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Found 500 results

  1. This seriously needs to stop. Currently I'm taking D3, Omega 3, coQ10, C, zinc & beta carotene with E. I eat pretty healthy- lots of leafy greens like baby spinach & all I drink is water or green tea. Still have very congested pores. I'm also currently using Diacneal, which has been somewhat effective at reducing oiliness. Is there anything else I should be doing??? Anyone who got rid of their congested skin/blackheads?? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey everyone, well I'm a 16 year old girl & my acne is borderline severe. Because of this, I always coverup my blemishes during the day and cake powder on till it looks semi-good. Honestly, I don't even see the point of covering it anymore considering that throughout the day is seems to seep through anyway and show my acne at it's very best, of course. I have a few active papules, a few active pumps, and a lot of red marks & scars. I'm hoping that by going without my face makeup, my face
  3. 1st time poster, long time creeper on these forums/ site. just wanted some help if any of these ingredients in the profile of the product are bad for your skin. it says non comedongenic but i was noticing some new closed comedones on my face since i've started using it. but i've also started to use a new moisturizer (cetaphil with sp15) could it be the toner or the moisturizer that could be causing this? i know that there's a lot of factors but if u guys can help by looking at the ingredient p
  4. Hello folks. I'm new to posting, but not to reading. I decided it was time to get accountable for my health (which obviously affects my skin -- no question about that for me), and to contribute to this forum, having benefited from many options that I would not have considered had it not been for others' experience on here. On that note, I'd like to thank all those who have shared their experiences with treatments on here, it just goes to show the diversity of people's body chemistry, how diffe
  5. Hi everyone! To those who don't know me, I'm early 30s and I had a couple of major cysts coming out a little over 1 month ago. I have been battling with acne for the last 15 years, and I never had a skin without blemishes ever since those younger days. After those two cysts came out, I decided to take actions. My new regimen: Tee tree oil dilluted in water for facial wash morning and night (using cotton pads). 25mg Zinc in the morning after breakfast, 25mg Zinc in the evening after dinner
  6. Hello everyone. I'm pretty much at the end of my rope with acne. I'm 16, female, very active (exercise everyday), don't eat dairy or meat but I do eat eggs so I won't become deficient in B12. Here's what I eat daily: Breakfast: 2 eggs with sea salt and pepper, green smoothie consisting of baby spinach, banana, unsweetened hemp milk and some kind of fruit, usually blueberries or strawberries. Lunch: salad (romaine) with organic asian sesame dressing and cherry tomatoes from my own tiny littl
  7. I'm looking for a really good multivitamin. Preferably either a softgel or liquid form for good absorption. Right now I'm taking 3 omega 3 pills a day, 4 vitamin d3 pills a day, 3 magensium, and I'm not really getting any calcium (which really concerns me). I'd like to have a GOOD quality multivitamin that will give me a good base of vitamins like vitamin A, K12, calcium, zinc, magneisum, C vitamin, B vitamins, for days where I dont get ALL my veggies in there, but that also contains at least 2
  8. Hi, any feedback on the following (to those who have tried it?) 1. Parasitic cleanse 2. Vitamin D 3. Seabuckthorn oil 4. Zinc + Chromium So, I've done much of my research, and it seems that these 3 "solutions" seem to have the most potential. I'm currently contemplating to just get ahead with Accutane, but I am fearful of the negative side effects, and have been down the holistic route previously. What I've tried previously: 1. Raw Food Diet (9 months NO cheating) - Lost so much weight... an
  9. Here's my whole story, If you don't want to read all this just scroll down toward the bottom for my regimen. I'm just looking for some personalized advice to make my regimen more efficient. I'm going to include every detail I can provide into this post so that nothing is overlooked, and I can receive the maximum amount of input from you guys to finally beat this thing, since you are on this website I'm sure you can understand that way of thinking, so I apologize if it's a bit lengthy. MY STOR
  10. Im 22 right now, and my acne is under control. Its been a long battle and ive gone through a lot (including an intensive accutane course). Acne runs in my family, but I got it far worse than any of my siblings or parents had it. It started sophmore year in high school. It was severely severe, like the worst i have ever seen. Huge cysts, pustules, papules, blackheads, everything! I had many derm. appointments and tried everything, until I finally gave in and a course of accutane followed by
  11. So I am at the end of my 16 weeks for Obagi Nu-Derm system. I am very happy with the results, this system has changed my skin for sure. I still have a stubborn little breakout out along my jaw-line so I decided to treat myself to my esthetician. She even commented on how the system has changed my skin but to be careful since it is such a strong product. She is a naturalist which is why I love going to her. Anyways, last week I saw my derm for a review on my skin and he thinks I can go on the mai
  12. So I have been dealing with rosacea (mostly several small white pustules that pop up each day on my cheeks and side of nose and forehead) for years. I can feel them forming like little needles sticking my cheeks, then a few hours later I see them. I have found several things that really cause my face to breakout worse than normal. Stress, and almost any amino acid supplement that I have taken for better health. L-tyrosine, 5-htp etc. The thing is they are found in some of the energy drinks so I
  13. Hey, currently I got to decide whether I want to use vitamines or isotretinoin. My parents ordered me highly doses vitamines: Vitamin b5 Zinc Probiotic Bacteria Of course I'd rather would like to take Isotretinoin, but my parents meant, if the vitamines wont work than they will think of the idea to take Isotretinoin. My doctor said I got to talk it with my parents because they also need to set their signature to allow Isotretinoin. What shall I do? What would you prefer? I've got Acne Con
  14. Okay, I saw an Aveeno sunscreen at Walmart today with only Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide as the active ingredients. It looked just like the Continuous Protection SPF 30, but pink instead of orange. It said "naturally sourced" on it. However, I can't find this product ANYWHERE online. Not even the Aveeno website. Did I only see it in my imagination? o.O Have you guys seen it? EDIT: Found this: http://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/drugInfo.cfm?id=32890
  15. As of yesterday, I've begun taking 50 mg of Zinc and two 445 mg capsules of Omega-3s twice a day. Will I see some results in a few months?
  16. Hi everyone, I could really use your thoughts about what is going on with my skin at the moment. I have been on Dan's regimen for about a year and it has been a miracle solution to my problematic skin. However, over the last few months, I've been having a bit more trouble with it. Until this past March, my skin was just about perfect--I would have a spot here and there when that time of month came around, but barely anything compared to when I started the regimen. Since my new BP arrived i
  17. I was at the local Organic Food store yesterday and the naturopath there told me that she had a couple of patients that had acne and have had great results with: Zinc + Probiotics + Phytoplankton (a type of algae) I was telling her that I've heard that Zinc + Probiotics is good but that I know algae are rich in iodine, which isn't so good for acne. She insisted that this doesn't contain much iodine, not that I'm really able to verify it, food labels usually don't contain the iodine content, I
  18. Ok I have been following this site around for a good 3 years now, and felt i finally needed to share some of my advice. Prior to starting accutane my skin had moderate acne (Very oily T-zone, Blackheads and large pores covering my entire nose, and roughly 3-4 inflammed zits at any given time). After exhausting all other methods (Changing my entire diet, doing full body cleanses, large amounts of vitamin intakes including freshly juiced veggie juices twice a day, as well as Retin-A, Epiduo, and
  19. Recently, I've had some mild success in clearing my acne and thought I'd post about what I'm doing in the hopes that it will help others. First, some background though. I'm a white male age 40 currently living in the eastern part of North Carolina but have lived in NJ, GA, and PA at various points in my life. We have mild winters and hot hot summers here. Everything is continually humid as all get out. I've had mild to moderate persistent acne since I was a teenager. I have had periods in
  20. I've been getting really clear with my skin for a few months now. Its gone from moderate and either cheek covered with spots/redness, to absolutely mild, and then to competely gone in no time. Despite my skin being smooth, glowing, and not full of any 'active acne', I get 2-3 spots in the SAME places (1-2 on forehead, one maybe on cheeks). Ive been washing with just water twice a day, exfoliating once a week, steaming, and using zinc/vitamins a, d, and multivitamins. These have worked to elimin
  21. I know that the ONLY way to CURE acne is through a healthy diet & lifestyle. Well, I've got both of those down...I am EXTREMELY active- (bike riding & dancing daily.) I get plenty of sleep every night. I am Vegan. I only drink water, green smoothies and orange juice. I am taking 100mg of Zinc Gluconate & 2000mg fish oil daily. I don't eat junk food. I still have acne. It's mild to moderate. No cysts (thanks to being Vegan). Just zits & occasional whiteheads. It's on my face, &a
  22. Hello Acne.org friends. My name is Nick, and I will be recording my progress with the Acne.org regimen over the next few months. I will try to include the thought process behind each of my actions and a little background to myself. Obviously, I don't expect everyone to read or enjoy my posts, but hopefully there will be some people who benefit from reading them. Background: I am a 20 year old male of Asian descent living in NSW, Australia. I have relatively light coloured olive skin, da
  23. Hey guys, So a lot has been made of whether masturbation causes acne, well im not going to be talking about masturbation but just nocturnal emissions since I dont masturbate at all. The dilemma: Since ive been off accutane for a year ive been pretty much clear except the only time i do get pimples popping up is after i've had a wet dream. This occured pre-accutane btw so its nothing new. Not only are the pimples annoying but the marks left after definitely bother me just as much. Im not sure w
  24. I have been taking Zinc for about 2 years now. For several months it helped my acne, but I think it's just habit now. I think the Zinc has been interfering with other nutrients in my body, and I have been experiencing fatigue, insomnia and brain fog. I came off the Zinc for a week and these symptoms seemed to improve; however, my acne got a little worse so I came back on. I want to permanently come off Zinc but I am scared of a worsening of my acne. Does anyone know anything about stopping Zin
  25. guy1


    Hi Guys, I am going to purchase a 1.5mm dermastamp. I wasn't sure how often to use it. I get differing opinions. On this site, some posts say wait 6 weeks for collagen to settle down. Scientica say you can use it every week, or more if done lightly. WHite lotus says every week. Also which brand do you recommend. I was leaning towards scientica. Also should I be worried about UV exposure, I don't go in the Sun much, but was thinking I should use Sudocrem (zinc oxide) to block UV and help soothe