• Hi Dan! First of all thanks :) I have had acne for 8 years.. im 19 now. and it has been quite a nasty experience.. i have been feeling quite bad about it, and it has decreased my self esteem a lot. Didnt want to talk to people, cause i couldnt bear them staring at me in my face... i felt so bad about it. I got rid of my acne for a month or 2 , when i was 15, which was a painful process. I had to clean my face with a fluid, which was basicly ether.. Each, morning, and evening..And i could feel my skin melt.. which was nasty! Anyhow, i got rid of them for a month and then they were back, and i had even bigger breakouts than before.. So i gave up on dermatologists.. they didnt help at all. and as long as i could keep my hands off my face, my face was ok, but still needed foundation, to go outside, cause it looked bad..

    So anyhow, a few weeks ago, my face was getting worse again, and i couldnt understand why.. So i went to see the dermatologist. She gave me new perscription medicines, and an additional comment on how i should see what her other pacients look like( meaning, that i shouldnt have gone there to waste her time) So , after that , i went and got the medicines and started using them. And my face was getting worse all the time, and now even foundation could hide the acne anymore. So i didnt want to go out.And i didnt. I stayed in and thanks to that, i guess, i came across your website.Since im from Estonia, there are different products here, so at first i was looking around to find similar products.And i did. Started your regimen and my face is getting better day by day:) Its still early, but i believe this is gonna work.

    And hopefully i can stop putting on foundation and different miracle medicines , at last :)) Thank you Dan, so so much,for sharing this and helping so many people! Cant thank you enough! :)))

    Tiina Tallinn, Estonia

  • Hi!

    I just wanted to say that since using your product my skin has never looked better. I'm 30; I've had acne, multiple types, since I was 12. Tried everything - including Accutane 2x - and nothing has worked until now. I just moved to Oz from Canada and I just bought the large size plus travel kit and jojoba oil and confidently paid $142 including shipping (which doubled in price) but I don't mind because I know it's going to continue to give me beautiful skin.

    Thanks so much for providing this product and for creating something that actually works. :D

    Laura Adelaide, Australia

  • Thank you so much Acne.org.

    I have battled acne on and off for the past 15 years. I have African American, Mexican American skin so it's not easy to treat. I started having acne at 15 years old and I tried everything Proactiv, Retin-a, Murad you name it. Living in southern California, I had the opportunity to go to a top dermatologist featured in Extreme Makeover TV show. I went to several doctors and after underwhelming results I almost gave up. Then I started researching online and I gave your regime a shot. I used your regime with acne script and my skin cleared up. After finishing acne script, I continued with the regime products only and I have been testing to see if the results last. I'm happy to say it's been a year and my skin is finally not a concern. Dan Kern has finally let clear skin be an option for everyone and the price isn't outrageous.

    Thank you so much! Just try it and you will never go back.

    Rene San Diego, CA

  • Not only are your BP products effective, but they are, ounce for ounce, at least half the price of old-school (and well-known) BP products! And the gel is SOOOO much easier to use than that awful cream stuff.

    Seldom does a product one purchases make people actually feel better about themselves. You've made it easier for a lot of people to simply face the world. Very few people can say they've done that. Keep up the great work.

    Andrew Washington

  • I have had acne since I was 12 years old. Big, red and sore bumps in my pale skin. I realized just a few months ago that you couldn’t see my real face color anymore because of all the scars. I have literally tried everything except going to the doctor to get a prescription of pills. I have struggled for 5 years, and it wasn´t until 4 weeks ago that I found out about acne.org. For years I have been scrubbing my face, used alcohol to soak my face in and used so many strong chemicals that promise to take away my acne after a month. Yeah, right...

    About 4 weeks ago I was searching about a new acne treatment, and I stumbled over this website. I was stuck by the computer the whole day, reading and learning more about acne than ever. I thought I had to try this out, my problem couldn´t get any worse than it already was. So I did my research on Swedish pharmacy cleansers and so on that was gentle to the skin. In Sweden we only have benzoyl peroxide in 5%, but I figure I could work it out anyway with only using it once a day. So now, after going by the regimen for a month, I could not have been any happier. My skin is clear! I get a few pimples now and then, but not like before. And because of the gentle products I use, and because of the gentle washing and drying with a towel, my scars isn´t as red as before, and I actually have my real color again instead of all the redness!

    I am so happy and proud and the regimen really works. No words can actually describe how good it feels to feel beautiful again.

    Alicia Sweden

  • I've been following the system for about a year now. It took about 3 months for my face to adjust to the "hardening effects" but I stuck with it. With this system and Bare Escentuals makeup I have perfect skin, with a few minor blemishes here and there. I use the Cetaphil line and your benzolperoxide (hope I spelled this correctly) treatment gel. I'm soo glad I decided to not go with medication. Thanks for the information and your products.

    Tanya Costa Mesa, CA

  • Hi Dan, thanks for all the suggested treatment for back acne.
    The first time I read your step by step acne treatment, I found using a lot of BP really interesting.
    I tried it. Then, I observed gradual changes on my back. Though there are dark spots (pimple remaints), I noticed that big bumps are gone.
    My only problem now are the pimples and acne on my face.
    I will start doing your recommended treatment.
    I will testify soon. LOL!

    Harry Uy Manila, Philippines

  • I waited a long time to write to you because, in my experience, every time I think I've finally found the solution, it stops working. But I've been using a version of this regimen for a few months now, and I'm pretty confident that it is absolutely great. Nothing else ever worked for me, but if I do this faithfully every morning and night, it really does work. When I forget or skip it because I'm too tired, I might get a zit, but since I started doing this regimen, I have gotten about three, and all were my own fault for missing a time or doing it wrong. This state of things was unimaginable before -- I tried everything that over-the-counter offers, and nothing worked. My skin was always too dry and flakey, while also erupting in big zits at the same time! But now it's neither. I use the store-brand Cetaphil-type product. I don't use as much BP as recommended, I use just enough to make a line down the end joint of my pinky. Then I use Clean and Clear Oxygenating Ultra Light Moisturiser. Then, I often use one or two drops of jojoba oil (which is a genius suggestion for dry flakey skin) just on my forehead and nose, which were the areas that had the most dryness problems. I don't use the jojoba oil every single time, I play it by ear based on what my skin looks like that day.
    Overall, I'd have to say that this is a brilliant plan you've come up with! It is truly the only thing that has ever worked, and it feels like a wish come true. The dermatologists must hate you for taking their business away!

    Kyra New York

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to share my story with other sufferers in an attempt to show how there is hope and persistence does finally pay off. After 10 years of being bounced from one GP to another, given all the antibiotics under the sun. bensol peroxide retin A and every other lotion and potion that existed for long trials then being after finally being referred to a dermatologist after getting impetigo after a bad break out..only to be subscribed more antibiotics. After 10 long, confidence destroying years, hundreds of hours spent in front of the mirror covering up spots..only to pick them again and make them worse (everyone does this!) My mum found a article about a dermatologist in England at the Hammersmith hospital called doctor Chu and about his endorsement of Accutane. Me and my mum said "come on! time to get this sorted once and for all!) and went for what we thought would be a very costly run of treatments. The morning of the appointment came quickly, mum was willing to pay whatever it was to get my face fixed (we dint have much money) but i was 24 and needed help. The doctor looked at my face and said " you are ideal for Roaccunaain and it will cure your skin, you will have no more spots (hard to believe) She then gave me my pregnancy text and took blood wrote me my prescription and sent me on my way, telling me my skin would get worse before it got better, my lips and eyes will get dry but KEEP TAKING IT religiously for it to work properly. The next 10 weeks were hell. My skin got sooo bad i couldn't ware make up go out with my friend. I had to hide away at home and looked to this web site to give me hope. 2 months later my skin stopped producing spots literally over night. A week later my skin was clear and I have not had a single spot for almost 2 and a half years!! I have a new life. It felt like i was born again. I have a new life and never look back. I feel free and it takes me 5 Min's to leave the house. I can let my boyfriend kiss my face in the morning

    gaby London