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Found 93 results

  1. nicole8808

    Post-Prednisone Hormonal Shift?

    I'm currently on Yaz and was also on Spironolactone for ~5 months and my acne was completely clear. I was then diagnosed with vasculitis and had to get off spironolactone to take prednisone to manage flare-ups. I was on and off Prednisone for about a month and a half. Once I started tapering the second time I was on it (which was for a period of about a month), I began breaking out in mostly small, flesh-colored pimples on my forehead, some on chest, and some on the center of my back. My dermato
  2. Hey guys! Sooo I've been on Sronyx (which I believe is basically Alesse) for 3 months now. It hasn't wreaked havoc on my skin, but it hasn't been helping it either. It's hard to say. I've been seriously considering switching birth control, especially because I'm afraid of the higher androgen levels affecting me. I've read so many mixed reviews on BCP, but would a switch to Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo maybe help? I have no idea where to go from here.
  3. Hi, I'm currently having a lot of trouble with my skin and I though it could be good for my mental health to discuss of my recent struggles with people that can actually understand what I'm going through. English isn't my mother language so forgive me if there is some mistakes in my sentence's structure I was on the contraceptive pill since I'm 14 years old. I began with Alesse but it wasn't strong enough for me to make my periods regular. I switched to Yaz and I never had any problems wi
  4. Im 20 years old and I have had severe acne cysts on my face for about a year now. One year ago I literally did not even get pimples, but when I turned 19 it all changed. I have tried EVERYTHING there is to try (various topicals, 3 oral antibiotics, loestrin, retin a, clindamycin). Nothing works on my acne because my cysts are so deep and they never go away on their own. I also tried spironolactone but only for a month so i dont know if it would have worked or not but it did give me a major break
  5. Hello. I've been part of acne.org for the longest time, I've tried pretty much everything over the course of many years, 20 years. Too long if you ask me. A year ago, I had an "aha" moment. I asked my gyno if I could try Yasmin/Yaz but I didn't think about it for acne, I thinking about it because of my weight, I'll get into more later. Something remarkable happened that year. My acne vanished. My hair and skin were no longer crazy oily. At the time I didn't even think it was the BCP beca
  6. DAY 16 update. So the combination of YAZ and Spironolactone has resulted in my period being extended to the current 15th day. My menstrual cycle is usually painful, heavy, and lasts around 5 days. (So heavy that I have to go for iron infusions at the hospital.) Presently, my bleeding has ranged between light/medium. The combination of starting the birth control pill again (after a long while) along with spironolactone has resulted in my hormones going slightly unhinged. While my hormones are s
  7. Hey guys, so I've successfully been on Syeda (I think it is a generic for Yaz?) for over a year now. My skin looks great but I get bad migraines during the placebo week so I've been recommended to switch to Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. I've heard there is an initial breakout with OTC Lo. My question is, since I'm already on the pill and my skin is adjusted to the hormones now, do you think I will experience an initial breakout? Or should my transition be smooth?
  8. Hi everyone, Back in October I switched to Yaz, and for about 2 months I broke out pretty consistently but after those two months my skin was amazing. The only problem was I lost my period completely. I could induce a period with Vitamin C but that made me break out -- for a while it was clear skin, or my reproductive health. So I went to the doctor, and after a lot of research I asked her if I could switch to Yasmin because I figured it's in the same drug family so the adjustment might no
  9. Hi everyone! I just made a profile and decided to start a blog about my acne. I think it'll be a good way to reflect on what I'm going through and track my progress. I haven't decided yet if I'll put pictures up of my skin, maybe in a few weeks when (hopefully) I've improved a little bit. I'll start with a description of me and my skin, but I'll put it in the blog description as well for any newcomers once the blog has gotten longer. I'm 20 years old, female. I go to school at a small colle
  10. Hi! So I was on Gianvi (generic of Yaz) for almost a year and my skin was looking great. Still a few breakouts here and there. Then my pharmacy switched me to a different generic of Yaz. It didn't have a name, it was just labeled "Drospirenone Ethynil Estradiol" by the brand Glenmark. Even though it was the same hormone, within the first week of using it it gave me a minor break out. My skin was much more oily and my pores were very clogged for the whole month. Then, around my period it got wors
  11. annalee88

    Quitting Yaz After A Week

    I've just started taking yaz about a week ago, but I've been getting some nasty side effects (cystic acne every where, severe nausea, depression, anxiety). I was wondering, since i"ve only taken it for about a week, will my acne return with vengeance once i get off it? i know people say to stick with it but i can't handle wanting to vomit at all times of the day and not being able to breathe. But I don't want more breakouts. I had pretty much clear skin with some minor breakouts, but the doc sub
  12. My doctor put me on birth control (ortho-tricyclen) after my first period in middle school. Fast forward - clear skin for almost my entire life until I turn 19 and decide I don't need to be on synthetic hormones. Three months later, cystic acne all over my cheeks, jawline, and neck. Sound familiar? Straight away I go to the derm. Get put back on ortho-tri. I stayed on the ortho tri only to experience mediocre results, then moved onto yaz for three months which caused a literal facial explosion
  13. So far, DAY 13 hasn't been great. I'm getting cystic acne in places I usually never have to worry about. For the past 2-3 days I've had a small/medium cysts growing on my forehead, hairline area and on my nose(!!it's big and red!!). Places I rarely have acne ffs! I think my hormones are trying to find middle ground (at least I hope) because YAZ has extended my period to 12 days. I will wait for my hormones to return from war. I've also started doing LED blue/red light therapy twice a week at
  14. I'm a 16 year old female and I've had moderate acne for about 2-3 years or so. Previously I've been too scared to take anything strong for acne, but I'm sooo sick of it by now and I really want it gone by next year, plus I need to start healing the hyper-pigmentation and stuff I already have. Just as a background, I've been to several (maybe 4?) different dermatologists that my doctor's recommended and that I found online (the highest rated ones only lol) and they've prescribed antibiotics (tri
  15. cateyyy567

    Nov 18 (3)

    From the album: My Acne

    Believe it or not about 97% of the blemishes on my face is just hyper-pigmentation. It's becoming clear that when I finish Accutane I will have only done half the battle. I have decided to just stay on my current birth control pill. I feel like the Accutane is starting to really kick in and the anxiety I get over switching to something like yazmin is not worth it. I feel if I have to do a second round of Accutane that would be fine. So here is my red inflammed but almost pimple free skin
  16. Hey guys, I need some skincare advice as I am extremely upset with my complexion. I have always had clear skin up until March this year when I broke out massively, at the age of 22, I am talking twenty plus spots not one or two! Due to having anorexia for six years, I have never really had my periods regularly and I am still having them rather infrequently. I went straight to the doctors and I had blood tests done. My vitamins were all fine and my liver/gut both came back healthy however my
  17. Stephaniejaane


    From the album: Yasmin

    Before I started taking Yasmin
  18. 1. Type of Progestin Every birth control uses progestin (a synthetic form of the progesterone hormone). There are many different types of progestin. It is very important that the type of progestin is LOW in androgenic activity, meaning it doesn't send your testosterone into overdrive and create acne. Here is a list to help choose a birth control. Neutral (won't affect acne either way) No hormones. Copper Paraguard IUD Good (can reduce acne) Drospirenone. Anti-androgenic. Used in Yaz, Yas
  19. sorbet

    Yaz & Lifestyle Log

    Hello acne log! I hope this is the beginning of a happier time in my life. For me, acne = anxiety, depression and very low self-confidence, so I've decided to start this log to keep me on the right track to getting my skin clear. Quick background about my skin; I'm currently 21 and when I was a teenager my skin wasn't too bad until I was around 16-17, when I went on antibiotics, which did nothing for my skin. Even then I guess my acne was only mild. At 17 I went on the pill and my skin was
  20. CndnStudent

    Going Back On Yaz

    I had been taking Yaz since I was 16 (now 20) and I was happy with how my skin looked and I had no bad reactions. However 4 months ago I decided to change my bcp because of all the bad hype around this pill. The doctor prescribed me Allese. Sigh. I do not know why he would have put me on this pill because it is shown not to improve acne, which is my only reason why I was put on bcp when I was a teenager. SO 4 months later being on Alesse my skin FREAKED OUT I am getting cystic acne on my chi
  21. I'm starting my third pack of Yaz now, and so far my back and chest are almost completely clear, which is unheard of. However, my face is much worse - lots of acne along my chin and jaw, a lot of it cystic. I read somewhere that sometimes BC clears back and chest first, then face - is this true? I haven't hit that "three month mark" yet, so should I take the fact that Yaz cleared my back and chest as a sign that it will eventually work on all my acne, specifically facial?
  22. Hey guys, so my doc put me on microgynen for what he said was mild acne after i complained about it. it's hard to tell because i feel i exaggerate sometimes.. i'd say mild to moderate. Anyway, Ii'm pretty sure it is hormonal. I'm only just recently 20, so i decided yknow im on birth contol anyway i may as well find the ''right one''. I'm on microgynen 20, i realise its a low dose pill and in terms of my skin it hasn't done a whole lot except for remove the real hormonal jawline acne i ha
  23. I'm having a horrible breakout on Yaz! I'm on my 3rd packet and have painful cysts all over my right cheek and chin! Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm feeling desperate, my face has never looked so bad :( I never really had bad skin until I was given the mirena iud from my doctor last year. That's when I started getting cystic acne, my face broke out horribly all over my cheeks and jaw line. I was prescribed doxycycline for 6months and had the mirena removed. My face cleared up wonder
  24. I'll skip the novel about my 15 year battle with acne and fast forward to 2015. I have mild to moderate cystic acne on the lower part of my face- mostly the chin and jawline. In March I was prescribed Spiro by my derm, but quickly developed severe cystic breakouts. After 3 months of being miserable and peeing constantly, I gave up. There was no sign it was getting any better- and a few weeks after I stopped, my breakouts calmed down to pre-spiro level. In August I went on Yaz (not generic). I
  25. So I just finished my first pack of Yaz, and though I've of course spent hours reading about peoples' struggles with the initial breakout, I just wanted some advice. I had a horrible, debilitating full-face acne breakout over the past summer, and by some miracle managed to clear it up to just some significant residual scarring and a few whiteheads here and there in a few months with the help of a low dose of doxycycline and tazorac. Then, as a few more months passed, I was starting to notice som