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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)
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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)


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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

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Never again.
Reviewed on March 24, 2015

I've been seeing a particular user commenting on the lower rated reviews here and encouraging people to continue with the OCM method even if it's not working, or giving 'helpful suggestions'. If it's not working for you, STOP. YOU are the one who has to deal with the nasty effects of the OCM, not some random user bleating about how great it is. Fact of the matter is, like every product on the planet, this method won't work for everything. If it does, great. If it doesn't, don't psyche yourself out thinking it will suddenly and magically work.

That being said, I did this one time. I went to the Oil Cleansing website and followed their instructions. I forgot what I put in my mixture specifically. Let's just say it didn't work very well and I wasn't interested in trying again. Not to mention I also tried using coconut oil as a moisturizer because of all the rave reviews random people online gave it. I used organic, cold-pressed, unrefined virgin coconut oil as an evening moisturizer, and hell hath no fury, seriously. I had the worst breakout of a life time. I used it for several months before calling cold turkey on it. Never again. I even tried hemp oil for a bit, but that just didn't agree with me. Oils just don't work with my skin.

And I'm not a huge advocate of Paula's Choice, but she does discuss oil cleansing on her website.

Myth: The combination of oils and hot steam used by the oil-cleansing method will “deep-clean” skin in a way that no other product can.

Hot steam is irritating in every way possible. Irritation stimulates oil production directly in the pore and makes pimples look even redder. Using hot steam on a regular basis also can cause small blood vessels in your skin to rupture, over time creating a network of surfaced red capillaries.

So, keep that it mind guys. Be gentle to your skin.

I would also like to add that oils cannot purge your skin. The 'purging' phase is a hideous, ugly myth that people love to perpetuate on the internet. True purging is caused by peels, scrubs, AHAs, BHAs or retinoids. If the oil is breaking you out, that's because it is clogging your pores and your skin is more likely irritated if anything.

Made my skin worse for MONTHS..go use Paula's Choice
Reviewed on February 20, 2015

Okay, so my story might be similar to those who constantly searched and googled the internet on "how to clear up acne". First I tried Proactiv+...noticed nothing after the 60day window so I returned it for a refund. I had hopes for the OCM method and it was the worst decision for me: CLOSED COMEDONES EVERYWHERE once I used the OCM for about a month. I thought this was because of the "purge" stage, but I didn't know that meant that these comedones would actually work their way above my skin, making clumps of red comedones all over my cheeks.

oils I used:

Castor oil

Jojoba oil

grape seed oil

I started with a 50:50:10 ratio with the above and adjusted based on the feel on my skin. I added more jojoba if needs since it made the castor oil easier to smooth around on my face. I combined the above oils in a bottle. I used a nickel sized amount and put it all over my face and then used hot water to soak my washcloth and put over my face for a few minutes, wiped, wa-lah. I then used bragg's ACV with water and sprayed as a toner.

I did this for maybe 2 months until I was mortified enough. OCM all depends on your skin type "oh it's natural....oil dissolves oil...no harm there" no. This did not work for me, at all. It's February now and my hyper pigmentation marks are just starting to fade. The whole process was started in JUNE. that means it has taken me 8 months to get my skin back to what it was.

if you want to help your acne do yourself a favor and check out Paula's Choice products. THEY ARE AMAZING. I used her sample size ($9) 2% BHA liquid on the damage OCM did to my cheeks.

The only thing that worked for me! (but ive made alterations to the traditional OCM)
Reviewed on February 8, 2015

I have had severe acne since i was 13 and it got worse in my 20s. My move to europe for my graduate studies and my skin just took a turn for the worst! My acne scars started looking darker and my skin was insanely dry. I tried everything from prescription drugs, retinoid creams the whole deal. Then i tried using the Aleppo soap, and my skin just was not doing well at all! i am 25 and you would think acne is a thing of the past. but it was making me miserable, and i usually dont fret too much about my appearance. I took up regular exercise, stopped eating anything other that what i cooked and stopped diary as well. Nothing helped. So one day i came about the Oil cleansing method, and i decided to give it a try as well. i mean why not?! The only problem was i didnt have castor oil or any other oil except a good quality bottle of extra virgin olive oil. So i just started lightly massaging some olive oil every night and i would steam my face and wipe my face with a soft cloth. And i did that for a week and i realised my skin was looking so much better. most importantly my skin was soft! no dry, painful patches. its been about 2 months since ive been doing this. And i have go to say, this is the best my skin has looked in a while. i dont have any new pimples. Sure the acne spots are there, but it is definitely better than what it was 2 months ago. Its lighter and looks like its slowly disappearing. And i just use olive oil every night. My skin just feels so good. Definitely recommend this to everyone. This is literally the best thing i have done for my skin. i stopped using all the expensive creams and masks and the only thing i use now is a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil. I would totally recommend it!

Didn't Work for Me
Reviewed on February 5, 2015

I tried OCM for about 2 or 3 weeks and I just wound up with more acne. I used a half and half mix of castor oil and hemp seed oil twice a day. I went from having a few small zits on my forehead to having acne all over my cheeks, nose, the sides of my face, and my forehead. It took months for my skin to get back to how it was before trying OCM.

OCM might work for someone who doesn't have acne, but if you do, I don't recommend trying it.

Great for moderate acne on "normal" skin...
Reviewed on January 23, 2015

if you use the right combination and don't rub it into your face.

When I first started It caused my skin to break out a bit more but that eventually settled. I read something somewhere about how it might do that, and it did, so i guess it's a thing.

I find a mix of %50 Castor oil, %30 Calendula oil (with an olive oil base) and %20 Jojoba oil with 4-6 drops of tea tree works well for me.

I use pretty hot (not scalding) water to really warm my skin up for quite a while before applying the oil and then let it sit for a minute so the castor oil can help extract any junk from clogged pores (castor is a "drawing" oil.. that's why we use it, that's why it can be drying). and then use more hot water on a clean microfiber washcloth (I bought 12 of these at the dollar store SPECIFICALLY for face washing) to GENTLY wipe it away, because when I exfoliate my skin gets red and irritated.

So there you have it.

Vitamin D3 & C to undo what oil cleansing does - ruin skin
Reviewed on January 14, 2015

I tried oil cleansing on my torso using a mixture of Castor Oil & Olive oil (heavier on the former). I didn't notice any big changes at first, then my skin rapidly broke out (like after a week) in what almost looked like sores. I haven't had acne like that in years.

I tried a number of dietary things to clear it, and also sprayed my torso with sea salt water nightly (I do this on my face, which has kept it clear for years). Not much made a difference...

...that is until I read about Vitamin D3. Another acne-sufferer posted his success with it, using a combo for VitaminD3 & Vitamin C. He was taking these for other reasons, and noticed it also cleared his acne. I take about 10,000 mg of D3 and 500 C each day (he used less of the former). It's been about 6 weeks and the change has been so up-lifting. It was slow to start, but then picked up. I must note that I added Vitamin C to my routine at about week 4, and thats when i really saw some fast changes...might be due to the 2 vitamins interacting, or just that D3 needed about 4 weeks to really work.

I know you're supposed to wait a few months (at least 3-6) before writing a review of a method, but just thought i should let folks know.

by cw14 on 01/14/2015 03:53
p.s. you should get your vitamin d levels checked by a dr after several months. vitamin d3 is not toxic (it would take A LOT) but its just a precaution
Not for sensitive skin.
Reviewed on November 14, 2014

I'm actually very surprised by all of the positive reviews. I will just start out by saying that this method is NOT for all skin types. I have very sensitive acne prone skin. I have tried everything on the market and have gone to dermatologists with no luck. I've been on birth control for hormonal irregularities and that has helped tremendously in the past. Now, being a freshman in college and having a highly stressful job, my body is undergoing stress that it has never dealt with before. In reaction to that, my face is breaking out worse than ever so I wanted something natural to help reduce it a little bit. I tried the OCM for about a week. First few days were great. I saw improvement in my skin's appearance and I loved how my skin felt. Fast forward to the fifth day, I woke up and my face was completely inflamed. Little red bumps all over my cheeks, face felt scaley and itched like crazy. I was extremely disappointed, I wanted this method to work.

I will just say this, if you have sensitive skin, I don't recommend this method. I'm not against trying it out, but I will share the warning signs that I saw before my skin became irritated.

Usually when I try something new that works for my skin, I will see an immediate improvement that is consistent. After the third day I saw new blemishes forming and I noticed that my face felt hot. If a product actually works, this will not happen. I should have stopped the method right then and there but I didn't listen to my body and am now paying the price for it. I also noticed that my face was actually becoming very dry.

If you are wanting to try this method, I recommend only doing it every few days, on a small area of your face. Maybe just try it on your chin or one cheek just to see how your skin reacts.

If you are suffering with the same irritation I am, I will share with you what I recommend on doing. What I am doing as of right now is just letting my face heal on it's own. I wash and steam my face with a warm wet washcloth, nothing else. No soap, no oil, just warm water. Afterwards, I moisturize my face. This is working for me so far. After I see that my face has healed back to the way it was before, I will go back to my normal cleansing method. The reason I am not using soap on my face right now is because my skin is already irritated and I am worried that it will make it worse. I do wear makeup, but I've noticed that gently washing my face with a warm washcloth does take it off. Another thing I recommend is a very mild soap called Black Tie soap made by the Black Sheep Soap Company. You can find this soap on [link removed] if you look under Black Sheep Soap Company. It is meant for acne prone skin and it has helped so many people. The soap is made with all natural oils and it has completely cleared my acne in the past when I wasn't so stress prone. It balanced out my skin's oil production but I still used a moisturizer with it. This is the method I will essentially go back to when my face heals. I just wish I would have stuck with it.

by ShainaGirl on 11/28/2014 17:16
You were allergic to one of the oils you were using. It is not normal for skin to react like that with natural and gentle oils.
by ShainaGirl on 11/28/2014 17:25
You were allergic to one of the oils you were using. It is not normal for skin to react like that with natural and gentle oils.
Reviewed on November 8, 2014

I and my girlfriend just know the OCM 2 years ago. We thought it very interesting so we tried.

Location : Bangkok,Thailand. Traffic Jam,heat,smoke many pollution.

Facial skin

Me : oily and dehydrated skin with pimple and pore sometimes.

GF : dry and sensitive skin.

At first we'd try caster oil+extra virgin oilve oil 1:3 blended together and found it too heavy and not match for our skin so we used only extra virgin olive oil.

After used everyday for 3 weeks we feel that our skin was tighten and moisturized ,pimple and pore were easily to remove.

After 2 months my skin was clear and less oily but my gf got a little pimples and pores over her face. We both awed then my gf said "I've used many make up since I were child because I am a singer. So my face absorbed many chemical things, and it had been concealed under my facial skin" "and will you go on with it?" I asked. She said "Sure, I can feel that Oil is pushing some Junk which chemical and make up leave it on my skin away , I feels that my skin is stronger and less sensitive I knows It be detoxified".

A Hard Year is passed away now my girlfriend feels very happy about her facial skin, It's clear no black spot or scars, strong, elastic as she wished.

If you love organic way Oil Cleansing Method is very good for you. It maybe take much time but if you spend your endure enough finally Healthy facial skin will be yours.

by Julyasalim on 02/12/2015 11:48
Hi, I would like to try this method, when i was young my skin is good, no pimple, and nver use make up, but since last yeAr i moved to bangkok, my skin worse, red, black spot, and red dot. Can you help me where i can buy castor oil in bangkok? Thank you and waiting for ur reply
If you're doing this for clearer skin don't forget to add the TEA TREE OIL
Reviewed on October 27, 2014

So I found the OCM 3 or so years ago. And until I found the right balance of oils, it didn't work any better than anything else I'd ever tried as far as keeping my skin clear of big bumps goes. I've read a lot of these reviews... and I notice barely a mention of tea tree oil.

Add TEA TREE to your regiment.

My skin: super sensitive. a lot of congestion all the time with some bigger obnoxious pimples popping up. Normally do not wear makeup or sunscreen on my face as both made me break out (or did before the OCM)

My job: Model, so the makeup artists slather that junk on my face and I always broke out after. Nothing worked to get all the makeup off my face, washing my face up to ten times to try to get it off. Leaving traces of makeup = break out. Over washing face = break out. Until the OCM. (And a side note, hair products can and do cause break outs too. If you don't shower that stuff out of your hair at night before bed, then it's getting on your pillow and you sleep on the pillow all night long. So if don't shower at night, change that pillow case every 2-4 days. More if you have extra.)

My regular regiment: Jojoba oil and tea tree oil. I adjust the amount of tea tree as needed. usually I'm at 1/4 tea tree to 3/4 jojoba. But sometimes i up the tea tree if I know i'll be more prone to break outs, like around my menstrual cycle, or extra makeup days etc. In the beginning I did the whole "wash" my face with oil part of the method. After a year I switched to just rinsing my face with warm water, then rubbing the jojoba and tea tree into my face like moisturizer.

Adjusted regiment for makeup/sunscreen: I use straight jojoba, rub in on my face, take a warm washcloth and wipe it off, then repeat this for a total of three times. It gets off all the makeup! THEN take jojoba mixed with tea tree and rub that on my face, wipe it off. Dry my face then rub jojoba and tea tree into my face like it was a moisturizer. Works like a charm and I stopped breaking out after photo shoots.

I never tried grapeseed, mainly because I couldn't find it in the beginning and then jojoba and tea tree seemed to work pretty well so never bothered to change it. But the OCM is a trial and error process. Which oils work for you, and which don't. I did eventually give castor oil and try and found it too heavy for my skin except for when I visited super dry places in winter and even then only a very very small drop of it added to my oil mix bottle. The right mix for MY skin is key.

The ocm didn't magically give me perfect skin, it didn't cure me of breakouts, blackheads, congestion, etc. But it was FAR superior to anything I have ever tried, and I've tried some pricy things. On the OCM I still have some congestion but have less visible acne (less of the big reds, or whites.)

I have since tried using another skin care line as I have to start thinking about winkles and what I've found is this. 10% glycolic acid is great. and I like the line okay, but I've gone back to 90% ocm (or my lazy version of OCM), and 10% other products added in. Because the tea tree helps prevent my skin from breaking out.

DO NOT RECOMMEND. Went from almost clear to completely ruining my skin.
Reviewed on October 24, 2014

I'm writing this as a warning. Please don't do the OCM, I was so close to clearing my hormonal acne and it's now SO MUCH worse, like many of the other reviewers...

I've been suffering from hormonal acne for 3-4 years now and had been trying EVERYTHING. I'd managed to get it to go down a lot in the last year but still had about 3-5 big red bumps on my skin at any given time, on my cheeks, forehead, or jaw, not to mention ALL the scarring. I really wanted to get it completely cleared up and felt I was so close, and I've always liked more natural remedies in anything so after reading so many rave blog posts and articles etc. about OCM I thought it would be great and would help me finally get rid of the acne!! WORST. MISTAKE.

I have combination normal/oily skin and used a combination of castor oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin e oil and jojoba. I tweaked it around at first and changed the proportions to what I thought would better suit my skin, according to all the proportion recommendations. I would steam my face, massage the oil in, steam again, and wipe the oil off, occasionally steaming/massaging oil 2-3 times. I did this mornings and evenings or as I felt was needed.

For about a month my skin was nice and glowy, super soft and supple. I didn't notice my hormonal acne going away but the overall texture of my skin was lovely, so I kept it up. Then, almost like overnight, like over a week maybe, my skin completely exploded. I got teeny little bumps ALL OVER my face like I've never had before...cheeks, jaw, around the mouth, forehead, EVERYWHERE. They're not blackheads, they're closed little bumps, you can't even really pop them but they just make the overall texture of my skin look AWFUL. I've been struggling with this now for about 6 months...never any change, the same awful bumpy texture IN ADDITION to the occasional whitehead or hormonal acne bump that pops up. It's horrible. From far away you can't tell so much bc the bumps are so tiny but up close my skin just looks like gravel. Putting makeup on makes it look worse bc the bumps are exaggerated. If I could go back in time and swat that oil out of my hands I would...I went from being SO CLOSE to being clear, to completely, 100% ruining my skin. Worst thing I have ever done. Still trying to fix it...please please don't even try this, apparently it works for some but it's not worth the risk!!

by cw14 on 10/29/2014 18:08
Try rinsing your face with a mixture of sea salt and water. I have body acne only, none on the face due to using sea salt and water only on my face. It worked wonders on my face but didnt work as strongly on my body. Ive been trying OCM on my body, but may go back to using just sea salt & water. Hope your skins clear soon