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Zeno Hot Spot
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Brand: Zeno

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Zeno Hot Spot


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Zeno Hot Spot

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Zeno Hot Spot

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mary, san diego ca
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Reviewed on March 25, 2011

This product is crap! I've used it for about 3 weeks now, so I've given it ample time to prove itself. I've used it on all kinds of blemishes and it hasn't helped any of them, just made them worse. It's expensive and only works 80 times before you have to buy a new one. I don't have bad acne, just one or two pimples a week, but it is consistant and frustrating. I was really hoping this would help take care of them, but I'm moving on now!

Reviewed on February 12, 2011

Okay, I thought this would be good since it's sooo expensive, but it doesn't really do anything! When I first attempted, it turned on unexpectedly, and it had a weird temperature pattern! Then when I woke up next morning, it was actually smaller, not by much... it was also really flaky. I decided to give it another shot, and all it did was irritate it! I just had to return it right away! Trust me, not worth the $40; probably not even worth $10. (If you do purchase, stock up on double A's, it uses ALOT of power!)

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BPM, New York, NY
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Reviewed on February 10, 2011

I only found this device useful when I had a painful cyst that I wanted to heal faster. I also had the old zeno that I paid $$$ for and still had to buy refills to keep using. It worked best in the beginning but slowly lost its effectiveness. This product with rape your wallet and give you less then average results. What bothers me more about the zeno is that you throw it away after only 80 uses. NOT eco friendly.

by ford2M on 12/04/2014 18:21
Ebayer sellers reprogram the tip of the original Zeno (not the disposable pink and white one). You mail a seller the tip, and he mails it back after reprogramming it. Mine has run continously so far!
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Anonymous, Oregon
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Reviewed on December 18, 2010

not really worth it.

it's better to just get a regular spot treatment with saylicic acid.

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MrsZit, NY
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Reviewed on November 28, 2010

I bought the original Zeno in 2006 and basically stashed it away in my junk pile after the first few uses. It did absolutely nothing for me.

Yesterday, while shopping in Target I saw this and thought I'd give it a shot...I figured it's been four years since the original came out and they must have made improvements since!

I cleaned my face before bed and tested it on 2 stubborn pimples. This AM one is completely gone and the other is visibly smaller. I'm completely satisfied and I will most likely buy it again when it runs out. I'm so happy that I am now looking into buying the Zeno Heat Treat.

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Reviewed on November 9, 2010

Just got this product.

It really does get rid of those individual pimples, or at least makes them disappear faster than they normally would. But I am asking myself how much I want to spend, and I am leaving the small pimples because they don't seem to be worth the money.

However, I have mostly large whiteheads and it won't work for them. It also doesn't work on those really large difficult pimples.

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Anonymous, Florida
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Reviewed on October 2, 2010

This is definitely worth the money, as it kills pimples very quickly without having to deal with the annoying affects of gels and whatnot that can dry out your skin or irritate it.

I did read somewhere though that you have to be careful not to push the "on" button to turn it off because it shuts off automatically and that will switch it back on and start a new cycle, so that was good to remember.

Usually, it helps to pop the pimple first because I noticed it disappears a lot sooner if you can get some of the stuff out BEFORE using the Zeno as opposed to after.

If I have a really intense, deep pimple, I'll hold it on for the full 2 1/2 minutes, but if it's not TOO serious, I'll switch it to another pimple halfway through the time to conserve the cycles, which seems to be working out. After that, I usually put a dab of a clay mask on the pimple and it'll usually be gone by the morning.

Reviewed on September 1, 2010

I got this product today, and used it immediately. I was out tonight, and when I was washing my face before bed, I saw that the pimples I had treated earlier were already reduced in size by about 50%. I read on the zeno website to treat zits about 3 times a day, if it's a persistent zit. Sadly, I couldn't do this because the battery died on me. Before you buy this, stock up on your doubles As!

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Reviewed on July 23, 2010

Works best on individaul and occasional acne blemishes. Sells for $40. Results probably vary due to your skin, type of acne, and your skincare regimen.

by ford2M on 12/04/2014 18:19
DO NOT BUY THE DISPOSABLE ZENO THAT IS PINK AND WHITE! I bought the disposable Zeno without realizing that it was to be discarded after the treatments died. Mine didn't work but about a few times before dying. I should have contacted Zeno to get a refund.