• <p>Dan,</p><p>I am writing to tell you that my daughter went from beautiful clear skin to her face being completely covered in little flesh colored bumps to full blown large acne pimples. A Dermatologist about ruined her skin then I stepped in. Your product works wonders on clearing up the skin superficially. However, to really help those with acne you must admit that more is needed. Your product shouldn't be needed. </p><p>Skin problems are an indication that something INSIDE is not right. I was able to clear up my daughter's skin with much research. Internal cleansing is the real answer. Your product sped up the process and she continues to use it, but when I incorporated internal cleansing things really changed. Acne is the result of years of bad eating and hormone toxicity. However, these toxins can be expelled from the body by doing internal liver and color cleansing.</p><p>As a result of internal cleansing AND your product (your product hastened the good results) my 17 year old daughter usually goes without makeup! I would never have guessed it possible. Also a friend of hers had the same thing happen. All of a sudden her skin just broke out horribly. I told her about your product, but ALSO put her on the same regimen of vitamins and cleansing my daughter went on and her face is now cleansing up beautifully and she can't hardly believe it.</p><p>Thanks for your product and the care you have shown so many people.</p>

    Anna Vogt

  • <p>I really have to say thank you.</p><p>I am 42 and have NEVER been able to depend on an acne free day since I was about 12. What a drag. I have tried MANY different products, without consistently good results. I have been using your products since August, and what an amazing difference.</p><p>It is the most freeing feeling to get up in the morning, and be confident that my skin is going to be clear. I don't have that dread of looking in the mirror wondering what new zit has cropped up while I slept. I feel so much better. </p><p>Thank you for a GREAT product.</p>

    Laurel Asheville, North Carolina

  • <p>Dan,</p><p>I have suffered from mild to severe acne since I was 20, I did not discover your site until I was 30.<br />I have tried many treatments including Roacutane, which worked for about 6 months.<br />Your Regimen started to work straight away and I have now been acne free for almost a year (still using BP).<br />The biggest problem is the discolouring of my clothes, so I only use BP on my face during the day and neck and face at night. The result is that I still get one or two little buggers on my neck, but my face is generally clear all the time, at the most one spot per month (gone within a few days).<br />Thank you so much for sharing this information with the rest of the world. I feel I owe you so much!</p><p>Thanks again and good luck with your business, you deserve it.</p>

    Ben England

  • <p>Hi Dan: I just want to let you know that you have dramatically changed my life for the better through your skin care products and regimen. I am 48 years old, and have suffered from breakouts most of my adult life. I have been on medication in the past, which eventually stopped working. I also tried multiple topical medications, both prescribed and otherwise, and these only dried out my skin. The worst thing about having adult acne was the terrible loss of self-esteem - even though I didn't have severe acne, I often had deep cyst-type blemishes that made me not want to leave my house. As a middle-aged adult, it is even more embarrassing. I believe I started your program in November or the beginning of 2009. I have followed it to the letter, in addition to drinking more water and eating healthy foods. I now have totally clear skin, and only rarely have one or two pimples, which quickly heal (they used to last for weeks). To say that you have changed my life is a huge understatement, considering that I really didn't think it was possible to "fix" my skin. If you ever decide to close your business (heaven forbid), please let me know so that I can order a lifetime's supply of your products. You are truly a blessing in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!</p>

    Anonymous Clayton, CA

  • <p>Throughout my teenage years I was lucky enough to have extremely clear skin. I probably had 1-2 small pimples a year. This changed when i went away to college. At age 20 I was getting pimples constantly. At times I would have 10-15 pimples on my face. They were always relatively small, but still bothersome to me. I was randomly searching online when i came to this website and i am SO GLAD i did!!! I have been on the regimen for about 10 months now and i couldnt be happier! i rarely get pimples anymore and i feel more confident then ever. It really does work. I havent dont much experimenting with other types of medicine since acne was pretty new to me, but now i have no reason to! thank you dan! youre a life saver</p>

    Jen New York

  • <p>Dear Dan and all...</p><p>I started using your regimen and products this past September and am having great success! I used Proactiv on and off for a few years, but never felt that it improved my skin greatly and it ended up just being too costly every month. I am so happy with acne.org products--the quality and the cost. They leave my skin feeling clean, soft, and clear, and all the products have a great scent.</p><p>I have dreamed for years of waking up in the morning and putting NO makeup on to cover pimples...now I no longer dream! I actually receive more compliments when I am not wearing makeup. </p><p>Here in Hawaii, I love being able to swim or surf and then come out of the water, not worrying about what my face looks like! I am searching for a good facial sunscreen that will complement the regimen and your products...any plans for creating one in the future?</p><p>Thanks for sharing your discovery and creating such great products!<br />Gloria</p>

    Gloria Honolulu, HI

  • <p>Hi Dan and all the readers,</p><p>I have only tried and started on the regimen with Dan's products for little more than a week, but I must say that I am looking and feeling better already =).</p><p>I've been having acne for more than a decade now, ever since I was 14, and tried almost everything in the market to get it treated. Some worked a little, some didn't. But the whole problem is that the pimples just kept coming back. I'm already on doxycycline for years now, and it has really helped control my acne. BUT, pimples still come now and then. That was what made me take a leap of faith, and give this regimen a try. I must admit that my viewpoint might be a little biased, since my acne isn't really that severe.</p><p>Its still early days, but I intend to keep to this for the long-haul. To those that are reading and still unsure whether to fork out the cash to give this regimen a try: If you have the financial ability, I say give it a go. Even if the results aren't that impressive, a starting kit really isn't that expensive. I'm paying a lot for the shipping charges, but you just can't put a price tag to being acne-free.</p><p>Good luck to all of us.</p><p>Regards,</p>

    Jason Singapore

  • <p>Dear Dan, </p><p>I know that you are probably inundated with emails but I have to write you again. I have had mild acne for the last 5 years and I found it to be one of the most frustrating things to deal with. There were times my skin would look great and then there were times when my skin would look anything but clear. I have tried everything under the sun, except for accutane, and nothing made much of a dent. All of this changed one night when I was surfing the web and stumbled on your magical regimen. I have been on the regimen for a only one month and my skin is consistently clear. In fact, I have only gotten one little pimple in the past 2 weeks. I am completely shocked, dumbfounded, and speechless. Dan, you are the real deal and as trivial as acne may be to some people, this regimen has completely changed my life. Thank you so very much for being a good person. This world would be a better place if there were more people like you.</p>

    James Virginia

  • <p>Hey Dan!</p><p>I've had issues with acne all through my teen years, and used a number of items, both Rx and over the counter, as well as systems like Proactiv. About 3 years ago, my acne started to get real bad, going from regular pimples to nodules and other painful inflammatory lesions. Not fun, especially in my early 20's. Needless to say, I was frantically searching for something to help, and after annihilating my face with that OXY 10% BP stuff and other remedies.</p><p>I finally found acne.org and gave your products a shot. I started with just the BP, then the moisturizer, and now I switched to your cleanser as well a week or so ago. Both your products and your system are absolutely fantastic! I'm now 25 years old, and my skin is completely pimple free (and looks clearer and smoother than when I was 10!), and your advice has helped keep it from getting irritated or scarred. Even shaving is a breeze now (I have to shave every other day, since I grow very lame looking facial hair), since I don't have any painful bumps to avoid. </p><p>I'm a pharmacist, and acne is a common question I get from my patients/customers. Before, I kind of had to give half-hearted answers, being unsure of what worked and what was just marketing garbage. Now I can say that I confidently recommend both your website (for information) and your product line to almost every person who asks for an acne treatment regimen, even to patients being seen by a dermatologist. I feel a lot of dermatologists just hand kids a script for a retinoid when something like the Regimen would work just as well, with less redness, and without a $50 copay for 25 days worth of medication. Huge props to you for coming up with a gentle, efficacious, and cost-effective acne treatment. I, for one, intend to remain a loyal customer, and will continue to use and recommend the Regimen as long as you keep making it. Take care, and many thanks!</p><p>Best,</p>

    Randy H. Aberdeen, NJ