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Found 5,473 results

  1. Personally, I don't believe that masturbation has any correlation with acne - at least, based off of my own experiences. However, I have been wondering if it worsens your complexion overall, since you do lose a significant amount of zinc if you masturbate frequently (assuming you orgasm). And I'm not particularly religious, so I don't have my own hidden agenda behind posting this. I'm just wondering if anyone agrees or disagrees that it can kind of "drain" the complexion of your face a bit - it
  2. Is it okay to take omega 3 and zinc while on tazorac because i started taking them and my acne starting coming back after it was 65% clear from tazorac so i dont know if its tazorac or the omega3 and zinc. btw im on tazorac cream 0.05% and im on week 6.
  3. So I've really been trying to steer away from using BP products for a while now. I used dan's regimen day/night for almost a week, but decided not to use the BP treatment anymore because I didn't want to become depended on it. Including the BP treatment in my regimen did help get rid of zits and small bumps, but my skin would become irritated and dry. I hear stories that long term use of BP isn't good for the skin, I used proactiv in the past and it fucked up my skin so I haven't been a big fan
  4. Hey everyone, I really appreciate any help or suggestions! I've been using BP for awhile now...inconsistently, but still using it on a regular basis. It is effective against my acne, but it also dries me out like crazy and doesn't give me an appealing facial appearance (IMO). I'm gearing up for a complete drop of BP in my acne fighting regimen (which scares me) and starting to look at natural possibilities. I've been working out consistently the last two months, started eating righ
  5. Hi everyone. I started the regimen on November 15th. It really happened by chance, i didn't research this in any way. I have been suffering with moderate acne since middle school, and i'm now 23. I've tried countless products, OTC and prescription. I spent years on proactiv and the BP cleanser was the only thing that seemed to keep my skin from getting horrendous, but in reality i was always broken out regardless. always. i get a variety of acne including blackheads, whiteheads, and a general r
  6. Ok so I've finally decided to take the plunge and have ordered Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide and AHA (mad expensive shipping and customs to Ireland) and am going to start the regimen with Simple Purifying Face Wash and Simple Light Moisturiser too. My skin is clearing up well on topical Clindamycin with Zinc and the BCP Dianette and I'm only getting one or two small spots every few days but I know I will eventually have to come of both of these so I want to start the regimen now rather that later. I'
  7. Hi, I've been looking around for supplements that would help me against acne & red marks. Now I found a few products however opinions about them vary alot. - Zinc: Mostly positive reviews from people that have been taking it for a longer time. - Vitamine C: Alot of positive reviews however I've read articles that it would do more harm then good. - B-5: Mixed feelings, alot of people get clear, smooth skin from this but others break out worse then before. - Greentea: It seems it helped qui
  8. my mom's homeopathic doctor has me on 90mg. how much can be absorbed in a sitting?
  9. Maximus Decimus Merideous

    Sad Story

    Im 22 right now, and my acne is under control. Its been a long battle and ive gone through a lot (including an intensive accutane course). Acne runs in my family, but I got it far worse than any of my siblings or parents had it. It started sophmore year in high school. It was severely severe, like the worst i have ever seen. Huge cysts, pustules, papules, blackheads, everything! I had many derm. appointments and tried everything, until I finally gave in and a course of accutane followed by
  10. Marilena78


    Just a question: Do you take your fiber pills with the other supplements? I'm worried that the fibers can reduce the absorption of vitamins, minerals, zinc, fish oil, etc... Any thoughts? Thank you, Maria
  11. roryc90

    help plz

    took 25mg zinc at about half 8 and now iv got a realy bad headache and dont really feel too good at all, kinda feel as if i wanto be sick, please help anybody idea whats happened plz help
  12. Enterprice

    Differin+Azaleic Acid

    Hi. I'm 19 years old. My acne (in range 1-10) is 1. Yes, only 1 but... i hate my problem. So I'm treating my acne : AM : Acne Derm (Azaleic Acid 20%) PM: Differin 0,1% gel without damping, Benzoyl peroxide 10% (sporadically 1-2 locally in week) I take vitamins and zinc. I'm boy. My acne is only in forehead. This is my 9th day with Differin and 1st day with Acne-derm+Differin Adapalenum is not antibacterial so I need Azaleic Acid 20%. This log will be update today. So let's start. DA
  13. about three months now and my face seems to have gone worse. I don't know whether it's because of the supplements i've been using but it goes to show if your not absorbing the correct nutrients it'll effect your face. Has anyone experienced indigestion from zinc or cod liver oil supplements(maybe i've built up an intolerenceto them,(i've been using them 10 months though).
  14. I was trying to find out which vitamins are helpful to prevent acne and I noticed that a lot of people mentioned b5 and zinc. Would there be other ones that I should also take besides the two there? In addition where do you find b5 since I didn't see it in the multi or the b complex I'm taking at the moment?
  15. I strongly beleive that acne if in part related to what people consume on a daily basis. For me i've found this to be true. Too much sugar, processed foods, hydrogenated oils, red meat, white bread, and pork all do a bad number on my acne. I try to avoid these foods as best as I can but avoiding them doesn't seem to be enough. So i'm asking for help to anyone willing to help. On supplements I usually take B-Complex and Zinc As for food i'll break it down to the basic food groups Breads
  16. hey guys. I've been thinking as hard as I can trying to pick out everything in my life 2010 that have happened that might have been involved with the outbust of hormonal acne that is my face. (20y/o) I was going through some blood tests over the past 2 years and I noticed something, im not sure if its 'odd' but thought i'd mention to see if anyone had any thoughts on it. around 2009 I had an issue with iron, I had for ages I took pills here and there but the iron never budged (keeping no
  17. I stopped masturbating for about a month. Overall my complexion was healing up and looking better. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it plateaued and continued to get acne. A lot of of it on my neck and around my mouth and chin/jaw. It wasn't as severe as when masturbating a lot but still not good. I'm underweight. I'm very tall and skinny. So I drink weight gainers. I still had acne way before weight gainers so I never made any sort of connection. I did try to get the highest quality. Anyw
  18. i been readin alot about includin b5 into the regimen. i been on the regimen about 3 mos now. my skin is almost clear..... maybe 95% or so. i juss have a teeny bit of uneven skin tone n dryness but my skin still gets oily n i hate it. it ruins my appearance. id look fresh when i go out but after a few hrs my face gets oily. yuvk ](*,) anyweyz, is b5 pantothenic acid? can i get it w/o Rx? whut are the common brand names here in canada? how bout zinc? OTC as well? i wanna try em so maybe my skin
  19. Well I'm looking for a system or group of products that’s an over the counter .I decided not to see a dermatologist anymore so I need a system and I though proactiv is a little expensive. I’m somewhat knock on wood recovering from acne and not getting many breakouts but I wouldn’t say it’s gone. I have some red spots or scars but I don’t know which will clear me up. Anyone try these or which sounds better? Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Complete Acne Therapy
  20. jonathan.camp

    how bad are my scars?

    Hey guys my name is jon, im 20, been dealing with acne since 15. Took roaccutane in july 10 and endend in feb '11.. its was great while i was in the drug, it really cleared my acne but left me with this horrible redmarks and scars .. just want to know what you guys recommend to do about them..i know i have to wait several months to take action whit my skin because the roaccutane.. my actual regimen is cetaphil cleanser and cicaplast gel, 30 fps gel sunblock, take 50 mg of zinc, lots of wate
  21. Hi, I have super oily plus acne prone skin. I suffered from acne for about 13 years. Then I learned about zinc from acne.org. I mostly have no active acne from last 3 months now as I am taking a zinc supplement. I sometimes get little bumps on my chin may be because I keep on resting my face on my hands most of the times and I don't even realize. My skin care outine is not really complex and I just use a face wash and moisturizer. During summers A.M. Regimne: wash my face with a 1% salicylic
  22. i heard that there are 'cheap' SPF ingredients that are pretty irritating and bad for the skin... and i heard that Zinc Oxide (not-so-cheap) is a good SPF for acne skin... what are some other safe choices for SPF ingredients that could help acne skin?
  23. I guess I should start with what I've been using for the last year...two topicals: differin in the morning, and clindoxyl at night. This usually keeps most of my acne at bay, especially in the summer. A few weeks ago, I was pretty stressed and broke out like crazy, so I decided to try taking zinc supplements as well - 50mg of zinc gluconate. (Id read up on it here and thought I'd give it a try.) So, about three weeks later, and my skin is really acting strangely. It sometimes seems a littl
  24. Arsenal

    Finally Rid the Curse

    Well basically I've always wanted clear skin since I was 15 and got acne, I got my wish for about 8 months when I was 16 but it was short lived and i've had varying degrees since then. Basically in 8 weeks I'll be off back to uni and see this girl I like. She's drop dead gorgeous and has an amazing personality. Unfortunately a few guys shes been out with have been jerks. I'm good friends with her at the moment but not so good that we're never gonna work as a couple. We were sort of flirting
  25. Justwater


    I am thinking about taking zinc pills to fight my acne. If I take zinc supplements, do I need to take other supplements? I heard that people taking zinc should take copper and something else. Is there a zinc pill with everything in it? And I do not mean a multivitamin.