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Worst idea I've made for my face.
Reviewed on April 5, 2014

I was trying to go on the natural route for skin care so I decided to try the oil cleansing method. The first 4 times that I used it, 1/3 castor oil and 2/3 EVOO, they made my skin GREAT! Blackheads were gone and my skin felt smooth and soft. After that, for some reason I was getting random white heads that I never had in my life. I usually only break out occasionally on my cheeks and my forehead. But NEVER on my cheeks. I got so many white heads on my cheeks so I stopped using the OCM. Even though I stopped, my face constantly got worst. Now my entire FACE is filled with acne. This all happened under a week. If I could I would have never done this to my face if I had known. I just ordered the regimen from this site so I hope that will do the trick. But right now, I am suffering with SEVERE and painful acne. Acne that I have never had in my life.

LOVE it, but Caution.
Reviewed on March 24, 2014

Depending on the oil, it may both clean and clog pores. Read all the reviews. I find coconut, jojoba, and olive oil to work short term and cause me cyst-like spots.

I use this on my face and body. I'm a guy. 30 years old. I never had scarring, and the doctors never would allow me to use accutane. Even though my skin has never been clear since turning 10, my skin heals too nicely to get treated properly... great...

I typically have 5-20 red spots anywhere on my entire body, with 1-2 always on my face. So while not horrible, they are dime size and last for days.

All the oils work on my face. They "pulled" out the blackheads and allowed my acne to surface and drain "nicely". With a gentle pull on the skin, my spots on my face cleared with no redness in 1 day. Yes, 1 day. I got many tiny tiny white heads during the first few days, and they all were easy to gently clean away. I looked like I had the skin I had when I was 9 years old.

My body is different. The oils "pull" the top of the skin, and clean it well, but not the deeper tissue. So my deeper dormant acne on my body cleared up quickly, and slowly surfaced over a few days, leaving my face clear but my body with many dime sized spots. Very red, very raised, with the "top" clear and the deep portion "plugged".

I cleaned those by switching to pure castor oil. I love it pure, but it is so thick it is hard to use on the entire body. I've only been doing this for 5-6 weeks, so I don't know what oil I may add to my castor oil to "cut" it and help it spread easier. Castor oil is thick and absorbs fast.

I add tea tree oil always. I love it. It makes me slightly itchy, but it helps "pull" out the gunk in my skin and leave my skin "drier" without over-drying. Pure castor leaves me too moist lol. I like a light glow as a guy, and pure castor leaves me looking like I care for my skin too much (gives my pores a "too smooth" appearance and I feel girly cute, not manly lol). The tea tree allows my skin to look more like... my skin. Hard to explain.

I will try sun flower or flax oil next, depending on cost. The castor oil is cheap, at around $10 for a month. My other $10 is from buying other oils to throw in (or ones I've already had).

I wish I learned of this years ago, cause I would have found my ratio by now. This cleared all my blackheads and my KP on my arms and legs.

In full disclosure, I've been on Omega-3 (with no Omega-6, as they like to attach it to Omega-3), Vit A, and Vit D, supplements for over a year. They helped but never fully cleared my skin, until I added the castor oil as a skin cleanser.

Glad I quit while I'm ahead
Reviewed on February 19, 2014

I bought 16 oz of Castor oil on eBay. I had read you can use 100% castor oil as long as it doesn't make your skin too dry. I used it by first washing my hands, then rubbing about a quarter size amount into my skin. I would get in the shower and rub it around with the steam, then wipe it off with a towel. I would rinse my face with cold water to close my pores after getting out of the shower. I only washed once a day to get the makeup off my face.

I have used this method for 2 or 3 weeks and I'm stopping now after reading reviews about users' skin being worse than ever before. I was already beginning to feel that way. After the 1st use, I got a cluster of small zits on my chest. Then, I got 4 or 5 zits on my forehead, then several around my hairline, then more on my jawline and in the middle of my cheeks. I never get that many zits, so I decided to look at reviews of this method. It is possible this method would have worked for me if I had chosen a different oil, or had combined oil, or used a different routine, but I am too scared to adjust at this time. I don't want my skin to get even worse. I just want the acne I have gotten from this method to heal.

I stopped last night and washed my face with Dr. Woods Organic Black Soap, then toned with Witch Hazel. I think I'll try that for a while now and see how that goes.

I think I will keep using the Castor oil on just my nose since it is so good at getting rid of blackheads. All of the blackheads on my nose were gone after one use.

Great- Until about 1.5 months of use
Reviewed on February 3, 2014

I have combo skin, but from the reviews I've been reading I deduced that I perhaps have very dry skin that has just been overcompensating on my T zone. So I thought OCM would be a great natural method to get my skin sebum cycle back to normal. I've had mild-moderate acne for about 7 years now, and I've tried everything. After nothing had worked for my skin (from drug store products, to expensive dermalogica products to chemical peels) I figured in the end natural is the only way to go- no chemicals which probably WONT irritate my skin. I started OCM end of Nov-early December and noticed fantastic results right away. My skin was the clearest its been in a long time. Here's the funny part though… my skin is SO dry that I actually had to omit the castor oil, so I was massaging my face with organic sunflower oil (rates 0/5 for potential to clog pores) and that was it. Followed all the procedures except I would omit the facial cloth steaming on shower nights. Mornings I just placed a hot cloth over my face a few times. Because I am so dry, I had to apply a tiny bit of organic sunflower oil to my face the odd mornings (only when needed though!). Anyways, my skin looked fantastic, I was bragging about the results of OCM to people. By the end of December, early January, my skin started to breakout on the side of my face (from temple down to middle of cheek). I had NEVER broken out in this area before, its always been forehead and around mouth, jaw. I thought it was purging so I kept going with it but now its beginning of February and I'm stopping the OCM. I have so many more blackheads then I have ever had before. I don't know if maybe I'm doing something wrong, or if this just doesn't work for my skin, but be wary with OCM. It went from great, to possibly as bad or worse then it was before i started.

Oh, what the hell?!
Reviewed on December 19, 2013

So. Here goes...

I'm 25 years old, and I've had moderate to sever acne since I was about 11.

I went to dermatologists, used Pro-activ, benzoyl peroxide products, etc. At first the benzoyl peroxide products worked, until I built up a tolerance to them after years of use. Same for the prescription drugs from my doctors. So, for the last few years I've been a little "hosed", but continued to use the benzoyl peroxide washes and creams. Just because I knew nothing else.

My skin got worse. My skin became more irritated. I became older and more angry. I also began working at a natural grocery store with wonderful people and products and was told about the "oil cleansing method". So, I said, "oh, what the hell?!"

I threw out all of my crap washes and creams and purchased:

Grapeseed oil, tamanu oil, tea tree oil, raw honey and a crap load (yep) of vitamins.

Now, while my skin is NOT 100% miraculously cured, it is no longer angry. It feels like skin. It isn't irritated or raw, or flaky AND oily at the same time. I have no more cysts, and my tiny "funny bumps" as I call them are minimal.

I cleanse at night only with majority grapeseed oil mixed with a few drops of tamanu oil and tea tree oil. I massage it into my dry skin for about 2-3 minutes then wipe/rinse with a hot wash clean (a new, clean one each night). Then I follow with a brief RAW honey wash. A gentle 30-60 second wash just to ensure that the oil has been completely removed (it also puts some other good oils in there).

Sometimes I'll use a TINY bit of tamanu and tea tree oil as an overnight spot treatment.

In the morning I rinse my face in the shower and spray on some rose water.

Because my acne is primarily due to imbalanced hormones (I'm also a vegetarian...which seems like it would help with the hormone issue due to all of the GMO crap in meat) I've also started taking:

Evening Primrose Oil - 3 a day at 1,300 mg each. Fish Oil - 2 a day at 1,000 mg each. Zinc - 1 at 50 mg. A women's multi vitamin and a probiotic. Vitamins are extremely important if you have hormonal acne. And again...why not? Just do it.

I've been doing this for a little under a month, and while I haven't been "cured" it's a whole hell of a lot better than it was, and I can actually feel myself begin to regulate a bit. So who knows how it will be in six months?

I'm shocked that it took me until now to hear about and try. I'm glad I started working where I do with the people I do.

Reviewed on December 6, 2013

I was skeptical, but also desperate after 12 years of acne covering my body. But to be honest at this stage in my life, the pimples I found most troublesome were the stubborn, ever-present ones right on my breasts. (Does not promote intimate feelings turns out)

Nothing improved it or really effected it in any way actually, but the thing I settled on longest was oil free cleanser plus oil free moisturizer and the occasional bp mask.

Then 6 months ago I lost my mind a little and threw out all of my personal hygiene products and replaced them with things from the kitchen.

And I feel like the world's biggest chump.

I took accutane, antibiotics, birth control -all as a vulnerable teen and the thing that finally makes me resemble an adult is in covering my face and chest in frickin olive oil. I didnt even have to try different oils or adjust the proportions. 1/3 castor oil. Please use hot water. Everyone says not to exfoliate but I do every day with a washcloth after and this part is key.

So what ive learned is be kind to your skin (lame, why yes it is) and don't be afraid of oil be afraid of everything that isnt in your kitchen. Unless there happens to be a dermatologist in there then be afraid of that too.


(Seriously my BOOBS do you know what that does to a person)

Ruined my skin
Reviewed on December 5, 2013

Before starting this, I had 1 zit. I was just trying to get rid of my blackheads. 1 month in, I started getting a few pimples on my cheeks, very unusual for me. Then, my whole face erupted in acne. I stopped using the oil cleansing method because the steaming was further irritating my raw acne and I figured this had to be the only thing that could have caused it. I didn't change anything else to my routine. I have been trying to clear my face for two months now. I have severe acne and I never had acne this bad even as a teenager. I had used olive oil, castor and tea tree oil. My pimples pop by themselves and I have cystic acne (never had before this). I have to put gauze on my face at night to keep pimples from popping on my pillows. I have spent over a hundred dollars already on products trying to correct it and my face isn't responding to anything, not even pills.

Oil Cleansing Method Puring Relief
Reviewed on December 3, 2013

I just started OCM about a month ago. I used 1/3 hemp seed oil, 1/3 sunflower oil, 1/3 castor oil. I have acne prone skin and have tried EVERYTHING from the time i was 12 up to now 24 years old. The reason I wanted to do OCM is because I have blackheads and scars covering my entire face and now minimal pimples. I wanted my pores to unclog and shrink and this seemed perfect. I choose the hemp seed oil and sunflower oil because they will not clog your pores. The first two weeks was fine. I had blackheads literally coming out onto my hands. Two weeks later my face exploded. I mean, red spots everywhere, blackheads, little white heads, and big pimples on the jawline. My face felt like a giant scab. I wasnt sure If I was going through the so called "purging stage" or if my skin just didnt like it. So i did my research and I found that castor oil causes major problems for people. I changed my ratio to 1/2 hempseed, 1/2 sunflower, a teaspoon of castor and a few drops of tee tree. In stead of just rubbing the oil off with a washcloth and hot water, i just used african black soap (supposed to be great for your skin) to make sure all the oil was off my face. Then I either use a honey&cinnamon mask or Oatmeal&cinnamon&honey mask. After I wash off with water and apply a toner of 1/2 raw organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother) and 1/2 distilled water. Then I put on very very little spot treatment (I just used equate) The next day my face improved 50%! It wasn't dry, the redness was decreased, the bumps also decreased. I know this seems like an overload but everything I used was all organic (except the spot treatment) so there isn't chemicals in these things to kill your skin. All this together cost me about $40 but it will last me for at least 3-6 months easily. I hope this helps some of your who are researching some helpful hints for your "purging" stage. Some people cant handle OCM and if this last for more than a few weeks I suggest stopping before you scar your skin.

This will give you glowy, moisturised, acne-free skin - IF YOU USE NON-COMEDOGENIC OILS.
Reviewed on November 9, 2013

For as long as I can remember, I've had acne in some form or another. I started precocious puberty at the age of 6, which meant that I basically started breaking out at that age, and I was diagnosed with moderate rosacea when I was 14. Fun, yeah? Anyway, while my skin has never been bad enough to need anything prescriptive, the persistent redness coupled with a smattering of blackheads and pimples has been a constant source of embarrassment to me. That is, until I started the oil cleansing method.

A few (very, very biased) words on coconut, jojoba, and olive oil: Don't even look at them. I know that they're often touted as magical miracle oils, but I think people with acne-prone skin are playing with fire when they try them. Most of the "oh-my-god-ocm-gave-me-a-cystic-breakout-HELP!" reviews are from people who used any of these 3 oils in their mixes. If they work for you, then great. Personally though, I wouldn't risk a skin temper tantrum by using something so comedogenic.

I use a mix of 30% castor oil and 70% sunflower oil with about 6 drops of tea tree oil for anti-bacterial properties. A 30ml quantity ( I sterilised and re-purposed an old serum bottle) lasts me 2-3 weeks. After massaging the mix into my face for 5 minutes, I do the washcloth steaming thing 7 times and wipe it all off, then rinse with cool water and swipe with lemon juice as a toner. The whole process takes around 15-20 minutes in all. I swear OCM has given me mild OCD as well as beautiful skin -. I get very anxious if I massage for less than 5 minutes or steam less than 7 times! In the mornings I just rinse my face with some hot water or go over it with a baby wipe if I'm in a rush.

When I first started cleansing like this, it wasn't like my acne just vanished away magically. The spots healed in the same time they normally would. However, here's the great part: NO NEW PIMPLES FORMED. My blackheads were mostly gone after 2 weeks of this routine, and my rosacea improved to the point of my friends and family noticing that I no longer looked like a tomato in a dress. My skin, when makeup-less, still isn't 100% perfect, but now I only get a few pimples on my chin when I'm pre-menstrual and my rosacea just looks like I have rosy cheeks. A tinted sunscreen is all I need to make it look like I have flawless skin, whereas before I'd need a maximum cover foundation and some powder.

TL;DR: Don't use oils that are known to be pore-clogging. Don't cut corners when it comes to regularity and method. Use a clean washcloth for every wash.

OCM saved my skin
Reviewed on September 24, 2013

I've suffered from acne since age 11. I'm 18 now, and for many years was known as the girl with the pimples. Age 12-14 was the worst, as there was not one inch of clear skin all over my face, and I had painful cysts, black heads, and white heads. I've tried everything from over the counter washes, to acid peels, to honey masks, to even putting 10% benzoyl peroxide on my entire face. All of this, plus time, did calm down my acne. However by age 17 I was still too insecure to go outside without foundation, and still couldn't go a day without a break out. But I think I've found the cure in the OCM. I've been using it for 3 weeks and I haven't seen my skin looking this beautiful since I was honestly about 9 years old. I did have a purging period, but it only lasted 5 days and only gave me about 6 zits (a small price to pay). The reason I think so many people are experiencing even more break outs is because either (A) They're using oils that their skin is not compatible with, (B) They're not rubbing in the oils long enough or (C) They're not removing the oils well enough. Before starting the OCM, I did my research and decided I wouldn't be using castor oil in my mix since it scores a 1/5 on the comedogenic scale, and since I have acne prone skin I decided I'd only be using oils that scored 0/5. I used 50% cold pressed organic hemp oil and 50% cold pressed organic sunflower oil, both of which scored 0s. I also added 3 drops of tea tree oil. I used this in the evening everyday and rubbed it in for 10 minutes, then I used my hands (not the wash cloth) and very hot water to rinse my face for 2-4 minutes, then only used the wash cloth to steam my face for an additional 2-4 minutes. Harsh exfoliating can sometimes make acne worse so I recommend not to use it to rub. You guys should also use the OCM at least once every other day. One reviewer said he/she used it every 2 weeks? Your pores will become clogged again by the time you come around to using it again, what's the point? But the most important rule of the OCM is to never, everrrrr use it and use any over the counter crap washes at the same time! Clearsil, clean & clear, cetaphil, all these washes will do is confuse your skin! Your skin will freak out and it'll just produce more oil, which will equal more break outs! If you absoulutely must use a wash, find one without any kind of sulfate. I recommend Dr. Bronner's tea tree wash, or Dr. Bronner's hemp oil and peppermint wash. I hope the OCM helps other people as it's helped me, after 8 years of suffering, I'm finally confident in my skin. Happy cleansing. :)