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ZoDerm Topical Cream
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Brand: ZoDerm

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ZoDerm Topical Cream


Benzoyl Peroxide (6.5% or 8.5% or 10%) with Urea vehicle.

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ZoDerm Topical Cream

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ZoDerm Topical Cream

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Anonymous, Tx
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Reviewed on August 20, 2009

this stuff worked almost immediately and the results are spectacular

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Danielle, OK
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Reviewed on May 2, 2009

This stuff balances the pH of your skin. Makes new breakouts relatively impossible to happen. Minus hormonal breakouts, which I counter with licorice root daily, this stuff has CLEARED my troubled skin. Been having problems since going off birth control 1.5 years ago. Went on Differin and it caused significant breakouts and scarring. Zoderm is gentle, effective, and has saved my self esteem. Scars are fading, pores becoming less clogged and are smaller. I'm coupling this with Duac on my breakouts at night and NuOx in the AM. This stuff is AMAZING. I'm surprised not many dermatologists prescribe this. ASK YOUR DOCTOR FOR THIS! Even when I'll have to buy a tube of it, it's so worth it.


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Myranda, TX
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Reviewed on January 6, 2009

i use this in the morning and at night. it works - i use the 5% hydrating wash in conjunction with .05% tazorac and i haven't any complaints as of yet.

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Reviewed on December 29, 2008

Zoderm Gel is an excelent product....I bought it two years ago...but I need that again and I do not know where buy it. Please tell me where can I buy it, I am from Guatemala. If you know some link please tell me. I need it urgently....

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Reviewed on May 8, 2007

This should really be separated by the type of Zoderm used. I have the 8.5% scrub (started with the 4% but wanted something more effective). I don't agree with the site's recommendation for a low percentage, a high dosage has always worked better for me. Zoderm is good for this because you don't leave it on to irritate your skin, it gets washed off right away. After trying it for awhile, if you want it to be extra effective, you can put it on a few minutes before you get in the shower and just sit for 5 or 10 minutes, but be careful, it is harsh if your skin can't handle that.

It works really well at hiding red marks. I think it's even faded some of my old scars! But your skin needs to be pretty tough to stand up to it, which is why it's prescription only.

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