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Found 21 results

  1. Hi guys, I've struggled with acne since my late teens and now I'm 22 and still suffering with very stubborn acne. So far I have tried all generic acne topical treatments such as Clinique system, Duac, BP gel 10%. These either didn't work at all or worked for a few weeks then the acne came back. I have had antibiotics which don't work. The most effective treatment was Dianette. It gave me totally clear skin for a year. Despite still taking it, it seems to have stopped working and slowly but surel
  2. Hi all. I just joined after reading threads on this site for a few months. I will be turning 30 in a few months and will give a very brief summary of my acne battle for the past 15 yrs: Junior year of high school was when I really started breaking out with cystic acne on my face, neck, back, and some spots on my upper chest. After trying the usual antibiotics and topicals, my derm put me on Accutane. The course of accutane cleared up everything, but was not a permanent cure. What the firs
  3. Hey what's up everyone. I'm 19 .Well I have moderate to mild acne, face, neck and back ,and its really noticeable have some scars as well and people stare. When I talk to people they can't go long with looking at just my eyes , I've been noticing that a lot of people touch their face when I talk to them , like no it's not contagious. But Ya I mean I avoid eye contact sometimes even ,,,like Ya I'm handsome but my acne just ... Makes it feel like I'm not , I go on about wearing a hood everywhere I
  4. I have had 2 facial acne extractions done and each time new whiteheads have formed. Just wondering if this is normal and the best way to treat it. * a semi big one popped on its own and I wasn't sure how to get the gunk out (I used comedome extractor).
  5. Hi!! I've been on Accutane for 4 months. I heard that not just men, but women too can have hairloss a few months after finishing Accutane, and that sometimes it can be permanent. What's the probability of hairloss on women post Accutane? I haven't lost any hair since I started, but I'm worried about the next months and after... Thx!
  6. Hi, I have a question for the women of Acne.org. Is acne and PIH/scars a huge factor in socializing with men? If so, what's your general attitude towards guys with moderate - severe acne. Do you shun them off, do you try to minimize the duration of the conversation or do you act as if its just another random guy. In a situation where you see a guy with acne, PIH and scars do you continuously stare at his face, how do you react? I'm asking this because, I'm a guy suffering with mild acne, nothin
  7. Not really afraid, but with every year i feel like Im slowly dying. My face is becoming more dehydrated from years of bp, Im getting more scars every day, my beard is getting bleached, skin just dont stop going to shit overall... There is no cure, and there are no working treatments without side effects. I would accept all that regardless, cause I really want to live my life, at least a little bit. I would accept it if there is at least one girl that will love me no matter what happens to m
  8. I'm new! Yay! But not really. I've been suffering with bad skin for 5 years this Fall. I'm going to be 26, but I look like I should have looked at 16. I have the worlds smallest pores, you almost have to look under a magnifying glass just to find them. My skin had always been great. Never oily and never dry. I'm from a northern climate originally but moved to Canada's west coast when I was 10. Despite living here for over a decade, my skin still prefers a cold dry climate. I recently disco
  9. WHY ANTIBIOTICS ARE NOT THE ANSWER TO ACNE by DR JOHN BRIFFA, Daily Mail Acne often causes considerable distress to sufferers, and while it is most common around puberty, it can affect adults, women in particular, well into their 20s and 30s. One mainstay medical treatment is antibiotics. However, Swedish research presented at an American conference last week suggests the bacterium associated with many cases is becoming increasingly resistant to these drugs. There is real concern that
  10. I recently got pimples on my breasts! It's on my breasts near the middle of my breasts. It's my first time getting these and I'm hoping to get rid of them soon. Any helpful advice/tips? I also have a scar on my butt. This sucks.
  11. Is this safe for women to take long term? -- (I heard it was mainly used in men's health though I've also heard it can work well for acne and some women have had success with it) I've also heard that it works by affecting androgen levels (is that right). Is everyone's acne related to androgen levels? How do I know if an androgen issue is the cause of my acne and how do I know if I should use saw palmetto? Even if you can only help with one of these questions, or can only refer me to a plac
  12. If you have questions, please PM me, do not respond to this post. Introduction You thought you would "grow out" of your acne and didn't? You're not alone. Many men and women suffer adult acne in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. Adults with acne often have hormonal imbalances that linger after puberty, and these imbalances create disfiguring acne. Quick Review on Hormones The main sex hormones are testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Men and women have all three hormones in
  13. Hey y'all So today is day three using the Acne.org regimen. There's a slight difference since yesterday - not much, but it's still there. The biggest change I noticed was between days one and two of using The Regimen. When I reach day seven I hope to up the dose of benzoyl peroxide. My goal is to be clear in three weeks. But I know these things take time and I don't want to jinx them, so I'll just say I hope to be clear in a month - if not, i'll persevere. I really do find it difficult to li
  14. I am so thankful to this forum because a post made back in 2010 from a user named RedMarkedGirl changed my life. After I weaned my second child from breastfeeding, my skin went nuts. Giant nodule-like jawline cystic acne that hurt and felt itchy attacked my face every month around ovulation, and took forever to heal, only for more to surface. Also large pimples spotted my t-zone. It was so upsetting, and I tried it all. Even going back on the pill did nothing for me. After nearly 3 years of
  15. I have been on sprio for over a year. During that year, I have increased almost 2 cup sizes. While I have also gained some weight (which, for the first time in my life, is now settling around my waist instead of my thighs), it is not enough to make the cup increase to be expected. It seems like it could be a likely side effect of spiro. So my question is: if I stop with spiro, will they shrink down? Or is just how things are?
  16. Hello, I'm trying a new, au naturale acne routine. (well, mostly natural ) Just curious if any ladies have seen success with supplementing spearmint into their diet. (capsules/tea or otherwise) I've recently discontinued using spironolactone because the side effects freaked me out. I'm looking to try 100% natural remedies to try and balance them hormones! FYI, doing surprisingly well off of spiro, but I'm totally dairy free now as well, which may have been most of my issue, anyway
  17. So here is a little backstory, I got prescribed sulfacetamide wash and clindamycin lotion on January 5th, 2017 and was told to wait three months to see results for my hormonal acne. First month started slow but my face started getting really clear until the end of the month I had a really bad breakout out of nowhere. And after that my chest started breaking out, which never happened before. So I tried neutrogena body clear wash but didnt work, called derm she told me that could make my chest wor
  18. I came to this site when Google sent me to a thread on this topic. Since it seems that thread hasn't been active for a few years, I thought it'd be useful to start a new one. I went on Othro Tri-Cyclen Lo a little over a year ago expressly to control my acne, which was on both my face and back (and sometimes chest! Party time). I switched to Trinessa Lo about eight months in. My acne cleared up significantly and, surprisingly, my rosacea also lessened. Altogether my looks improved. The only s
  19. The objectives of this study were to determine which factors in early pubertal girls might be predictive of later, severe facial acne. STUDY DESIGN: The study was a 5-year longitudinal cohort study, with yearly visits from 1987 through 1991, in a volunteer sample of 439 black and 432 white fourth- and fifth-grade girls with consent from their legal guardians. The subjects were recruited from public and parochial schools in Cincinnati, Ohio. The degree of facial acne was classified annually
  20. So I was reading back through some emails I've sent my mom complaining about big bumps on my chin. Almost 2 years ago now this started. I just realized that this started around the time that I had to take Plan B Could this have really screwed up my system that much that its caused me to have hormonal acne for the past two years??
  21. I have had acne forever and I am 28 now . I pretty much get them all over my face in different forms. Deep cystic acne on my chin and cheeks that I don't know what to do about. And tiny constant milia on my forehead. I have tried every regiment but I am allergic to bp so I can't use it. I get tiny bumps and a rash all over my face whenever I use ANY product that has bp, or any "benz-" in it (lotion, sunscreen, toner) so I know that it is a legit allergy and not incorrect usage. I have foun