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Found 15 results

  1. medici

    10 days with Diane-35

    It´s soon to post big changes. I´ve only been 10 days with it! The only thing i started to notice is a headache coming out of nowhere... hope it´ll go away soon. And i think i´m gaining weight? I´m in good shape, and i do exercise often but... it´s just my feeling about it! I will continue posting. Thanks for reading! (Also, for the acne, i´m taking Treclinac, a topical form of antibiotic and vitamin A that my derm prescribed me... it worked amazing on my skin! I use it at night. The only bad
  2. Hello, i am new and need some advice/guidance. I am currently 23 female with cystic acne. I have had acne since I was 10-11 started puberty at 9. It wasn't too bad looking back on it it was normal zits that went away. 2 years around I started getting hard lumps on my face that would come to a head. I think I was over drying my skin with over the counter products when I already have dry skin to begin with. Now I am stuck.. I have tried so many options from over the counter to holistic and fitness
  3. Hello all! I'm new to this forum but, I would really like some help with my skin. So, really quickly about my skin's background.... I have dry to normal skin and have never had a problem with acne until sophomore year of highschool. I would get one large cyst once a week or so and then it just started to snowball. At that point I had tried lots of scripts such as; Differin, Acanya, clindamycen. When I was a freshman in college I finally decided to see the dermatologist again in frustration beca
  4. I am almost 37 year old woman who has had it with acne. I feel like I have struggled since I was a teen but it has gotten much worse in my 20's and 30's since having children. I also have PCOS so the hormonal spikes and mild facial hair do not help. I switched dermos as my previous one only gave me topicals. I you name it, I have probably tried it. BC pills never helped either. I went on spirno last summer and saw results however, I started developing horrible stomach pain in my mid left qua
  5. Here is the skin regimen which cleared my facial acne this year Background: I am 41 years old. I had few problems with my skin, including as a teenager, until after the birth of my first daughter; it then got worse after my second. I normally have dry/combination skin and I am on the Mirena for contraception; no other medication. My skin went from pimples to acne in the last year and then on holiday at the start of this year, I had a massive flare up (see photos). It really shook my con
  6. I'm going to start accutane 40mg TONIGHT. I'm terrified. Especially of the initial breakout. I'm 26, female, sick of my aCNE. I had clear skin for a few years, until I became resistant to every antibiotic available for accutane. NO JOKE I'VE TRIED THEM ALL. I've been on oral clyndamyacin for the last 2 months and j saw great improvement. But I've been having bowel issues and decided to go off it because of the high risk of colitis. Plus my body always builds resistance to antibiotics, and I
  7. Hey everyone. I'm a 20 year old girl in college. I've tried basically every prescription there is except for accutane. Duac and retin-a micro kept me clear for a while, but then my cystic acne returned.Currently I'm using epiduo and a sulfure face wash, but now my derm wants me to take an oral antibiotic. The thing is, I don't really feel comfortable with taking an antibiotic long term. The only place on my face that breaks out is my chin. I get deep rooted cysts that are really painful. Bu
  8. Hello my names Paige, I am new to the site and would like to say hello! I am in need of advice because i am at a loss of what to do anymore....here what I've tried so far; Prescribed B.P, was on doxycycline for almost 2 years....worked sort of but didnt have the money to continue BP(60.00$ and I was only 17 at the time) and the doxycyline was no longer a free antibiotic where I lived and a month prescription was going to cost me 125.00$!! Crazy...I then tried using Burt's Bee's Acne C
  9. Hi all. I'm extremely frustrated, my skin looks pretty terrible when I'm not on the "right" BCP. However, other than the possible skin benefits, I can't deal with all the other terrible side-effects. I already broke down once and started taking it again because I was so fed up with my skin, I don't want to do that again. What can I do to help my skin that doesn't involve BCP? I believe the main problem is the horrible oiliness, because if it wasn't for that, I don't think the acne would show
  10. I am a 23 year old woman. I took accutane for three months ending March 14th. To this day I am still shedding hundreds of hair a day. When will this end? I am worried that I will need to shave my head soon as my scalp is showing so badly. Please any comments, experiences, opinions, advice, support, would be greatly appreciated. I am FREAKING out. I have seen my GP as well as 3 derms. One deem said accutane should be out of my system in a month. What? The other derm said recovery is 3-6 mont
  11. medici

    Diet and questions

    Since I´ve started with the treatment, I´ve been thinking about my diet. We are what we eat, aren´t we? So, was it the reason why my hormones were imbalanced? And I´ve realised that, when i was a kid and during my puberty, I was drinking TONS of milk. I´ve always like it, and I drank two big glasses a day, sometimes even more. And I was drinking a lot of Coca-Cola, too! Also, eating a lot of sugar in my diet. So, I have this question now. I´m not a doctor, nor nutritionist, or anything
  12. It´s been already 2 months taking the pill "Diane-35"! Changes i´ve experience are: -The acne has improve SO MUCH. It´s unbelievable. I still got a few pimples, but not like before. This pill is helping me so much with it. If you have acne and you are a woman, i recommend you to go to your gynecologist, because maybe you are suffering the same as i am. -I had to remove my facial hair with wax, but i´ve seen an improvement because it´s not growing as much as before. -My breast continue t
  13. Today, i´m doing 1 month on Diane-35. Here are the changes I´ve experience yet. -More appetite = getting fatter -Feeling much better with my emotions, in general, except the days of "resting" , when i have my period. My mood changes like crazy! I feel moody and angry, I don´t know why. - My breasts are getting bigger, too - My acne is slowly improving -My hirsutism... i´m not seeing improvement yet. -I don´t tolerate alcohol as before. I don´t know why. Maybe it has nothing to do with the
  14. Hi everyone! I found myself spending a lot of time reading the forums and decided it was about time I joined/shared my current acne journey. I had mild acne as a teenager, but nothing like what I am experiencing now as a 30-year old (frequent clogged pores, occasional whitehead, frequent hyperpigmentation). I am an acne and acne treatment novice, so any help is so very appreciated (Please also see the questions sections)! (* ' 3 ') Background: I have frustratingly sensitive, oily skin
  15. I was wondering exactly how high the chance of getting a relapse is? I just finished about 4.5 months of Accutane (3 months on 40mg and the rest on 60) and I have to go off of it now because of really bad hip pain. I haven't broken out in at LEAST a month (not even tiny pimples, just some milia) and my skin has gotten suuuper dry (obviously) and I've recently developed dandruff (ugh). My derm said that we would stop it for now and I would go in early July and see if I wanted to start back up, bu