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Reviewed on January 31, 2017

i just made the account to write this cuz i want everybody to know this. I'm using potato's juice on my whole face now, it just blocks new acne, kills the active ones, fades out the scars, and brighten the color. Yeah im very serious about that it brightens your color too. It has B5 in it, i think it kills the acne. just apply it every night and it will remove all of your blemishes and acne.

Oral Allergy Syndrome - Don't Use!!
Reviewed on January 15, 2017

For someone who has Oral Allergy Syndrome this didn't work for me at all. I'm a teenager with mild acne scarring.

What I did was washed and peeled a potato, slicing it and rubbing it over my face with the juice and then slicing the potato thinner so I could apply the potato as sheets to my acne scars. After a couple of minutes my face started itching all over where I had applied the potato juice and I ended up washing my face immediately before 5 minutes was even up. My face had formed bumps and went all red like I had an allergic reaction (which I didn't realise until afterwards that it could be due to OAS).

All I can recommend is that if you have OAS then I suggest you don't try this as you might have an allergic reaction similar to mine. If you don't have OAS and you experience the same reaction as mine then I suggest you wash your face immediately and apply baby powder all over where you applied the potato juice. This is what I did and went to sleep with the baby powder on my face and the bumps and redness had calmed completely overnight.

The only reason I give 2 stars is that I had a bed reaction to it, although this may not be the case if I didn't have OAS. All I can say is that if you don't experience any OAS symptoms then potato juice may work for you, it just didn't work for me.


Reviewed on January 9, 2017

Hi all,does potato juice work on freckles?If any homemade treatments are available plz share ....thnx

BRILLIANT - soothing for cystic acne and fades scars too
Reviewed on September 27, 2016

OK, so you can tell by my username I'm a fan! I've had mild acne (just the occasional zit really) most of my life since I was about 19. (I'm 43 now). Any time I've had more than two cystic zits at a time I've gone to the doc's or dermatologist to see what they could do (antibiotics, birth control, Roaccutane, I've tried them all - nothing worked.) Then about 5 months ago I had a bad reaction to probiotics (milk kefir actually) and developed really bad cysts on my neck. Horrendous. It calmed down when I stopped taking the kefir but my skin hasn't completely gone back to normal, because since then I get on average one or two new spots each day.

I've been trying to eat more cleanly (lots more veg, lemon water, green tea, peppermint tea, organic foods as much as poss) but I now have what I guess is moderate acne - mostly on my neck but also other areas too. I ditched all chemical skincare products a few months ago, and have washed my face with all sorts of random stuff from the kitchen - honey, oats, bicarbonate of soda, turmeric and chickpea paste - and a few oils (olive, castor, jojoba, argan, etc.)

Some of these things have calmed down the acne, but NOTHING takes away the sting like rubbing a potato all over the affected area. Try it - it's so soothing, and it actually brings down the inflammation immediately! My spots don't get me down so much when I can't feel them. I've been doing this about 3 times a day for the last 5 days or so (for 5-20 mins, depending on time availability) and I'm impressed with the results on active zits and on scars as well. Not a complete cure yet for me, but I also started drinking potato juice on an empty stomach in the morning and at night before bed a few days ago, and I feel that if it soothes my insides as much as it does my skin, it's got to be a good thing.

I understand this is a long term thing though, so I will update in a few months if I see any changes. Anyway, don't delay a second longer, go grab a spud, chop it and rub it on your face! I can't believe it's taken me over 20 years and the answer was in my kitchen cupboard all along!!!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND-Really works to fade acne scars
Reviewed on August 29, 2016

I have a tan complexion so my acne always results in scars on my face. I been using potato peels on my face for about 1 month, it has legit made a massive impact in fading my scars. I take a potato wash it and cut in half. Using a peeler i cut thin slices and apply the peel directly on my face. I leave it on for 20 minutes, it will start to get dry....remove and repeat. I do this every night for 1 hour ( 20 min intervals X3).

You can honestly see the difference in fading the scars the night of. Not only does it help fade the dark spots, it actually helps reduce the acne from becoming red and inflamed..keeps those about to pop pimples small and clean to pop (if that makes sense).

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Someone who has been using Retin A (1%) , Vitamin C serum and Glycolic acid. Adding this to my regimen speeds up the process-and it super cheap!

by HeartGee on 10/30/2016 14:57
Please help! How did you incorporate the potatoes to your skin care routine? What is your process? For example, wash face, slices potatoes to skin, rinse, toner, moisturise etc.?
Life forever changed
Reviewed on August 2, 2016

I've had acne for God knows how long. I think it started around 6th grade; super infrequent but just got worse once I got to high school. By senior year, it was too rare if I had a "clear skin day". I used proactiv for about two years and decided I didn't want to keep my skin addicted to it. Especially in college when I wouldn't be able to afford it anymore. It kept my skin under control, but wasn't like a "wonder product" or anything. I had literally tried everything for my face after that though. Diaper rash cream, sugar, sea salt, clarisonic, oatmeal, origins skincare regimen , avoiding dairy--nothing worked for me. I finally decided to go to a derm because it got to the point where the day before senior ditch day, I cried because I couldn't take the self consciousness. I felt like I was the only one going through this. I had always been addicted to picking at everything and I couldn't go out in public without some sort of concealer on my face. When I went to the derm, she prescribed me clyndamycin, oral antibiotics called doxycycline, tretinoin cream, and panoxyl face wash for in the shower. Didn't really work for me, even after the 2 months of testing it out. My friend told me that maybe it was the unnatural acne products that were making my skin addicted. So while I was on vacation, I tried out potato. I had read reviews and my auntie always said it was a miracle product for her skin when she was a teenager. So I bought an organic potato and cut a thin spherical strip off. I rubbed it all over my face, nothing else. Then just let it dry. The first few weeks nothing really dramatic changed. I mean it made my skin feel cleaner and I think my skin was backlashing from the lack of acne products from the derm. But here I am a month later and almost all of my marks are gone, I literally never get that overnight acne that would pop up or really any pimples for that matter. My skin is clear and my life is completely changed forever.

P.S. The fresh face masks from Lush are miracle products too. They're all natural and I would never think to use any other masks on my face anymore.

by agdlr on 08/14/2016 22:57
Did you use it everyday? Is it better for 20 or 30 minutes each time you apply it?
wish me luck
Reviewed on July 27, 2016

i will try this for one week, if it doesn't work, blame is on MANSHA C!

Reviewed on June 26, 2016

I had acne almost 10 years.I tried everything; home remedies and dermatologist, but never got any good result. I decided to try potato, and it worked very well. I have been using potato for almost 1month and my face skin is almost clear, and it worked for my black patch on chin also. Hope it will help you :)

One thing is you have to be be patient, try it for like a month or 2.

Reviewed on February 21, 2016

I got acne breakout in September 2015. Now, I only have the scars but I still have pimples though. But not that many. I tried everything but nothing worked. I mean, it worked but not completely. I want to remove my pimples for good and never come back. I tried potato and I think it is a miracle because when I tried it on my face, I could literally see that my pimples are getting dry real quick! The next day I checked my face and guess what? My pimples are gone. But the scars are stubborn. I'm going to continue this until my pimple marks are completely gone. :) Hope this helps

by oyes on 03/21/2016 16:42
i also have breakout from sept. 2015 :( from coconut oil
Okay, so here's the key to POTATO JUICE...
Reviewed on December 11, 2015

...I stumbled upon a weird blurb about raw potato juice about 3 years ago in regards to dealing with acne. It works great when topically applied, but the real key is to actually DRINK the juice.

I juice 2 red potatoes with the peel on (make sure they are free of black spots and sprouts, they should be fresh) in the morning and I drink it on an empty stomach. Then I drink it again at night before bed, about 3 hours after dinner. I do this daily. (Regular old russet brown potatoes work also.) *TIP: Drink the juice straight away and quickly. If it sits too long, it will seperate leaving powder at the bottom of the glass and also, potato juice will oxidize and turn bad fast.*

2-3 times a week I save a bit of the juice to apply to my face and leave on for 5 minutes before jumping in the shower (my skin gets flaky if I do this more often.)

This combation clears my skin completely in just 3 days. The only annoying part of this is cleaning the juicer.

Potato juice is disgusting to drink on its own but totally worth it. I believe it will still work if you add something to sweeten it like apple, pear or carrot to make it taste better.

I'm 35 years old and still struggle with hormonal acne. This is the only remedy I have come across that dramatically clears my skin and quickly. I really have tried EVERY suggestion out there. I've discovered that this stops the acne from the inside, which is what everyone is wanting. I hope this helps you too.

by healthy spirit on 03/18/2016 19:19
I was 27 with VERY bad acne, dark under eyes circles when I discovered a YouTube video on acne.....I started juicing, not blending, potatoe, carrot, celery juice and within 2 weeks skin was completely free of acne, within 30 days my skin was soooo bright, smooth, acne scarring had completely cleared and a Bonus!.......after 2 months my hair had grown so much! It was longer and thicker than it had ever been my entire adult life!!! My hairline was the BEST part! After I got lazy, a bit side tracked with life, eating bad foods again and not giving my body the RAW nutrients it obviously thrived off of, my body reverted back. I cried in the mirror one day bcuz for the first time I felt naturally beautiful, no make-up or fake hair to hide my imperfections. Juicing raw foods REALLY works! It was time consuming so one could easily give up for that reason but the results are sooo worth it! I see better, quicker results juicing vs blending but both ways can be beneficial, fiber intake comes when blending.