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Found 21 results

  1. jaileneh8sacne

    I Got Prescriptions!

    Okay so finally after trying nearly every over the counter product I could gets my hands on I went to a assistant physician ( all the dermatologist were booked.)He prescribed me clindamycin 1% for the morning and tretinoin .025% for night. I've been doing this regimen for two days now and its just gotten worse. My cheeks were smooth and now they are bumby again and my forehead is just getting more and more whiteheads. Has anyone else had this regimen? How did it work for you and when am I g
  2. Hello. I started the caveman regimen two days ago. My forehead, nose, and chin are extremely oily so I've basically had just a layer of oil on my face. Today I was outside doing lawn work all day so I was sweating and getting dirt on my face, so that sat on my face for awhile. Then I went for a run and sweated a ton more and when i got home I took a shower and gently rinsed my face. An hour later I looked in the mirror and I have small pimples everywhere and some itchy weird rashes! I don't know
  3. Hi about 2 months ago I had a developing cyst. It started off as a big skin colored lump, then it became red but the size was getting smaller and recently its been decreasing and becoming flat but still red in color. I woke up this morning to see that it's turning black?!! It doesn't hurt unless I really press on it and it is super close to being flat. Does this mean it's going away and there's no infection? How much longer for it to completely go away on its own? Another 2 months maybe? Is this
  4. SarahhCoss

    BLOG EIGHT, Sunday 23rd July

    Hey Girls, Yesterday I just started my 6th packet of Estelle 35 ED Pill! And can I just say that my skin is looking amazing. I honestly couldn't be happier at this stage. It's not completely clear and I'm still getting the occasional large pimple, but they're easily dealt with. Cannot wait to see the skin in a few months time. My boobs have defineltly grown bigger, I know this because I've had to go out and buy other bras... which is awesome! Though in a recent newspaper article, I've rea
  5. skinwillbeclear

    Dermatologist Help!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this website but pretty much I'm a 14 year old girl who struggles with acne. My main problem area is my forehead and I use to only get pimples on my forehead but this summer I started to get pimples on my cheeks and mouth area. Typically I have 10-15 pimples (mainly whiteheads). I have tried numerous drugstore products like neutrogena, clean and clear, etc. When those didnt work I tried Murad Acne Complex which did help and almost completely cleared my acne but then al
  6. I was on 30mg of isotretinoin daily for one month, then a week and a half ago doubled my dose to 60mg a day. In my first month i had the standard nose bleeds, dry skin, aches, etc but recently ive been extremely fatigued and just noticed the bottom of my eyeballs going yellow, i thought i was seeing things till my dad noticed too. i am wondering could this be jaundice or a problem with my liver as im reading mixed articles on the internet saying its i) poisonous to the liver or ii)a myth that it
  7. I've been on acctutane for about a month and a week and my dosage is for the first month 20 mg than I got upped to 30 mg this last week and I wear sunscreen everytime I go out SPF 55 if I'm out more than an hour I reapply every 1 to 2 hours and I only wash my face at night with cetaphil daily face cleanser and I moisterize right after and my face is ether pink or red and the rest of my body is normal!!! Why!!!!! Another pic of me
  8. Hi all, Just to share my story- So literally my late teens was when I developed what my Doctor called acne, to me I didn't realise as it wasn't an agressive form of acne that is pretty common among teens. Anyway of course I was open to anything to help me skin and and was soon prescribed onto the Yasmin pill. My acne did clear, but I hated taking the pills and soon enough just the thought of swallowing one more pill made me feel sick and with suffering the awful side effects that come with t
  9. Hi im 5 foot 10 and weigh 140 pounds and I've been on accutane for a little over 2 months the first month I was taking 20 mg a day and the second month I was taking 30 mg a day during the middle of the second month my face stopped being red and pink for like 4 days I thought it was over! But then it came back:( then I'm on the third month right now and I'm taking 40 mg a day and still my face is red or pink I hate it! And think I have rosacea! I just recently started to was my face once a day w
  10. PockmarkPrincess

    Spironolactone Log

    Well, here's day ONE of my spironolactone journey. After some crazy begging and jumping through hoops, I finally got it perscribed to me, the Anmeal brand, at 50MG's. Took it this morning at 9am. Skin as of 3/15, today: large, deep hyperpigmentation scars, 60+ on each cheek, along jawline, and up sides of face and on temples 40+ random pimples around entire face 4 very large raw ones along my jaw, one right on my lip (ouch) So, yeah. Side effects noticed so far: thirsty! And I
  11. MaryHursey1234

    Very shallow Mark on cheek?

    Hi, about a month ago I had a medium sized pimple that developed into a head and popped. After the scab fell I noticed a red mark, however I wasn't too worried as I know they fade. Now about a month later I can see that there may be a very shallow indent.. It's shallow but definitely there. It almost looks like a layer of skin isn't there.. It's not deep at all and I can see where it ends as I've mentioned before. It's still red so I am aware that the discolouration may be making it look worse t
  12. Hi, Yesterday I noticed two pimples had come up on my face right on my top lip line, about a half inch apart. Today I woke up and noticed about 8 pimples had came up, all along the edge of my top lip with one pimple along the edge of my bottom lip. Could anyone tell me what this is, why they are there, and a treatment? The pimples are red and don't appear to have any heads. They only slightly hurt when I touch them. I just really want some feedback. Anything helps, Thankyou. Also, I recentl
  13. Talking Head

    Regimen Angst

    I moderately researched Dan's regimen and the feedback it got before buying it. I've paid for the regimen and I will stick it out, religiously, at least until the products run out. I'm now on my 5th night of the regimen, and I'm following it strictly and using a very small amount of BP. My face is tight most of the time, to the point, simple facial expressions, eating and talking hurts. I've started to flake, and due to this, I've developed some anxiety. I know these are typical symptoms that ev
  14. Hi, I've been on Tetralysal for just over a year and today I went for a tablet review with my Doctor. She told me that it should have only of been taken for 6 months due to effecting good bacteria in the bowels. I'm a massive worrier and its started to get me thinking about what damage this has done to my body by being on it for 6 months longer than I should have. I sometimes get diarrhoea in the morning and I am scared that I have Colitis from being on Tetralysal for too long. The d
  15. Hi everyone. So it has been 111 days that I have been taking accutane, first two months 30mgs per day and other two months 40mgs per day. Acne seems to be getting better, although I do have some active acne left and a lot of scarring. About a week ago my stomach started hurting and it actually hurt more when I was hungry, so instead of that feeling when your hungry I had weird pains in my stomach. The pain has stopped but I lost my appetite, I could go all day without eating anything and I would
  16. Hi please please read until the end and give me your feedback. So I had a white head about 3 months ago which I unfortunately squeezed thinking it couldn't do damage. Fast forward 3 months later, I'm still dealing with what I think is an indented scar? I'm only 15 and NEVER had an indent so I'm panicking!!! It has improved a bit so far and it even looks completely flat and normal in certain lighting.. However in bad lighting it seems to cast a shadow? My mom (who notices everything about my skin
  17. Hello and Happy Halloween! Ever since middle school, I have suffered from pretty severe cystic acne. My mood is largely based on how bad the cysts on my face are. When I get cystic acne, I get it bad. Recently I was suffering from a cyst on my forehead the size of a golf ball! These have cysts have made me suicidal in the past, and usually throw me in an extreme depression. So that's my acne situation, and I was prescribed accutane and can pick it up tomorrow. I am having second thoughts
  18. Hello everyone I am 23yrs old female.. Literally tried every acne product to get rid of it, went to a dermatologist a dozen times,had periods of low self esteem because of it as well Read a lot about tretinoin benefits and decided to give it a try 2 weeks have passed and I had the peeling, redness and slight increase in acne but now the acne is reducing in intensity My main concern is my friends and family have said that my face appears to be swollen Is this a normal side effect or
  19. MissSac17

    Day 1 With New Treatment

    Hey so I thought I would actually start a little blog, I like to express myself through writing. The reason I have started today is because I have a new treatment cream - Azelaic Acid. I went to my doctor a few weeks ago pretty down about my acne and she gave me a wee booklet to read over, it had a list of alot prescription treatments. A few I have tried and found that I either got impatient or they just did not work for me. For a long time I was using a topical gel called Adapalene? Im su
  20. Hi, I am a sixteen years old female. I was on 60 mg of accutane for five months and finished up in May. The only side effects I had were slightly dry lips, and SEVERE joint pain. Specifically in my lower back. It is now December, and though it’s gotten better, my back still hurts when I lay down. Almost like my back is ‘settling’ if that makes sense. It’s not a sharp stabbing pain but more of a long, pressurized, pain. I am very athletic and taking accutane did ruin my sophomore year of track so