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Found 500 results

  1. I've finally decided to go on a strict diet and take everything out of my diet that can possibly cause acne. I will also be using LED blue +red lights My acne has not improved from topical treatments I hope to maintain my current weight or gain more weight I will try diet for 3 months and if no improvement I will start adding foods back I will NOT be eating any of the following: Dairy-hormones? Gluten- ? high glycemic carbs-blood sugar regulation? salt even no sea salt- to limit water rete
  2. hey i was just wondering if i can i take accutane with vitamin b5 and zinc tablets?? please reply and im new to this so sorry if ive posted it in the wrong place, thanksss
  3. Hi, I've been looking around for supplements that would help me against acne & red marks. Now I found a few products however opinions about them vary alot. - Zinc: Mostly positive reviews from people that have been taking it for a longer time. - Vitamine C: Alot of positive reviews however I've read articles that it would do more harm then good. - B-5: Mixed feelings, alot of people get clear, smooth skin from this but others break out worse then before. - Greentea: It seems it helped qui
  4. Ok so ive been on Dan's Regimen for 7 months now! wow! so anyways my old computer pooped out on me a few months ago so havent really been able to keep up with current topics.. So heres my question. I went to Wal-mart the other day to get a bottle of Olay Complete for sensitive skin cause my bottle was almost empty, and I realised that the bottle was slightly different. Well I just figured that they just redesigned the packaging like alot of companies have been doing to me lately, so i bought
  5. I went to my local chemist and my supermarket and they don't sell any 'Vitamin A'. The chemist didn't even sell 'Cod Liver Oil'. So I went to Woolies (Woolworths), they didn't have Vitamin A either like I said, but had Fish Oil, Flaxseed and Cod Liver Oil etc. So I bought the Cod Liver oil.... Blackmores Cod liver Oil 1000mg, 125 capsules at $18.89 (Australian dollars) It contains (for one capsule).... * Cod Liver Oil (natural) providing Vitamin A - 1000 mg/1000 IU * Vitamin D3 (Cholecalci
  6. Ok, so I have been taking 100mg of doxycycline daily for around two months and I have cleared up almost COMPLETELY (used to have ALOT of acne). I have around 30 pills left (1months). It seems that my vision is a bit weird since usingdoxycycline. I feel like it take me longer to focus on thing (like a donzen more millisecons). I used to have very keen eyes and good reflexes. Also, when at school or ANYWHERE I have this sense that I'm not "ALL" there mentally. I have a harder time concentr
  7. I've pretty much tried everything on my body except Accutane (I'm really afraid of those side effects), and when I stopped taking doxy 3 months ago, my acne was like gone crazy, I think there were almost 20 different sized pimples on my back when it was real bad. Then my mum forced me to visit the Chinese medicine doctors because she thought that herbs are milder than antibiotics, and I have to admit that doxy and zinc supplement had made my digestive system really funky and sensitive. I wasn
  8. Hi everyone. I started the regimen on November 15th. It really happened by chance, i didn't research this in any way. I have been suffering with moderate acne since middle school, and i'm now 23. I've tried countless products, OTC and prescription. I spent years on proactiv and the BP cleanser was the only thing that seemed to keep my skin from getting horrendous, but in reality i was always broken out regardless. always. i get a variety of acne including blackheads, whiteheads, and a general r
  9. Hi, I have been a long time user of the Regimen - nearly 5 years in fact. My acne is very mild, I get around one spot every week nowadays; but stick to the regimen religiously and meticulously. However, this one weekly spot is normally a cyst-like creature - around 1cm big, red, painful, no pus (normally), and in the exact same part of my face (the inner part of my cheeks, diagnally between the mouth and the nose - in the smile crease). They can be on either side of the face, but always in or
  10. So I've tried EVERYTHING under the sun apart from prescription meds to combat my oily skin, and am currently taking: - Saw Palmetto - HRI Clear Complexion Tablets - Pantethine - Zinc - Riboflavin These don't seem to help a great deal, and now my parents have suggested that maybe the cocktail of supplements are actually causing the severe oil. Is there any possible truth in this?
  11. Has anyone on this board had success with inositol? I tried the zinc regimen and it worked great, but i still broke out badly whenever i ejaculated. Lately I've been taking inositol, for anxiety though. I've also ejaculated about six times this week which usually would make my face a mess (I could go for weeks without masturbating and when i finally gave in i'd have at least a couple of pimples). Reading about the contents of semen it turns out inositol is one of the major components, which cou
  12. Hey guys!! If you can't be bothered reading my long rant; I want help with grocery shopping. If you like reading rants, here we go!! I'm moving out of home for the first time in a few days From my small humble country home to the big city! Should be exciting! Anyway, I have always found it hard to follow a healthy eating plan living at home because a) I get bored a lot at home b) sugary junk food is always there c) I like eating sugar when I'm bored So, since I now have to pay for my own
  13. So heres some questions i have about zinc... 1.How much should i take a day?? 2.Is there any particular brand i should look for?? 3.Does it help with scars or marks?? 4.What is YOUR experience with Zinc?? Even if you can answer 1 question that would really help
  14. This is what I'm going to do Wash Face Day and Night No Grains, No Soda, No Candy, No Dairy, No fastfood. 50 mg zinc Lots of fiber from oatmeal Fish Oil Capsules Artichoke + Sasparilla Root for liver I now you're going to hate me, but I popped most of my pimples tonight. I couldn't stand the pain.
  15. Hi I don't post much so please excuse my para-trooperdness, Omega 3 fatty acids, Zinc, Selenium,Magnesium, Vitamins A and E and antioxidants areNOTHING if you're intestinal tract is unhealthy. Toxins and intestinial colon poisoning are not only a huge primary culprit in acne and over all bad skin, it is preventing us from recieving the vitamins we need to achieve a healthy body and appearance. Before you can start incorporating skin benefiting supplements, do a colon detox. ( and for the lov
  16. I have had acne for many years now, since I was graduating 8th grade it started and I've had it all the way up until my freshman year of college. It kills self-esteem some nights and it just sucks because I go out a lot and some nights I just don't even let myself go out because it's so and I want it to heal. I used to suffer back acne and shoulders and chest, but it all went away over time and I barely worry about that anymore. My main focus is my face. I get acne on my lower cheeks, on m
  17. I have been on the regimen for more than a year now and still don't have what I would even call mediocre skin. since being on the regimen dry skin has always been a problem for me. over this summer, my skin was looking pretty good by my standards. I was taking fish oil and zinc daily and doing the regimen twice and getting good amounts of sun. and up until a few days ago it's been great but now I've broken out and it seems as if I am back to square one. one of my biggest problems has been kee
  18. I'm trying to incorporate the following things into my diet: paleo raw foodism low GI anti candida no meat/dairy i'm currently avoiding/trying to avoid: grains, dairy, fruit, processed oils/fats, legumes, starchy veggies like potatoes, etc, honey, refined sugar. today i ate: b: a wrap made w/ hemp/pumpin/flax seed tortilla, egg yolk-cucumber-coconut milk-cumin-turmeric filling, alfalfa sprouts, unpasteurized miso paste l: a romaine salad topped with more of the filling, some avocado s: fre
  19. Ok, so I am 22 and still have bad acne. I took accutane when I was 18 (and all the medicines leading up to it) and it worked for a year or so. I tried accutane again starting in July, but I was only on it for 3 months. The side effects got to me, amongst other issues as well. Anyway, my acne didn't improve, and my oil returned completely after being off of it for a only a few weeks. At this age, accutane will probably only buy me another year or so since it didn;t really work the first time. Any
  20. hi, as being quit new to this websight and products im still not that well educated on the clearing of acne. After reading up alot of reviews etc i have decided to buy dk BP when my tube of duac has run out, i am on minocyclin, duac in the mornin and differin at night. anyways i would just like to know if anyone from the uk has bought DK BP and if they ever had any problems with the shipping as i read on the product page you should check its legal etc in your country. (ppl will probably see this
  21. i live in the uk and i'm taking accutane so my skin now dries up like crazy. the moisturiser i've been using up until now has always been fine (it's a tesco oil free one with zinc) but it's just not doing the job anymore now i'm on accutane. i find i have to re-apply it about 5-10 times a day. does anyone know of a REALLY good moisturiser easily available in the uk which helps alot with very dry & peeling skin?
  22. I'm considering taking zinc as a supplement to help with my acne. I've been reading previous threads about zinc and they seem to indicate that it reduces sebum production... which leads me to believe it might not help my acne. I have mild, mostly inflammatory acne, but I don't have particularly oily skin. Does this mean reducing sebum probably wouldn't help me? Does zinc do anything else that might be beneficial to me? Thanks for your input!
  23. The dandruff shampoo Head and Shoulders is pretty well known for bacne treatment. It gets me down from around twenty five spots to maybe two active max. I know other people that have had success with it too, and there's also quite a thread in the body acne forum on it. A purpose made Zinc Pyrythione bacne ointment would be awesome. Head and Shoulders is kinda awkward as it's way too strong in it's default form, so you have to water it down, and the medium it's in is a shampoo, which isn't ex
  24. This is more of a personal log if anything. But comments/opinions/questions are welcomed. After second course back in beginning of March, I was clear for couple months. Was using jojoba oil/TTO/ACV/Biore Shine Control everyday. Washed face with Almond Oil and Cetaphil. 3-4grams of Omega 3 per day. 50mg Zinc. Eventually my oiliness came back. Started breaking out around June-ish .. alittle bit at first, but eventually I couldn't bear it. Now I'm "putting myself" on a low dosage. Those who havn
  25. Hello, Im beginning the DRK again, (I stopped it for about a month and have since had a mild-moderate breakout) and this time I bought some supplements which should hopefully help me clear faster. I plan on taking 50 mg of Zinc and 1500 mg of Vitamin C daily. I eat about 20 eggs a week, each with 75 mg of Omega 3 in them, so I dont think taking fish oils is necessary. Do you guys think this will be a good addition to my regimen? Any feedback is welcome.