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Found 500 results

  1. Sigh. I'm back. Again. I had a blog here before, however my picking has not gotten better, in fact, it has gotten worse, and now I have done so much damage to my face that it is starting scar. I fairly good skin, though I do get break outs from time to time, but that's not really the issue. It doesn't really matter what my skin is like because I will ATTACK it anyways. I have to say that it has definitely gotten worse since my accident in last august (2013). I cut my toes off with
  2. My derm has put me on Acnaya, and I go back to see her in a few more work to discuss my progress with it. My skin has really approved with the acanya, but I'm still getting spots ): I really don't want to stop using the Acnaya because it does help prevent new spots and it heals spots really fast! I may see even better results in the next few weeks, but I think I'm going to talk to my doctor about putting me on a 2nd medication to work with the Acanaya gel. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  3. so, i suppose i should start by explaining that i've been receiving injections of testostorone for about a year and a half now, and i never had really bad acne until about six months ago. after i started the testostorone, i got some pretty nasty zit breakouts, but now.. well, my pores are huge, i guess. my face is pretty much covered in whiteheads, especially around my chin, jawline, and neck. most of them are from hair follicles. i have a few large zits. i currently have a very large, painful
  4. Hi. I know this topic is strange, but urine therapy has really been working for me. Its been about three weeks since I started. The first two weeks, after rubbing fresh urine on my face, I would rinse it off with water after a few minutes. I realized that the effect wasnt as strong after rinsing it off with water, so I stopped doing that the 3rd week. Now my skin is much softer and clearer. For the past few days, I have also stopped using soap or cleansers and I stopped wearing makeup and moistu
  5. This is my first post, so hi I'm 24 years old, and I had acne as a teenager that I controlled with antibiotics. It worked really well, and my skin was basically 100% clear. I went off them at about age 18 or 19 with no problems. I have since moved to a humid/hot climate and am breaking out a bit more than usual, especially on my cheeks. I got a few zits on my cheeks that left either red marks or scars-- the possibility of scars scared me so I went to the dermatologist. She told me to wash my
  6. Hi everyone. I have posted a few times on here now, always on the "emotional and psychological effects of acne" page, because that's the most important one, I feel. I started having acne when I was 13 (I am 22 now) and have been self-conscious about my face ever since. When I read through peoples' posts, I can relate. I also NEVER go out without makeup, I overanalyze myself in the mirror on the daily, and I hate having my picture taken lest my latest zit shows up on camera. Side note: the state
  7. This is my first time to write anything online about my struggle with acne. I am not comfortable talking about it with other people, but I think I need some support even if it's only online with people who can relate and understand what I am going through. I've dealt with Acne when I was a teenager. It was isolated on my forehead only. I have a hard time remembering in detail exactly how my situation was then but I remember having so many red bumps across my whole forehead. I was young and did
  8. Hey what's up everyone. I'm 19 .Well I have moderate to mild acne, face, neck and back ,and its really noticeable have some scars as well and people stare. When I talk to people they can't go long with looking at just my eyes , I've been noticing that a lot of people touch their face when I talk to them , like no it's not contagious. But Ya I mean I avoid eye contact sometimes even ,,,like Ya I'm handsome but my acne just ... Makes it feel like I'm not , I go on about wearing a hood everywhere I
  9. Hey! I've been using the BP as spot treatment. The spots where i apply it are clear again, but with a price; my face is tomato red and peeling! Everytime i go without makeup, people ask if im sunburnt. If i wear makeup to cover up the redness, my peeling is even more noticeable and looks worse. Can you guys recommend something to get rid of this redness and peeling? I dont want to stop the BP, it's too good for my skin. It is 10% though, so should i go to a lower %? What should i do for redness?
  10. hello acne.org-ers! i start this post with an aim to make this thread a complete source of information - daily definitions,causes,prevention,treatment and more , on whiteheads. "whiteheads" although ideally defines as non-inflammed clogged pores seem to us(varied experiences that we face which doesn't always match with the textual references) as small zits with a tiny pus-filled heads,a small bump with pus,raised skin with a small head or just a white tiny head out of nowhere! i mean to ad
  11. hello, i am starting this post to weigh the two ends of clindamycin phoaphate..one with nicotinamide(faceclin gel) and other with adapalene(faceclin-A gel) (adapalene for many is DIfferin) also,help people now and in future to select one topical is likely to be most effective. main aims : ## considering functions of clindamycin phosphate,nicotinamide and adapalene(differin) alone and when together? ## choosing either nicotinamide OR adapalene when with CP?why? ##do u think cli
  12. hey guys! a test here. considering intolerance or allergy cause active acne or zits and not just small whiteheads,blackheads etc i have taken up a test. i always thought peanuts are bad for me. for once,i had a few breakouts the day i had peanuts.but i couldnt really relate the two for it might have been hormonal or for some other reason/cause. i just a handful or peanuts. i will keep a track of whether or not i have active big zits or any other symptom in next few days(or may be 1 w
  13. Okay so I got this cluster of tiny pimples by my nose (as you can see in the picture, sorry gross!) How do I get rid of these within a week!? I have a music festival to go to and it's going to be really hot so i'm hoping to not have to wear makeup :/ Some appear to be whiteheads but they're impossible to pop. They just keep filing up with more gunk after I attempt to pop them because I cannot get everything out. I just want to dry them out so I can put on moisturizer and they can go away! Some o
  14. IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/o9k591.jpg My skin gets dried up skin immediately after I exfoliate with just my fingers. It has patches and then when I take them off, it's all red underneath the dead skin patch or whatever it is. I have a cluster of zits all over and I have plugs coming out of my nose pores that are like small and yellow and clear and look like Demodex mites. I used to have clear skin with occasional cysts, but when I moved to my boyfriends apartment from my parents house a year a
  15. Soo I've been on Tretinoin Cream and Monodox for 5 months now. My acne is getting better.. still gets really bad every now and then. I used to have no acne at all. I decided to go on birth control and my body freaked out on every pill I tried. I finally had to give up. During the time I was struggling with birth control, I started to get horrible acne and really really really oily skin. Even though I haven't been on a pill for about 7 months now, my acne is still bad and my skin is still awfull
  16. I am 18 years old, I live on the east coast, and until 6 months ago I NEVER had problems with acne. Well never is a strong word, it was very rare for me to even have a pimple, most of those times being around/during menstruation. My complexion was fine, and I only used water and a clean cloth to wash my face, which I figured was working since my skin was clear. About 6 months ago I moved out of my parents house and rented a room from a friend. Chain of events left us with no AC for about a month
  17. I suffered from acne for about 11 years. 8 of those years it actually affected my life for the worst. So much that I wouldnt be where i am today or be the person I am today because of it. That thought of that alone blows my mind away. It still upsets me from time to time because of what I could have done and learned in that time. But as I look at it I would never be able to help anyone like I hope I can. Just a few facts that I learned on my own about acne that no doctor could ever tell
  18. Please any help would be massively appreciated. I normally have around five zits total on my face on an average day but a couple days ago (and yes, it was right at the start of my period), a complete onslaught of zits occurred. They're all tiny and painful, but I'm not kidding, there's over a hundred and they're all bunched together. Most of them are on my cheeks and jaw, some on my chin, and a few on my forehead. First off, I don't know why this happened. I'm 22 years old and I have never h
  19. I'm a bit confused as to what you are supposed to do after you sweat. People say you shouldn't wash your face more than 2 times a day which is usually morning and night but then people also say you should never leave sweat on your face for too long and that you need to wash it off immediately or it will clog your pores and cause acne. But wouldn't this result in excessive washing of the face which would lead to dry skin which would lead to more acne? I cut down on the amount of times i was
  20. Alright, so I usually just get the garden variety type zits, small and red.. sometimes have a white head, black heads are rare. But... everynow and then I'll get a huge red bump. Extremely painful, whole area around it becomes red and elevated. I think it's cystic acne but I wouldn't consider my acne severe because I only get one of these every once in a while. So, one of those lovely things popped up overnight, and I tried putting a pea sized amount of acne med right on it (my usually response
  21. I've been sick with the flu for the past five days, and I haven't worked out at all. My face cleared up- I had about 6 zits. I have none now. I'm on Benzaclin and Tretinoin, and they've really helped, but not 100%. My mom thinks that when I exercise, the sweat+medicine+makeup is making me break out. I think it's hormonal, but she might be right, to some extent. I'm not going to quit working out, but is there anything that I could do to keep from breaking out?
  22. Hey everyone, so here's my problem. I have tons of small clogged pores on my forehead that just won't go away! When squeezed, stuff does come out. I'm 13 so I'm pretty sure it's teenage acne, not some other skin issue. Occasionally, a couple of the bumps will swell into larger, red pimples. How can I get rid of these once and for all? I wouldn't mind just a few zits here and there, but I hate all these tiny bumps covering my entire forehead!
  23. Helloo everyone Just to start off, I'm 13 years old and have moderate acne. I get zits here and there, but now a days theyre staying for longer than they usually do. So I've gone through a number of treatments (Murad -.-) , and lately I think i've found something that's worked for me . So here is my daily facial cleansing...washing....whatever you want to call it routine: First I use Pond's cleansing and makeup removing towelettes (with vitamin E, chamomile and green tea) Second I wash my han
  24. Hey guys, so if you don't know milia are those super annoying little flesh colored bumps on your skin. In reality they are clogged pores. I have tons of them and they are all slowly but SURELY turning into pimples! And when I say I have tons, I mean TONS. I wanna get rid of them before they keep turning into zits. Anyone have any ways to get rid of them? I was told to get the Olay Regernerist Microdermabrasion Kit but I am weary of running out and spending over 20 bucks on it if it won't work.