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Vinegar (as a topical)
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Vinegar (as a topical)


Vinegar Pictured:
Made from select sun-ripened grain, diluted with water to a uniform pickling and table strength of 5% (50 grains) acidity.

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Vinegar (as a topical)

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Vinegar (as a topical)

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100% effective for chest/back acne
Reviewed on August 3, 2015

I used undiluted GOYA ACV twice daily for my chest and back acne, and it cleared completely in about 3 weeks. This is not the first time it has helped me with this kind of acne.

However, I started using EDEN ACV, for my face about one week now, but I am yet to see results.. I have ALOT of tiny pimples all over my face so I know it will take a while to clear up. I am also drinking 2 teaspoons of ACV in a 16 oz glass of water, twice daily.

I will update as soon as I see results.

All the best everyone....

by debrasunshine on 08/16/2015 20:46
Bragg's with the mother is the best ACV! Try it! Try 2 tablspns with 4oz of water more potent and only do once a day! Good Luck!
by Blingjpg on 08/17/2015 14:36
I got even skin tone after using ACV toner but still get new breakouts one after the other... :(
Reviewed on August 2, 2015

i am experiencing regular breakouts especially during my monthly period... I read that ACV can help treat acne... 3 days after using it, i noticed that it dried the acne and the marks... however, on one hand, new breakouts come out in other parts of the face even my period had gone out... though, on the other hand, i noticed that my skin tone got even and glowed...

Is it a natural thing that i still get new pimples even continued use of ACV toner?

I read acne's causes also has something to do with diet... I eat more of carbs (rice and bread), and daily vegetables and fruits and less fast/instant food, less sweets and almost no caffeine...

by debrasunshine on 08/16/2015 20:50
Sugar might be it,but most people want the external treatment when they really need to ACV internally for several weeks to see results. Also Rosehip oil excellent for the skin check it out on google! 2Tablspns ACV & 4oz. water add honey, but I just down it straight down my throat without tasting it; do this once a day. Good thoughts to you!
ACV saved my skin!
Reviewed on July 30, 2015

I have struggled with acne since I was a teenager I am 21 now. I have tried everything and all the products out there have been expensive and either damaged my skin or didn't improve it much. I recently bought my first bottle of organic ACV and was curious of what to use it for. I knew it was great for cleaning but I also saw a thing on its use a toner. I followed the instructions and started using the toner twice a day. Well after about two weeks my skin cleared completely up. I haven't had skin this clear since before puberty! Best thing is ACV is cheap and making toner is super easy. Just a 2:1 ratio with distillers water! I'm so happy I found something that works

Great toner for clogged pores and acne marks
Reviewed on July 22, 2015

Ive been using acv mixed with wather as toner since some months. It helps to calm down my acne and red marks. The only issue is that sometimes it can be irritating and it dries the skin. Appart that I its a great cheap method to help acne prone skin.

by debrasunshine on 08/16/2015 20:53
After toning use rosehip oil, it is excellent for the face. Do the research on it! Hope this helps, try something else is what i tell people.
there are better ways to get clear skin
Reviewed on May 7, 2015

I've tried this out about two years ago when my mum told me about it, at first I was apprehensive about trying it out because of the smell but back then I was so desperate to have clear skin that I'd try anything. Plus I was in that obsessed-with-organic-methods-to-get-clear-skin phase of my acne obsession, so this was bound to happen.

The treatment stung a lot! I don't know whether that was due to not being diluted enough, but it burned and made my face red and warm. I stuck with it though because I was under the impression that if it stings it must be doing something.. bad idea, as that something was basically hurting my skin and making it super acidic and dry (and smelly) Maybe I didn't stick with the treatment for long enough (i did it for a few weeks or maybe months, can't remember) but I can't recall any MAJOR improvement in my mild teen acne. For me it was too strong and it had the same effect on my skin as an alcohol toner in that it created a film on my skin and tightened it and then later I got really really shiny. So for me, the vinegar treatment just wasn't worth it as the bad effects it had on my skin outweighed any effectiveness it may have had in treating my acne.

by debrasunshine on 08/16/2015 21:03
try this: mix tablspn honey with reg.sugar in a bowl, wash your face with when ever soap you use (try african black soap at [link removed]). You dont have to dry it, apply honey blend is a good scrub use cotton pad or your clean finger and massage your whole face you feel the sugar don't massage to hard just get it cleaned. Then rinse in cold dry your face, then try ACV diluted ratio 1:1, then apply rosehip oil straight from the bottle of mix with carrier oil: coconut, sweet almond etc. apply to face as the mositurizer. Do this for 2 weeks straight hope you have great results. FYI The smell of ACV goes away! Use the right stuff on your face, if the ACV is dryng then you have to put moisture on your face to combat this! Try this!
So, so
Reviewed on April 26, 2015

About 3 moths ago I started using Braggs acv diluted as a toner. At first I was very excited because of the positive reviews It had, but soon to be my 3rd month using it, it has done a mediocre job. I wonder if it's because I use salicylic gel after it, or BP, then moisturize. I really wanted to work, If any of you guys could answer my question of should I be using BP or salicylic acid after the toner it would really help? :(

by debrasunshine on 08/16/2015 21:14
Don't use anything else except the ACV, you are using to many products at once. Try mixture of honey and sugar, wash face with what ever you use, then use the honey blend (1 Tablespn of each) scrub with clean fingers or pad from forehead to chin the entire face. Rinse with cold water dry face apply ACV ratio 1:1 with water, then try rosehip oil as moisturizer, don use anything else try for a week or 2. Try not to use other products, facial cleanser should be african black soap or goats milk soap. you mix rosehip with sweet almond oil or coconut oil etc. (some people just use rosehip right out of the bottle) you are using drops. ACV Bragg's is the best brand, try this, good luck!
Does it work..?
Reviewed on April 1, 2015

I’m a teen and these past years I’ve been having breakouts. It was totally fine before but it suddenly happened. And I think I have sensitive skin. I’ve been seeking help and have tried different products and home remedies. I even tried to take zinc supplements cause I heard it might help. But my skin just keeps getting worse so I went to consult a doctor and was prescribed a couple of natural products as well as skin peeling sessions. After that,some of the previous scars are gone but now acne only appears on my cheeks and they won't go away,I think they've been there for months. It's always the same old spots,sometimes they seem to be healing and then it suddenly becomes redder again and forms a head. And then sometimes a new one pops out. I don't know what causes this,I don't let anything get close to my face at all,I wash my face everyday and I don't smoke. I don't know what else to do so I researched and heard about vinegar so I mixed White rice vinegar with water cause I only have that at home. It's been 3 days since I'm using it and so far I still don't see improvement only that my face seems to look a bit..whiter? I'm just using that,a facial cleanser and moisturizer for now. How long should I continue using the vinegar?

by eskaym0 on 04/21/2015 14:29
Don't use rice vinegar or even white vinegar ! You should buy organic Apple cider vinegar from GNC or another vitamin store. Start off By diluting it with a little bit of water then after your skin gets used to it you can try full strength.
This review is based on Braggs ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR***
Reviewed on March 27, 2015

For those of you hopeless individuals who have tried ACV with no luck i seriously suggest you try again. I had horrible acne growing up and yes it did start clearing up once i hit my twenties (I am now 26) but it did not completely stop. I still had breakouts pretty often especially before my period. I started applying Braggs as a toner right after washing/drying my face. Dont get me wrong, i had to use an ENTIRE bottle before i started seeing results. I am now on my 4th bottle, id say its been more than a year now and i have NO ACNE whatsoever! I literally cant remember the last time i broke out. I do get one occasional, sometimes unnoticeable, pimple once every few months and even thats a rarity. I have never experienced skin i dont have to cover up and i cant remember the last time i wondered if ill be breaking out before an event months in advance. My skin has become the least of my problems. Along with this toner I have also incorporated Vitamin C serum into my regimen (after ACV) and my skin is glowing. One thing i will point out however, is that putting this on some existing acne actually keeps it from coming to a head which in my opinion makes it linger on your face a lot longer. Other than that minor issue i cant find anything wrong with this miracle product. I hope this works for others as well as it has worked for me. BTW I would NOT recommend using heinz/white vinegar but thats just my opinion)

by Dryheaves on 04/09/2015 23:21
How do you apply it? Do you leave it on or wash it off
by eskaym0 on 04/21/2015 14:26
I use it as a toner after I wash my face then wait for it to dry and continue with moisturizer
by eskaym0 on 04/21/2015 14:34
I do not wash it off until the end of the day when I wash my face and even then I reapply it before applying benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer
by eskaym0 on 04/21/2015 14:34
I do not wash it off until the end of the day when I wash my face and even then I reapply it before applying benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer
by ricky wood1976 on 05/20/2015 15:33
What about if you have it on your back chest on your scalp and the back of your neck ?
by ricky wood1976 on 05/20/2015 16:50
What about if you have it on your back chest on your scalp and the back of your neck ?
Apple Cider Vinegar (test)
Reviewed on March 18, 2015

I've been attempting to use Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner for the last 4 days. So far I'm seeing pretty surprising results. It's only been 4 days though. I've started a blog to record my progress. For now... I'll rate it 3 stars but I'll change that once I've given it more time.

Take a look at my blog if you'd like to follow along with this test before or while testing it yourself. The link is actually part of this same site and I do add in the amount of Apple Cider Vinegar I'm using plus my regimen. If you have any advise, I'd love to hear it too :) - [link edited out]

Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne (cystic)
Reviewed on March 16, 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) was an odd choice at first. I didn't like the smell and I had been dealing with acne since I was 10 years old. I am very pale complected and have breakouts mainly on the sides of my face, forehead and upper lip. I have tried all of the TV products, internal medicine and over the counter things like Clearasil and Neutrogena. I keep my hair away from my face, I do not use makeup and I keep my face as much away from sun exposure as possible.

I started using ACV and at first my acne was more irritated (red and bulky) for about 2 weeks. I noticed that the tiny bumps of acne went away and the redness began to fade. I will say as I was reading the other reviews on here that the ones that gave the worst reviews were not done properly. This NEEDS to be diluted whether you have oily skin or not. Every skin type is different,so when you mix it with water you may notice have to put more or less water as you try this. You may have to have half water half vinegar or a ratio of 2:3 or 1:3 water to vinegar. It just depends. I would suggest shaking the mix and placing it in a plastic or glass container and applying with a clean cotton ball. Overall there were significant changes within a month. Very pleased and cost less. If you want faster results I would suggest drinking some of it with water as well. There were EXTREME changes within 2 months of applying and the the second month applying/drinking. BEST OF LUCK!

by Jeneennnn on 03/17/2015 05:24
is your acne gone yet?
by Merida D on 03/18/2015 02:11
Not completely, but that is because I just started using a new birth control method. It's still wonderful. I haven't had cystic type in a while wich is such a relief.....
by ricky wood1976 on 05/20/2015 16:54
What about if you have it on your back, chest, on your scalp, and the back of your neck ? will it help in all those areas ?
by Merida D on 05/23/2015 05:20
Although I have not tried it on my chest..... I can say I have tried it on my scalp. It reduces dandruff. I am unsure about acne. I have tried it on my back for acne. I use a spray bottle and spray it on my back and let it air dry. My back and sholders are horrible. As I mentioned in the above comment it goes a lot faster if you drink it as well. ( of course dilute and adjust the amount and ratio to your weight. ) Sorry wish I had more advice. I hope that helps. God I hope everyone gets a clear face eventually. This really is quite the relief man.