall attitude towards life. I'm a better me now... and I only have Dan and this wonderful website to thank for it. I tell all my friends, and anyone whose willing to listen to me about acne.org Again thank you for everything... you saved my face and sanity :)</p>

    Ashley Ontario, Canada