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Found 27 results

  1. I squeezed a whitehead that wasn't ready (I know I shouldn't have and I usually wouldn't but I was feeling super anxious). The skin broke and now it is fairly raw and red, equivalent to a shallow wound. Currently, I have a hydrocolloid bandage on it (since I think there might be a little pus left) with a thin layer of lanolin over the wound itself to protect it from the adhesive. As long as I don't remove the bandage too prematurely, I'm hoping this will speed up healing. Any other ideas? Specif
  2. I'm hoping that I'm putting this in the right thread here but I need some help with healing a couple of open sores that I have ATM. Pretty much I've come to accept the fact that I have a problem with picking/popping things on my face and I tend to do it more when I'm under stress. I've been under more stress as of late so long story short I was stupid and picked a couple sores on my face lol. To avoid me picking at these more for the next couple of days (having these come to gross, crusty sca
  3. The Role of Inflammation in the Development of Acne

    The Role of Inflammation in the Development of Acne There are two major theories of acne formation. The newer theory points to inflammation as the main factor in acne development. The more we learn, the more this theory asserts itself. The traditional theory contends that inflammation plays a much less important role. The more we learn, the more outdated this theory becomes. Research in recent years has led to more scientific support for the newer theory, and to the...
  4. Wound Healing in the Skin

    Stage 1: Blood Clotting Stage 2: Inflammation Stage 3: Healing Stage 4: Remodeling Acne Healing The Bottom Line The skin is a complex organ that serves as the body's first protective barrier against the environment. Because the skin is such an important barrier, it must be able to heal itself quickly after an injury, whether the injury is a cut or an acne lesion. The wound healing process is quite complicated. To understand how it works,...
  5. hello everyone someone please answer im begging you. I have college orientation in 6 days and I had two small pimples that I treated with tea tree oil and ACV and then I woke up and it had burned my skin and the pimples didn't even go away. the skin got brown and peeled off and left two raw skin wounds I NEED HELP AND I NEED ALL YOUR BEST REMEDIES. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO RESPOND IM DESPERATE.
  6. So I had a small cystic pimple on my chin. And stupidly tried to pop it yesterday. We've all been there before. Now it is this massive swollen purple thing weeping clear fluid and scabbed. I am in tears, its the worst thing I've ever had on my face. I have a date tomorrow that I cant cancel. I have no clue what to do, I feel heartbroken. How long do these take to heal? Is there any way to make it look better by tomorrow? Should I wear a bandaid on my face? Ugh Help
  7. So 3 weeks ago ,I saw this bump on my face which always was there and thought I will squeeze it ,but it didn't come out so I went veeeeeeeeeeery agressively ,then poke it with needle and squeeze ,it was blood everywhere ,nasty picture.Then it was very red and eventually become dark the whole spot ,everyone at work was asking me who beat me ,so after 2 days I was washing face and this was like a big scab ,I remove it (stupid I know ) and it start to bleed again ,now 3 weeks later the whole spot i
  8. So I don't have acne on my face but I have backne. The doctor prescribed me with benozyl peroxide 2.5%. I had a spot yesterday on my face so I thought what the hell let's put some of this on the area. I applied a generous amount. This morning I woke up to my skin being extremely dry. It then started to peel off leaving redness and it's incredibly sore. I noticed that it's taken the first layer of skin off too. I'm so worried that I've damaged my skin now. Help!!! What do I do?
  9. Hypochlorous Acid: What Is It, and Can It Help with Acne?

    Hypochlorous acid is a weak acid that effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi, making it a powerful sanitizer. Because of this, hypochlorous acid is an active ingredient in many household cleaning products. It is also the disinfectant found in chlorinated swimming pools. These everyday uses of hypochlorous acid are actually mimicking its function in the human body. The body naturally produces hypochlorous acid to fight infections.1-4 In addition to its antibacterial activity, hypochlorous acid can help relieve...
  10. Can Topical Hydrocortisone Help with Acne?

    What Is Hydrocortisone? Hydrocortisone and Acne What Topical Hydrocortisone Does to the Skin Topical Steroids May Boost the Growth of Acne Bacteria: The Evidence Topical Steroids May Increase the Production of Skin Oil: The Evidence Topical Steroids May Decrease Skin Inflammation in the Short Term: The Evidence Topical Steroids May Slow the Healing of Acne Lesions: The Evidence Topical Steroids May Increase the Death of Skin Cells: The Evidence Side Effects of Topical Hydrocortisone The...
  11. hi. I always find myself in the same position. I finally get to a stage where I am satisfied with my skin then ill get a few pimples pop up and i just attack. I cant help myself. I'm wondering if anyone has any remedies for when this happens. It keeps me inside and super upset for days. I have tried just bandaids and neosporin but I dont feel like that does anything special. For this episode in particular it wasnt SO bad and then i put fresh aloe on the two spots and they turned dark and ver
  12. so i feel like i always post and get no replies but I'm so desperate i just need to put something out there anyways. I had a pimple that i left alone and spot treated for a few nights. the skin on top became pretty dry and dead even though i moisturize everyday. so when I was washing my face the layer of skin quite literally peeled off and left giant raw crater. as you can see my skin around it is already a shit show. now i have this. ugh. so upset. how do i heal this. i have a flight back to
  13. Hi everyone. I am dealing with the wound from an acne cyst I picked 5 days ago. It is about 1/2 in. in diameter, doesn't look inflammed and is almost flat (very slightly raised). The wound looks healthy, except it is almost white everywhere, but mostly in the center (the cyst is still there?). It is not bleeding. I've tried applying polysporin and a bandaid for 8-10 hours at a stretch, and when I remove the bandaid, the wound looks a little better, but the white patch is still there and it seems
  14. Hi guys, I used to comment here a lot 7 years ago. I always had good skin until after high school when I became reclusive (depression). My skin still remained good for several years after. Eventually though, after becoming more neurotic (and developing OCD), I began to pick my skin. I'd think that a tiny spot was a big deal. I thought if I could just scratch it off, it would heal over brand new. So stupid, but I was in an irrational state of mind. I eventually went back to sch
  15. Hi all so have suffered with acne since being 14 now 23 and it's come back fighting I have been on antibiotics and adapelene for around 3 months now! However I have had this giant wound on my face for nearly a month it's scanned over and I have rubbed the scab off many time from washing my face so I am now leaving my face alone . I'm so scared using nothing will give me more breakouts and meaning more scabs . However this has been day 1 of me not touching the wound I will post some pictures t
  16. Hi. I had a terrible wound from a pimple and it healed and left a giant hole in my cheek along with some terrible hyper pigmentation on top and around the hole. I need this fixed asap. I went to the derm and she said i don't really have any options so that made me upset but its negatively affecting me so much. i literally won't leave my room without makeup on and even that does a crappy job because its still a hole. any advice please. Ive been putting Mederma on it overnight but its not doing an
  17. Okay, so I didn't know where else to go, but I was wondering if anyone else has ever become so preoccupied with a blemish that they've torn the skin off,only to have a gaping, freakish wound on their face which they were (as I am now) utterly unsure of how to treat,,, ps-I'm 26 so I hope I'm, sort of in the right forum... -Newbie
  18. I am finishing up the first week of the initial breakout period. I have been doing my treatment for 23 days now. I have to admit this week has been hard. I had a date this weekend so I use my olay peel 2 days in a row... BIG mistake. I ended up making my face raw! I had to slather my face in moisturizer and I couldn't use the tretinion for 2 days. In the last few days my face has continued to break out horribly. Its awful my cheeks and even up near the corner of my left eye is broken out. I co
  19. Hi everyone, I'd be really grateful if someone could help me out with my problem. On a day to day basis, I only suffer with mild acne (usually blackheads/a few whiteheads) since changing my birth controll pill I've had not as many problems with cystic acne like I used to. But the other day, I woke up with a huge tender painful cyst on my chin I know I shouldn't have, but I went into panic mode and tried to pop the cyst with a needle after applying heat to it. I know I'm wrong in doing thi
  20. Ok here it goes I am now scared I have damaged my skin to lead to yet another scar! I squeezed a large deep under the skin spot that wasn't ready it seeped and a little pus came out but the damage has now been done! I'm left with now a weeping deep spot on my face as through squeezing I removed skin as the force clearly damaged my skin! I have quite thin skin easily scarred so I'm now logging the recovery to help me not touch it look at my awful face. I hate myself and ant support would be muc
  21. I have a big cystic open wound that wont heal on my cheek. It doesn't stop weeping, which doesn't allow it to heal, or form any sort of scab. I don't know if the wound still has any sort of acne in there, but it hasn't started the healing process in over two week. Since it's on my cheek it's extra hard to keep it still without stretching it when I eat, talk, laugh, etc. I try to minimize movement, and even try to laugh with my mouth closed. It's horrible. I've tried using those little hydroco
  22. I took steroids in 2017 and got some acne on my chest from it. Thats the first picture. That was it in November. I stopped taking steroids then. By December it looked like the second picture. I was on antibiotics but nothing was working. By january it looked like the third picture. By February it looked like the fourth. And now it looks like the last picture. i have been kept overnigt in hospitals, seen derms, i go to a dressing clinic every second day to get the dressing changed. Im an 18 yr
  23. hi can someone please recommend how to heal this. it was a pimple that had to be released from pressure. after it popped, it has left this. its like a crater within the skin, the middle has white soupy-ish not solid skin and the outside is a bright red ring. this happened on thursday. usually my acne scabs are gone by now, but this is a thing of its own. I've tried keeping neosporin and aquaphor on it at night but its made zero progress. i also tried just letting it dry out and crust up and th
  24. Hi everyone, unfortunately I did something very stupid, I have a small acne scar which is like 10 months old that was getting almost undetectable at all, it was pink and the pit was not even noticeable anymore. Myself, very stupidly thought it was a good idea to grab a sim ejector tool and pass it over several times in the scar to see if it would cause a wound and collagen to fill over it. Turns out that I stopped doing it as soon as I noticed the scar got very red, it didn't bled or anything h
  25. so i had this large pimple and i popped it, it scabbed, and started to heal up. However, a large painful one sprouted up next to it and it was too painful so I gave in and squeezed it and i was squeezing so hard that my nails slipped and took off a layer of the skin. please someone, what is the best way to heal this?