• The photos on the left were before I tried The Regimen. I started using suggested products, not the actual Regimen itself, two weeks before. I wanted to try and see how my skin will react to the products before I placed the order. After a week using it, I was pretty happy with the results. So I went ahead and ordered them. I started using The Regimen on July 4 and since then I am very happy with the results.


  • I am 34 and had been struggling with acne for 20 years. I have spent many nights staying home because I felt too ugly to go out in public and many days at school and work looking down hoping no one would notice me, avoiding mirrors, knowing my thick layer of makeup wasn't really hiding my acne. I tried various types of prescription topicals and antibiotics and BCP (which I could not tolerate) with limited sucess. I had several rounds of acutane with great but only temporary success. On my last course of accutane I was so upset to be going off of it and scared of my acne returning, that I continued to take acutane in smaller doses for several years. Eventually I started to get headaches and stomach problems and had to discontinue the medication (don't ever do this- so stupid). My acne came back once I went off of the accutane for the last time. I tried spiroloctane which I could not tolerate, proactiv, a clairisonic and I purchased 3 blue lights which provided minimal improvements. I ordered vitamins and followed the perricone diet. Again with limited reults. Finally out of desperation I ordered the acne.org products and began following the regiime (if it hadn't worked my plan was try another course of acutane to see if I got sick). Knowing that it was BP in the treatment, I didn't have high expectations, but the youtube videos I saw were very compelling. I began the regimen last December and within a week my skin was much better, and after a month I was able to leave the house without makeup. I haven't had a single deep pimple that would typically takes weeks and weeks to go away since I began the regimen. I no longer stress about how my skin will look for important events. I can't say enough about how beginning the regimen has changed my life. I am beyond grateful to have found it and I tell everyone who tells me I have beautiful skin what it used to look like and how these products and regimen have turned my skin around. Thank you so much!!!!

    Tara Toronto

  • Thank you so much for helping me battle my fight with acne! I've had it since I was 13 and it was going on and off for all the way until now (I am 20). I still have the scars from my previous acne but my face has never been this clear since I can remember! My face was just covered with pimples that now I can even remember how it felt that now my face is super clear! If anyone out there is struggling with acne buy this product now! I recommend it 100% and don't even hesitate because it will change your life! It was the best decision I've ever made. Thanks Daniel!

    Rachel Denmark

  • Dan,

    Thank you so much for your selflessness in making this website.
    Im a 21 year old male and I've been dealing with acne since I was 14.
    About a year ago, I stopped my perscription creams and pills because of lack of improvement. I regularly had 2-3 small pimples and thats how it stayed. After about 5 months off my old regimen, my acne came back with a vengeance. In a matter of weeks about 50 % of my face was covered with acne. I was devastated because not only did I want to hide, but my job requires me to work in close contact with people.

    I didn't know where to turn but prayer. I asked God for a solution to my affliction and in a few days I stumbled upon your website. I could see that you where an average bloke willing to help people and I was drawn to your sincerity. I went to the chemist and bought the materials. Within two weeks on the regimen, I saw a little improvement. I continued on the regimen until at four months, I was finally clear. At times it was very hard to continue and many times I felt like giving up. But through your guidance, continued prayer, and the success stories of others,I prevailed and am so glad with the results.

    I can now focus on what I truly enjoy, turning others to Jesus. You see I'm a lay missionary for the Catholic church. Me and my team are constantly having people over and running faith studies. I'm also required to get up an speak in front of hundreds of people to tell them what Jesus means to me. Through this new confidence, I now feel free to be myself and not hide in my room. I feel free to get up in front of a crowd without the fear of people looking at my acne instead of hearing what I have to say.
    Thank you so very much Dan for your dedication and sincerity,
    I will continue to pray for you and your awesome work,

    Drew R.

    Drew R.

  • Hey Dan et All.

    I've tried many things off of the shop shelf over the years and none worked for me, some even making it worse! I started to give up... but the first photo attached was my breaking point. I blew up and decided enough was enough and start researching \ looking for something... anything! Then I found you and everything made sense. I took the plunge and started using BP 2.5% with moisturizer and Jojoba Oil.

    What a difference! I just looked at that photo tonight and actually forgot how bad my face was a mere few months ago. I'm genuinely shocked at how bad I allowed it to be, it's actually making me speechless! It is like night and day. I'm 24 and never believe my acne would still be bad at this age, assuming it would calm down by itself. Boy I was wrong!

    So simply thank you. Thank you for solving one of the longest problems of my (young) life.

    If I could get you guys in a full stadium where all would give you a standing ovation for a full week, I would... but I can't. So all I can say is that I'm forever in your debt.


    PS - My Thank You Blog Post, my small way of spreading the word of your great work - http://grantrant.tumblr.com/post/12037515185/night-day-there-is-not-enough-effing-props-in

    Grant Young

  • To Dan and Acne.org,

    Hi my name is Brandon and I am 19 years old. I had acne and first cleared it by using an antibiotic only nightly prescribed by my doc called Benzaclin. I stopped using it after I was clear an tried to transition into keeping my skin clear naturally. I did a detox and my acne was coming back with vengeance as u can see in the before pick (Taken in mid August 2012). I really was frustrated with myself and did not want to be seen in public. I remembered Benzaclin had 5% BP gel in it so I heard about Dans BP and on the video I saw on Youtube the consistency looked the same. So what I did was only nightly since October 22nd, 2012 is wash my face with natural African Black soap, Apply Dans BP, Then apply either Aloe Cetaphil Lotion or If my face wasn't too dry no moisturizer at all. Then rinse in the morning and re-moisturize..Today is January 13th, 2013 so almost 3 whole months and I have been pleased with the results thus far. I just want to say thank you so much. I hope to continue using such wonderful products provided through this site.

    ^____^ big smile lol

    Br93 East Norriton, Pennsylvania

  • AMAZING! Thank you so much Dan. I was tired of buying new products and tired going to my creepy dermatologist. Tried all the kits at CVS and I was on some oral medication for a while (dont remember sorry, it didn't work, so I blocked it out haha)

    I trusted Dan because he wasn't trying to SELL anything. He was just a good dude, sorting through acne research for the good of man kind. I use Cetaphil wash and Cetaphil lotion, but then I bought his benzoyl peroxide because I was nervous the other products wouldnt work (and they didn't) This process works! You dont have to buy the whole kit that he sells. Just the benzoyl.

    During the first 2 months of using the system, my skin was crazy. So painful, dry, itchy, red, difficult to cover up with concealer. Everyone in my life kept saying "Amy, you are not doing any good. Stop using that weird internet regimen. Use my method blah blah" but I kept on trucking. At first I was so eager that I put on too much BP and really hurt my face. So just do the amount you are supposed to! It took almost 3 months for my face to calm down. I was on the "What to expect" page every day worried. But it really worked. After 4 months I was really settled into my new skin :)

    I was healed for over six months when I started getting lax about the routine. My acne started to come back but I thought it would be ok. I had full fledged acne once again after 2 months. I had to start the whole process over again, itchy red skin and all. It was less bad the second time, but learn from me. DONT QUIT! just keep doing it. Its refreshing after a while :)

    Now I am happy and clear again. I have turned my friends on to this stuff when they are really miserable. I know the initial period sounds difficult, but if you are already red, dry, and in pain, why not try it? It WILL be worth your time.

    Trust Dan. He is awesome and he loves you. He wants to help! Thank you so much for giving us these tools! This was an awesome experience :)

    Amy Centreville, Virginia

  • Dear Daniel,

    I've been meaning to share my story with your community for some time now. I have been suffering with acne since I was 12 years old. I am now 23. I, like many other people, have tried absolutely EVERYTHING!!! Some things worked, but only for some time. When I finished school about a year ago, I become extremely frustrated with my acne! I was 22 years old and still suffering with acne! The last thing I wanted was to go into an interview with a big zit (or 2) on my face.

    How I came across your products and the Regimen was pure luck! I simply googled "best acne products". I researched and researched for hours before running into your site. I decided to try it because it made sense and what really attracted me to you and your site was that you seemed so genuine about helping people and their acne. It wasn't all about trying to sell your product; you even recommended over-the-counter products for people to try. So I bought the cleanser, the BP, and the moisturizer and within days noticed a difference. I strictly followed the regimen, following your video tutorials and everything. About 8 months later, I am practically clear! My skin has NEVER looked like this before! I can't stop telling family and friends about your site and products and convincing them to try it! I ended up buying the AHA and the Jojoba oil as well, and I am eagerly waiting for a moisturizer with SPF. I can honestly say I am brand loyal to acne.org and would be lost without your products!

    Basically, I just would like to say thank you!

    Janelle Cepero Miami, FL

  • Hi Dan,

    It's taken me a while to write because I couldn't really believe that my skin, after over ten years of frustration and insecurity about my face, had finally cleared up. My acne was/is the deep, painful cystic kind -- the kind that can make you feel like you are nothing but a face covered in sore spots. I was skeptical that tons of BP would do the trick, since I believed my acne was diet/hormone related. Whatever the cause, though, your suggestions have helped me clear up, and about 6 months later, I'm completely acne free, except for a stray one here or there (but even those are not quite as grisly as they might have been otherwise).

    I'm thrilled and relieved, to say the least. I can't believe I've found the answer to what feels like a lifelong battle. I really appreciate your recommendations and website.

    Here's my regimen, for anyone interested:

    Cetaphil cleanser (the unscented kind) -- I later switched to your cleanser and found it worked just fine too.

    Cetaphil moisturizer (unscented)

    A few drops of Jojoba oil mixed in with the moisturizer, on my drier days, and especially in the evenings

    Your Benzoyl Peroxide -- lots, as recommended. I've scaled the quantity (but never the frequency) back some since my skin's cleared up and that seems to be enough to maintain my clear skin.

    I also avoid all products containing fragrance, and switched my makeup to Bare Minerals, which I think helped too. I apply the moisturizer before the BP, but otherwise I pretty much keep to the regimen you've outlined.

    I'll also note that I drink tons of water, and eat a vegetarian diet with as much raw fruits and veggies as I can.

    Thanks so much, Dan!


    Lindsay Seattle