• Dear Dan,

    I had been using Proactive for a little over two years with mediocre results for my adult acne (I'm 37) until I began to incorportate your regimen. I was very skeptical at first, but using the words of so many others, what did I have to lose? I experienced great results in about four weeks. Now, I am completely clear with the occasional one or two pimples around my cycle.

    My family and I have prayed for healing for many years. I want you to know that God has used you and your website to bring healing and encouragement. I had spent thousands of dollars on dermatologists, otc remedies, and microdermabrasion. I never gave up hope because I believed God would honor my prayers. With God, all things are possible. I am living proof and I will give Him all the glory. And I am asking Him to lavish you with His blessings because of your willingness to help so many.

    God bless you, Dan

    Kyla Long

  • Dan, I'm a 34 yr. old nurse from Ma. and just wanted to let you know that if you were within my reach, I'd kiss you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I never had "problem skin" until about 1 yr. ago and for some reason my skin just erupted. My troubles seemed to be around the chin area and the sides of my face- mostly under the skin types and blackheads (yuck) that I constantly tried to cover up with concealer- I'd feel confident as long as I had a full "airbrushed" face of false skin. It was terrible!!! Wouldn't leave the house without it. People would say "your makeup is so pretty", or "what kind of makeup do you use?". I felt so phony, like one giant camaflouged PORE!!! Been using the regimen about a month-!00% clear- even my pores are smaller- been told that was impossible but they appear to be. The shine is MUCH improved (used to be able to see your reflection off my forehead). Someone said to me for the first time- "you have the most beautiful skin"- I had to laug!
    h because for the first time they weren't complementing my foundation- because, of course, I didn't have any on!!! You are my hero. xoxoxojen

    Jennifer Massachusetts

  • Dear Dan, I have been meaning to email you for quiet some time now, and have finally gotten around to doing it. I just wanted to thank you for your website. I came across it about a year ago when I was feeling particularly depressed about the situation with my face. I was 26 years old then, and I have struggled with acne ever since I was about 13. It wasn't the worst case of acne that I have ever seen, but it was bad enough to cause me embarrassment, and worse yet, it didn't seem to be going away as I got older. I had tried basically everything, and had been going to a dermatologist since I was 16. The only thing that worked for me was Acutane, and then I couldn't stay on it because my body didn't react well to it. When I came across your website, I was very sceptical. But, I thought, I have Neutragena On-The-Spot acne treatment anyway, I might as well try using more of it as the website suggests. I already use Neutragena Oil-Free Cleanser, and a really good moisturizer with sunscreen, so I didn't really have to change my routine too much. I just used more benzoil peroxide, and on a regular basis. IT WORKED WONDERS! It didn't take long either! I actually feel prettier. I don't feel self-conscious anymore, and I often go out of the house without any make-up (something that I would have never done before)! When people ask me what I have done differently, I tell them- and no one believes me! It is amazing how simple the solution is. I feel good knowing that when my daughter (who is only 7 now) starts to struggle with acne, I have something that I can do to help her. I wish that I had taken before pictures, but I honestly did not expect to see such dramatic results. I just wanted to write and say thank you. As silly as it sounds, you have changed my life!

    Stacey Ventura, California

  • Just a quick note to thank you for a great line of products... that actually work!

    I'm 32 years old and yours are the only products that have ever worked to clear my skin. Even doctor prescribed medications have not been able to do what your simple, yet effective, regimen has accomplished.

    With sincerest thanks,

    Sonya Tijeras, NM

  • Hi Dan,
    I hope you are well.

    Thank you very much for the advice you have pulled together on this website, which is clear, concise and easy to follow. I particularly like the illustrations as well as the "what to expect" during the period of usage.

    My brother told me about the site and it's been a year now since I first started the regime. By the Grace of God, through your advice my acne which had flared terribly after many years of clear skin is now gone. I'm in my thirties and everything else that had worked in my teens had been unsuccessful.

    Keep up the good work and may God bless you in your efforts.

    Sophia Buckinghamshire, UK

  • If you have acne, today is your lucky day. Your struggle is over. Since I turned 30 (I'm 38 now), every morning before I opened my eyes, I would run my fingers over my face searching for acne 'nodules.' Typically, I'd have one or two, sometimes more and on a few glorious mornings none (although they often formed during the day). Based on their size, I would decide whether or not to get them shot with cortisone. Luckily, I knew of a dermatologist's office where the nurses would shoot them at 8:30 or 11:30 a.m. for $10. The cortisone shots got rid of the nodules, but they also caused 'divots' or holes in my face. Once I had enough divots to justify the expenditure, I'd have them filled with collagen for $500. I saw dozens of dermatologists, went on and off antibiotics and spent hundreds of dollars on topical treatments, but none of it stopped the nodules from forming. So that was my miserable life. I recently got engaged and considered not having a wedding for fear of what my face might look like on my wedding day. On a desperate Internet search, I found acne.org. The testimonials (like this one) sounded promising and the solution was cheap, so I tried it. I have not had a single nodule in two months! My face was red for the first two weeks, but then it regained its normal color. It is now as clear and smooth as it was before all this acne business started. No more cortisone shots, collagen injections or worries about my wedding. Thank God for Dan. If you are a prisoner of acne, you are about to be freed! Go to the drug store and buy one of the recommended soaps, one of the recommended moisturizers and every Neutrogena On-the-Spot they have. Follow Dan's directions exactly, and you will be acne free. Good luck!

    Shelley Houston

  • I can't thank you enough Dan. I've had fairly sever acne since I was in junior high. I'm 21 and for the first time since then I am clear. I have to say it took some patience, but within a few months I had clear skin, and the customer service is great (when a tube of BP was sent 1 week late, I wasn't charged for it). I'm finally rid of this annoying thing and can concentrate, get some sleep, and have some confidence. It sucks feeling bad about your appearance, but unfortunately we're made to feel that way. That good thing about having or having had acne is you have sympathy. I was more stressed about the dry skin and the painfull pimples than my apperance. Anyway, if you want to improve the look of your skin or simply improve your skin, DAN'S REGIMEN WORKS! BE PATIENT!

    Nick Cedar Falls, IA

  • I wanted to take the time and write this review because of the fact that The Regimen has changed my life. I can not begin to thank Daniel for creating this product and making it available. I am 34 years old and have been an an acne sufferer for the last 20 years. i have tried every treatment and product under the sun and until using the regimen nothing had worked for me. As many acne sufferers would know acne has negatively affected many aspects of my life, but now after using the regimen for only 2 weeks I am actually getting compliment on my skin. I usually do a double take when I receive a compliment on my skin because its all new to me. I am not sure if Daniel knows the magnitude of the positivity he is bestowing upon the users of the regimen, because for me these products have done wonders. I feel like someone has taken a magic wand and cleared my skin. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and hope from the bottom of my heart that these products stay around for ever. I would highly recommend the regimen for anyone tired of trying different products etc for acne treatment and let them know that the search for "the" acne treatment ends with the regimen.

    Lisa Bay Area, CA

  • I am a 40 year old mother of three that has been dealing with cystic acne for years.

    I was at the end of my rope with my skin and it was getting worse every day. My chin area would break out so badly that it would physically hurt to smile. I found a video on you tube talking about the acne.org and was excited to see the girls result. I was a little hesitant because I have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on other skin care programs that just didn't work. I had no other options so I figured why not. I will never look back. My skin cleared up in DAYS!

    I have had a few breakouts try and ruin my day but they cleared up within 24 hours. That has NEVER happened to me before. For the first time in years, I am excited to wake up and look in the mirror and not see huge, painful acne. Thank you Dan so much for breaking the code on acne.

    I am forever in your debt.

    Regina Missouri