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Found 500 results

  1. I have been using Tretinoin microsphere gel 0.1% and Minocycline 100mg (twice a day) for a couple of months now and I was on the acneeinstein.com website and the suggestion of taking zinc/Vitamin D3 pills was suggested. I wanted to ask and see if it was ok that I take these pills along with the medications that have been prescribed to me? thanks in advance.
  2. I started developing severe cystic acne when I was 20. They were huge red cysts with three heads each that would grow on both cheeks (almost symmetrically), and wouldn't stop being inflamed for two weeks at a time. It was ugly and really painful, and they left marks that would not go away for atleast three months and scars that are still on my cheeks. As I went from acne-free to covered in horrible red acne and scars on my face I became depressed and lost five kgs. I also started to *lose m
  3. So I've been using Jojoba oil, zinc oxide and benzoyl peroxide for the past week. Zinc with benzoyl does not seem like a good idea since my skin got super dry after I washed it. I've got cystic acne on me cheeks, I believe its from touching/pillow but the oil production hasn't decreased yet and zinc is working like a charm(not sure if it's good in the long-run tho). Has anybody else tried doing this? How can I modify this routine to get more results? btw going to stop using bp and see if anythin
  4. Hello everyone, I am 22yo female half black and half white. I suffered from acne since I was 13yo : extremely oily skin, black and white heads, occasionnal big painful zits as well as some cystic acne. I live in Paris France, where it's cloudy and cold most of the time. I'm inside an office all day. I wash my face and body with Dudu Osun, African black soap. I use Dudu Osun on my face to remove make up, then I cleanse it with jeunesse global luminesce cleanser. I've been keeping this c
  5. During my many years struggling with mild cystic acne and after seeing many different Dermatologists, who put me on many different medications (including Accutane), I discovered that I must be the one to resolve my acne. If I was ever going to manage my acne, I must be proactive and study my skin in order to understand my acne disease process. So I began reading all I could about the skin and what role it plays with the body. Then I systematically examined my skin, trying to figure out what w
  6. How's it going everybody! Well, I'm new to participating in this community (long time reader and site-surfer) and I need to figure something out. Recently, about 2 weeks ago, I adopted an entirely new diet; one that I hope will assist with finding the real underlying reason for my acne. A little bit of background: I've had acne since I was 13 years old - I'm 18 now and heading into college (I'm a guy by the way). At first it was mild/slightly moderate with occasional inflamed pimples. I went
  7. i been readin alot about includin b5 into the regimen. i been on the regimen about 3 mos now. my skin is almost clear..... maybe 95% or so. i juss have a teeny bit of uneven skin tone n dryness but my skin still gets oily n i hate it. it ruins my appearance. id look fresh when i go out but after a few hrs my face gets oily. yuvk ](*,) anyweyz, is b5 pantothenic acid? can i get it w/o Rx? whut are the common brand names here in canada? how bout zinc? OTC as well? i wanna try em so maybe my skin
  8. Hey guys, I've stumbled upon several different consumer products that can help strengthen and heal skin affected by acne. Well, common ones are the vitamin Ester-C, skin support tablets by Blackmores(meant for acne skin),Zinc and acne formulations that contain herbs such as Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Echinacea and Sassafras.These can help skin that is suffering from active acne and needs extra help to clear up. A little more effective for skin that is already recovering from acne is IG6. This pr
  9. I have been taking vitamin C, zinc and centrum for the past 2 days , but still nth can stop me from scarring from no where . I can't see a new formation of acne , just a scar from no where . This is pissing me off , and i am just wondering if i can stop it with any means ! i have been off accutane for 3 and a half months , and am desperated for a solution to prevent myself from continuous scarring
  10. Has anyone got some information regarding taking zinc when eating Accutune? Thanx.
  11. how much zinc does a guy lose during ejaculation?
  12. There are so many guides out there about mineral makeup! There are so many ingredients that can be put into mineral makeup. Some are good and some are not so good. There is also a lot of bad hype about certain ingredients that is simply not true. Another note about ingredients. Mineral makeup doesn't generally contain what people like to call "fillers". I have not seen an ingredient in my research that does not have some form of use in each product. So, I don't consider anything liste
  13. Revised due to: caffeine's effect on melatonin, and folate's ability to influence light-induced melatonin suppression. Morning EGCG + caffeine along with moving folate intake to evening is about the only significant trick I've discovered in the last couple of years. Recap: Zinc is one of the longest-studied nutrients that correlates with statistically significantly less acne. Some months years ago, I discovered that around 200mg/day of zinc picolinate could, under some circumstances, make m
  14. Hello, I once suffered from pretty severe acne. Perhaps between moderate and severe, everyday I would feel self conscious about it and it put me into a significant depression. I recall it consuming my entire life, I would literally hide my face and stray away from people around. Could you believe I would even skip college classes due to a breakout? I would actually see my face in my car mirror and feel disgusted by my appearance and I would just hide in my car until class ended. I just couldn'
  15. it has zinc oxide, sulfuric acid, SA, and more. Anyone use it, i used it awile ago and it was good. Wondering if anyone else uses it?
  16. Hey, I have stopped the regimen becauseit was making ym skin too dry, although I have switched to a Antibacterial Tea tree Oil Saop bar thaty always works wonders for me, while I will continue to use BP, 2.5% (Neutrogena) although it will only be used for spot treatment. Along with this I am taking 2 Multivitamins a day, alogn with 50 mg of zinc on tpp of this and 1000 mg of Vitimin C, 500 in morn then 500 at night so it absorbes. If I begin to break out again, I will apply BP at night. So
  17. Anyone who knows a good internetVitaminshop? Preference: 1.Be able to pay with PayPal 2.Ship oversea. 3.Have L-optizinc Thank you!
  18. muzik


    ive heard zinc does wonders with red/brown marks i just wondered where can u get zinc? or tea tree oil???
  19. ive been on antibiotics and benzaclin for a while which keeps my acne under control , but i still had a problem with my back, and area around my hairline (forehead, sideburns, etc) A few weeks ago, i was searching for a shampoo for my oily hair (unrelated to acne) and found a product called folli cleanse. It is the only shampoo i have found that contains sodium lauryl sulfate, instead of sodium laureth solfate.( which is known to irritate the skin) It also contains something called zinc pc
  20. Well after a week of taking 10G of B5 I havnt even seen the slightest amount of reduction in my oilyness, However i must be doing something right as I compared my skin now to a photo 3-4 weeks ago and it was terrible, I currently have 3 large red pimples on the right side of my face which started soon after I started taking B5 but there all pretty concentrated in the same place on my face, and If i think back around when my face looked like a pile of shit i remember putting some anti bacterial c
  21. 2weeks doing this now! N-Acetyl Cysteine 600mg Vitamin C 2000mg B-Complex 100mg Zinc 25mg I'll also be taking a seperate detoxil tablet which includes many vitamins & minerals such as; Molybdenum 150 mcg Manganese 8mg On top of this i'll also be taking; Pantothenic Acid (B5) 200mg from 800mg Methylsulphonymethane 1500mg from 3000mg & I must say i am seeing the difference, however ive also been using Botchla's regimen which so its hard to tell which is doing the tri
  22. i have bought oxy-on the spot from london as you cant buy neutrogen on the spot here. well i have used it for 5 days and my skin is gone so oily and i am not using a mosturizer as my skin is get so oily, wen i do put the mosterizer on it goes even more oilier. here are the ingrediants of the oxy on the spot. benzoyl peroxide 2.5% w/w. also contains isopropyl palmitate, polyethylene, glyceryl, monostearate, propylene glycol, stearic acid, zinc stearate and water. now i am putting one
  23. they are 100mg per serving...i dont know how much to take...i want to go as quick as possible!i also got "zing for acne"...which contains vit c b-6 a and e and zinc...supposedly is to help acne!...who knows..maybe itll work!
  24. what form of zinc should i use, for clearing up red marks/blemishes.. which form would be most affective??
  25. Hi everyone. I have been lurking here for quite a while. I have moderate cystic acne that I have been able to control pretty well by much of what I have learned from this and 'another' website. I do not know what exactly is working beause I do a few different things but basically...I take B5 x 4-6 grams a day, 30mg of zinc, 1000mg of C, and a good EFA...topically I alternate between Alpha Hydrox 10%, Paula's hoice 1% or 2% BHA. And I ALWAYS moisturize with Eucerin Renewal. Every Sunday I give my