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Found 13 results

  1. Greetings, I wanted to make a topic about gym and acne. I am now 20 years old and have been fighting acne back and forth for the past 4 years. Throughout these years I have both been working out at the gym and not working out at all. My gym periods and pauses are usually around 6 months to a year which is enough time to notice any difference in the skin. I have noticed that during the periods when I workout I get way more acne than when I dont. I have been completely clear during the periods w
  2. I just purchased the regimen kit and cannot wait to start it! I have two questions: 1. I use Neutrogena Make Up Remover cloths at night before I wash my face. Should I continue to do this? Or strictly stick to the acne.org products?? 2. I work out everyday and cannot always go right home to shower, so I use cleansing wipes for my face that contain salicylic acid. I feel like it is better than letting the sweat sit on my face until I can actually wash it. But will this interfere with the regi
  3. Hello, I'm sure tons of people are always on here asking what to do about their acne, so I apologize for using this platform to reach out for help, but I badly need it. I am a 20 year old male and my acne problems have only been getting worse and worse for the past 3-4 years. I have tried nearly everything, over-the-counter creams, peels, proactiv, aczone, progesterone, antibiotics, washes, you name it. Nothing has worked, or they have worked very temporarily and then suddenly stopped. What
  4. Hello, i'm new to this forum, and hopefully i'll be able to get some good answers from you. Currently I'm 20, and i'll be 21 at the end of the year. I used to have acne in my face and also chest and back, and I took the accutane treatment for almost 10 months, finally erasing it all from my body. Then, after 6 months, I started taking workout supplements like animal pak (Multivitamins) and also whey protein. After almost one or two months using that supplements, I had another acne breakout.
  5. Sorry for the rather marketing sounding title, just thought this might be a place where I can get some advice So I've dealt with acne for a very long time.... I've had my ups and downs like everyone else here. I noticed about 2 years ago that my acne can be made about 95% clear through diet and ever since I've been gluten/wheat, soy, and dairy free. The last couple of months I've been at about 4800 calories bulking (eating in a calorie surplus to gain muscle mass and strength) at the gym whi
  6. From the album: Back

    The BP is drying out my back SO much. I have to use a little lotion on my neck and shoulders so it won't be so terrible red all the time. I have a few (3) zits on my neck that didn't make it in the picture. (its hard to take pictures of your own back!). I have been washing my back after working out now, usually within 30 minutes. I have several scars (hyperpigmentation) right now and only a few zits left. So, I hope to be completely clear in the next month!
  7. Currently prescribed 60mg of Accutane a day & birth control for hormonal cystic acne. Cardio while on Accutane is causing me to breakout? I've been including more exercise in my lifestyle lately but have been noticing that I have strange breakouts on my face and one instance on my neck and scalp. I never breakout in either of those places besides my face, so I'm not sure what's going on? I have never broken out within 24 hours of working out, summer or winter sport, even with chronic hormo
  8. Hi guys, I want to start taking some supplements/pre-workout for the gym… but I have heard that it can cause acne, even in people who aren't prone (I am!). If if anybody knows any solutions, let me know :).
  9. Hi, my name is Brian. I have had moderate acne on my face and shoulders, and mild acne on my chest for about 5 years. I just completed three months of antibiotic treatment. Along with the antibiotic, I used Ziana and Sumadan. I saw significant improvement in these past 3 months, but I was still getting regular breakouts, and decided to ask my dermatologist for Accutane. What I hope my experience will be like: -I will be able to keep working out 5 days a week at normal intensity (This is the
  10. Hey all. I'm just wondering what your regimen's are if you are someone who works out like myself? Also wondering if this is too much cleansing for combination, cystic-prone & acne-prone skin? 8:30 AM - Wash my face before work (Spectro Gel Wash, Moisturizer) 7:00 PM - Shower and wash my face again post workout (Spectro Gel Wash, Moisturizer) Midnight - Wash my face before bed (Spectro Gel Wash, Prescription Acne Stuff which is quite drying) ???? .
  11. Hi! I have pretty bad skin (today is my second day on accutane) and I have a lot of red scarring that looks awful like acne + acne. I want to tryout for cheerleading but I am scared because I never even leave my house without having makeup on. I feel like I'm just going to be judged and that is really discouraging to me even though I really want to tryout, but I can't wear makeup to tryouts and if I make it in I won't be able to wear makeup to practice either and I just feel really nervous about
  12. I know you are supposed to wash, treat and moisturize twice a day. What if you go swimming during the day or get extremely sweaty and wash up? Should you wash, treat and moisturize again? Any suggestions? What works best?
  13. Hey guys I recently started the Regimen and it has pretty well. My acne is clearing up, but I still have an pimple or two that breaks out. I generally do the Regimen after I wake up and right before I go to sleep, as the video posted by on this site says to only do it twice. For those who workout, what do you do before and after you workout? Do you wash your face before you work out? Do you do the whole Regimen again afterwards, or do you just use a cleanser? Last time I ran, I had a huge breako