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Honey Mask
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Honey Mask


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Honey Mask

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Honey Mask

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raw honey
Reviewed on April 28, 2016

I love this stuff. it makes skin so soft and smooth and helps with scarring. I do a mask once a week and leave on for about 30-45 minutes. it really has made a huge difference in my complexion. Make sure you get raw honey!

love it!!
Reviewed on April 14, 2016

i have been using the honey mask for the past 2 days and love it. But my question is " what kind of moisturizer do i use after applying this mask?" my skin can get extremely dry around the mouth. TIA.

by green80 on 04/28/2016 14:17
i use unfrefined extra virgin coconut oil it works really well i use it morning and before bed it wont leave skin oily it leaves it so soft helps great if you have dry skin
Really Raw Honey
Reviewed on March 4, 2016

I've tried "raw honey" from various organic grocery stores like trader joe's, world market, etc, but all of them have caused my face to be inflamed with hives, making me think that I had an allergic reaction. I was so wrong. NEVER TRUST HONEY THAT HAS GRADE A ON IT; the Trader Joe's claimed its honey is raw (grade a...) but never trust something that costs only 6 bucks or less locally. The honey that has worked for me without causing any allergic reaction at all is the Really Raw Honey brand. It was a hefty 17 bucks, but you get what you pay for.

Conclusion: some people are allergic to honey but more often than not, it is the cheap quality of honey that causes the allergic reactions (redness/irritation on face), along with rubbing the honey too hard on your face so be gentle! I'm gonna rate Honey a 5 once a couple weeks pass by and I see significant improvement on my scars/acne.

Week 1: I have been using nothing but the honey mask. I have seen breakouts that were inflamed/irritated calm down after applying the mask for 30 minutes. Redness on my face is mostly gone. Haven't broken out from honey masking. No sign of hyperpigmentation clearing up yet.

Week 2: Deleted

Week 3: Trying honey mask overnight was not as good as I claimed on week 2. I actually broke out in small pimples. Obviously honey sticky as it is is not meant for overnight use. I should've used common sense. Anyways I've started a new routine that is working. 2.5 % Benzoyl peroxide at night only with honey mask just before.

Week 4: Acne is clearing up dramatically. Don't be afraid of BP in low percentage after honey mask :)

by CC19 on 03/06/2016 10:09
Good points! I was wanting to get reallyraw honey but was nervous cause of the honeycomb pieces and because it's not organic but I think I'm going to try it. Still really nervous though! Good luck!:)
by Sulfandrist on 03/23/2016 08:12
Just to warn users. With RR honey I have noticed redness after application but the redness goes out eventually. This little irritation is nothing compared to the cheap raw honey I've tried before. (Trader Joes) Don't be discouraged of you experience slight discomfort but remember honey mask by itself will not cure acne completely. Use 2.5 BP in conjunction, NOT 10 % BP. The 2.5 will not lead to dryness and sensitivity on face. But DO NOT apply during morning or evening. Only at night just before bed. One application maximum per day.
like it
Reviewed on March 22, 2016

This is the best thing for my sensitive skin. I've been using raw honey as a cleanser/mask. i wet my face and then i rub the honey into my skin and let it sit for like 5-15 minutes and then i wash it off. actually i use it as a spot treatment too 😍 it seems like it gets rid of the pimple just not the cysts. but overall i like it

i had severe acne as a teen!
Reviewed on March 14, 2016

So when i was a teenager i had the worst acne like pimple on top of pimple and i hated it i felt so ugly and I'm a girl so i think its a bit worse i tried every drugstore product that only made it worse. SO i went to home remedies and OMG this is the BEST there could be i personally didn't buy raw organic honey or organic cinnamon i just went to walmart bought the honey and cinnamon for less than 10 bucks for both and i added a few drops of lemon to the mix i used it everyday for an hour and that people was the only thing that got ride of my acne it took a few months, but i promise my face is now so smooth you can't even tell i ever had acne i have NO scars that I'm really amazed due to the severely of my acne. I'm now 26 yrs old and i still use it when have minor breakouts before my period but they never last more than 3 days i swear i wish i could post a before and after pic and you'd be amazed! i had sever acne that i never thought id have a clean face but i have had one since a i was 19 ! i wish i would've known this remedy when i was 13-18 the worst acne years of my life! Im in the esthetics career now and when they compliment my skin and ask what i do i always tell them about my cinnamon and honey remedy thats the only thing i use and some no one believes i ever had acne because i have no scars and my skin is so smooth and i look like I'm still 19 I LOOOOVVEEE IT!

by green80 on 04/28/2016 14:20
should i use the honey and cinnamon everyday if not what should i use in place on days i do not use the mask
Yup. It's love.
Reviewed on March 1, 2016

Well, I was doing a honey mask for 1h every day. Just raw honey. Every time I didn't do it, my skin would not look as good. When I had a breakout, I would add turmeric. Anyway, my skin would be so soft and smooth afterwards.

I only do it once a week now. But yeah, I love it. True love.

Reviewed on February 12, 2016

i love raw honey. It tastes great with porridge and hot milk and it is great for my skin and for neutralizing the free radicals/pollutants in our skin as well as preventing breakouts.. it makes my skin feel soft and look healthy.

Honey wonder mask
Reviewed on February 1, 2016

Acne and that too huge cystic ones can wreak an havoc on your confidence. I have done a lot of research on alternate therapies and with many trial and errors discovered this mask. I used it regularly AM and PM for 30 min each. Start with 5 min and gradually increase the duration to avoid burning of skin. Sharing this with a hope that others benefit

1 tsp -Cinnamon powder ( organic)

1 tsp- Nutmeg (organic)

2 tsp- Honey

5-10 drops- Tea tree/lavender ( which ever suits your skin)

1/2 tsp- Turmeric

1/2 tsp aloe vera ( subsitute with youghurt sometimes)

This can be stored upto a week . Try it out as a patch first. Go ahead and let me know if it works.

by Jazzyjose8 on 02/14/2016 13:38
Also cinnamon can cause irritation and don't use lavender. Any esthetician would tell you essential oils in skincare is not good
try it
Reviewed on January 30, 2016

I have a bunch of little white bumps on my face that you can see when I turn my head towards the light and they're horrible. I think they're whiteheads. Anyway so I put some honey on my face andleave it on for half an hour, then massage it off with water and you can feel the particles in yourfingers! My whiteheads are basically gone and its been 3 days. I also use nutmeg and honey on acne scars.

it works but be careful
Reviewed on December 24, 2015

I was using raw honey a lot all over my face for long periods of time and sometimes even overnight. While it does dramatically decrease the size and redness of any type of acne, it may clog your pores or cause small bumps. My face was covered in tiny bumps only noticeable in certain angles and lighting. They went away with BHA but im positive it was because of the honey. I still use tiny dabs of it on big pimples though. It's also really sticky and messy. I would advise to only use this sparingly (spot treat only and all over face mask for 20 mins) As a mask it is very beneficial, it shrank my pores dramatically, reduced oiliness and helped clear red marks. But it wasn't worth the closed comedones.

by Sulfandrist on 03/04/2016 20:08
Honey is never meant to be used as an overnight mask. I've tried it. :( But it works just as effective as a temporary mask like you said with no breakouts.