• I've been battling acne since I was 13, it was a lot worse (though not cystic) than a lot of my peers. My parents spent thousands on medication, the dermatologist, etc. I was on Retin-A for 6 months which burned and didn't really do much. From 13-16 my acne was pretty bad, then it cleared up with minimal acne. I quit that and switched to Clean & Clear BP 10%, which seemed to help.

    I'm 26 now and for the past few years my skin was under control (I was using BP 10% at night), to the point that I never wore make-up. In July of this year my skin blew up out of no where! My friends looked at me differently and being that they're so nice they didn't say anything but could tell something was very different. It had got so bad I couldn't bring myself to socialize, my life did a complete turn around. I couldn't even go to work at times, I was so embarrased! I was doing everything I could from eating completely different to buying vitamins and changing up my routine.

    One night I came across your site and with little hope left I followed through. Dan, you and this site you created are AMAZING! I am now clear!

    My skin reacted just like you said in the "what to expect" column. First week it improved, second week I had a pretty big break out from my skin purging, and from the 3rd week on it just got better. I'm now on my fourth week and my skin is smooth and all that I am dealing with is blemishes. The blemishes are also fading quickly since they're just surface blemishes.

    Thank you so much!

    Jess Seattle, WA

  • I don't know who are you, but I want to buy you about 10 beers for changing my life.

    Robyn 30, New York City

  • Unfortunately, I don't have a "before" picture because I never wanted to have my picture taken when I was so embarrassed of my skin! I may not have had the worst case of acne, but when you're young, it doesn't matter how "severe" the problem technically is. It feels like it's all anyone can see. I had been on a prescription benzoil peroxide since I was young, but the strength I was given always dried me out and I had no idea I was supposed to moisturize. I really want to thank you guys for showing how to take care of my skin. I was amazed with how soft my face felt after a few weeks! Also, you guys are amazing for providing such big quantities for a reasonable price. There is nothing else like it that I've found and the little tiny tubes of benzoil peroxide were just not cutting it! Although I'm always going to get a blemish every once in a while, I have never been happier with my skin. Thank you!

    Jillian Denise Andersen United States

  • I'm wary of being too enthused because I don't want to put people off, you know the too good to be true rule, this is the exception. It has changed the way I live my life.

    I was searching the net in pure desperation, 15 year of terrible skin, thousands of pounds down the drain, dozens of worthless, stressful diets - then this.

    It seemed too easy, but I had nothing to lose. Three weeks later I had my first night out without caking myself in make up, hiding in the shadows and cringing every time a camera made an appearance. I no longer had to worry about how close I stood people or the best way to hide my face.

    Even after that I wasn't a believer I slacked on the routine and my skin problems returned, I had to start afresh but it was okay because I knew it would work.

    I'm angry now that two GP's let me take bogus pills and then believe nothing else could be done. The only issue I have is I had to buy some white towels. Do this now, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

    Dionne London, England

  • I remember the very first pimple I ever had. I was eight, and it was the end of my 3rd grade school year. It was the first of many. I have struggled with acne for almost 18 years. A very, very, very long 18 years. I do not think that people who have not struggled with acne can understand the devastating effect it has on those who have it. It alters who you are as a person, physically and emotionally and changes how you behave in social situations.

    Early on, everyone told me it would go away. But as I looked at my mother, who in her 40s still battles acne, I knew that wasn't true. My mother, father and brothers have all suffered. I was lucky, my mother and brothers have some of the most intense "crater" scarring. I seemed to escape that. In my quest for clear skin I have tried EVERYTHING. Every OTC medication (Clearisil, Nutrogena, Clean and Clear, Ahava, Clinique, ProActiv, Murad, MD Formulations, BE Blemish Therapy Line, I could go on for days.) I tried just about everything my dermatologist could think of, from Differin to Retin-A to chemical peels, with no lasting results. Finally, 3 years ago I took Accutane. Contraversial as it might be, Accutane gave me something I hadn't had since I was 8...clear skin. It was the most amazing and liberating year of my life. But alas, it wasn't permanent. While my chest and back have never broken out again, my face was another story. I was no longer a candidate for Accutane as I had some serious side effects, ones that I will suffer the rest of my life from. I would do it all again in heart beat though. But, I'd pretty much just accepted that I was going to have acne the rest of my life. Then, I finally decided to try the regimen. I was pretty skeptical because it looked too simple, too easy; too cheap... I'd tried BP plenty of times before and got no results. Let me just say this. My products for the regimen arrived one week ago today. As I write this letter, my face is almost perfectly CLEAR. I can never thank you enough.

    Danielle Ohio

  • Yes this finally works for me too. I am a 45 year old mom and have been struggling with this forever. Now , however, I don't have to worry about my skin all the time. The whole process makes the difference and the 2.5 % cream instead of 10%. Thank you so much for simplifying my life a bit!

    Margie Kentucky

  • I just need to say thank you! The regimen is the only thing that has helped my skin! I started the oil cleansing method about 7 months ago and it RUINED my skin to say the least. I quit OCM after about 2 months because my normally very clear skin looked like a battle field. I returned to my faithful proactiv that has always kept me clear. It did nothing for me anymore. 3 months of using proactiv and my skin was still a nightmare. I cried and cried and only left the house when absolutely necessary. I found acne.org and the regimen about 2 months ago. I'm ecstatic to say today is the first day that I have not one pimple! Thank you!!!!! I can't say it enough!


  • I've only been doing the program for 4 days and already my skin is clear! (I used store bought products as I live in Europe) I have struggled for years, I'm 25 now and I started getting acne when I was 10.

    I have been on several medications through the years including Accutane, to no avail. I felt so embarrassed, frustrated, I've cried over it more than once.

    I'm so grateful that this information was shared with me and I don't feel shame anymore when I look in the mirror. If you follow the directions I can't imagine this not working for anyone else.

    Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

    Erin Gothenburg, Sweden

  • I love your products! I never really suffered from acne, in fact I had super clear skin all the way up to September of 2008. My acne was mild, but going from no acne to mild acne was still a huge deal to me, and it was hard not to reminisce about my once blemish free skin. While googleing acne products, your website came up and I decided to check it out. I bought your products and about after a few weeks, my acne was all cleared up!! I love your products because they aren't harsh on my skin. I've tried things like Clean And Clear, and the moisturizer even seemed to dry out my skin. But your products are awesome! I like how the face soap and lotion is mild, and even the acne medication itself is only 2.5% benzoyl peroxide! So thank you for creating something that works and that isn't harsh on my skin!!

    Kaleigh Texas