• Just to say a big thank-you for your selfless help. I am forever grateful to you. I have been using your system for over a year now and after all the stress I have been through for the past 17 years I can say without a doubt this is the best way to combat acne. I hope you reap the rewards of your kindness forever.

    Kath England

  • I've been meaning to comment on your product for several years now and finally it's about that time:

    My story begins like any other. Dude gets acne. Dude gets sad. And this repeats, like, forever. But this was no ordinary acne. These were single breakouts where a huge bump/welt would develop (similar to the welts that boxers get). There were no white heads, no more than 2-3 welts at a single time, and each breakout would last 5-8 weeks. And each breakout was devastating socially, physically, and emotionally. I wouldn't go to school or work. I'd skip weddings and birthday parties. Simpy devastating. Several members of my family also experienced these type of breakouts. To say we tried every acne treatment on the market would be an understatement. We concluded that it was just our genetics and that it couldn't be beat. One day my cousin discovered your product and recommended it to me. That day was the greatest EVER!!! Your cleanser, treatment, & moisturizer are little magic bottles of gold, with candy sprinkles and covered in caramel. I can't thank you and your team enough for the effort and time you've spent on creating such a life-altering product. In all seriousness, I wouldn't hesitate for a single second in spending a few thousand dollars for a single 8 oz bottle. That's how much I believe in your product and how much it improved my quality of life. And you can't put a price on the feeling of awesomeness.

    This is my story and I wouldn't want to imagine a life without acne.org products. And for anybody who isn't a fan of Daniel Kern or his team, I suggest you go kick rocks.

    htp CA

  • I've never enjoyed beautiful skin. In fact, I've always envied those people with beautiful skin who seemed to have invisible pores and never a pimple. I never had severe acne, though, until I became an adult.

    In 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34. I had both my breasts removed as well as several affected lymph nodes. Six weeks later I began a six month treatment of intense chemotherapy. My skin stayed clear throughout the process. Amazingly, it was probably the best it's ever looked! However, not long after chemo ended, the breakouts began. I have never suffered such embarrassing acne until now. I have tried every possible solution that I could find all to no avail.

    Finally, I decided to spend the money and try Dan's products and regimen. I wish I had done that a long time ago and save myself the agony that I've endured these past few years. I've been using the products now for almost 6 weeks and saw results within the first two days.

    My skin is finally beginning to heal. I still have a pimple here and there, but they heal so much faster and don't leave a lingering red mark. I can't wait to see what my skin will look like in 6 months!

    Thank you so much and please don't ever stop making this stuff!

    Valerie Erin, TN

  • Hello Dan,

    Really just want to thank you again for your caring advice. I wrote before detailing my success with your regime. More than two-years on, and I am still following it and remain clear of the visible signs of acne.

    Like you, the underlying process is still with me (I am now 51...) and I don't expect it to disappear. Yet, armed with your regime, I am able to manage the condition so effectively that I barely give it a second thought. Another plus is that I have been able to point the teenage children of friends and relatives to your site, as they have encountered their own moderate acne problems. If they follow your advice, they achieve their goal of cleared skin and managed acne. This morning, I advised another friend to look at your site to help with her son's newly-presenting moderate acne. I am confident it will provide the solution he needs.

    Thank you, Dan. Have a great Christmas and a purposeful and safe New Year.

    Henry UK

  • I want to say a big THANK YOU to Dan! The first few weeks I was on the program, I was skeptical because I have very sensitive skin and my skin was red and itchy. But I kept it up, and about a month and a half later I'm very thankful I did, because today my skin is PERFECT. I was so worried about my acne because I'm a teacher and I didn't want to start a new semester with the same old stress-related acne--but now it doesn't matter how stressed I am, my skin is still clear. I feel much more confident and beautiful--and whenever I look in the mirror I smile. Anyone who has been on the program for just a few weeks and is skeptical, keep at it!

    Elyse Chicago, IL

  • I just wanted to say thanks for such a great product! I've used The Regimen for almost a year now and I've just placed another order. I've had acne since I was a teenager and I'm now 32 years old. I've never found any products that acutally worked until I happened to find your website last February. I've told everyone I know about The Regimen because I know that it works! Thanks so much!

    Julie Layton, Utah

  • Dan,

    There is nothing I can say in a letter that can express how truly thankful I am for what you have done. Your regimen cleared my skin completely.

    I started the regimen February 1st and was clear after 2 1/2 months. I followed it exactly for 4 months. Even after all that time my skin stayed extremely dry but I didn’t care because I was clear. I figured this month I would try to switch up the regimen a little to help with the dryness. I started using the BP only in the morning and aha at night. My skin looks amazing! I was scared that only using the BP once a day would cause me to break out but as long as I use the aha at night my skin looks even smoother. It feels so good to not have acne.

    I’m 21 and have so much more confidence. This summer I didn’t feel embarrassed and depressed when I went camping and swimming with my family. I know you get a ton of letters but I just wanted to let you know that you changed my life. I’m so happy. For anyone who is on your regimen and is not seeing results right away, I would just like to say that make sure your doing the regimen exactly and be patient. I didn’t see the results I wanted until almost 3 months after I started. Dan I will continue to use you products forever.

    Thank you for helping my live again.

    Tracy Wisconsin

  • Well, I had to hang in there, but this product has definitely worked me.
    I never had acne as a teen, but developed it as an adult. Every week I'd develop a swollen pimple that would eventually come to a head on my chin but just as it would disappear, another would begin. I had no luck getting rid of them. I had read about another product that was to help, Olay Daily Thermal, and tried it. My skin reacted violently and I had several, painful cyst pimples. It was terrible and I hated to get up in the morning only to see that things were worse.

    I decided to do some research (again) online and that's when I found acne.org. I wanted to let you know that there were several things that made me want to try the product right away and thought you might want to know:

    1) Your personal story acne story
    2) A detailed list of alternatives (this really sold it to me--your method must really work if you are actually helping folks who might not even be using your products)
    3) Your personal story about why you have chosen to make all you have learned about acne your work/to help others.

    I initially used the suggested alternatives. I followed the Regimen and could see some improvement. I could not find clear BP, so I had to use a cream that was sticky and very flakey. Feeling as positively as I did about your website, I decided to order the kit. What did I have to lose?

    Things moved slowly for me and it took 2 months to experience clear skin (with a very tiny pimple appearing every now and again--these are never huge and clear up quickly). I thought many times about giving up.

    If I could only use one of your products, I would select the Treatment as you can load it on without it caking—there just isn’t anything on the market like it.

    The amount included in the monthly 8oz bottles is not skimpy—I never felt like you were trying to include only there minimum. Your product is excellent as is the customer service.

    Keep up the great work, Daniel and thank you!

    Andrea Ontario, Canada

  • I started Accutane (shudder) because I was at a loss with my skin! I'm 27 and it seemed that as I grew older, my acne just got worse. I had red spotted scarring all over my cheeks that I painstakingly covered with concealer everyday. I began to get cystic pimples and horrible breakouts that were tearing apart my self-esteem.

    A few weeks after I started Accutane I began to feel sick all the time. My body felt achy and weak and I was easily angered. I read about side effects of Accutane and the outlook seemed grim. I'd rather have poor skin than ruined joints, so I quit. That's when I found acne.org.

    I have been using the "Treatment" ever since the end of December (it's now March) and I can count the tiny pimples I've had on ONE HAND! It is a miracle! I only have to use the treatment once at night and my skin has been so clear! I'm so thankful to you that you've made this available and affordable without a prescription. My skin is beautiful, I feel more confident, and it's changed my whole self-esteem! I even notice men checking me out often now!

    It's fantastic!

    Lindsey Austin, Tx