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Found 1,436 results

  1. Hello, I am new to this forum. I have searched at length but find soooo much info my head is spinning. Please help if you can point me in the right direction. I have fair somewhat sensitive skin. I'm caucasian with brown hair and blue eyes. -My pimples are under control but I always have to put a little cover up on a zit or two. -My skin is pretty oily. On the forhead and nose. - I tend to get black heads on the forehead. Usually small but plentiful. - My nose is pitted with junk. - Get annoying pimples around laugh lines etc. My treatment: - I have dealt with this since I was 15 so I do not tend to over squeeze and cause flareups. - I was twice a day with aveda daily face stuff. - I use netrogena on the spot to calm down anrgy zits. My zit problem is mild but its never ending. I want help designing a routine that will improve the quality of my skin and reduce zits of course. I really do not have any idea what to do. (specific product reccomendations are appreciated) THANKYOU!!!!!!
  2. My face does not seem to respond well to bp i tried dans bp, and the persa gel and my zits just dont seem to get better from the bp...i found the refining mask that i had when i tried proactiv which sucks by the way...and i think it works better for me as least...
  3. Okay so during high school i had a few zits here and there nothing major...im currenly 19 male and this past summer i would have like one zit on my chin per month so i was basically acne free...and i would never have any on my back... since like a month ago i had a few spots on my back that were sort of painful but they went away...and a week ago i had a few more and they take a while to go away and i still have some red marks from the past ones...and my face has been breaking out mostly on the chin/lower area of my face... I did the DKR for like two month since christmas but hated it dried out my face and i was still breaking out...so i stopped cold turkey i know that i would get an IB after stopping but its now like almost the end of march and im still breaking out...hmm and my back??? I just dont understand maybe i should go see a derm BTW im on a diet so im eating super healthy no sugar, barely any starches... lots of fruits and veggies, protein...i dont think it would have to do with the diet cause i ate w/e i wanted in the summer and was fine... and this started before my new diet... Im sorry this is so long i just wanna get to the bottom of it lol any idea???
  4. Lizzi


    I know this may not work for everyone... but it has so far (knock on wood) for me. I used to have very very very mild acne. I wouldnt even call it acne, just a random pinple once a month. I would kind of freak out about it though, so i began my quest for a better, stronger face wash. So i tried a bunch of fancy stuff like proactiv that just screwed up my skin like no other.. well after trying 5748957454837543 different EXPENSIVE washes i got tired of it and decided to go back to just a simple wash like i used when my skin was fairly clear. i got the neutrogena oil free acne stress control cleanser stuff, and my skin has been pretty clear for a month now. if i do get a zit it is very very small and goes away quickly with a spot treatment. so my advice is to keep it as simple as possible...you don't necessarily need top of the line products. now i just need to get rid of these poopy marks on my forehead. any suggestions?!
  5. Hey guys & girls, My derm just perscribed my AZITHROMYCIN, but she said to only take it once every seven days... So once a week (Every Friday) i take 500MG, Is that even enough to clear my acne. I though alot of people would usually take like 400 mg a day?... Also im going to be on it for about 2 months.... Should i call the derm and tell her if i can take 400mg every other day or something? Thanks guys!
  6. wowowee


    i need help. i am always having a red itchy spot on my face,1-3 a day. sometimes it turns in to a zit but most of the time it just fades away leaving the spot with no zit. the more darker the red is the more it last long to my face but eventually it will disappaer by itself. is this because of skin irritation? it really ruins my day when im having this.this red and itchy spot that im having really bothers me coz it is really not good to see on my face. what do you think is the cause of this skin problem? pls help me. thank you very much.
  7. HawksnSoxs


    I have been using Duac Topical Gel (1% Clindamycin & 5% BP) for my mild-moderate acne for 2 weeks. Overall I haven't seen much of a difference. The only difference is my new pimples are a little smaller. But the downside is I have gotten 5 pimples on my jawline and I have never had a zit there in my life. I was just wondering how long it takes Duac to start working and your experniece with it. Thanks
  8. idk what to do

    nose zit

    umm i have had this peanut size pimple on my nose for about a week now and it does not seem to be getting any better i have been using the neutragena skin id and it works but not all the time i need to get rid of this zit on my nose and some of the others by monday since its the first day of school do u have any suggesttions
  9. I've been using Philosophy Congested Kit for about six months now and it works really well, but I have recently moved to a really humid state and am now starting to get cystic zits again. I was wondering if anyone has tried Dan's and has also tried Philosophy and which one works better. I don't know how to fix the problem because I can't change my climate. My skin is pretty sensitive and I have tried BP before and it only severly dried it. Please help. I'm afraid that I'll have acne now as long as I live somewhere humid.
  10. im 16. i only get acne on my nose ..nowhere else! its odd and very annoying since my nose looks like rodolf the rednose reindeer lol. but seriously its prety bad, i take a shower 2 times a day but im having this feeling my soap is just causing more acne since i bath with it everyday. is it possible soap is the problem. also is it good to pop the zit before it becomes a full blown zit? like whenever i feel that pain u feel when a zits coming on i squeeze untill it eventually pops. now just today i popped some zits that were not even noticable by looking at it but still the white dirt came out (a little tiny bit) and now my nose is all red and blotchey. but its not a zit. what can i do with the red blotches and should i see a derm? i've had a acne scar for a year and a half now thats kinda purplish redish.
  11. Help, U have a zit on the side of my nose. I noticed it start to come in yesterday morning and I put proactiv sulfer on it. then BP for the day. I got home and put more sulfer on it and left it on for the night. It is still there and hurts. Got any advice?
  12. I've researched Accutane and from what I can gather, it seems to only be prescribed for people with really severe acne or cystic acne. If I have mild acne (maybe 5 max new zits a month) would it even be possible to get an Accutane prescription?
  13. I was wondering, whenever someone gets a "breakout" does that mean they must have initiated the infection like 2 weeks ago? I heard a zit takes more than 1 night to appear, and takes about 1 or 2 weeks for the infection to show up as a bump. Is this true? I just broke out around my nose, so does that mean that I must have done something a week ago to cause this break out?
  14. eimile19

    Lip Zit

    ggrrrrr i'm going to NYC in 2 days w/ my boyfriend and just got a whitehead right above my upper lip. i hate those- they just look bad and are so sore! of course i am tempted to pop it, but don't know if i really should. any ideas how i can zap it before Sat am? just started to use ACV at night as toner- think i can pop it and then spot treat it w/ the vinegar?
  15. MaggoT

    Problem Zits

    Hi, I use proactiv but only the cleanser because I found the system sucks. But anyways my acne varies all the time. One time I could only have two but occasionally I will break out with about ten or so. But now I have two probelm zits I caught as they just started and I loaded them up with the advanced blemish treatment from proactiv which is 6% Benzoyl peroxide. I load it up on the zit and I have been using the sulfer from proactiv every night on the problem zits. It has been three days and they are roughly the same size but a little bigger. They arent going away. How do I get rid of them fast? I start school on monday? Thanks
  16. Nitrofiorce

    Allergic Reaction: Help

    Hey all So i've been having moderate acne over the years, no big problems with the medication i've been using. I haven't had problems of red skin, just the zits. But two months ago, I made a mix of medicaments I shouldn't have (and hadn't made before): I was on 100mg of minociclyne every day. That night, I applied Differin to all my face, except my chin, and on top of it I applied Acnomel to the individual zits and cists I had. Then I went to sleep. On the next morning, my whole face is red on all the areas I applied the Differin, you could specially see the red spot on my cheeks and coming to my nose. My forehead was inflamated and had an instant breakout. I thought it was a simple reaction to the mix and that it would go away in a matter of days. But it's been more than two months, and the reaction hasn't gone away, and my forehead seems to be on a constant breakout, something that had never happened to me before. I've gone to the dermathologist and they have given me some creams and lotions, as well as an anti-inflammatory for the reaction, but nothing has worked so far. I really don't know what else to do, and I figured maybe someone has been through something similar or has any insightful advice. I'm really desperate and I want to correct this mistake I made and go back to how my face was before. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks
  17. hey everyone, this is my first post here, although I've been looking around on these forums a lot for help and ideas. i have a date tomorrow with a girl i really like and i don't get to see her too much, but she's driving 6 hours to come see me tomorrow and i really just want to look nice for it. i know she still likes me and everything regardless of what my face looks like, but this isn't about her, i think it's more about me. i know i can be so much more confident and happy if i am not thinking about my face the whole time. over the past few months i feel like i have tried everything. the regimen on this site, every cleanser in the market, benzoyl peroxide every night, moisturizers, nothing helps. i still have these terrible looking bumps and zits all over my cheeks and chin and i cannot get them to go away. i am 18 and i was a late bloomer in terms of growing up so i know all of this is part of puberty, but i just am starting to hate everything about myself now every time i look in the mirror. it sucks. my face is just red and peely from the benzoyl all the time, so even if the acne goes away i'll still look awful if anyone has any suggestions that have no chance in making my face look worse than it already does, id be willing to give it a shot. i just want to look good for tomorrow. i've even tried basically fasting on water and juice, but i can't last more than two meals without eating... i just don't get it, im always clean, i always wash, sleep face up so my pillows aren't touching my face, i don't even have oily skin. what else can i do?? i have one cure that ALWAYS works for me within 2 days, but it's illegal and i can't get it right now so no sense it going into that... thank you so much
  18. MaggoT

    please help

    Ok so I got these two 1 week ago and I iced them ALOT and BP alot to try to get rid of them. But now its a week later and they stayed the same size. They are still red and have a hard bump under them. Not like super hard but a noticeable bump when you touch it. about half the size of a tic tac. But what do I do? I mean skin looks healed on one but the bump is there and on the other it looks like a zit but it has stayed the same for over a week and I stopped everything for those two zits. Please help. and it look like I have annother one of this kind coming in. ugh.
  19. Ok, I have severely-moderate acne as I like to call it. Well, I suppose technically it would just be moderate, but to me it's pretty awful. I'm sure everyone's acne seems worse to them than to anyone else, though. I just know my acne is worse than anyone else's I know, and probably worse than many people that post in this particular forum. Anywho, I'm not sure whether my acne is just clogged pores, or papules, etc. Mostly, they are red, raised bumps, that generally form a white head that I almost always end up popping (I know that's bad, they just gross me out!) Here are some pictures to get a better idea. They aren't very good quality, and I fiddled with the contrast in them so the acne was a bit more conspicuous... http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa260/o...ohone_/eww2.jpg http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa260/ohoneohone_/eww.jpg http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa260/o...ohone_/eww3.jpg a few more zits have formed since I took those pictures, but you obviously get the gist of it from those. I'm asking this because I start Accutane soon, and I want to know what type of acne I'm dealing with, so I can maybe slightly gauge how long it will take for it to clear up, or how bad my initial outbreak will be. Any and all advice is appreciated at this point! eww2.BMP eww.BMP eww3.BMP eww2.BMP eww.BMP eww3.BMP
  20. blueskies

    zit just will not die

    so i have this zit near my nose, it started off as a regular little trouble maker, but the bp i apply at night caught it in the act .. mostly. the problem is, its now 2 weeks later and although its very small it will not go completely. it is not raised but i can see whiteness under the skin - if i squeeze gently, i always get a tiny 'worm' or 'silly string' type discharge from it - its like it has 'consolidated' its position now as i said im still giving it the bp, and i moisturise to prevent bp related dryness, but im wondering if it will ever 'burn out' or am i stuck with it now ? it seems like it must be so deep it starts where the inside of my dermis touches my bloodstream lol. whats the deal with these types of zits ?
  21. I was playing basketball in my gym class during my senior year in highschool and i was going up for a layup when i suddenly felt something wet coming down my cheek and i realized that one of my zits had poppped, the worst thing about it was that the girl that i had a crush on was sitting on the baseline and got to see everything fucking acne!!!!!!!
  22. I wasn't really sure if I should put this here or in the scar forum. It kind of spans two topics, but I figured it relates more to acne than scarring so I'll put it here. I don't really have a problem with acne right now since I'm on birth control (it used to be bad before I started the pill, though). My main facial problem now comes from the indented scarring left by old breakouts. So I'm taking steps to get rid of my scarring as much as possible. Last October I had a Total FX (Active FX + Deep FX) treatment on my cheeks just where the majority of my scars are. About two weeks afterward, I had some pretty bad zit issues - about four really large and painful ones cropped up one after another and stayed on my face for 2+ weeks before they healed. At the time, I didn't really connect this with the laser treatment, but now I'm wondering if there is a relationship. After the laser I had to use Aquaphor ointment for about a week to keep my skin moist and aid in the healing process. And then about a week after I stopped using it, mysteriously all these monster zits showed up. Probably clogged my pores up good, I'm guessing. So, I'm going in for another of these laser treatments about a week from today. I will have to use the Aquaphor again, but I wonder if there is any way I can prevent another of these nasty breakouts. I'd love to hear any suggestions you guys might have. Thanks for reading!
  23. wwfasd?

    So what is it?

    Okay now i know i don't have the worse case of acne. Believe me I know. Back when I was 15 my entire forehead didn't have one spot where it wasn't covered in a lovely red pussy zit, thank god for bangs. So really I know this isn't the worse case. HOWEVER after being clear for a year this BITES. I thought I was done, damn proactiv and false hopes. So now you can see I have little bumps on my upper lip, chin, and forhead (although you cant really see with forehead with camera) and couple inlfamed on forehead. Now this past year sure I had these bumps on my chin and upper lip, but not like this. and my forehead was CLEAR ALL FLIPPIN YEAR. So this a shock for me. Now I have begun and old habit of picking, which you can probably tell from the swollen red lump near my lip (CLUSTER OF BUMPS). Are these bumps whiteheads? Or non0inflamed, i don't get the difference? Now they have been these past few months CLUMPING AND CLUSTERING RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER making bumps on my chin. Can these turn into cysts? My camera didn't pick up the few that look like they are UNDER my skin. So I went to the derm and she prescribed Ziana to use at night after a gentle cleanser. My question is what should I use for the morning. Apparently I hear BP can't help with bumps, only inflamed (which I only get on my forehead really now). I've been using proactiv in the morning and the ziana at night for the past 3 days. So does anyone have suggestions? Is paulas choice any good? I know these may not seem like a big deal to people. But I have had acne for five-six years now, and I am paranoid and a bit OCD I'll friggin admit it. Just need to know how anyone cured this type of acne. It just seems like it will never go away.
  24. Hi, I'm new to the boards, but I have been on Dan's regimen for over a year now and I'm usually just lingering around. Here's my dilemma: I woke up today and realized that I have a sudden breakout on my lower face, my chin and around my jaw line. I have no idea what caused this breakout and I have several theories: -I had a lot of sun exposure on the 20th of this month because I had a beach BBQ. I could be breaking out from the sudden exposure to sun and possibly the sun screen I've used (neutrogena) -I changed my cleanser, same brand just different form. I was on the Panoxyl foaming wash, now I'm on the same formula but in bar form; since walmart ran out of the foaming wash -The humidity/pms could be causing this? -Or lastly, everything just rolled into one. I would like to comment, that the whole time I am on Dan's regimen, my acne has been under control, with little or no breakouts. I never really brokeout from pmsing, except for one or two zits here and there. I usually just use half to one full pump per application of the regimen twice a day and that was enough to keep me clear. But this breakout is different, I woke up today with at least 20 new pimples (it's not sore and they're not inflamed), they're in areas I usually don't breakout at. I'm lost and confused, frustrated and just 'gRr'! Please shed some light.
  25. So I felt a zit coming on under my skin. I put BP on it about every hour, dumb me. A day later It is a hard red bump. And it has stayed a hard red bump for 3 days now. What do I do. and How do I make this hard bump come to a head?