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Found 1,000 results

  1. I finally had enough, two weeks ago I got rid of the acne or at least I thought I did anyways. This week it came back, I finally decided enough is enough and decided to get to the doctor tomorrow. Not sure what happened all of a sudden, but I keep getting a big penny sized inflammation zit or something on my chin and it keeps coming back. So hopefully tomorrow I will get something that works. Wish me luck guys, I'm really sick of this damn acne already.
  2. Mike Hawk

    Nose - painful lesion

    Okay, so i woke up with my nose hurting slightly, and I noticed that i'm getting a really deep, painful, and red zit near the side. What can I do? Should I keep the pore open by using hot water? Or keep it cold by icing it? Or simply just add BP? Any other remedies you can recommend?
  3. Alright as most of you know I went to the doctor's on Tuesday and was prescribed with Azithromycin aka Zithromax and Benzaclin. Anyways so far I've been using both medicines and haven't had any breakouts and the breakouts I had earlier this week are going away. Now is it possible that maybe the 10% bp that i was using was too much dosage and that i should switch to the 2.5% version when i run out of the benzaclin. i plan on going back to the doctor's possibly next month to see what he would r
  4. auzie

    mild acne

    great. i have been looking forward to this class trip for the enitre year, and its finally time to get going. but, of course, like everytime something great is about to happen, i get a lovely zit, right in the middle of my forhead. blimey. what am i going to do!!!! and it always seems liek everytime i get out of the water, every pimple just seems to well....glow...! grand. what the heck am i supposed to do? i only have 2 days left before we leave and i NEED to get rid of that zit now! can anyon
  5. Does anyone else have this problem with milk? One night, I had a glass of milk before I went to bed and the next morning two big zits formed. This normaly never happens. For this reason, I try not to drink milk anymore.
  6. aquafinayo

    Stupid winter!

    hey whats going on? i live in MA and i always have clear skin since i went to the dermi, now i broke out close to the beggining of the winter and my dermi told me it was a surge of testosterome or something, but its been two months and no such luck, nothing will go, and im getting more zits it seems like, i use cetaphil and my skin feels very oily, what should i do?
  7. Great site, I may have inadvertly posted in the wrong forum before, so please forgive - I am new here been fighting this all my life, but had a really bad outbreak at xmas which never fully cleared and I finally got tired of fighting my adult acne with OTC, and went to see a Derm. He started me off on Doryx 100mg, Differin for pm, and Finacea am...he wants me to stay on this regime for 3 months and come back and see where my skin is at...the thing is accutane is just not going to be an option
  8. ShootToThrill

    what are these?

    I just wanted to say I think my regimen is working! Part of it includes using tazorac at night and BP in the morning and taking doxy [150 mg]. I think I'm going to be almost done with the intial breakout period. It was hell but I'm getting through it. I have significant amount of scarring from when I used to have severe cystic acne so my dermatologist will be doing procedures over this summer if she feels that I need it. But first she said I have to control my breakouts and THEN deal with the
  9. Okay, i have heinous clogged pores all over my cheeks, and now all over my forhead. In the right light my skin looks very nice and clear, but once the sun hits me it's like "damn i feel bad for her". I also have massive scars (not lesions or craters) just very dark and uneven spots mainly on my cheeks. I want to try retin a to help with the clogged pores, but i know that it causes all the bad stuff to come out and form a zit and then go away....my problem is that my skin scars so easily i am sca
  10. Numerous times I have seen people post pictures with flesh colored bumps, and some people claim it's whiteheads, others say it's clogged pores. I always thought a whitehead was your typical zit, or at least where you're able to actually see the head of the pimple, and it's white. Am I right? Now, I have plenty of experience with clogged pores, and clogged pores are flesh colored, yet raised bumps. Honestly, I think what most of you people have IS clogged pores. Now maybe someone would be kind en
  11. Charity Nicole


    Hey guys! I'm new here ! All tell you a little bit about myself just incase youll ever need anything. My names Chairty Im 13 and ive had pretty bad acne this past year and I know how hard it is because we all just want clear skin. Im FINALLY clear,and my skin looks really good, but instead of zits now Im all peely and red(lol!) Does anyone know a cleanser and mostroizing combo that stops acne breakouts and prevents them, but can make the peeling and redness stop or atleast help a bit??!?!?!
  12. So I've had this acne about two years. I am 15 now, and I cant control the ones i have on my cheeks mostly. I've tried alot of products (clean and clear, neutrogena, clearisil,zapzyt etc.) im currently on AcneFree and i have been using it for almost two months, and i don't see any results, maybe just a couple of spots clear up but then more and more zits appear. The pics isnt so clear but as you can see theres plenty of red spots on my cheeks, and that is what im mainly focusing on. How do i sto
  13. Abercrombiebabe204


    Hey there everyone, Is there something in Retin a micro or Banzamyclin that makes you peel like hell? When I woke up this morning I was peeling pretty bad on my cheeks and then I went outside to tan and my forehad was a mess!!! I dont have any zits right now. So does anyone know any products that help dryness, and those little red marks(post acne?) go away? Thanks.
  14. i've been dealing with acne since i was 10. and now i'm just really starting to get sick of it. i think i've tried almost everything that i could have tried. basically all over the counter cleansers. creams. you name it. i used it. the doctor put me on differin. and tazorac. now im on doxycycline and taking it 2 times daily. sometimes 3 or 4 depending on how horrible my face is broke out. and now im on pro-active too. and i still look like one huge zit. basically i just want something that is
  15. Acne Kid

    My acne (Pics!)

    So here is my acne. http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/5448/dscn3154ru4.jpg A few white heads and a couple of random zits. What are those faded brown spots infused in my skin? How "bad" is it? I am going to the derm on Monday, to check up. If he decides to prescribe me anything, what do you think it'll be? I'm on BP, Retin-A, Clindymicin. I also have taken Doxycycline
  16. sweetgirl82323


    I am so upset right now. Ok I've always had acne problems, but for like the past 5 months it has been worse. I started to the dip thing and it seemed help a lot but once i started using a gentle cleanser again, I some how got like 5 new zits in like 2 freaking days! For a while ive had this rash type looking mess on my cheeks which has got better but still some there. I used proactiv solution for years and that probably ruined my skin. I have sensitive skin anyways. So listen to what these blemi
  17. OK currently I'm on the following Derm's program for 6 weeks except tazorac which I've been using for over 1 year. 1 Klaron (on second prescription already) 2 Tazorac 3 Vitamin D 1,000mg 4 Omega 3 1,000mg 5 Neutrogena Oil Free Salycilic Acid daily wash 6 Neutragena Oil Free mositure combinatio skin Here is the problem my skin is NOT bad nor is my acne bad. Klaron helped a lot with clearning the breakouts of this year on my temples and cheeks. The PROBLEM is with constant small outbreak
  18. redheadtechie

    Chlorinated water

    I don't know about anyone else, but swimming in chlorinated pools really helps rid my skin of zits because it dries it out so much. Has anyone else noticed this?
  19. ApocalypseNow

    Here's a tricky one

    Hi guys! Here's my situation: I am almost 20-years-old, and I am still getting breakouts quite frequently. My skin is about 50-50; I go a week with good skin, and then a week with poor skin. My acne is never bad, but mild break-outs are still annoying. Since I was 16, I have been experimenting with various medications. I have always stayed with them long enough to see if they work (usually a couple months), but I never found anything that perfectly suites me. After a few years, I settle
  20. member123456

    please please help!

    i used to tolerate bp pretty well but since starting birth control my skin has become MUCH more sensitive and i just now realized this, after it is somewhat too late. i only use bp in 10% strength as a spot treatment and it usually goes fine, but i must have over applied bc now this area on my chin/cheek next to my mouth has become very upset! it got rid of the cluster of zits i had but my skin became very very dry then it got very red and raw, and it continuously peels. i have been nursing it w
  21. dhm1413

    Acne around mouth

    Hi I am new at this site. I have had mild acne for about 3 years. Now all of a sudden my face has been pretty clear but i am getting probably 7-10 zits around my mouth. Then they go way after a week or so then a new set of zits come practically where the old ones were. The rest of my face is really clear except for maybe one or two zits. Why am I getting acne around my mouth and what should i do for it?
  22. Okay, I felt this bump on my forhead yesterday an dI thought I might have hit myslef really hard with the blow dryer enough to leave a bump... but as the day went on it got bigger and harder... I went into the bathrrom at work to feel it so I could see what it was... and it literally felt like a marble under my skin... I pushed on it hoping it was a bump from my hair dryer.... And I kept pushing on it throughout the day... probaably a BAD I dea. Anyway I woke up this morning and the bump had gro
  23. chi-town37


    Let me start off with a little story. After my second time visting the derm i've come to realize how useless they really are. The first time she prescribed me doxy, I really don't know if it worked because after I stopped taking the doxy I still broke but not as bad. At the time of seeing her for the second time (about a month ago) my face was alot better just suffering with redmarks. I get real oily so I had asked her, what can be done to reduce the oil on my face and she told me "don't use any
  24. Hello, the name's Vladimir from BG and the problem is the following. I'm 17 (almost 18) years-old and have been having acne problems since 14. Now I am not getting anything serious. Only whiteheads, but a swarming amount of them. Combined with the rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis it's really an ugly picture. So about 4 years were pretty enough for me to make sure what causes my acne MAINLY. I know that it's the genes and all other factors, but I went to a lifestyle change and it did stop most
  25. sweetgirl82323


    I am currently having a horrible time with my complexion. In October 2006, that seems to be when my face started to get this worst, and I was taking GNC, Ultra Mega Vitamin for Women. Not sure if the acne had anything to do with the vitamin. Anyways, of course I got paranoid and decided to switch over to another vitamin. I ended up having to use a topical for my face in January, 2007 and my acne wasn't bad at all by the end of February, if I recall. I decided to try the GNC vitamin again, starti