• Hey Dan et All.

    I've tried many things off of the shop shelf over the years and none worked for me, some even making it worse! I started to give up... but the first photo attached was my breaking point. I blew up and decided enough was enough and start researching \ looking for something... anything! Then I found you and everything made sense. I took the plunge and started using BP 2.5% with moisturizer and Jojoba Oil.

    What a difference! I just looked at that photo tonight and actually forgot how bad my face was a mere few months ago. I'm genuinely shocked at how bad I allowed it to be, it's actually making me speechless! It is like night and day. I'm 24 and never believe my acne would still be bad at this age, assuming it would calm down by itself. Boy I was wrong!

    So simply thank you. Thank you for solving one of the longest problems of my (young) life.

    If I could get you guys in a full stadium where all would give you a standing ovation for a full week, I would... but I can't. So all I can say is that I'm forever in your debt.


    PS - My Thank You Blog Post, my small way of spreading the word of your great work - http://grantrant.tumblr.com/post/12037515185/night-day-there-is-not-enough-effing-props-in

    Grant Young

  • After using the regimen for only 2 weeks these are the results ive gotten. Im going to continue to use this treatment since it didnt cause redness and cracking of my skin. The results ive gotten for a 2 week period speak for themselves. Thanks for making a great product :)

    Alex Diaz New York

  • How I cleared my acne.

    Drew Kelley

  • sorry for my poor english as it is not my first language xD


  • it is really works! My acnes were bad, the pictures show everything, and I had use for three months, and then my face is cleared. Thank your so much to Acne.org regimen!

    keyan Flushing, NY

  • This is the best acne regimen ever! My before and after pictures say it all :)


  • I started getting oily skin and mild acne when I was 13 and it was never really bad and I assumed it was part of puberty. I started accumulating more spots earlier this year during the summer until there was so much oil on my face I could dab it away. My diet didn't consist of much junk food and I drank at least a litre of water a day and I did exercise 3 days a week. I tried so many face washes, toners and soaps and most of my money went towards my skin. I would wear make up to cover the scarring, which was the main issue but I wouldn't want to apply that much everyday. I was just generally embarrassed by my skin and it was awful. I then discovered acne.org and I just remember thinking that this would have to work because of all the success stories. I bought it as soon as I could and started using it straight away. The first two weeks weren't great as my skin was irritated and I felt I was growing impatient but after a month I started to see changes and it was so nice to hear other people recognising them as well.Although my forehead still has a way to go it's now been just over 2 months and I am so happy with the results.

    sdaisyd123 England

  • At first I was skeptical before trying to regimen. After spending countless hours on youtube and on the acne.org site reading success after success story I figured because my skin is at the worst stage it's ever been, so what do I have to lose? and I couldn't have made a better decision.

    I have been struggling with acne for the past 3 years. I tried everything from doctor prescribed pills & creams, proactive+, Benzac, the list goes on. I will say that Proactiv did clear my skin when I started in fall of 2014, but save your money because it was only clear for about 6 months until it came back in Spring 2015 even worse than before I had started it. I started the Regimen in June 2015 and although i did not see immediate results I will say that stay strong because it does get better. I wore makeup through the entire regimen and I believe i would have seen faster results if i chose not too. It is now the beginning of November and my skin has completely made a 360! If your not sure about trying the regimen, my advise to you is DO IT because it DOES work and your acne WILL vanish if you are patient. Good things come to those who wait!

    To Dan and the entire acne.org team, thank you for changing my life!

    Julia Maine

  • My Acne Journey