• Hi Dan,

    I've been on the regimen now since Mid-August. I've had only 3 new spots in the past month. My face looks the best it's been in 4 years: thank you thank you thank you thank you.

    It's like a game for me now, I check my face at night watching the old red marks fade. I think in about 2 months they'll have gone completely. You're a life saver, your regimen really works wonders. It seems crazy that all of these acne companies like Clearisil and Oxy are making so much money, when it's your products and ideas that really work.

    I'll email again when I'm completely clear. Thanks man. You made me confident again. I will never forget this.



    p.s. I seriously think you should think about making a whole skin-related product range (i.e. cleanser bar), and increase your commercial base (i.e. to the UK!!! :) )

    Julian UK

  • Greetings Dan,

    I started your regimen about a week ago. At first I was not seeing the results I wanted because I was rubbing my back with a Loofah mitten.

    Big mistake there! I watched your video and noticed you weren't using a cloth or any type of sponge and the way you dried off your back was kind of funny. PAT DRY! So I stopped using the Loofah mitten and began to PAT DRY with the towel. I followed your instructions to the 'T' and got incredible results!

    Love your Regimen and your products.

    Rebecca T. Seffner, Florida

  • I just submitted a reorder and wanted to let you know how much I love your products. I am in my 30s and have struggled with acne since junior high. I took one round of Accutane in my early 20s, and it worked wonders for my cystic acne. However, my skin went haywire as I neared 30. Then I discovered the Regimen and your products.

    Since adopting the Regimen several years ago, my skin looks great. So thank you!

    Amanda Dallas, TX

  • Thanks for taking the time to post your regimen on the Internet. It truly works! I was skeptical at first, having tried the 10% BP cream to no avail; in fact, it actually made my acne worse! The 2.5% concentration is the right dose, and works wonders. I highly recommend your program to others. Thanks again!

    Matthew Houston

  • Dan,

    I am 38 years old. I have battled extremely oily skin & mild acne for as long as I can remember. Just like everyone else, I have tried the spectrum of treatments from prescription to over-the-counter remedies to expensive department store products...all to no avail. I came upon your website in yet another desperate online search for acne tips & advise...I ended up finding the best products I have ever used to treat my skin! I cannot say enough good things about the products that you have developed. Your advise & suggestions are tried & true. It's obvious your mission is to "end acne as we know it." Thank you for helping my skin look the best it has ever looked! Keep those great products coming!

    Deb Jefferson, IA

  • Dear Dan, I started this program 3 years ago, and I am way to late in writing a very over due thank you. I was seeing a dermatologist who was getting me nowhere, and then I ran across your site. It is so brilliantly simple and effective! granted I have had my ups and downs during those three years, mainly due to my habits, but now I can officially say I am acne free! I am so grateful to you and your website, and I am also thrilled that you support the environment as well. so thank you so much,

    Katya Bloomington

  • Dear Dan,

    I just had to write to thank you for the service you provide. I'm a 39 year old Spanish woman living with mild/moderate acne for 25 years. I've tried every OTC and prescription treatment available, NEVER with the effectiveness and speed that your products have provided. I'm on Day 36 of your regimen and my skin is 95% healed. It's REALLY AMAZING. Your products are very gentle and they work exactly as you describe in your website (your website is great too - very well organized, informative and helpful). I cannot believe it's taken me 25 years to find you! I wish everyone afflicted with bad skin knew about Acne.org! It would make such a difference in their lives!

    To everyone who reads this: try Dan's regimen to the letter: watch his videos, buy his products if you can, follow all the instructions, read the "what to expect" section. It all proved very accurate in my case, and I am forever grateful.

    Thank you Dan!

    weevil AZ

  • Dear Dan:

    I am a 36 female that never had great skin...but as I hit my 30's it just got worse..tried everything but nothing worked until I came across your site and decided to try your regime...My skin is just about perfect. I saw the results immediatly and I have had clear skin for nearly 2 months...I can't believe that something actually worked!...I love to look at my skin without makeup. No bumps, no pimples....I'M FREE!...Thank you for the good work that you do...I wish I know about this years ago....!

    Lisa Connecticut

  • You're not a doctor you say? You should be! I don't kno how you did it, but my boyfriend always orders your bp gel and let me tell you it works soo well. Nothing was really helping his face but this stuff did the job and did it well. I then asked him to buy me a tube of it. It's my num 1 acne medicine and i tell everyone about it.. I battled acne for a long time and this cleared it up in a matter of a week or so..

    I love going out now without havin to put on makeup and worry about touchin it up later on during the day.. i can go to the beach with confidence and not having to worry about anyone seeing my acne on my face.. I feel like a new person and i owe it to your remedy.

    I just wanted to take the time out and thank you! Your awesome and i love your product... it's the only thing that keeps my acne away for good.. even proactiv couldn't do it...

    Thanks again...