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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)
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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)


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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

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Just starting out the oil cleansing method
Reviewed on June 16, 2016

I'm asian and have sensitive/ oily skin. I have occasional hormonal acne on the chin and the sides of my face and I found out about the oil cleansing method and have only started this method for about a month now. From the reviews that I have read, people usually use castor oil and In the beginning I started with just Grapeseed oil cos its supposed to be good for oily and acne skin and I couldn't find castor oil in my country, I have ordered it online and Im just waiting for it to arrive. All the reviews that I have read has said that in the earlier stages the method will cause your skin to breakout and after a while your skin will get better. I'm starting to get worried cos I have been breaking out a lot more than usual, I have breakouts on the forehead now and more of the sides of my face. These breakouts are not that bad, they're just little red spots and it makes my skin grainy and rough. I have switched my oil to sunflower oil cos I read its a high linoleic oil and it is not comedogenic. I've been reworking with the sunflower oil for about a few days now and my skin still hasn't gotten better. I dont know what I should do? Should I continue with the method or just stop? Cos people's reviews have been saying that to just stick it out for a few months. Help! I need advice!

Absolutely horrible
Reviewed on June 1, 2016

DO NOT USE THIS METHOD!!!!! I used this out of desperation and regret everything!!! I began breaking out about a year or two ago randomly after never having pimples. I figured the science behind it made sense, like dissolves like, it's natural, etc., etc. But boy was I wrong!!!! Almost every pore in my face had some sort of bump. NIGHTMARE!! Even though my whole face was blowing up its hard to detect the little changes in a face you look at everyday. I knew I had acne, but never had it gotten this horrible. Then I began to realize a bump under my chin. Eventually I went to the doctor and was informed that it was a inflamed gland due to all the acne draining on my face. I was prescribed a oral medication as well as a gel & and just now beginning to clear up 3 months later. I also use Aztec healing clay once a week. Hopefully the worst is behind me. Goodluck to all of you because I know how you feel!!

This is some serious bs
Reviewed on April 27, 2016

The OCM is pretty much hit or miss. If you're willing to take the risk and you happen to react badly be prepared to deal with visits to the dermatologist, spending lots of money and all the tears that come with cystic acne. JUST DON'T DO IT. Use a regular moisturizer, natural if you want to, but not oily stuff. You have been warned.

My skin is hydrated, but it didn't help with my acne
Reviewed on March 31, 2016

I have Asian skin and I live in a tropical, so, humid and hot as f, country! I've been using the OCM at night with extra virgin olive oil for the last 2 weeks. It didn't give me any breakouts and my skin is SO MOISTURIZED I WANNA LICK IT. Buuuuut didn't improve my acne at all. I keep getting here and there cysts and whiteheads, where I use 8% BP right on them, as usual. Here's my routine:

Gently rub the oil on my face with motions similar to Tanaka Massage (look on yt, I love it!);

Leave it for about 10 min on my face;

Moinsten a towel with water, squeeze it, and put in on the microwave for 30 secs;

GENTLY AS I'M BATHING A NEW BORN, rub it on my face, taking off the oil that has been on my face throughout the day;

Now, I just leave it like this until it's time to go to bed - then, I put some apple cider vinegar solution on my face;

Put BP on those annoying bastards;


I've seen many people who had terrible breakouts with this regime, so I highly recommend you to inform yourself before doing it (I wouldn't recommend coconut oil - seem like a lot of folks broke bad with it). I like it, but I won't guarantee it will do the same good to you... Unfortunatelly, having acne is attempting to do new stuff everyday so we can find the cause of it, right?

Use the right method
Reviewed on March 16, 2016

I haven't really started using oil cleansing method religiously because I have a lot of acne (moderate acne) suddenly on the right side of my cheek and I don't want to irritate or spread it more. But from all the research I have done about acne and from everything that I know about it, here are my conclusions as to why OCM may not work for some people:

Firstly, before you go ahead and slather anything on your skin, know that your skin is generally very delicate.

1. Most people back in the day never had as much acne as we do now, simply because they left their skin alone. They ate natural, organic food and washed their face naturally. Finally, they didn't slather on a ton of makeup/creams/sunscreens on their face. This is definitely something to think about as we put a lot of sh*t on our face that eventually clogs pores. Letting your face breathe is EXTREMELY important. I know this because I finally understand the structure of a pore. Inside every pore is a hair follicle and a sebaceous gland that secretes oil on to the surface of the skin. Acne happens when your sebaceous glands are either very active or your pores are blocked by something (either dead skin cells or comedogenic makeup or a pore blocking moisturizer or any makeup, period). Usually overactive sebaceous glands are not the only reason acne happens. When sebaceous glands are too active and the oil doesn't have an outlet to be pushed out, it keeps getting filled up in the pore. Bacteria then rushes into the pore to feed into the oil and this creates acne. So it makes sense that if you slather something on your skin that is not good for you and let it sit for a long time, the oil in your pores keeps getting built up because it doesn't have an outlet to be pushed out, leading to acne.

2. Steaming/extremely hot water is usually not very good for you, and it isn't very convenient either. Whenever I steam my face or scrub it too much, I get more acne. If you find that OCM is giving you more acne and you are steaming/scrubbing your face, cut the steaming and scrubbing out. If you are putting makeup or any other thing on your face on top of OCM and it is breaking you out, this is probably because your skin now has (on top of all the extra oil) ten layers of foreign stuff on it that is blocking all your pores. You are using the wrong combination of oils + steaming your face + slathering something more on your skin after (even if it is just oil). Imagine what that does to your pore. Steaming opens up pores and removes natural oil from pores + you put more oil and scrub it in (putting a lot of external oil back into the pore) + you put more oil on top of the pore. To me, this would look like a balloon filling up with more and more oil and at the same time producing more oil from within and finally being blocked by more oil/makeup. Bacteria rushes into the pore and creates acne.

3. Oil is definitely good for your skin because it restores moisture in your skin which is usually stripped off from all the harsh soaps/detergents we put on our skin. So the idea behind OCM is correct. You just need to do it the write way and not fill up your pore with unnecessary amount of oil. I generally slather sunflower oil on my skin every night to remove dead skin cells and restore lost oil back to my pores, and then I take a cotton pad to wipe all the oil off. After that I wash my skin with a gentle cleanser. I need to use the cleanser because I don't want my pores blocked by dead skin cells or I don't want dirt and dust to stick to my skin since I live in a very humid, hot and dusty environment. After I wash my face with the cleanser, it feels nice and soft without all the extra oil. It looks clean and fresh as well. I only do this at night. In the morning I was my face normally with a soap free cleanser and put a moisturizer on.

That's it. No makeup, only eyeliner. I need my pores to breathe.

by DismayedArchaeologist on 06/17/2016 01:32
Most of your advice is base on a lot of misinformed assumptions based on a very simplistic applied bit of scientific knowledge. That's not true - people "back in the day" didn't have less acne or use less on their face. Cosmetics have been used for thousands of years and people lived very often in crowded smoke filled conditions and encountered all sorts of environmental grime we would be horrified by. Every ancient medical text we find (earliest evidence - not earliest occurrence) have all sorts of ways to treat the common skin complaints of the time - of which there were so many and so much more life threatening than ordinary hormonal acne that such conditions are barely worth mentioning. Added to which people have been dying from infected port blockages that erupt into boils throughout the archaeological history. Basically we have it so good we have the luxury of worrying about non health or life threatening conditions. The oil cleanse method has mixed results because it's not based in any science and has a number of in built false assumptions. Like attracts like - overly simplistic application of the high school chemistry principle which in this case is superceded by the biology of how skin works. Natural is "better" - not true. Natural products are many times more likely to cause skin irritation because they come from plants that have their own defense mechanism. Irritation lead to skin trauma leads to infection. This craze for "natural" products is just silly, unscientific and superstitious. Clearly most products marked as natural do not occur in nature. So what you are getting is a less refined product using ingredients with less research about their effect on skin. Thirdly acne like eruptions take at least six weeks to form. Anything erupting from your skin hours or days after a new product or beauty treatment IS NOT caused by that treatment. It's either stuff that was already forming in your skin making it's way to the surface as part of normal acne cycle or it's a violent immune/inflamatoru response to untested unfamiliar harsh ingredients causing swelling in skin structures connected to the surface of your skin OR a milder drying out of your skin (castor oil and similar don't "cleanse" your skin of surface oil - they bind the water from it - that is the tight dry feeling) causing micro tears in your skin surface that your own surface skin bacteria invade causing an inflamed pus and white blood cell eruption similar to varieties of acne. Oil is most certainly NOT good for your skin because the skin has oil. That is just silly. If needed ANY moisturizer that is low irritant that can form a barrier to protect from moisture loss will do and all the oils commonly recommended are NOT low irritant NOR do they do a better job than other moisturizers. Your pores DO NOT breathe. That is just silly. They don't have lungs and they aren't there to collect oxygen and they do not expand and close. They are there to cleanse and lubricye your skin with its own substances. All face washes and cleansers DO NOT "strip your skin". That is a myth sold by cosmetics companies after your money who market the "natural is better myth". That is all it is. Marketing. First they make you believe pretty ordinary skin conditions that are not health or life threatening in the age of insane hygeine and antibacterial everything and antibiotics are a big concern/make you ugly/need special products to treat. This spreads. Then they sell you on why their product is better than any other competitors so your consumer dollars go to their shareholders. There are almost no regulations on the claims of beauty treatments. Those that exist all cosmetic products get around easily in their wording (look and read closely what EXACTLY do they say their product can do to change anything about your skin?) Anything very distressing see a dermatologist with solid speciality postgrad medical degrees and a good local reputation.
use the right oil for your skin
Reviewed on February 27, 2016

I started using grapeseed oil as a cleanser about a month a go because of its astringent, healing and moisturising properties. and after a month of use the results are amazing, my pores look unclogged, my blackheads are reduced, I have had no breakouts what so ever and my skin is actually glowing!

I have seen that many of you have had a bad reaction to the OCM because you have used coconut oil, personally I would not recommend coconut oil for the OCM if you have oily/acne prone skin or any type of acne prone skin, as coconut oil actually have a very high comedogenic rating compared to other oils suck as grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil (which I also highly recommend). this means that when coconut oil Is applied to oily or acne prone skin it is more likely to clog pores if used as a moisturiser or if it is not washed off thoroughly, and due to the greasiness of the oil it is most likely to leave residue on the skin anyway leading to blackheads, breakouts and possibly cystic acne. I am saying this from experience because I tried coconut oil for the OCM and after a few days of using it my skin FREAKED OUT, I have spots everywhere and I was embarrassed to even leave the house. however sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil are actually know to unclog pores and get rid of acne so I would highly recommend them for the OCM or as a moisturiser. if you would also like to use any other oils I would recommend doing some research on the comedogenic ratings of the oils and the uses of the oils as you may find that some oils are used more for moisturising and dry/flaky skin that for cleansing and getting rid of acne.

some people have had very positive outcomes from using coconut oil, but the majority of them had originally dry /combination or dry/flaky skin. if you are relying on just reviews make sure that that person has a similar skin type as you because you might end up wrecking your skin.

Still recovering 6 months later..
Reviewed on February 18, 2016

This method did not work for me. If you're on the fence about this, personally, I don't think it's worth the risk. A few days into the OCM my face started to break out in closed comedones on my cheeks.. I have NEVER broken out on my cheeks, ever. Until trying the OCM. These comedones took forever to come to head, at one point I counted over 50 on my cheeks, and they left me with horrible, deep red pigmentation marks. It's been 6 months since I stopped and some of the marks have yet to fade. Again, this is not worth it.

Should i continue?
Reviewed on February 9, 2016

This is my 5th day on ocm and i am starting to get alot of heavy and angry breakouts that i never had on my forehead! But pimples on my chin have visibly reduced.

Should i continue though? I read many comments that says to stop ocm but i do feel like giving it a go. Omgggg hahahaha but i really do not want to get anymore breakouts.

i am feel like once i continue with this ocm, theres no going back for my breakouts :(

Hemp Seed Oil! With Castor
Reviewed on January 3, 2016

I have been using hemp seed oil on my face as a moisturizer on and off for about 2 years now and I have never felt like it caused me to break out, although I do have acne-prone skin.I just recently started using it in the Oil Cleansing Method.


I'm 24, I had mostly clear skin growing up but at age 20 I got the Mirena IUD and it broke me out horribly, I started getting cystic acne which I used to not get, after a year when I finally clued in that it was the Mirena making a mess of my skin, I had it removed and switched to the copper t-novo iud (which does not release any hormones) since then my skin has still been a struggle, not as bad as when I had the mirena - when I had the mirena I'd get acne all over my my cheeks, chin, my temples, and my forehead. Now without the mirena it is just my cheeks and chin that tend to get acne. I've tried a lot, acid peels (salicylic and lac tic acid), I've tried so many topicals, Proactiv, and I even had a few laser treatments which HURT. A lot. Some more than others, but yea pure torture. My acne eventually came back. I've also tried clean eating, I've noticed dairy and sugar (especially combined- icecream!) break me out, but even avoiding those and drinking 8-12 cups of water a day I still break out, and on top of that my red scarring was extremely slow to leave.

REVIEW OF OCM - 2/3 Hemp seed Oil, 1/3 Castor Oil

So like I said I used to moisturize with Hemp seed, and now I recently started using it in the OC method. At first I thought it was pretty good, I could feel it removing little blackheads and the tiny clogged pores very easily, but then I decided to add castor oil to it and I love it!!! It is the perfect mix for me. Before using this method my skin looked dull and lifeless, like it was lacking collagen. Basically, I looked gaunt, like I was under-nutritioned even though I eat quite healthy. This oil combo not only greatly reduces my redness, but it plumps my skin like nothing other!! But the great thing about the plumping, is that I put it under and on my eyelids too, and they don't swell up whereas other oils and also vaseline cause me to have gross puffy swelling. Note that this plumping of my skin only happens if I steam my face with the oil on, if I skip the steaming I don't get this so the steaming is very important.


I OC at night every night and occasionally in the AM. At night, I grab my oil from the fridge (Hemp Seed oil Must be kept in the fridge) and I start massaging it all over my face, over my makeup (sometimes if I have heavy mascara on, I will rinse my face with water just to get most of it off, and then towel dry completely, but I don't use any other cleanser apart from the oil). So, I put it onto a dry face with clean hands and I begin to massage it into my skin for about 10 minutes, and then I soak a face cloth in hot hot water, ring it out a bit and drape it over my face, trying to seal it around my face with my hands. I re-soak it in hot water usually 3-5 times, I keep going with the steam until I feel I've gotten enough to give me the plumping effect. Then I either wipe the oil off with the cloth in an upward motion (I don't resoak it because I don't want to take all the oil off) orr if I had just gotten out of the shower or something and the whole bathroom is very steamy and hot, I will massage again and maybe even take some time to massage down my neck to get flow going in my lymph nodes. And ta da! Done. I don't apply any moisturizer because hemp oil penetrates the skin so amazingly well (and its a 0 on the noncomedigenic scale). In the morning, I wake up with significantly less redness than what any less skin routine would give me, and cute collagen-filled cheeks! So in the AM I just leave my skin be, unless it was a hot night where I was sweating a lot, then I do the OC again, but this time taking a bit less time to massage it in (depending on how much time I have)

Anyways if you've tried OCM and it wasn't entirely pleasing you to the degree you hoped, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you try it with hemp seed oil and castor! It even leaves my skin looking matte! I seriously can't say enough about it. The only downside is it needs to be kept in the fridge or freezer. For me this isn't much of an issue because my place is small and my bathroom is right next to my kitchen. Totally worth it though, if you have to run down to a kitchen that is far away, I suggest just washing your hands thoroughly and then going to your kitchen to get the oil, and then start massaging it straight onto your skin while you're still in the kitchen, no need to grab it and bring it to the bathroom with you just to have to go put it back again.

Ps- I've tried this with coconut oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil, I would say that Hemp is superior to all of them. (Can be found at a health foods store!)

Reviewed on January 2, 2016

Worked for me! and it will probably work for you.

I used olive oil and castor oil but dont use coconut oil because it is common that it clogs pores.

I left it overnight , and today! my face feels nice and if you put some castor/olive oil on your bags and on your eyelashes, it will make the bags go away, and your eyelashes longer.