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I'll start with my acne regimine. I wash my face twice a day with Cetaphil Acne Prone Skin foam wash, followed by Cetaphil Acne Prone Skin moisturizer. At night I take Spironolactone 100mg, and put a pea-sized amount of tretinoin 0.025% on the affected areas. Some mornings I'll use Dermalogica daily microfoliant to exfoliate, if needed. In the mornings I follow the moisturizer with SunBum zinc based facial sunscreen. The Cetaphil moisturizer does have 30spf sunscreen in it, but it does not contain zinc or titanium, which is incredibly important in protecting skin. Sticking to this routine has given me incredible results. I've struggled with adult acne for about a year and a half. It has always been hormonal acne on my jawline, usually cystic, but some whiteheads on my chin as well. It's taken 9 weeks for me to have smooth skin, but it's definitelty worth the wait! Now that the acne is gone I'm going to be working with the dermatologist to deal with the old acne scars, which have noticeably improved as well. I'm very excited to finally have clear skin again, especially before heading back to college at the end of August. Something else that's helped my acne a lot is switching to only drinking water. It's improved both my moods and my skin. I love spironolactone!

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