• Throughout my teenage years I had clear skin for the most part, the occasional pimple but that was it. When I was about 23 I started breaking out along my chin, on one side was a patch of whiteheads and on the other side I would have red pimples...I had no idea what to do, so I didn't do anything but pretend it wasn't there. I was embarrassed about it and hated people being close to my face. I would buy a different acne fighting product every month crossing my fingers hoping it would work...but nothing. One day I came across an infomercial for an acne product, I went to the website to get reviews...didn't find much, then I went to epinions.com and got the reviews I was looking for. One person had referenced acne.org. So, that is when I came across this website. I gave it a try. I use Clean and Clear cream cleanser and Neutrogena on the Spot Treatment, since my acne is only on my chin, I just use enough product that covers the tip of my index finger...any more is too much. During the treatment my chin turned red and was dry and flaky and occasionally would sting but that was all worth it because now, I have clear, beautiful skin. It regimen works exactly how Dan says it will. The feeling of having clear skin is amazing and at times is almost indescribable. The Acne.org regimen has saved my life and self esteem, so much so, that I feel "Thank You" can not fully describe how appreciative I am. But THANK YOU!


  • I just want to say that what you are doing through acne.org is amazing!

    The way you even provide a video of the regimen is nothing short of brilliant!

    I am a physician (not dermatologist, though) and 'should know better'. It took your site to teach me the importance of not just WHAT but HOW! Looking up both BP and tretinoin in treatment manuals here in Sweden it actually says MASSAGE the cream into the skin - quite contrary to your emphasis on being very, very gentle.

    Then tape exfoliation was great tip, too.

    And here is the caveat: I have suffered from acne since my mid twenties (I am 44 now) except for a tough period on acutane I wont repeat. It is first now, following your advice, that I am beginning to see the same results with just BP. Needless to say, I will be spreading the word!

    Many, many thanks!



  • Just wanted to thank you soooo much for your great website and better yet, your wonderful acne regimen. My daughter (and I) suffered for years with trying to find a solution to her mild-medium acne problems, which were aggravated, ironically, by the regimen prescribed by her dermatologist. After a month on your regimen, her acne improved remarkably and her beautiful face has stayed clear for the past year she's been on your program. THANK YOU!

    Evelyn Lewiston, California

  • Hi dan, i suffered from awful painful red acne all over my cheeks an chin. The spots were so painful and frustrating because they wudnt budge, i couldnt even squeeze them to reduce the size because they didnt have anything in them. It got so bad so i tried benzyl peroxide 5% and it completly dried me out so i stopped using it! But my skin kept getting worse and worse. It got to the point where i was constantly checking my skin in window reflections because i cudnt stand to look in a proper mirror, i had my hair cut and the hair dresser must have thought i was so stupid because i refused to look in the mirror after she had cut my hair. So one day i stumbled accross your webpage n i was worried at first due to my past experiance with BP. But ive been doing the regimen step by step for about 5 weeks now and my skin is 99.9% clear, the only imperfections are red marks from old acne! I am so happy and i dont think i could ever thank you enough. This webpage gave me my confidence back because it reminded me that im not the only one! I tried every single acne treatment on the market and countless antibiotics but your regimen is the only thing that works! I told my doctor who commented on my 'clear skin' and she took down the web address to recomend to her other patients! Thank you once again, Alexandra.

    Alexandra England

  • I am 28 years old and have struggled with acne since I was 18. Fortunately it has never been severe, mostly moderate and only on my chin. I had it somewhat under control while I was pregnant but once I had my son 7 months ago, my face went crazy! I tried EVERYTHING OTC, I have not tried prescriptions. I actually found this website months before I actually did it. I honestly didn't think it would work. I had been using BP for years, I didn't think this would make much of a difference. Well, I started this regimen 2 1/2 weeks ago out of desperation. My face is now 100% clear. It works that fast. I did get a very mild break out at the beginning of the second week but they cleared very fast. I still have scars but they are fading. I can't wait to see how my face looks in a month!
    If this worked for me, it can work for anyone. Dan - thank you so much for this...you have given me my life back and now I can enjoy my son the way I want to! =)

    Amanda Spartanburg

  • Hey Dan, I'm just writing to say thanks because yes, your regimen works for me also! I'm a 16 year old student from Ireland and have suffered from acne for 3 years, which is not very long considering the length of time some people have had it for, but lets just say I'm glad I found out about this regimen now rather than suffering for more years. Before using your regimen I felt very embarrassed and had low self esteem due to my spots. I tried other over the counter cures but none of them worked, some even made my spots worse. I have been using the regimen for about 6 months and my skin is soft smooth and almost totally clear. Everyone has been noticing and complimenting me about my skin! I just want to say to anyone who is considering trying your method to just do it, it really does work! Thanks again,

    Catherine Ireland

  • Dan,

    I would like to thank you for showing me the way to perfect skin, I am 28 years old and have suffered with bad skin since about the age of 16, i think that people really don't realise the mental problems which can be caused by this terrible affliction, I was so low that at one point considered jumping from the nearest tall building that I could find. Anyway after years of bad skin hell and just about every type of pill the doc had, I was given Rouaccutane by the dermatologist and this helped and killed off the worst of the problem but I was still getting bad skin albeit on a less servere scale it was still having the same mental effect as before so it was just as bad. Just by chance I came across your site and thought what the hell I'll give it a go and in just over a week I have got nearly completely clear skin!!!!!!

    I would like to say to anyone reading these comments that this really does work, I wish that I had know about this 10 years earlier it would have saved me a lot of upset not to mention 1000's of pounds!!!! Anyway just wanted to say thanks and congratulate you on doing something that has helped so many people.

    David United Kingdom

  • I just want to say thanks!! I am a 29 year old female and have been waiting for the day when I would be free of acne. Although I have never suffered from severe acne, I have sufferend from mild to moderate acne from the age of 13 and cannot remember a day when I had a clear face. I have tried many different over the counter treatments to no avail. I have tried everything from Aveda, Arbonne, Tea Tree and Proactive. Not only were those treatments costly, but they did not even come close to the results I have seen. The true test were the days leading up to my period. I just made it through clean and clear for the first time in my life. My face was dry for the first week or two of the regimen, but has now become accustomed to the regimen.
    Thank you so much for letting us know of a system that is cost effective and so successful!
    I am a teacher and have students with severe acne. I will be talking to my class about what I went through and what I did to overcome. Hopefully they to will benefit like I have.

    Thanks again!

    Sarah Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

  • I recently went off of birth control and broke out with the worst acne of my life! As a teenager I had perfect skin, so dealing with this, as a 33-year-old professional, has been really embarrassing and frustrating. After trips to the dermatologist - who prescribed ineffective topical creams and little in the way of advice - and trying OTC products, I was about ready to give up when I came across acne.org.

    After only a week on the Regimen I’ve noticed a significant difference. I have fewer breakouts every day and my current acne - both on my face and back - is fading quickly even though I haven't worked up to the full BP dose yet. I have super sensitive skin and was worried that I wouldn't tolerate the treatment. However, increasing my use a little bit every day has worked great.

    Thank you, Dan, for finding such an easy solution to a truly maddening problem. You are a lifesaver!

    Jaime Ohio