• <p>Dear Dan and Acne.org,</p><p>I've had severe acne for about six years. I am nineteen, and I've had acne scars all over my face. I went to a dermatologist now and then. A dermatologist would do some scaling and pop my acnes, which would temporarily make my skin clear. However, after a couple of weeks, I would always get acne back.</p><p>Having followed your regimen using your product for a couple of months now, my face is actually clear. I have almost no acne and acne scars. </p><p>What I really liked about this place is that you clearly outlined the problem and the solution in a reasonable manner. Without it, I probably would not have followed the regimen.</p><p>thank you dan,</p><p>thanks to you I now have clear skin.</p>

    robin Seoul, Korea

  • <p>I have had acne since i was 13. I have been self conscious, embarrassed, and humiliated because of it. I graduated college and decided that I was going to beat acne in 2010. After many Google searches, I found Acne.org. I thought what the heck do I have to lose and started the treatment on my own without your products. It actually seemed to be working so after a few months, I bought your treatment. And it took my skin to the next level. </p><p>I am a personal trainer and the other day; I was with a client talking about black Friday. I told her I had bought some make up from Sephora (it was just blush and eye shadow) and she commented on how that was really nice make up. Then she said, she could tell it was great make up because my skin looked beautiful (yes, that was her word :) ). I then informed her I wasn't wearing any make up. Besides my wonderful boyfriend, no one has ever complimented my skin until that moment.</p><p>I just want to say thank you. Thank you for not pushing your products on people and just allowing them to speak for themselves. Thank you for your honesty and diligence in creating these amazing products. I have never written a thank you note to a company before, so I hope that speaks for itself.</p><p>THANK YOU DAN!</p>

    Sarah L. Douglasville, GA

  • <p>Dear Dan and everyone at Acne.org,<br />I came to your site at the end of my tether. I'm 38 years old and I had flawless skin until the age of 25 when I started to get acne, bad enough to go on a prescription of Accutane. It cleared up but would always come back again. I tried different diets to cleanse my liver, was on different herbal regimes and pills and it would clear up and come back again. In the last couple of years, I had seemingly intractable acne around my mouth and chin - large, ugly lesions that took weeks to heal. And when one set would heal, there was another breakout to take its place. This happened no matter where I was in my menstrual cycle. It drove me crazy - I was taking such good care of my diet and exercise regularly but nothing seemed to affect it.<br />I came across this site and looked around. The first thing that struck me was how warm and knowledgeable Dan was in his videos (and how much benzyl peroxide he used - I was stunned!) The second thing was the hundreds of glowing testimonials from different people around the world.<br />I ordered the Treatment, Cleanser and Moisturizer and I didn't want to expect too much - I had been down that road before.<br /> I got the products 2 days ago. And I'm completely blown away - the acne that I thought I'd never be free of again has almost gone IN 2 DAYS!</p><p>Thank you so much Dan for sharing this info and being so committed to having this be so accessible for people. I've become a fan and will be sharing your site and products with people in my life who have acne.</p>


  • <p>I've been following the system for about a year now. It took about 3 months for my face to adjust to the "hardening effects" but I stuck with it. With this system and Bare Escentuals makeup I have perfect skin, with a few minor blemishes here and there. I use the Cetaphil line and your benzolperoxide (hope I spelled this correctly) treatment gel. I'm soo glad I decided to not go with medication. Thanks for the information and your products.</p>

    Tanya Costa Mesa, CA

  • <p>I must say that after trying every acne treatment known to man, I have found the Holy Grail! </p><p>No kidding, I've tried EVERYTHING, low end, HIGH end, even prescription. I noticed a difference in my complexion after only one week on The Regimen.</p><p>I'm a 35 year old woman and have only had a mild acne problem the last couple of years. I thought only twins and teens had acne, never thought I'd see zits in my 30's. So it's been frustrating finding a product for my age group.</p><p>Now I can enjoy beautiful clear skin while I'm still wrinkle free!</p><p>Thanks, your products get a 5 star rating!</p>

    MaggiePie CA

  • <p>Dan,</p><p>I am writing to tell you that my daughter went from beautiful clear skin to her face being completely covered in little flesh colored bumps to full blown large acne pimples. A Dermatologist about ruined her skin then I stepped in. Your product works wonders on clearing up the skin superficially. However, to really help those with acne you must admit that more is needed. Your product shouldn't be needed. </p><p>Skin problems are an indication that something INSIDE is not right. I was able to clear up my daughter's skin with much research. Internal cleansing is the real answer. Your product sped up the process and she continues to use it, but when I incorporated internal cleansing things really changed. Acne is the result of years of bad eating and hormone toxicity. However, these toxins can be expelled from the body by doing internal liver and color cleansing.</p><p>As a result of internal cleansing AND your product (your product hastened the good results) my 17 year old daughter usually goes without makeup! I would never have guessed it possible. Also a friend of hers had the same thing happen. All of a sudden her skin just broke out horribly. I told her about your product, but ALSO put her on the same regimen of vitamins and cleansing my daughter went on and her face is now cleansing up beautifully and she can't hardly believe it.</p><p>Thanks for your product and the care you have shown so many people.</p>

    Anna Vogt

  • <p>I really have to say thank you.</p><p>I am 42 and have NEVER been able to depend on an acne free day since I was about 12. What a drag. I have tried MANY different products, without consistently good results. I have been using your products since August, and what an amazing difference.</p><p>It is the most freeing feeling to get up in the morning, and be confident that my skin is going to be clear. I don't have that dread of looking in the mirror wondering what new zit has cropped up while I slept. I feel so much better. </p><p>Thank you for a GREAT product.</p>

    Laurel Asheville, North Carolina

  • <p>Dan,</p><p>I have suffered from mild to severe acne since I was 20, I did not discover your site until I was 30.<br />I have tried many treatments including Roacutane, which worked for about 6 months.<br />Your Regimen started to work straight away and I have now been acne free for almost a year (still using BP).<br />The biggest problem is the discolouring of my clothes, so I only use BP on my face during the day and neck and face at night. The result is that I still get one or two little buggers on my neck, but my face is generally clear all the time, at the most one spot per month (gone within a few days).<br />Thank you so much for sharing this information with the rest of the world. I feel I owe you so much!</p><p>Thanks again and good luck with your business, you deserve it.</p>

    Ben England

  • <p>Hi Dan: I just want to let you know that you have dramatically changed my life for the better through your skin care products and regimen. I am 48 years old, and have suffered from breakouts most of my adult life. I have been on medication in the past, which eventually stopped working. I also tried multiple topical medications, both prescribed and otherwise, and these only dried out my skin. The worst thing about having adult acne was the terrible loss of self-esteem - even though I didn't have severe acne, I often had deep cyst-type blemishes that made me not want to leave my house. As a middle-aged adult, it is even more embarrassing. I believe I started your program in November or the beginning of 2009. I have followed it to the letter, in addition to drinking more water and eating healthy foods. I now have totally clear skin, and only rarely have one or two pimples, which quickly heal (they used to last for weeks). To say that you have changed my life is a huge understatement, considering that I really didn't think it was possible to "fix" my skin. If you ever decide to close your business (heaven forbid), please let me know so that I can order a lifetime's supply of your products. You are truly a blessing in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!</p>

    Anonymous Clayton, CA