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Found 104 results

  1. Isn't that what we tell all the dermatologists who we see, now? "Sooo, it all started when..." blah blah blah. So my story sounds a lot like what I've already heard so many times on this site. I'm 25, female, and have battled acne on and off since middle school. In high school, proactiv controlled it somewhat so that it was manageable. But my freshman year in college my periods went crazy, I got ovarian cysts, and my skin opened up a can of whop ass on me. Proactiv was no match for th
  2. 10/28/15 No notable difference this week. I continue to have days where I break out and days where it starts to clear up. This morning, the inflammation was not nearly as bad as it had been, and I have fewer active pimples on my face. Yay! My cheeks are absolutely covered in acne scars that are darker than they have been (almost a blue/purple color). But, I am starting to regain some hope that my acne may clear up…trying to stay patient.
  3. (So i dropped off my prescription quite late so i wasnt able to have an actually "day 1" of using the three products. ) btw if you're wondering on how my skin is (oily) and was, i made another blog entry first night: -used bianca for the first time, took minocycline (100mg once a day before bedtime) for the first time -bianca had no stinging or redness or itchiness. the texture was surprising to me, it was a clear runny gel consistency. -after an hour i applied neutrogena oil-free mo
  4. I have started using Acanya in the mornings and Ziana at night. The Acanya tingles a bit after drying. Makes the skin a bit dry. Be careful not to put on too much, I use a very small amount, less than pea size. I add moisturizer about 20 to 30 mins after applying the Acanya. I now can wear my skin comfortably without makeup. Its not perfect but it looks smoother since using Acanya and it looks very healthy. No new breakouts in the last week.
  5. Whitney88

    Ziana Gel

    My progress on Ziana Gel. Ive attached pictures to show how my skin looks after every week or so. I started Ziana December 1 2014, I experienced burning sensation sometimes due to using too much of the product. Not too much peeling, but I have oily skin. I didn't experience dryness, again due to oily skin..I believe. Ziana started working for me instantly. Reduced breakouts and helped breakouts heal faster, also helped dark spots shrink at a decent pace. Since using Ziana, I dont have t
  6. So, I had a breakout this week it sucked.. I think it had to do with this being my period week. I accidentally skipped my inactive sugar pills for my birth control (long story).. It is said that many girls do this to skip their period on a special occasion, so it is okay. I didn't do this intentionally though. My period was delayed, but it still came. A lot of my clogged pores on my right jawline came up and unclogged, thank God. I am currently past my breakout and still dealing with a few clog
  7. Hi guys. I keep getting new pimples!! At least they're not really bad ones, not nodular or anything. Just whiteheads (closed comedones). I always have little blackheads (closed comedones) on my nose and chin. So I've been reading about The Regimen and I really like the Product Guide. It's really helpful. I looked online at some of the ingredients in some products I'd been using that I had suspicions about, and of course they had ingredients that clog pores! I've been cleaning out my bathroo
  8. From the album: Ziana, Solodyn, Aczone. (& OCPs)

    Like I mentioned before, my break-outs were calmed down before I started therapy-- I was just suffering with the hyperpigmentation aftermath from the break-out-of-the-century. So, these new break-outs this week are a bit unusual. It leads me to think that it is part of the initial "purging." I really hope so because it hasn't been terrible. However, if you notice in the long picture, I started to get some tiny white pustules on my chest. I don't have body acne, and this is certainly not acn
  9. I started to notably break out towards the summer before my senior year of high on my forehead and cheeks. I would get inflamed pimples on my cheeks and sometimes relatively small cysts or nodules (not sure which) on the cheeks and in between my eyes. I also got some non inflamed ones on my forehead and temples. I was using drug store products (including a scrub which really stripped my skin and made it worse I think) but it definitely was not working. I think my acne was still considered mild
  10. I use Aczone (dapsone gel) in the morning and Ziana (clindamycine + tretinion ) at night. How do I use Glycolic acid and how often with combination of my topical routine? Like how do I switch it around with a BHA. Also I am thinking of using ACV as a toner , maybe later but for right now I want to use a BHA and if my skin responds well then possible use AHA ( I'm planning on using Paula's choice Pore Perfecting BHA exfoliant 2% ) heard good things about this BHA and it contains Green tea which
  11. Hi you all, I feel like I get flare-ups or my mouth gets sorta tingling meaning herps flaring up recently had a outbreak and I just started Ziana since May but I literally wash my face CAREFULLY not to let the Ziana run off on my mouth (Probably doesn't really help BUT anyway but its just a precaution of mine) wondering if people have the same feeling when using a Tretinoin ? Anybody else with HSV-1 get like a tingly feeling when just using Ziana or any other medication with Tretinoin? Just wa
  12. I use Aczone (dapsone gel) in the morning and Ziana (clindamycine + tretinion ) at night. How do I use Glycolic acid and how often with combination of my topical routine? I have some acne flaring up since I am weaning off with Oracea 40 mg because I have been on the antibiotic (Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg) treatment since August 2015. I told my derma , I think its time to get off it because antibiotic for even a short period can do a lot of damage healthwise. So since weaning off my acne is sorta
  13. Hey guys I could really use some advice. I am 16, female and have been struggling with mild to moderate acne for a few years now. Last year, in 3 months, epiduo and doxycycline cleared my skin beautifully. Then November 2014 it started to wear off so I went to the derm and she prescribed 100 mg minocycline every night along with nightly use of ziana gel. It is now January 2015. I have been on this regimen for 3 months and have seen little improvement. Sometimes I have good weeks, but I almost al
  14. I've been taking solodyn 65mg for a little bit over a month as well as onexton in the morning and ziana at night. It hasn't been working and some purple circles appeared on my face and I'm super worried they're scars. I haven't touched my acne at all so idk why this appeared. How long does it take for this acne medication to work? I've been religious about it.
  15. I shall begin by saying that my journey with acne has been a complete mess (kind of). I just graduated high school and will be attending college in a few short months. Age: 17, sex: female. When I was 14 I had mild acne on my cheeks and forehead and my doctor put me on Epiduo. I have no idea how my skin looked those first few months because it was the summer before 10th grade and I really didn't care much about a few pimples. From age 14.5-16.5 I stayed on Epiduo and had nice, clear skin. T
  16. So if anyone takes the time to actually read this, I just want to say thanks, because I just need someone to listen and understand what the hell I'm going through. I figure here is the best place. I guess I'll start by explaining my "acne story." My skin was smooth and clear for most of middle school except for some forehead acne that began in 7th grade and didn't go away until sophomore year of high school simply because all that time it was being irritated my bangs. I also started using a
  17. I am creating this log (also created as a blog entry) in hopes that it helps others. I was blessed with nearly-perfect skin my entire life, until the age of 23. I began having occassional breakouts, mostly on my chin around my mouth, and visited my first dermatologist. These minor breakouts seemed like a big deal to me at the time, since I had never experienced this before. I was prescribed Duac. Within 1 month, my face was crystal clear once again. Using duac as needed kept me clear for almost
  18. kylenea

    Ziana Log!

    Yesterday evening I started a run of Ziana. I'll be using it in conjunction with doxycycline 100mg, 1x per day. I am very concerned, for numerous reasons, the first being the effect the retnoid will have on my skin texture. I generally have small pores (excepting T-Zone) and a fair complexion. Recently I've been experiencing clogged comedones from improper skin care. (I began using products with mineral oil, despite never having done so, and experienced non-cystic pimples around my entire fa
  19. I have Posted this in the reviews for this website. I would also like some feedback and recommendations from you guys. (: Thank you! First, I want to share my background. I have never had a problem with acne. I have always had very smooth clear skin, with an occasional outbreak. I started washing with proactive in 2006 when I was 18 for prevention of those minor outbreaks (I don't recommend this because it destroys your skins natural barrier). Two years ago, in 2011, I started getting a cys
  20. Hello I am 20 year old male experiencing very mild acne. I have about 4 active pimples most of the time, although they are the deep red ones that turn red and lurk forever on my skin. I also have an obsession with picking my skin, which in turn makes it worse. My derm prescribed me Ziana gel ( Clindymycin/ Tretinoin). I have used Green cream level 9 in the past, so irritation is not really a problem as my skin is used to retinol. It has been 1 week and 4 days since i have been using z
  21. I used Micro Retin-a as well as Aczone for about 2-3 months and I wasn't really seeing any results.. I had just gotten off of Tazorac and my skin calmed down a little but I still had moderate acne on one cheek. I switched to what cleared my face the first time, Ziana gel and also have been using benzol peroxide (8%). I have been using the Ziana gel for about a month, and it made my face super clear at first but now my face is bad again.. I am now breaking out on my forehead which never happens,
  22. This is my first post here so bear with me, I hope this is in the right place. I'm posting here to keep tabs on my current skin care adventure. Here's a little background on me, hopefully this will help someone. I'm 21, female. I'd consider my skin pretty normal, not overly oily or dry. However, when I was younger, starting around 13 I had awful acne. And I picked at it, resulting in a pretty good amount of scarring. (nothing that couldn't be covered with makeup) Anyway, I was put on the p
  23. 11/11/15 My face is getting better little by little. I made the terrible mistake of picking at my pimples and scars a few days ago, and it has made huge and noticeable scabs on my cheek and chin. No more picking for me; this girl learned her lesson. My breakouts have not been as frequent as they were before, and I am not in nearly as much discomfort as I have been. I did have a noticeable breakout along my jawline several days ago. I had about 8 pimples that popped up along my lower jawline, whi
  24. 10/01/2015 I started with my ziana gel last night before bed. I noticed that the gel was really sticky and it made it hard to spread all over my face. I probably ended up using more than the “pea size” amount recommended to make sure I applied some to my whole face. The next morning, my face looked okay. It was a little oilier that normal, and I noticed a few more little acne spots that popped up overnight, but I actually noticed some of the large, painful, deep “under the skin” cysts had reduce
  25. I have very carefully watched my skin. No new breakouts. Havent broken out during my monthly in a while! Skin is neutral. Im still waiting for my blemishes to leave. I have been on Ziana for over 2 months & its been working since the first time i applied it. I hv maintained not wearing makeup because i feel as tho it may jus clog my pores. So far so good. I apply ziana every nite & acanya every morning. Pea sized amount. Moisturizer before i leave home.