Visine Advanced Redness Reliever Eye Drops reviews

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Visine Advanced Redness Reliever Eye Drops
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Brand: Visine

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Visine Advanced Redness Reliever Eye Drops


Active Ingredients:
Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride (0.05%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Benzalkonium Chloride Solution, Boric Acid, Edetate Disodium, Sodium Borate, Sodium Chloride, Water (Purified).

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Visine Advanced Redness Reliever Eye Drops

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Visine Advanced Redness Reliever Eye Drops

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Its ok
Reviewed on May 27, 2015

I personally like the Rohto drops. keeps my eyes super white

Relieves redness but
Reviewed on August 12, 2014

This restricts blood flow to your eyes. Bad for contact lens wearers or for frequent use.

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Daryl, London, UK
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Reviewed on March 31, 2013

If a pimple is particularly inflamed or a recently popped pimple has made the surrounding skin red, this can help fade the severity of it.

Also, if you've targeted one area with benzoyl peroxide and made it particularly red, this can help reduce that as well.

It's no miracle cure for the pimple itself, but can help make it less noticeable.

Reviewed on April 15, 2012

after 30 minutes my skin went from a red flushed complexion to perfect and clear!!!!

My skin didn't stay that way forever though it did last for several hours. The next day my skin was red again but not nearly as bad. I've noticed that my skin looks a lot better since using it. I wouldn't use it every day though. Who knows if it will have a negative effect after consistent use. But it's great for dates and big days!

Reviewed on April 15, 2011

So I am sitting at work and I just picked a barely noticable non-existant plug on my shoulder, and then i thought to myself oh crap, now it's all red and you can notice it when before it wasn't visible to the naked eye. So I googled "reduce pimple redness" and visine popped up. Well luckily due to the fact that i used to smoke pot alot, i carry it in my purse always so i decided to give it ago and...

WHAM! 20 seconds later the redness is almost COMPLETELY gone, not kidding at all... Although this is probably temporary, I am pretty impressed, and upset that I didn't know about it sooner. I may have to pick up another bottle.

Trying it again on another spot right nwo.

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Anonymous, USA
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Reviewed on April 24, 2010

I used Clear Eyes Itchy Eye Relief (green label), not Visine, on a cystic pimple yesterday and it noticeably reduced the redness after only a few minutes. I just squeezed a few drops onto a cotton ball and dabbed the area. Afterward, it was easier to disguise the pimple with make-up.

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David, San Diego, CA
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Reviewed on September 18, 2009

I have no idea how it is working for the people who have reviewed this. It has not worked at all. Very misleading reviews.

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theblackrabbitofinle, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Reviewed on July 14, 2009

Visine will take the redness away and slightly dry a pimple you have picked at. But it will do nothing to make existing pimples go away or will not prevent new pimples. Also, after a couple of hours, the redness will come back, so you have to keep re-applying it.

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Brandon, Melbourne
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Reviewed on May 10, 2009

i used in when i went to bed because it made my face i guess you could say numb and it worked for me usually inbetween e.g breakouts.

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